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  1. Gizpo

    Greetings from Italy

    Welcome Lorenzo from an italian resident in UK.
  2. You right Dave, probably I'll do something to improve the result.....Unfortunately the kit hasn't another canopy and I'm thinking the way to obtain another if possible. Just a question: which glue You used ? Sometimes the problems are with the cyanoacrylate and the canopies but should be Your case, please let me know...
  3. Thank You to everyone... @ Greg: The canopy was one problem and You right, in effect isn't very clean....(I try to use AK Glazy but was the worst decision, Future forever)....
  4. Thank You Mike I totally agree with You....
  5. Thank You guys.... As I wrote before it isn't one of the best kits to build, very imprecise and full of tramps, just to mention the fitting between the wings and engines, the landing gear was another nightmare....Never mind in a way or other I've finished.....
  6. Hi everyone, I've started building from this bad kit and honestly i've got a lot of problem even the decals who played with me breaking in various parts..... Never mind, I've finish the kit and here's the results... In certain pictures the down right Fug part appears retort, the problem was solved after the pictures, my apologies...
  7. Gizpo

    Bad luck (1/48)

    I'll try to go Sunday because I'm working all Saturdays...but I'll try to be there early in the morning and leave when their close....
  8. Gizpo

    Bad luck (1/48)

    Thank You for the news Chris, I'll find more informations online and make a plan to go down to Yorkshire.....I'll be very happy to see something like that !
  9. Gizpo

    Bad luck (1/48)

    Thank You to everyone, I apologize if i do not answer quick but the new job starting it is absorbing me a lot...And as I've been just moved from Italy to Uk right now I have not lab to do our hobby.... Never mind I've just bought a kit in a supermarket, as soon I'm a little bit free I'll start again.
  10. Hi. This is my last "italian Job" because from September 1st I'll be to work in UK ! The scene is about a german soldier and his FA 330. They land into a desert island and............. This is a little "crippy" but I've participate in a theme contest called "Skull & Crossbones" Here's a few pictures....(I know, should be improved but I hadn't enough time)
  11. Gizpo

    I'm moving to UK

    Hi, I'm very happy to announce that since September 1st I'll moving to UK. Because I don't know if in Ilkley is a modelling club the question is: anyone should me help regarding clubs or similar in Ilkley/Leeds area ? Thank You.
  12. Thank You guys, just a clarification: in the last picture the wheels are not perfectly fitting to the ground....I've just turned both wheels in the right position....Sorry for the mistake