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  1. I absolutely agree John. Plus an accurate injection moulded R-Z, with correct length and chord lower wings, or an aftermarket correction kit for that and a few other iinaccuracies in an otherwise nice Azur/Special Hobby kit As far as I know, haven’t we had just the same injection moulded 1/72 R-5 kit reboxed over and over again for 5 decades or more, then a very early vac form/injection hybrid by MPM that was quite good, maybe a completely vac form kit too; but no new fully injection moulded or resin kit? TT
  2. I would love to have seen a Volvo, any old Volvo Built. I have three in 1:1 scale. Oldest is 1970. Anyone know of a Volvo 144 car kit?
  3. Thank you Robert that is really kind ! Thank you for the well wishes too. what a cracking number of ideas have emerged since I have been away. I will DM and we will get things rolling along ️ Thanks again, superb! TonyT
  4. Also maybe the Australian Kingfishers? Airfix and I think Lindbergh did one (I think I may have that in the stash somewhere) and I think a maybe Czech company is about to, or has released a new tool. Some describe it as orange, yet all profiles I see show it as yellow Got to love international orange, especially on a helicopter or beaver TonyT
  5. Thank you for this information and link. i have seen a private photograph (Since stolen, possibly burnt as an act of spite) of the aircraft carrier mentioned at an angle, in dreadful stormy seas, that I would never have imagined such a large, metal ship could recover from. The holes in my aviation knowledge show here too; before reading this article I didn’t know that there was a dive bomber variant of the JU-88. I do remember my grandad really emphatically demonstrating the best way to shoot down dive bombers, from the front room of his home, on the night of my 18th birthday. It was knowledge that I never thought I would need but did not say so. It was fascinating to see him so animated. I will research those Ju-88 Arctic dive bombers. Thank you again TonyT
  6. Very nice, The old ‘Fumo’ with the Diesel engines. A really interesting aircraft from a fascinating period of aviation history. Looking forward to this Good luck with the build, Best regards TonyT
  7. Way back in 2017, for the ‘From Russia With Love’ group build; I had wanted to build this Autogyro. A soviet version of a Cierva (Spanish) design based on the fuselage of the Soviet version of the Avro 504 (British), so quite an unusual mix. All that happened was that I washed the parts, took a few off the runners, then I conked out. I wonder; would it be possible to shift it over to this group build? If not, I have other Autogyros (the obsession has grown) and Mrs T can post one or two over or bring them when she visits me in late April. Best regards Anthony
  8. Hello folks, I’m sorry. Back almost a year later. Poor Health; a move of countries. Now back much closer to the Arctic, in Scotland, than before when I was closer to Antarctica when I first posted this. I will go back through the pages of the thread. Volunteer co-host would be greatly appreciated * just in case*. Thanks for all your interest. Just looking back through the pages quickly shows some great stuff. Thank you for keeping the plate spinning whilst I was as much use as a chocolate teapot. Very much appreciated Best Regards TonyT
  9. I’m in for this Pat. As you know I love vac form, resin and multimedia. Tomorrow another Britmodeller is taking me into Glasgow. To buy some supplies. I will build probably build the Omega Gypsy moth that I bought myself for Christmas. I’m keeping quiet about another thing I might build as there is only one of it left, the manufacturer is deceased, and I haven’t paid for it yet! I am in negotiations with the seller this very evening. Also; not wishing to embarrass you, but thank you for your nice ‘Welcome back to the UK’ presents. Very kind indeed. . Keeping me warm and comfy right now . You are a gentleman sir .
  10. At last! I have waited so long and bought so many other manufacturer’s efforts. Hit-Kit was ok as long as you didn’t try to fit the photo-etch internals in ‘as is’. I have on old injection ‘Merlin Models’ I think. Basically the right shape but very thick plastic and I wasn’t skilled enough to get the warp out of the upper wing. There was (is?) an L&M (I think that’s the manufacturer) that made at least a Jupiter powered one in resin. I have that too, and quite a few of their kits. Nice. Not for the beginner, but perfectly buildable. Broplan vacform; there are some nice versions there; I only had just some fuselage parts kindly sent to me by Jerzy-Wojtek some years ago. Lovely. I like Broplan kits, have many, they get better and better, but not everyone likes Vacform. I love it, especially high quality. The thinner plastic somehow makes the model aircraft look more real. Like they really are just fabric or e.g. duralumin stretched over frames. Sometimes. As with every kit I have started since about 2005, they are on the planet of doom. Unfinished. Sadly . Still, the joy is in the idea of finishing sometimes. I’m a bit like that with model railways too . I do hope that we see some after market for these kits. Lots of potential. There are so many variations of the Potez 25, used in so many places, so many roles that one could have collection of around 50 or more with each one quite different to the other. Lots and lots were made in real life. Not the holographic simulation of life that I, we, are now probably living in, not the virtual world within which these digital scribblings reside . It is so strange that it is such an ‘unknown’ in terms of aviation history in the U.K.; just like the Breguet 19. Worthy of research into how and why that became the case. Well, for nerdy types like me anyway . Dare I suggest that the Potez 25 in some ways served some similar purposes as the many flavours of Gypsy Moth? Of the huge variety/role variants of the Soviet Po-2 (originally U2) Kukuruznik? Thank you Special Hobby, and all the other manufacturers that have made these various Potez 25’s over the years. Want a Breguet 19; pop over to Omega and get into building with Resin. Many online stores have some fairly bonkers prices on his models. Buy direct, maybe buy a few. Save a lot. Meanwhile; this is going to hurt my cash flow when released. Then again, plenty of things released can hurt my flow. Nice box art. Thank you for the info V.P. TonyT
  11. Photos not showing at the mo @Mohawk. I would love to see it. Have similar in the stash, but have rarely seen them built. Well done on completion. Sure the pics will show up soon. Happy new year to you too Best regards TonyT
  12. Thank you. A harrowing story. a BM member is a volunteer fireman up in the blue mountains. Wrist broken whilst doing his unpaid, voluntary work. No modelling is the least of his recent worries, but it would have helped if he could model. These volunteers, in all our nations, are incredible people. I do hope that the Aussie ones hurt, the relatives of those killed, affected, in this inferno, will get compensation. Regarding the rain; a concern. The old storage yards, farms, that have gone up in flames complete with toxic chemical supplies. The old houses and buildings made that have gone up that contain asbestos. The library in my local area whilst I lived there was closed last year for a while for ‘modernisations’ as was a school. You will know the kind of ‘modernisations’ I’m referring to. I’m a little concerned about where, and how toxic, this smoke affected rain is going to be. Not my area of expertise. SWMBO used to work for govt in a relevant dept; lips obviously contractually sealed; as are mine regarding certain geobemographic/geopolitical issues. I do ope that it doesn’t fall on our friends in NZ. Drawing a parallel I’m thinking; Chernobyl and trees in Sweden. Different toxins, but still rain and a toxic fire. Apparently a category P2 face mask is the minimum requirement for Bush fire smoke inhalation, even in Urban areas. Video called my wife few hours ago. She’s in the capital. Back at work. Ghost town full of smoke. I only just realised she wasn’t wearing a mask. Must buy one over here and post over, fairly sure that the govt will not provide. Hope they do, meanwhile, no time to lose. TonyT
  13. My wife, like @Romeo Alpha Yankee is currently in the city that has the worst air pollution globally today. My 17 y/o stepdaughter is being forced fed the equivalent of about 40 cigarettes a day. She doesn’t drink, or smoke; she’s a great kid. Its the air. The air that she is breathing. Friends here can’t understand why I have been offline, so worried. As @busnproplinerfan pointed out; it doesn’t make the news here and even over there, it’s downplayed. We must not discuss politics on BM. If anyone is interested in the real situation down there; please contact your friends and relatives directly by any means you can. DM me if you can’t get in touch with BM mates or relatives over there at all; I will help you. It’s a modelling forum but we have to help keep our fellow modellers safe and alive to allow them to continue to contribute. The cloud of smoke has now hit New Zealand; a good distance from Australia. I’m told about as far as from Glasgow to Moscow. I’m not sure, I’m a geographer for a living normally and we’re like that (true and a well known in-joke amongst fellow geographers ) 🗺 I find it somewhat ironic and upsetting that my wife and stepchildren and friends; one recently just 8km from fire yesterday, are having to rely on a once Manchester based newspaper as their most reliable, online, newsfeed. That and the fire service app and website. George Orwell spoke fairly well of that Manchester based newspaper too, although he didn’t really like any newspapers towards the end of his brief life. On New Year’s Eve in Australia, an entire township were stranded on a beach, or in the water. The sky roaring red. The clip contains, understandably, non child friendly language. It is one of the most amazing pieces of planet earth based, non cgi, non special effects clips of footage I have ever seen. DM me if you’re over 16 and the f word is acceptable to you as an exclamation of surprise, not insult, in the context of a man describing a situation; a vision, of true hell on earth. The hashtag for it was #Dunkirk. I hear that the fireworks were pretty in Sydney around the same time a lady was trying to keep her five children afloat under a pier elsewhere; her town having burnt away. They were banned everywhere else. Thankfully the event in Sydney went off safely. $15 million I think. For the fireworks and safety preparations that clearly paid off. A very worried about his family and some good virtual and real mates like @AlexN, TonyT
  14. TonyTiger66

    Happy 2020!

    Happy new year to everybody. I hope that it is a ‘Roaring Twenties’in a good way. On a personal note, that now back in the U.K.; I hope that I finish something!! Best to all TonyT
  15. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Britmodeller friends and everyone else here! A quiet Christmas alone for me, the family around 11,000 Miles away in Australia. However, I have some good friends here, new and old, and am fortunate to be part of a lovely and caring community, finally back up here in Argyll & Bute. Please anyone also alone but missing family or just wanting a chinwag, send me a PM. Beware of email scams today, one claiming to be from an airline nearly fooled me a couple of hours ago. Also a particularly nasty variety of flu is going round. NHS guidance here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Norovirus/ I May have copped for it last week, or it could have been a mistake with some meds I missed. Either way, same symptoms and it’s no fun. Very serious for the infirm and old. Is that anyone above the age of 13 these days Happy Christmas to all, feel happy to share pictures of presents. Here are mine from me to me, I have promised not to open the one from my wife until we’re online together (around an 11 hour time gap). Im actually hoping it’s slippers, as I really need some. By gum I’m getting old in my ways . Yours TonyT
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