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  1. Very much looking forward to this Wez. As time goes on I start to love these kits more and more. We appear to be passing the ‘trench line’ phase of model manufacturing and now people are *purchasing* river sets. I’m not a river counter, but Heller weren’t big culprits for boilerplate rivets and kits like e.g. their Bf-109K still look just ‘right’. One of the last kits I tried to build a few years ago, but with added detail. An AML cockpit detail set, True Details wheels and those ‘Master’ wotsit (I cant remember the name ) real metal fun barrels. AZ Models spinner swirl transfers. Its over 25% but will be finished one day. Sorry if I have asked this before, but are we allowed to use a little after market detailing on them like the above example? The Dewoitine 510 is still a nice kit with plenty of after market goodies available . TT
  2. I think that we may be making one as we go along Pat ! A P-38 would be nice. I do have quite a nice old Airfix kit of a P38F. It’s a big improvement on another Airfix issue I have. Happy to get Mrs T to post it to me in my next box of goodies from the antipodes, then send your way. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-03018-0-lockheed-p-38f-lightning--166022 I don’t think anyone makes the modern ‘Glacier Girl’ warbird Transfers in 1/72, but the original pre-crash markings would be a good way to go TonyT
  3. Hello everyone Some time ago @Mjwomack suggested an ‘Anything but Injection’ group build. This was and is very appealing to me. I love building resin and vac form kits. I haven’t done one for a long time; it was the KPM vac form Lagg-3. A kit that I actually finished, when I returned to the hobby for the second time, around 15 years ago. I didn’t know of any Internet forums, used my supply of 1970’s Airfix and Humbrol enamel paints, paintbrushes from the same, very old, childhood ‘model making’ box. My skills and hand/eye coordination were worse than those I had aged 10 and I bought a selection of very cheap kits. It was simply therapy. Relaxation, a safe place to revisit for reasons mentioned in other of my threads, sadly all unfinished, most with photographs missing. I do hope to rectify both of those issues as health and repatriation of my stash, tools, paints, drawer of doom and so on allows. I feel I owe it to the good people that run this forum, endured my often rather odd burblings and those that followed the builds. Here are some photographs of my chosen subject. More details to follow Best Regards TonyT
  4. Thank you for the kind words everyone. I have been home a few weeks, now finally ready to get on with this. All my builds will be slow at the moment. Mrs T, until we get immigration stuff sorted out, is currently normally 11,000 miles away. She is here for a little while and has told me to get cracking with modelling, but not make any promises. SWMBO really is almost always right, whereas yours truly increasingly often makes a bit of a buffoon of himself. Therefore, I will be following my good lady’s advice, whilst trying to do this lovely little kit justice. A model that I never thought any manufacturer would release. How I wish someone would release a new Avro Avian, a BA Swallow, a Comper Swift in 1/72 . All released in the past, but nothing new for some time. Still, this one has been released so: onwards and upwards . Photographs to follow. Glue and bits of wire, paints, to be ordered . Elsewhere, a vac form will be attempted of something completely different, following much kind encouragement from a certain Mr. @JOCKNEY. It is small, unusual and could be fun, even if just in terms of watching me make a complete dogs dinner of it ! Best regards TonyT
  5. Hello Dennis, I would like to also offer my condolences on losing Martin. Very upsetting. A cat that theoretically lived at a neighbour’s home when I lived down under; “Gobble” went missing the week after I left; last October. He spent most of his time with us and genuinely was a good friend. Even though I left the country, the news was saddening. Pet friends really do become just like people friends. They’re often more cuddly too. My sincere apologies for the ludicrous delay in providing info regarding the model/photographs. I will PM tomorrow. No longer in hospital, but 3 weeks of being as much use as a chocolate teapot afterwards, then a week in London at Infected Blood Inquiry. Now back home and, for the first time in a few months, with Mrs. Tiger here, not 11,000 miles away . You have done a beautiful job on this Italeri classic. Your model looks so authentic to the original subject. I too am fascinated to know your colour choices, so far I have used Agama, Life Color but these colours here look superb. . When your Ju-86 is finished; a little request: Any chance of a black and white photograph of it? Maybe with a little ‘age’ tint? I suspect it will be hard to tell from the real thing. I will message tomorrow, meanwhile, keep on keeping on; its so good to see a SCW/GCE subject done justice like this . It will help take your mind off of Martin too. Best regards TonyT
  6. https://www.forces.net/news/rare-spitfire-lost-norwegian-mountains-fly-again I must write to Mr @Beard very soon regarding a very kind message that he left for me some weeks ago. I will; it has only been delayed for the reasons outlined above. Meanwhile; thank you Mr. Beard for the warm welcome home and kind words; I hope that you are doing ok . I did not know about this Spitfire until recently. Moreover, I did not know that they flew so far north, in cases like this, unarmed. There is every possibility that you have built it already, but any information on these aircraft, their pilots and good reference books is most welcome. Brave men indeed. Best regards TonyT
  7. On Oooooooo!!! There’s also the Norwegian helicopter at the beginning of the film. David Cronenburg at his best! Well now Mr Spadgent you have thrown me a curve ball here. A movie, based on a 1938 Novella (Who Goes There), that is set in Antarctica. The subject matter is perhaps more pertinent now than it has ever been, if considered even simply in terms of the possible effects of rapidly spreading viruses, of covert warfare, of invasion by non traditional means. The 1982 movie was shot, however, mainly in Alaska, very close to the Arctic circle (approx 570km), some parts in a set in LA. This is one of my favourite movies of all time and has some of the best ‘dark humour‘ one liners I have ever heard. something like; ”I don’t know what that thing is in there, but it’s wierd and p......d off!” Said absolutely dead pan is one of my favourites, as is the unrepeatable on this family show line about wishing to be untied from a sofa 🛋 !! If I didn’t allow this in, I couldn’t allow anything in from ‘Ice Station Zebra’ could I? In terms of ‘when’ Johnny, we have just reached enlightenment to make the ‘vote’ stage, but that is not until November, so the answer as far as I know is ‘if at all; quite a long time in the future’; in 2021.’ I do not believe that I discounted Arctic and Antarctic movie based subjects? Did I, anyone?” One main intention was to try to adhere to @Enzo Matrix‘s advice, some years ago now, to try to suggest Group Builds that we’re as inclusive of all aspects, variations of our hobby. As possible. Hence in my original introduction; I admitted that my idea was not fully formed (rather like my brain, even though I am way over 50 ) and that I was open to suggestions: “I’m open to all (polite) suggestions, this idea certainly isn’t fully formed. If anyone would be interested in co-hosting, that would be most welcome!“ TonyTiger; 21st Feb 2019. @Pin suggested material from a fact based movie. I then watched it and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’. ’The Thing’ is based on a work of fiction, but one that takes place and is wholly reliant upon real equipment, real living conditions, and real paranoia due to something that would create real reactions like that, in that environment. I’m a little tempted to build an H.P. Lovecraft story inspired Dornier Merkur (possibly Planet Models) myself. Has to be a yes. The X Files episodes that are a nod to this movie; if anyone wants to build/model something from those; let’s talk about it . I have flown over the Arctic, right over the North Pole, many years ago. Montreal to somewhere in the UK on a commercial aircraft that had already had to make one emergency landing and I expected another at any time. That was my only caveat. Russian nuclear icebreakers are specialist craft developed to traverse the at tic region for fairly non conventional means. They don’t really cater for passengers like me; eating buns and sipping tea in a comfortable aluminium tube 5 or so miles up on my way to a meeting about a property redevelopment proposal in Toronto. That was my only caveat really, that the latter wasn’t in the spirit of the GB I was hoping *we* could create. ’The Thing’ is absolutely in the spirit of it, as are, however potentially bonkers or questionably conceived, comfortable aluminium tube flights with champagne and buns; solely intended for Antarctic tourism, as I believe we have discussed somewhere in the thread. Yes. Models of anything from Movies/TV/stories where the Arctic or Antarctic play a bit part and are not an absolutely essential component main theme; no. I did say that models of Polar Bears were fine. We may only be able to find them in Zoos or Scavenging for food in Northern urban areas soon, but they’re still eligible. Puffins are endangered; as many know, I adore them, and Penguins. Please anyone go ahead and make models of them. Arctic Wolves too. Airfix did the blue tits. A ‘least concern’ listed bird in terms of the IUCN red list. It might not always be that way. I have digressed again but just emphasising the point; diversity Can we plop you on the list Johnny? Be great to have you along Best regards TonyT edit: Our messages crossed. Thank you John, you’re in
  8. I love the LaGG 3 in the profile. There are some superb photographs of this very machine on the internet. I believe that I may have a 1/72 AML transfer set with the cat in it. The aircraft changed appearance a few times, but as a really big fan of the Soviet ‘Varnished Flying Coffin’; I really adore this one. . Maybe ICM released it once in 1/48? All these profiles are really top notch stuff. Much fun to be had with white distemper camouflage. AZ did a nice Rebox of the Valom Hampden with transparencies that fitted, Airfix’s Hampden is a nice subject for nostalgia with an I teerst img twist here. That very Tomahawk used to be the subject of an Eastern European rebox of the FROG kit. I didn’t agree with one reviewer that said it was beyond redemption. It was very low priced and with a little elbow grease (and a few of my wife’s nail files), a scratch built cockpit with an cheap AM seat and wheels; it’s fine. Also the Airfix kit doesn’t break the bank and is a lovely little kit. I chopped mine up to make an improved P-36, mating it to a Smer kit. Then AZ released P-36, but as far as I know, have not yet released the P-36 variant I am looking for. I may be wrong. One of the Norwegian variants with different cowl/engine. If I remember correctly, Norway ended up with two variants at least; the story is rather a saga in places itself. I digress. Murmansk and Arkangel are more or less the places that began my whole fascination with the Arctic then Antarctic regions Thank you for those J-W TonyT
  9. Yes. Shock! Horror!. I hear Cups dropping to the floor. Clubs being taken out of cupboards. I will have to nail planks of wood to my windows and doors. It’s all over now! ———— Grimsey. Northernmost inhabited Icelandic territory. Currently divided by the Arctic circle. It has an airport and ferry service. People. It is part of Iceland. Perhaps I may venture to suggest this is so, in a similar way to that in which Shetland is part of the United Kingdom? Further north than Grimsey, some 60km, is Iceland’s northernmost unihabited territory, well within the Arctic circle. If one were to be A modern model only maker and then limit it to just Grimsey, then there would still be the option of a nice Beech aircraft, a DH Twin Otter or a ferry, or a diorama/model of eg the beautiful church there. However, given the continued and historic geostrategic and increasing tourism and craft, energy importance of Iceland; the incredible maritime and Viking history; the scope for subjects spanning over 1000 years and the fact that yes, Iceland has territories within the Arctic circle, It just would be a bit pedantic of me to say ‘no’. Sphere of influence. Vast. Cultural history; a treasure trove. Parliament? No discussion of politics on BM, but a model of that ancient parliament would be quite something. For those with a penchant for horror; there is also much material, the type that makes the Guillotine appear as if it was a modest and helpful shaving accessory. Iceland is an incredibly important country and has played a vital role in Arctic exploration. It has also experienced great demographic, socio-economic, and ethnic change due to its importance to other nations as an Arctic defence location. Telecommunications. Power infrastructure. Historic myths and Sagas incorporating teal people that would serve as inspiring figures for figure modellers; of course; an incredible variety of vehicles, ferries, ships, trawlers, aircraft often based there from other nations such as the USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, rescue vessels. The earliest Icelandic aircraft would be interesting, as would anything from any of what some Icelanders considered WWII invasions. Yes. Long ago I should have clarified this. My apologies. TonyT PS: Are you on board @JWM? Thank you for asking about Iceland
  10. Thank you Procopious! Wonderful news. Your taking part is very much appreciated . Welcome on board. This should be frosty fun. I will be fascinated to see what you choose and look forward to it. With best regards Tony T
  11. Yes! Thank you! I had read your post but not placed you on the list; my sincere apologies. I love Swedish themed builds. I spent a little time there in the 1990’s, working. Further south. Remotely, I hope to be working with someone from Gothenburg soon; a city that I like a lot. Nothing wrong with a Boomer from the Murmansk area either. When the world was a very different place, one of my relatives went to help people out in Murmansk. Our allies, at the time. I will add you to the list and I believe that makes it 30 With best regards Tony T
  12. I Can’t see it @Torbjorn. Completely my fault if you did; I apologise sincerely. I have been little more use than chocolate teapot for some time. I should have maintained a list and kept an eye on the thread. However, other kind souls mentioned above have done so. I will add you, this making it, 29, as I have noticed that @John D.C. Masters (thank you for the PM John, I will reply soon ) is already on the list. I will put you on the list now. Thank you for joining in, from your interests I can see that your contribution will be fascinating and most welcome With best regards Anthony
  13. First of all a big thank you to @Robert Stuart for all the work he/you Robert have put in here. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your creating and maintaining the list whilst I have been in and out of hospital; mainly in until late yesterday. I did try a few days ago to put a list together. Then two very, very ill gentleman joined our ward. With only two (wonderful, infinitely patient and kind) nurses to 12 patients on the night shift, little sleep was available for around 5 days. The other patient in there; one that I made friends with; an ex prison warden that has seen a lot of life’s chaos and heard a lot of noise; was Probably on level pegging with me a little ahead, in our resilience to the constant noise and abuse the nurses had to endure; but we were fortunate if we were able to attain an hour a day of any kind of sleep. This was with both of us on morphine! The abuse was real, I know this sounds unbelievable (maybe not, but I have not been in hospital this much since childhood); the most abusive man was: 108 years old. One has to bear in mind that in both cases, the abuse, swearing, constant shouting, pulling of alarms, attention buttons, ripping out of catheters and IV lines is ‘part’ of the illness. These were not ‘bad’ men. Simply very, very ill men. This is where the professionalism of the nurses shines, because even the most loving of relatives will know, it’s an immense challenge to deal with caring for just one relative that is so ill, let alone two strangers for very low pay indeed and another ten patients. Therefore; I must apologise and thank Robert and all of you for your patience. There is at leaset one splendid book on World War II on the Arctic and it includes the Arctic. I am Still, only just, clinging on to being a geographer. My career. This means, of course, that I am useless at reading maps and rather rubbish at naming capital cities or winning quizzes that ask questions about the length of even the most famous rivers. I can, however, attempt to do things like try to identify geographically defined areas where e.g. occurrences of a particular virus may be occurring and, using geo demographic/transport routs and other data have a bash at helping inform much more useful people than myself where the virus may be headed next. Or identify areas of extreme poverty and/or crime, homelessness and/or addiction or specific kinds of crime or illness or lack of public transport, such things and again, try to inform people that may be able to alleviate some of the suffering created by any combination of these or more. Thats roughly what some geographers do these days. Useless at map reading lot that we truly are . Hmm. One to two point two degrees between friends, regarding the northernmost Aleutians and the Artctic circle. Moreover the fact that those stuck up there during the war are included in very well written books on World War II in the Arctic and knowing via the books, photos and having spoken to one chap that was up there. Yes @John D.C. Masters. It’s not tenuous at all. The idea of the group build for me is that of those that have been involved, directly involved, with the extremes of living in, fighting war in, exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. A postcode difference can mean the difference between survival due to availability of medical provision in some countries, this I am aware of. Therefore a few literal degrees are not taken lightly by yours truly; but yes, the Aleutians are in. If this means that others feel that another region one or two degrees beyond those shown on the maps right at the start of the thread should be included, on similar grounds, please write ! If I may count you in @John D.C. Masters, then I believe we may be in need of one more person?!!!! Is this true? I’m afraid that I really am still very woozy, simply on porridge and black tea and drugged up (prescription) to the eyeballs *plus* have no reading glasses at the moment. Thetefore I am typing on the iPhone with a lot of assistive technology turned on (not dictation; I need to train it), but it’s all a blur. Therefore please forgive me for typing mistakes. I will return to correct them as everything in my little Baltic like corner of the world starts to return to normal ️. Very glad to be home and see such enthusiasm in the build. One person? Anyone have a friend that likes snowmen? Seriously? Just one!! Please!!!??? With many thanks and best regards Tony the snowy Tiger.
  14. A great choice Pat. This is one that I more or less completed (unheard of!) about 15 years ago. I remember fine yellow plastic, almost transparent in parts, that gave a nice wing chord and fine look to it. I built it as Spanish Civil War then; just busking it using the prototype Fokker paint scheme and my own guess as to where the Republican colours may have been. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’m fairly sure that if one wishes to go full ‚Childhood Saturday afternoon‚, it can be built so that the wheels turn and the prop spins very freely . Recently developed a fascination for Finnish subjects, so I‘m looking forward to this. Best regards TonyT
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