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  1. TonyTiger66

    Royal Australian Navy Wirraway

    I’ve just popped in in time! It was 40° here in Canberra too, on Friday. Far too hot for this old Brit 🥵 ! Cooler this evening. I didn’t know that the Wirraway had served with the Australian Fleet Air Arm. I really must visit the FAA museum on the SE NSW coast at some point; extend my knowledge. I have another boxing of this kit; I’m very interested to see how it went together. Thanks for the tips on the wing roots and how to secure the cowling. It all helps Its looking good; looking forward to the canopy framing reveal ! Best regards TonyT
  2. TonyTiger66

    Heller GB for 2020 at 34 and still growing

    The Heller Ju-52 kit really is a lovely one to build and behold. Beautiful fine representation of the corrugated surfaces. I had no idea that KP had re-released it. Good choice You successfully grabbed my attention Wez, I hope to be firing on a few more cylinders in 2020, so please count me in! I have lots of vintage Heller kits in the stash; I will try to save something a little unusual for this GB, perhaps the Couzinet Arc-en- Ciel . If I’m not feeling quite so ambitious, then perhaps one of the nice Heller Dewoitine 500/501´s or a 510. Best regards TonyT
  3. I’m in Stew. Long time no here and so on; this is a really nice group build subject. A good opportunity to re-join the Britmodeller throng. I had wondered what the Eduard MiG 15 kits were like. I built the oldest Airfix kit years ago; lovely little kit. I also have unbuilt examples of Hobby Boss and the old KP kit in the stash. Too much choice !! For now I’m simply happy to have the pleasure of watching you build this one, in this very attractive paint scheme. Not every day we see a bold blue Eastern European flasher. Good luck with the build TonyT
  4. A nice choice John I’m very fond of Heller kits from this era; they tend to go together very well and have a nice level of external detail, tastefully done. I made a copy of this kit; possibly ex-Eastern Bloc, around 14 years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I hoard things; just in case your canopy doesn’t allow a clear enough view of the nice detail that you are putting in; I have a spare Tasman Vac canopy for this exact Heller kit. It’s left over from my build in around 2014. Happy to post it to you, I’m in a land down under but to post a canopy overseas is cheap/ no problem from here. Well, a 1/72 one. Full size could be a challenge . Nice start; good luck with the build, TonyT
  5. TonyTiger66

    Venom NF.3

    Looking forward to this; I’m a big fan of De Havilland aircraft Enzo. I have one of the earliest Aeroclub releases of the single seater Venom in 1/72. I would love to give it a whirl; but I think I will enjoy watching you build this one a lot more! Will you be doing it as a Swedish aircraft? It looks quite stunning in the box art scheme Good luck with the build, TonyT
  6. TonyTiger66

    Hello Down under !! Some tips for my stepson ??

    Sydney? Melbourne? Both behemoths of Sprawling madness!! (although Melbourne has great coffee - I say this as a British type person that doesn’t normally like coffee, and Sydney has some quite nice little beaches, like the one near one of my old schools at Clovelly). He shoukd visit here, the most civilised city in the country: Canberra! Visit the Australian War Memorial, take a nice drive or walk to the top of Mount Ainslie. Have a picnic by the lake. It’s calm. Clean. Nice. There are some good micro brewed beers around here too. If he’s Belgian; he will surely need good beer? Can’t help with the chocolates. I’m afraid. Soaghetti bolognese used to be popular in Belgium. We have that in Canberra too ! But seriously folks; the Southern New South Wales coast has some lovely spots. Worth heading in that direction too. Fast roads, nice driving. I hope he has a great visit here. Should he visit Canberra tell him to pop in and say hello Best regards TonyT PS:It’s going to be 40° here today. Not sure about Melbourne. Tell him to wear a hat, really 🥵
  7. TonyTiger66

    DH.50 info

    I just read and thoroughly enjoyed this thread. What a great example of teamwork, superb research all round! Hood luck with building this in 1/32, I really hope that there will be.a WIP here on BM i have a passion for all thkngs De Havilland; like @stevehnz I would love to make a DH50 (in my car, a float variant) in 1/72.. The starting point is interesting to consider. I don’t yet have the confidence to completely scratch build something, therefore I prefer to start with something, anything, as my chunk of rock from which to carve the David, (or more likely, the Homer - Simpson, even if there’s hardly anything left of the original kit/s at the end of the build. Maquette, the Russian manufactured make a Polikarpov R-1 , the Russian DH-9a, but possibly an Airfix DH-4, Blue Rider DH-9 fuselage and a razor saw and lots of cups of tea would be a better starting point for a DH-50 in 1/72? I don’t want to go off topic but I’m in Canberra, should anyone want photos of the DH-9 here at the AWM, I would be happy to help. I’m also trying to amass materials for the Hispano built Spanish DH-5’s. I’m almost happy with plans, although the ones I have are very small and lacking in detail. I’m lacking clear photographs and/or drawings/plans of the engine/cowl area; the area most different to that on British made examples. Great stuff on this thread, a thoroughly enjoyable read and already a great resource Best regards TonyT
  8. TonyTiger66

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask a little advice. I won't be able to enter my model for the Group Build now. Nevertheless, I will build it one day and share the build in a WIP. It's an old FROG kit. I have bought a few accessory sets to improve it. The last thing that I am unhappy with: The wheels. It's a B17E. Could anyone recommend a nice set of aftermarket wheels for one of the first UK based B17E's in 1/72? I'm not knowledgeable enough to know which would be the right or best ones to buy for it. Thanks in advance for any help. Best regards TonyT
  9. Hello everyone,


    Just a quickie.

    After my quick toe back in the water here on Britmodeller a few weeks ago, I unfortunately went AWOL again.


    As life, the universe and everything would have it; just a few days later I was put on what should be a very long term course of chemotherapy.

    I didn’t know that chemo could be administered by tablet, but it can.

    My late first wife had it administered by drip (many drips) evey two weeks or so.


    I know that there are many here on Britmodeller on chemo, and many that will know a lot more about these ‘targeted chemo’ pills than I do.

    One thing that I do now know is; by crikey they’re powerful.


    Theyve absolutely knocked me for six; I have an even more profound respect for those here (everywhere) that have been on these for years.


    Imagine the worst, mist diabolical hangover you’ve ever had, multiply it a few times, add a bit of a feeling of rampant glandular fever and a smattering of galloping hepatitis into it and that just about sums up the mornings.


    Anyway, enough whinging. Suffice to say, I’m starting to get used to it now. A big shock after it really kicked in after day 14 or so, but now the shock value is diminishing.


    Righto. It’s already 2019 here in Canberra.

    Mrs. Tiger had to fly to Auckland four days ago as her mum, my mother-in-law, was found in the kitchen. She has had a stoke.


    I’m pleased to report that this 93 year old lady is currently really very strong and stable. Trying to get out of bed and denying that she’s had a stroke. They don’t make them like this anymore. Scottish ancestry 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍.


    Mrs. T arrived home just a few hours ago. The delayed flight touched down at 11.59pm, last year.




    We had coffee in a Thermos (expertly made by yours truly) to see in the new year, in a very deserted airport.


    Quite fun really. 


    Safely home, we will hopefully now sleep for the next day and a half. I’m sure that this will be the hope of many a new year reveller, albeit based in needs for recuperation stemming from altogether more traditional forms of annual celebration 🥴 🍻🍾 🍺👍.


    I just wanted to wish all Britmodellers a very happy new year 🥳 🎈🎉!!


    I do hope to make an appearance or two, perhaps a bit of the old ‘modelling in bed with a tray’. The latter having nothing to do with anything related to Marianne Faithful or interesting Swedish ‘art house’ movies; but more along the lines of a thirty pence Revell Brewster Buffalo, tube glue and a pot of Airfix Silver Fox G8.


    Happy modelling Britmodeller folks, have a lovely 2019, thanks for being you, thanks to Mike et al for this great forum 🥂 .



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    2. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony,

      I totally agree with Jean, Come back to models, And share with us, laugh at our bantering !! 

      That's still the best therapy !! When I was at the hospital last week, I took a Monogram F6F and my MDC riveter !

      I send you my best wishes for 2019 and the following ones, to you, your good lady and MIL.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences ! Do not hesitate !

      CC still in 2018 for 40' !!

      Sincerely :cheers:


    3. jrlx


      Hi Tony,


      I wish you a quick and full recovery and a great 2019! I look forward to seeing your future models posted and we still need to put that Spanish Civil War GB in the  Calendar 😊






    4. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Happy new year to you good sir. Fingers crossed for a fair wind and a speedy recovery. Take care kid. 😎



  10. TonyTiger66

    Just When I Thought Things Were Going Well !!!!

    Hello Simon, My apologies for not writing here earlier; I’ve been tangled up with, as a few others have mentioned, the ‘queue’ of health issues too. I hope that they can fix you up soon and that you will start to feel better, especially a bit better in time for Christmas. At least we’ve got our models, books, TV and one thing I’ve learned, we’ve got really good friends here on Britmodeller. Keep us updated when you can Simon All the best of British TonyT
  11. TonyTiger66

    What are you reading?

    This sound very much up my street. Thanks for sharing it here. I spent a happy year working in Denmark long ago. I love intrigue and underground stories, and I love De Havilland aircraft. All boxes ticked! On the Christmas list as a suggestion to Mrs. Tiger . Thank you TonyT
  12. TonyTiger66

    Listening to the Solstice

    Thank you folks. Also those that caught me earlier. I must catch up on many of yours and others threads. I’m looking forward to it . I’m beyond page three in this one with no sign of Linda Lusardi, but he’s made a start on a bit of etch. Nevertheless, it looks like he’s going to have to add a few inches to it. I did say that there was no sign of Linda Lusardi didn’t I? All the best to you all, looking forward to sharing the lead up to Christmas here on Britmodeller TonyT
  13. TonyTiger66

    Listening to the Solstice

    Hello Mr Baron , I’m only up to page three. It used to be a favourite page in my youth. Well, to be honest, during those stays at my great aunt’s, where for some reason she received the ‘Sun’ newspaper on a daily basis. I used to love page three so much, that I would whip them out and keep them under a secret carpet tile (the pages, you there chortling at the back). Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the headline story on page one, page two featured a number of my favourite local comedy writers (and a UFO based writer ), so all is as expected. No sign of a pair of Bristols on page three, but then I realised, that’s why you’ve bought a pair of Anson Cheetah’s (sounds like Cockney rhyming slang ). I haven’t finished reading your previous novel yet, the one with the blokes trying to catch falling spies from outer space, with fishing poles and big nets out of the back of a flying box car . There may be other books I’ve missed. I’m looking forward to catching up Tony. Best regards TonyT
  14. Gorgeous! In connection with @Michael loueys post above, on a holiday to O’Reilly’s a few years ago, I saw (touched - sshhh ) the Stinson replica outside. I had been before, maybe 20 years before that. At that time O’Reilly’s had a big balsa and tissue, beautiful old model of a Stinson in their reading room. From then on, then especially by the second visit, I wanted to make a model, but this kit looked too challenging. You’ve done an amazing job. From very basic materials a superb representation. A lovely colour scheme too. Thanks for sharing this here TT
  15. This is a valuable perspective on this whole issue Heather, thanks. I feel a little more calm now . I’ve only just returned to model making and Britmodeller. Most of my previous threads are lacking photographs due to the PhotoBucket debacle. Due to other circumstances it has taken me until this week to fully recover all the photos still stranded on PB. I found a little code online that enabled me to finally download all of them, without all the moving graphic adverts on PB frying the CPU on my poor tired 10 year old MacBook. I was just about to start uploading these to my old Flickr account then saw the news here. I’m on a relatively low income at the moment and had thoughts that the whole three figure nightmare was about to begin again. If it is $49 up front, that doesn’t seem too bad. Less than the price of some of the larger kits I own, two times the price of e.g. a couple of Hataka or Life-Color pair sets. I think I’ll follow your example, avoid the toil and stress of moving them again and editing the threads and just accept that this is how it is going to be now. I hope that there are no adverts, in addition to the $49. For an older computer user like myself, it made PB just horrible to use. I know it’s not too expensive to upgrade from an older computer to a slightly newer secondhand one, but with two kids just off to university, one in her last two years of sixth form; I prefer to save the pennies to help the kids. Maybe if I do that, one of the kids will graduate and have a really good idea about how to provide a free to end user , sustainable photo hosting service ! TonyT