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  1. Thank you for the kind messages back in August.

    You’re a great bunch and BM is superb. Thank you Mike.

    Absolutely the best community on the Internet.

    Two months have flown by. Another short stay in hospital. Then my wife and stepdaughter did amazing work packing books for study, inspiration, to help my own writing, masses of medication.

    Clearance letters for vast quantities of very valuable clotting medication arrived just 3 days prior to departure.

    a380’s on the two Long hauls. 
    Perhaps the civil aviation modellers and staff here can tell me why the older A380 was far more comfortable than the newer one?

    Cheap seats on both, but utterly agonising on the second one. I have a fracture in my right elbow and Spinal work that cannot be effectively addressed in my remaining practical working lifespan (unless I win the lottery or crowdfunded *a lot*) in Australia, so in many ways, this was a civilian medevac.

    These Osteo issues are regular NHS work here. 
    I have never been so happy to hear British trains and be drenched by British rain, to breathe in the cool air, full of Carbon Monoxide or not.

    Suit  and symbolic yellow tie provided for the hearings by the lovely people at Haemophilia ACT.
    My first new nice pair of shoes in 13 years provided by careful saving.


    Entire flight paid for myself by extremely mindfully collecting 90,000 Virgin Velocity points over an 8 year period and $85 in cash.

    Quite proud of my tenacity there :angel:!

    Currently in London recovering from the long haul.


    Off to the hearings on Monday. Fleetwood house. I’ll be the portly chap in charcoal suit, tan Oxford style Hush puppies 👞 and a yellow toe, in a wheelchair sometimes, walking stick other times.


    We had to concentrate on books and medication (30Kg of books). 

    Thetefore, sadly, not *one* single kit, paintbrush, knife, pot of paint here with me 😢.


    I tried to bring some vintage Shuco clockwork cars to refurbish, but they have apparently been posted back to Australia, in the same box as my old computers. ‘Too many batteries’ apparently. All dead as dodos; I just wanted to keep the moulded shells to try and re-cell. If anyone has any ancient PowerBook 500 series batteries, please let me know. I need to get data off of those machines. Only place my Masters degree and one old book I started in 1991 (transferred from Amiga) exist.


    Oxford  next to meet a valued good friend, then the midlands to pick up the trusty Volvo 920 Estate.


    The AA wouldn’t insure it as they say it’s too old and a ‘Classic’. A classic car company rep almost died Laughing when I tried to insure my life beloved brick through them

    as a classic. Still don’t know where to go to get it insured. Got to get it done very fast.


    Flew through its test after years of inactivity. Winscteen wipers, a battery, handbrake adjustment. Job done.

    They don’t make them

    like that anymore (stop sniggering you at the back, it may be ugly but I love it).


    Im off North of the border to live near Dunoon for a bit after the hearings. Would love to hear from nearby Britmodellers. Any advice on good local GP’s most welcome.

    I’ll be mainly reading and writing and having my body repaired bit by bit, but a Britmodeller is a Britmodeller.

    Nothing. To. Build. Alone, A bit skint 😔 

    If anyone has anything unwanted in 1/72, let me know. I will buy or send swaps. I mainly like aircraft pre 1970. Above all 1930’s to 1960’s.  I like submarines and WWII Arctic Convoy ship is too.


    Vac form, resin, plastic, any old thing. Unwanted paints, brushes, scalpels etc also welcome.


    I’ll be as skint as a skint thing until late November, so all unwanted/second hand stuff welcome and will be lovingly built.


    Look after yourselves. Keep muddling.  Can’t wait to get to Dunoon 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛰.

    All the best


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    2. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony !

      The only 1/72 I have is a EF-111 Sparvark monogram. I'll take it with me to get in Telford !!

      I really hope that you can made it to Telford and have a great meet with some Britmodeloonies, me the first !!

      Then if you are interested, PM me !! 

      I wish you the best of luck for your hearings and above all, best wishes for your health !! That's the most important thing in my point of view.

      I really hope and look forward to see you at SMW !! That must be done at least once in a modeller life ! Oh ! one more incentive, I'll bring some rocket fuel with me !!

      When you'll be in Scotland, take care to the orange moving Hedges, and do not forget to pay a visit to Percy's family !!

      Glad to hear from you Man !!



    3. rob85


      Tony! It sounds like you have been having quite the journey! Good luck with the hearing, and with getting treatment etc. Scotland is lovely so I hope you get to settle down and enjoy yourself.


      PM me your address I think it’s time I returned the favour and sent you some bit! More than happy to get stuff post up there.



    4. Biggles87


      Good to hear from you again Tony.

      I hope the hearing goes well for you and you and all the others affected get what you deserve, it’s about time.

      I don’t do 1/72 any more so I doubt that I have anything that will be of any use to you, but I’ll have a rummage around in a few days just in case.

      All the best.




  2. Fantastic modelling here ! I first saw Gerry Anderson’s UFO on TV in the U.K. maybe in 1974. It could have been 1975. The seventies were like that. I think the original series was made in 1969? I loved it. Fantastic theme music and real actors, not puppets. Not that I didn’t like all the puppet series; I did. Wonderful, all of them. After that I didn’t see UFO for a couple of decades, as others have mentioned, until the boxed set of DVD’s was released. An episode called ‘Timelash’ had stuck in my mind, right through from childhood. I still love that episode. Some years later I joined an online fan forum. Tried along with an American chap to buy the car used by the ‘Ed Straker’ character In the series. The Zodiac/Ford Falcon based, unique body design car, was kind of stuck, rotting, near a house and had been bricked in by the owner. Bricked in . A tree appeared to be growing through the floor. Buying it, or communicating with the owner about saving it in any way possible, appeared to be like trying to knit yoghurt. More accurately, like trying to communicate with the spirit guide of my late Great Aunt Gladys Bagshaw; using a table, a mystic board, a worming glass, six performing frogs, extract of peanut brittle, Balinese chimpanzee nasal hair extract, mirrors, flags, an ectoplasm generator, three marrows and a pair of forceps . Normal methods like this just didn’t work. Then my late first wife became ill and my priorities changed. We gave up on the car. The performing frogs came in useful later, it has to be said . In spite of this little negative Sci-Fi vehicular extraction and rescue attempt experience, my love of UFO never waned. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching this build. The end result is looking really superb. I did, like your friend, own the green Dinky toy in the 1970’s. I liked it, yet I too never knew that the roof armament was so incorrect in comparison with the models on the TV show. I did wish that Dinky had issued it in an accurate colour. Green? Why? Why oh why? This was rather like the way they started issuing Thunderbird 2 in blue (not green), the UFO interceptors in green (not white) and Eagle transporters with green bodies (not white). Such flawed colour choices often upset me. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat Haslet for days as a result. Jellied tongue sandwiches were really out of the question for weeks, after they issued Captain Scarlet’s car in gold . I was a sensitive child . This looks great. Thank you for sharing the build. I’m really looking forward to seeing you plop the paint on. Please don’t do it in green ! Best regards TonyT
  3. Hello friends 👋 

    It has been some time. I hope that you are all well, or at the very least getting along fairly tolerably well.

    I have missed you all.


    I think maybe most of my followers/friends here know that my recent almost annual attempts to get back into modelling, into regular posts, have not worked. 

    Short spell of normality: silence.


    The Internet is a place where one’s data and words are harvested and used in the strangest and most mystical ways, therefore I was previously reluctant to explain a lot.


    However, now a person involved in what is being referred to as the largest scandal in NHS history, I have waived my rights to privacy via my lawyers, for the class action. This was my choice. I’m no spring chicken any more, there aren’t that many of us old bleeders left (I’m not swearing here), so I feel fine writing about it here.


    Around 40 years ago, along with around 2500 or so other Haemophiliacs, other recipients of blood based products; I copped for a couple of very nasty infections. Ones that can kill and have killed many.


    I’m one of the U.K. ‘survivors’.


    I have been sort of ‘stuck’ in Australia. Following what was intended to be a far shorter trip; my health, related to my Haemophilia and liver infection declined and I ended up stuck here.


    There are far worse places to be stuck. I have been very kindly looked after, especially following my move to the lovely and friendly, very civilised city of Canberra. The capital city.


    A couple of years ago the U.K. government finally opened an inquiry into the way so many became infected by blood products. Shortly after that I asked a U.K. lawyer to represent me in the class action currently underway.


    Writing a witness statement spanning almost 40 years has been a harrowing and demanding task. At over 10,000 words, thanks to the help of my kind and supportive wife, to the help and support of some members of Britmodeller past and present, to a wonderful team of lawyers and a wonderful team of Haemophilia and liver nurses, doctors, support workers, counsellors and a superb GP, the support and help of my home MP in Argyll in Scotland and more; I am almost there. Also with many thanks to the support and kind words of an old academic friend of mine; Prof. Danny Dorling, currently of Oxford University.


    Reading thought provoking books by Danny and others, researching all kinds of things, from conflict history to geopolitics and social geography (I’m a geographer by the way, it probably shows 😉), Audiobooks, encouraging emails and text messages have kept me (fairly 😉 ) sane and determined.


    I went on a kind of targeted chemo/anti viral medication last November and that appeared to be the point at which my get up and go for model making, for most leisure pursuits, got up and went.


    However, it appears to be working 😊.


    Moreover, I saved enough Virgin Velocity points (92,000) make the journey to the U.K. in a few weeks time, at the end of October.


    This will be in time to attend a few days of Inquiry hearings in London, ponder whatever the B word throws at us on Haloween and to enjoy Guy Fawkes night too.


    In model making terms, I appear to have branched out into restoring old die cast and tin plate toys; trains, aeroplanes, automobiles, motorcycles and so on. My plastic modelling interests have really narrowed down to ‘Golden Age’ aviation and most things from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.


    I also appear to have acquired a piano, another guitar and number of classic cars in need of a little love and attention; all British or European, although my Australian built 1973 Ford Cortina Mk III with a 200 cubic inch engine and three speed manual gearbox doesn’t quite fit the classifications. The others are Audi, Rover, Mercedes. SAAB, Volvo, Peugeot, Simca and so on.


    I will need a few quite large shipping containers and an old barn to move this lot to the U.K., hopefully Scotland, and keep them

    safe, protected from the elements.


    Should anyone wish to meet up for a chat, cup of tea and so on; I will be in London the last week of October, Oxford the first week

    of November, then Birmingham, then Glasgow and Argyll.


    Please send a message if interested, it would be lovely to meet up with anyone.


    I hope to more carefully heed the advice of a friend from my last attempt, and slowly ease myself back into some model making and sharing of experiences; rejoining the good people on this great forum again.


    Have a great weekend



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    2. JOCKNEY


      Hi mate

      First of all wonderful to hear from you, and delighted you are looking at a return to Blighty.

      Your description of your health issues sounds like the script from a horror movie, and I'm so sorry to hear what you have been through and continue to have to deal with.

      As a fellow classic car owner and resident of Argyll. There is always a garage available for you to play in and a collection of single malts that won't drink themselves !

      So take care mate and hope to hear from you again soon.

      Cheers Pat 

    3. Biggles87


      Hi Tony, it’s always good to hear from you.  I was very sorry and not a little angry, to hear what’s happened to you and hope that your present treatment will continue to work.

      I would have been delighted to come to meet you but do not have ant trips to the UK planned at the moment, we’re also waiting to see what the B word will throw at us on Haloween, everything is ( still ) very much uncertain at the moment for those of us living outside the UK.

      Hope you settle well in Argyll.

      All the best.



    4. CedB



      Good to hear things are getting better after all this time. 

      As CC says why not try to make SMW? PC, Cookie and Navy Bird are over and we’ll be there on the Saturday. 

      In any event, have a good trip and I hope you get the outcome you hope for. 



  4. I just found this via your Caudron 366 thread Moa. I think that I have this kit. Is this the one that has the Gypsy engine? You have done a lovely job. I was never sure of the colours if these. I wanted to make one that was sometimes used, I think by journalists, in Spain. If you have any tips on making this one; or any WIP photographs, they would be very appreciated . TonyT
  5. I just caught up with this Tomo. Lovely work on the interior . I have the old Azur kit, it’s a little different to this one. Unusual and worrying things like the attachment points at the base of the rotor blades being tiny pieces of resin . I have never dared to start it. I will watch carefully and try to glean some clues to help me build up the courage. I’m looking forward to seeing you do the shiny bits on the cowl . I hope you’re having a great time in Gran Canaria. I went there in 2004 and completely fell out with the lady I went with. The first relationship after my late first wife passed away. My nightmare holiday from hell was saved halfway through due to a young lad of about 17 that had similarly fallen out with his mum and sister, that were, as such things work out, spending the time with my now ex and her daughter. I had a grand time with the lad on the airgun range and tennis courts of the place we were at. He made superb model aircraft, motorcycles and cars out of aluminium drinks cans and a pair of scissors and had a fairly endless supply of rather superb Gran Canaria cigars too. I felt like Hugh Grant in ‘About A Boy’ ! Holiday completely rescued, much to the chagrin of the now ex. It’s a good place for a holiday; with the right company Best regards TonyT
  6. It’s still my Birthday in the good old U.K.. 5th of March. Another one achieved. I don’t think my Birthday is famous for much, although I think maybe Stalin kicked the bucket on one of the fifth of Marches before I was a glint in anyone’s eye . I’m 53. My body feels like it has been dug up and buried again a few times, each time jolted into life using the coil from my Dad’s old Riley and a damp rectal probe ️. My brain is getting progressively younger. Recently I remembered the smell of the Stickle Brick box at my primary school. Then again, that was when I was in my mid twenties, I was a late starter . Best regards TonyT
  7. I’m absolutely with @Filler here. Your Italeri looks perfectly suitable for finishing and putting on display. Maybe take some hints from the Kittyhawk on final details like the wheels, but honestly; your Italeri looks grrrrreat! Finish it off, sell the Kittyhawk and maybe buy a nice 1/48 Tarangus Lansen as a historic companion to place at the side of your Gripen Best regards TonyT
  8. Another little beauty Moa. Thank you for sharing and well done . I’m looking forward to reading the WIP. I was, I still am, a huge fan of the late Mr. Dujin’s kits. For those that like something a little different, his range could not be beaten. Yes, scratchbuilding was usually required and some would include air bubbles, but we all knew this when we bought them. One did not blunder into a Dujin kit by accident, expecting Tamigawa. These were labours of love, from the master kit builder to the modeller. I recently bought a Dujin Potez 56 from Marc in Monaco. A lovely remake of the kit; I’m looking forward to it. I had not noticed this little Caudron 366. Now I see yours; I must have one. Gorgeous ! I can also recommend the current Dekno line of similar Golden Era little 1/72 racers; also quite gorgeous . Best regards TonyT
  9. This is a superb and fun, if not rather worrisome idea, when one considers the real life devices represented, for a group build. I hope that I can be considered with the Blohm and Voss BV 40? I have two of these in 1/72, both vac form kits. One is lightly started but not yet basted, certainly not cooked to within 25% of a tasty finish . The tiny BV 40 was a glider, built in Germany in World War Two. It was so tiny that the pilot had to lay down on his tum, with his head faced forward looking through a tiny window. Each side of him, at the stubby wing roots, was a 30mm cannon with very limited ammunition. One would imagine that a positive attitude would be required of the pilot. Or perhaps mild to strong insanity, maybe aided with an in flight flask of Schnapps and a long straw . To quote Wikipedia; “By eliminating the engine and lying the pilot in a prone position (i.e. on his front), the cross-sectional area of the fuselage was much reduced, making the BV 40 harder for bomber gunners to hit.” Well, that sounds ok then . Very reassuring. Any volunteers? The intention was to be towed up, set free, glide into a formation of bombers; all armed to the hilt, pop away with the cannons, glide away and land safely. With no undercarriage. Yes. No undercarriage. No engine. Probably no ammo left. Probably quite in need of the loo. Brengun make far nicer injection moulded kits than my old vac-form ones now, but I have been wanting to build these tiny models for years. In real life, just five were flown, all were prototypes. Am I in? Best regards TonyT
  10. I really can’t write much here. Surely I will not be the only one knocked for six to hear the news that Mark Hollis of Talk Talk has died? . We all like different kinds of music. I realise that some here may not have heard of him, or may not like the music. I, for one, thought his music to be an important contribution. ‘The Colour Of Spring’ album by Talk Talk was years ahead of its time. Maybe it hasn’t found a time yet. Truly beautiful music. Bless you Mark. Life was what you made it. Thank you for your sensitive and inspiring music. My sympathies to his friends and family. Way too young. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/feb/25/mark-hollis-lead-singer-of-talk-talk-dies-at-age-64-reports-say?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other TonyT
  11. Hello Monsieur Le Baron Its good to see that you are in fine modelling form. Not quite as fine as Twiggy used to be, it has to be said, but relative to, for example, late era Bernard Manning or Benny from Crossroads, absolutely radiant. I’m very, very slowly catching up on this, and a number of your builds right back to the Dornier. The same applies to builds by the tentacled one, the lost one and many others in the cast of thousands that go to make Britmodeller the epic that it is . It may be mainly silent-era, but it’s a wonderful mix of Battleship Potemkin, Voyage a la Lune and Harold Lloyd that has no equal. I keep running out of likes. Rather like an Arctic explorer, I then have to bash a pole into the thread, hang a pair of unwashed but bright red long johns from it and trek back to base camp for more likes. I usually stock up on Bovril, Goblin Meat Puddings and Horlicks tablets whilst I’m there. I then begin the long trek back to my flailing long johns and begin following the thread again, carefully distributing likes, mindful of any crevasses or unknown perilous creatures along the way. This is, of course, native Martian habitat. I am always fully armed with the latest weaponry. Keep up the good work Mr. Baron. How you solder these tiny parts, I do not know. I suspect that you May have grafted on a Martian hand, comprising of 15 fingers, all a foot long and a quarter of an inch thick . Ok, back off for some more likes. Just strapping my undies to the pole. Best regards TonyT
  12. Thanks Dave, Its very hard for me to phrase this correctly, ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ as they say; That really is a nice neat clean little Beaver Dave. It looks superb in the yellow, pretty stunning to be honest. Is it in 1/72? If so, based on the Airfix or Hobbycraft kit? Both are tricky to get (for me) here down under. I often just miss them in that auction site. I love the tent; is it completely scratch built? An Auster would look superb. I know that the Airfix 1/72 kit needs a few alterations to make it more accurate, but it’s surely a good starting point? It’s still one of my favourite Airfix kits, as it was when I was a child. Unlike you, clear from the photo above, I was never able to get yellow paint to behave. Many an abandoned Tiger Moth . Shall I stick you on the list Dave, or would you rather me leave you off for now? It would be great to have you on board . Best regards TonyT
  13. Oooo. Cold War electronic warfare snooping thingies ! That would be superb. I think maybe the old B-29’s and B-50’s would qualify for this? I have a set of transfers for the poor Kee Bird, plus an Academy B-29 waiting. I was hoping to build a diorama representing a contemporary press photograph I saw of the C-54 type aircraft that rescued the crew, next to the Kee Bird on the ice. I’m not sure if the now, very sadly (and somewhat needlessly imho) quite burnt remains of the Kee Bird are within the Arctic Circle. One to research. I was recently tempted to find another Arctic related use for the B-29 kit, I should share it as an idea for others; Starting at about 2.09, the Tupolev Tu-4 (NATO code ‘Bull’) Soviet analog of the Boeing B-29. These too flew around the polar skies. An LC130 would be superb. This is a stalled project for me. It’s up there in that box. I look at it wistfully, every day: The reason for the stall is shameful . I don’t feel confident enough to scratch build the landing ski assemblies . There was an after market set once, long ago, but I haven’t seen one on sale for a long time. I know that Airmodel make a vacform conversion set including basic skis. Has anyone had a go with that set? Great choices, thanks for joining in; I will add you in to the soon to be scribbled list . Best regards TonyT
  14. Yes, Absolutely V-P! It’s right there in the title ‘Arctic Challenge’. I would be happy for someone to make a scale model of the best luxury working class British pudding of the 1970’s; the Arctic Roll !! I have an old set of ‘Arctic Tigers’ decals/transfers here that even include a Spanish aircraft. I could be very tempted to build that too. Thanks for helping me to remember this V-P, and getting it onto the thread for others. Best regards TonyT
  15. I have spent a lot of time in your country Nils. It has been a while now. I lectured at university in Oslo, also did research in Bergen, a Hardanger Fjord project from Tveit and then in Tromsø and further north. There are many superb subjects to choose from wearing Lima November. Would you be interested in joining the Group Build? It would be great to have you on board. Best regards to Norway from far on away the other side of the globe, TonyT
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