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  1. TonyTiger66

    GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War @21

    That sounds good . My only reservation would be in offending citizens of the nations concerned. I suspect that the Finns and Soviets (now ex-Soviet nations) wouldn’t have thought the wars small. Nevertheless, if it gives the chance to introduce and enhance knowledge of the conflicts and a chance to model in relation to them and share the experience, that’s a good thing. AC
  2. TonyTiger66

    The Pacific at War GB Chat

    Thank you chaps. I can’t remember how to do the multi quote and reply; I’ll figure it out shortly. You’ve suggested some great options . The Kits are loose, just bagged kits that I bought very cheaply on that auction site years ago. No transfers, but they’re complete. At the time I couldn’t afford the greater expense of the Hasegawa, plus the Hasegawa kits were hard to find. My approach was to adopt an ‘instalment plan’ . ️ ️ Buy the bargain kits (they both look good enough in basic shape), then over a period of months, gradually buy after market accessories to try to make them a little more special. The dive brakes by Eduard are for the Hasegawa kit, it will be interesting to see if they (and everything else!) fit. I may have to get my oxy-acetylene rig on the job ! Thanks again everyone, good to be back amongst friends and have a project In mind . Best regards TonyT
  3. TonyTiger66

    FOURtunes to be made

    , lonely without his grapefruit
  4. TonyTiger66

    FOURtunes to be made

    times rely on suppositories
  5. TonyTiger66

    GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War @21

    Hello, Please count me in with a Finnish Fokker DXXI. Superb idea for a GB Best regards TonyT
  6. TonyTiger66

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Hello everyone, Long ago I promised to build a FROG 1/72 B-17E for this GB. I still have it and have been slowly collecting after market parts to improve it a little. I’ve been away from BM due to very poor health. My knowledge has slipped a little, I wanted to ask advice of other BritModellers. I think that the B-17E May have had different propellors to the B-17F. Could anyone confirm this and perhaps recommend some nice after market ones? I would like to model one of the early UK based aircraft. I have equipped myself with many sets of ‘Kits World’ brand transfers for code numbers, lettering and so on. Does anyone have any requests? The FROG kit decals and colour schemes look fine, but I thought it would be nice to individualise the model a little. Finally, the wheels in the kit are very plain. Nevertheless, I’ve watched video of B-17’s and some appear to have wheel covers with designs painted on, in which case, the FROG wheels somewhat capture the look. Any thoughts on wheels on a U.K. based B-17E? Thank you for any information, Best regards TonyT
  7. TonyTiger66

    The Pacific at War GB Chat

    Hello Rich, Ive been away from BM for some time due to very poor health. I thought that I had put myself down for this, but looking back, I simply popped up in April 2017 and more or less said; “Crikey, what a good idea!” which it is! In a the to drawer at the side of my bed (the place I’ll be building the kit: the bed, not the drawer, I’ve tried building in there and it’s a bit cramped, can’t get my my bum in, plus no power supply and a bit dark), I have two 1/72 SBD Dauntless kits. One Testors, one Airfix. Also a ridiculous amount of aftermarket for each one. I would love to have a go with one for this GB. I have no decals, my knowledge has waned a little. I wondered if I could ask you or throw it open to the BM hive mind; any suggestions on theatre and markings? NZ flew them, would that count for the GB? Any suggestions most welcome. Best regards TonyT
  8. TonyTiger66

    Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    Thank you for the welcome back folks . I hope that you're all doing well. Thanks for resurrecting this idea for a GB Pat. I hope all is well in that beautiful country of yours, I miss it. If nothing else (but surely there will be), this thread has led to us finally getting a look at JWM's full collection of SCW models ! It also prompted me to gather together the component parts of my body, distributed in random fashion around the house over the last year or so. Once I had a working arm and jaws, I was able to twist the tops off of a two stage Araldite set and glue myself back together again, which I'm sure that many would agree, can only be seen as 'a good thing'. My left leg doesn't look quite right and I'm sure my right foot wasn't at that angle a year ago, but never mind, I don't use it that much anyway. Does anyone know which side the kidneys slot in ? I need to look back through the thread, are there any AFV people here? SCW is great for eg PzKpfw Ausf. A and B, T-33, BT-5, CV-33/35, many more, including a seemingly endless array of improvised AFV's constructed during the course of the war. Blindado and so on. Some beautiful subjects for figure modellers too. Although some of the more stunning photographs are said to be posed, it doesn't really matter, they're inspiring. I haven't been on the forum for a while, I'M not sure if these photo links will work, but I'll try. This one of a Republican soldier by Robert Capa: Posed, but rather wonderfully so: Marina Ginestà of the Juventudes Comunistas, overlooking Barcelona (aged 17): All photographs here are public domain and royalty free. A couple of months ago I purchased a Dekno, 1/72 DH-87A Hornet Moth, direct from the website in Catalonia. They often have special offers, I think this was a 20% off offer. It's a resin kit, small but well defined and perfectly formed . It would be my entry for the Group Build. I no longer have a bench/mancave; therefore it would be another one of my so far not extremely successful attempts at a 'Stuck in bed with a tray' build. I have yet to agree with SWMBO on a method for using the spray booth, extractor fan, compressor and airbrush whilst in bed, but I'm sure we won't need to involve third party arbitration or escalate it to the UN . Thanks again Pat and all those that have joined in from our last attempt; it's good to see everyone again . Best regards TonyT
  9. TonyTiger66

    Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    Hello Pat, Any chance that I could join in on this one? All the best TonyT
  10. We'd quite like an update on your good self Tony


    How are you doing?


    Keep in touch please



  11. Hello Patrice Please count me in for this. I know my health and completion rates aren’t very good, but it’s good to have something to look forward to . The Kittyhawk is one of my favourite WWII aircraft. There’s one in the Australian War Memorial museum here in Canberra. I would make a model based on that one. A few photos taken on my birthday in 2017: Best regards TT
  12. TonyTiger66

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    I just returned to BM in time to see Jan pop off on holiday. A week or so ago I received one of the DH88 via a chap on EBay (Petr....). I would just like to say that, looking at the box contents, it appears to be a lovely little kit. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it released. I also bought the LVG C. VI; another very nice looking kit. Next will be the K-4. If the Norwegian Hawk is out; one of those too. If not, please release it soon. Have a pleasant holiday Jan and staff, spend our money just as (un)wisely as we would . Best regards TonyT
  13. I'm glad to hear from you. You had us worried. 

  14. Tony.

    Great to hear from you again!:thumbsup2:


  15. Hello chaps and ladies.

    Thank you for many very kind messages. 


    I'll reply to all, really lovely messages, very soon.

    We're fortunate to have such a dignified and kind forum. 

    Mike's ethos 👍.


    All the best (OB)



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    2. jrlx


      Hi Tony!


      Great to hear from you again! I was worried about your lack of activity in BM... Hope you're fine and can get back to building some nice models!






    3. stevehnz


      Hi Tony. lovely to see you pop up like this after fearing the worst. We've missed your up beat presence the last while.


    4. CedB


      Just seen this Tony, sorry to have missed it - and you!

      Welcome back :)