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  1. Very much looking forward to this Wez. As time goes on I start to love these kits more and more. We appear to be passing the ‘trench line’ phase of model manufacturing and now people are *purchasing* river sets. I’m not a river counter, but Heller weren’t big culprits for boilerplate rivets and kits like e.g. their Bf-109K still look just ‘right’. One of the last kits I tried to build a few years ago, but with added detail. An AML cockpit detail set, True Details wheels and those ‘Master’ wotsit (I cant remember the name ) real metal fun barrels. AZ Mo
  2. I think that we may be making one as we go along Pat ! A P-38 would be nice. I do have quite a nice old Airfix kit of a P38F. It’s a big improvement on another Airfix issue I have. Happy to get Mrs T to post it to me in my next box of goodies from the antipodes, then send your way. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-03018-0-lockheed-p-38f-lightning--166022 I don’t think anyone makes the modern ‘Glacier Girl’ warbird Transfers in 1/72, but the original pre-crash markings would be a good way to go TonyT
  3. Hello everyone Some time ago @Mjwomack suggested an ‘Anything but Injection’ group build. This was and is very appealing to me. I love building resin and vac form kits. I haven’t done one for a long time; it was the KPM vac form Lagg-3. A kit that I actually finished, when I returned to the hobby for the second time, around 15 years ago. I didn’t know of any Internet forums, used my supply of 1970’s Airfix and Humbrol enamel paints, paintbrushes from the same, very old, childhood ‘model making’ box. My skills and hand/eye coordination were worse than those I h
  4. Thank you for the kind words everyone. I have been home a few weeks, now finally ready to get on with this. All my builds will be slow at the moment. Mrs T, until we get immigration stuff sorted out, is currently normally 11,000 miles away. She is here for a little while and has told me to get cracking with modelling, but not make any promises. SWMBO really is almost always right, whereas yours truly increasingly often makes a bit of a buffoon of himself. Therefore, I will be following my good lady’s advice, whilst trying to do this lovely little kit justice. A model that I n
  5. Hello Dennis, I would like to also offer my condolences on losing Martin. Very upsetting. A cat that theoretically lived at a neighbour’s home when I lived down under; “Gobble” went missing the week after I left; last October. He spent most of his time with us and genuinely was a good friend. Even though I left the country, the news was saddening. Pet friends really do become just like people friends. They’re often more cuddly too. My sincere apologies for the ludicrous delay in providing info regarding the model/photographs. I will PM tomorrow. No longer in hospital, but 3
  6. https://www.forces.net/news/rare-spitfire-lost-norwegian-mountains-fly-again I must write to Mr @Beard very soon regarding a very kind message that he left for me some weeks ago. I will; it has only been delayed for the reasons outlined above. Meanwhile; thank you Mr. Beard for the warm welcome home and kind words; I hope that you are doing ok . I did not know about this Spitfire until recently. Moreover, I did not know that they flew so far north, in cases like this, unarmed. There is every possibility that you have built it already, but any inf
  7. On Oooooooo!!! There’s also the Norwegian helicopter at the beginning of the film. David Cronenburg at his best! Well now Mr Spadgent you have thrown me a curve ball here. A movie, based on a 1938 Novella (Who Goes There), that is set in Antarctica. The subject matter is perhaps more pertinent now than it has ever been, if considered even simply in terms of the possible effects of rapidly spreading viruses, of covert warfare, of invasion by non traditional means. The 1982 movie was shot, however, mainly in Alaska, very close to the Arct
  8. I love the LaGG 3 in the profile. There are some superb photographs of this very machine on the internet. I believe that I may have a 1/72 AML transfer set with the cat in it. The aircraft changed appearance a few times, but as a really big fan of the Soviet ‘Varnished Flying Coffin’; I really adore this one. . Maybe ICM released it once in 1/48? All these profiles are really top notch stuff. Much fun to be had with white distemper camouflage. AZ did a nice Rebox of the Valom Hampden with transparencies that fitted, Airfix’s Hampden is a nice subject for nos
  9. Yes. Shock! Horror!. I hear Cups dropping to the floor. Clubs being taken out of cupboards. I will have to nail planks of wood to my windows and doors. It’s all over now! ———— Grimsey. Northernmost inhabited Icelandic territory. Currently divided by the Arctic circle. It has an airport and ferry service. People. It is part of Iceland. Perhaps I may venture to suggest this is so, in a similar way to that in which Shetland is part of the United Kingdom? Further north than G
  10. Thank you Procopious! Wonderful news. Your taking part is very much appreciated . Welcome on board. This should be frosty fun. I will be fascinated to see what you choose and look forward to it. With best regards Tony T
  11. Yes! Thank you! I had read your post but not placed you on the list; my sincere apologies. I love Swedish themed builds. I spent a little time there in the 1990’s, working. Further south. Remotely, I hope to be working with someone from Gothenburg soon; a city that I like a lot. Nothing wrong with a Boomer from the Murmansk area either. When the world was a very different place, one of my relatives went to help people out in Murmansk. Our allies, at the time. I will add you to the list and I believe that makes it 30 With best regards Tony T
  12. I Can’t see it @Torbjorn. Completely my fault if you did; I apologise sincerely. I have been little more use than chocolate teapot for some time. I should have maintained a list and kept an eye on the thread. However, other kind souls mentioned above have done so. I will add you, this making it, 29, as I have noticed that @John D.C. Masters (thank you for the PM John, I will reply soon ) is already on the list. I will put you on the list now. Thank you for joining in, from your interests I can see that your contribution will be fascinating and most welcome
  13. First of all a big thank you to @Robert Stuart for all the work he/you Robert have put in here. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your creating and maintaining the list whilst I have been in and out of hospital; mainly in until late yesterday. I did try a few days ago to put a list together. Then two very, very ill gentleman joined our ward. With only two (wonderful, infinitely patient and kind) nurses to 12 patients on the night shift, little sleep was available for around 5 days. The other patient in there; one that I made friends with; an
  14. A great choice Pat. This is one that I more or less completed (unheard of!) about 15 years ago. I remember fine yellow plastic, almost transparent in parts, that gave a nice wing chord and fine look to it. I built it as Spanish Civil War then; just busking it using the prototype Fokker paint scheme and my own guess as to where the Republican colours may have been. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’m fairly sure that if one wishes to go full ‚Childhood Saturday afternoon‚, it can be built so that the wheels turn and the prop spins very freely . Recently developed a fascination for Fi
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