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  1. Hey all. Big thanks to @Pete in Lincs for letting me have this one from the stash. My first Japanese aircraft. I'm planning on building a few more. Then onto Russian stuff. The build was lovely, managed to build most of it within one night. Then last night fiddling around with something else I managed to get a blob of poly cement on the canopy. In my frustration I then managed to snap a landing gear off. I forgot to put weight in the nose, but this actually stands by itself. On its very spindly fragile landing gear. So here it is. Apologies for the terrible photography too. I haven't fashioned a spinner, but a jet version was also on the drawing board for this aircraft. All in all a very pleasant build untill I lost my way after the little conopy accident. Thanks for looking
  2. Yes it's standing by itself, without any weight in the nose was very surprised.
  3. Managed to get a blob of poly cement on the canopy. Was fiddling with something else and, well, you know the score. No i won't be taking it off and polishing it. Such a shame. This build will conclude soon. Enjoyed it all, up to this point.
  4. Having to create masks for the over wing no step areas. Fiddly and very little reward. Might be calling it done soon.
  5. Yea, don't worry about it. There's quite the collection growing on the ceiling now. Just bought a Zero to build next. Thanks again for letting me have this one.
  6. Just thought, I've put no weight in the nose. Good job it will just be hanging from the boys bedroom ceiling.
  7. Added some preshadimg A coin cell turned out to be pretty much the right size for the rising sun's. Mask made by simply tracing around one with a blade on doubled up masking tape. Sprayed too heavy on the underside lost the preshading. Think ill do some post shading now, especially the underside. I'm thinking of using a lighter colour on the upper surfaces to pick out some panels etc. It seems a little dark and flat. I suppose since this plabe only ever flew for a total of 45 minutes, this could be a bit of a whiff. I'll have a bash later, I'm off to get my 5G topped up Thanks for looking
  8. Yea, I had to explain to the ever suffering better 3/4s that it flew in 'this' direction. She looked at me like I'd built it wrong
  9. Once again, I have a fellow forumite to thank for this build. So thankyou very much @Pete in Lincsfor letting this one go from the stash. I'm looking to build some Japanese birds, and other SEA stuff, so what better place to start than this odd ball aircraft. The cockpit had already been assembled, not by @Pete in Lincs but from its other previous owner. I pulled the seat off no problem, I found the control stick rattling around in the bottom of the box along with the rudder pedals. Gave it a new quick lick of paint, in probably the totally wrong colour, but I'm not to fussed about cockpit detail on this one. I think I get hung up on details sometimes, and even with the best intentions, even at 1/48 sometimes it's just not worth it. So blasted it all with the airbrush, Susan is still blue from the corsair, which is a little fun project I'm messing with (hasn't been shelved) Re assembled everything, painted the bottle red again, put some silver on the back of the seat, dry brushed some silver on, gave it a quick splash of black oil paint wash, dry brushed the instruments. With very little fettling, and the help of some rubberised clothes pegs, the build almost fell together. Quite a joy to work with actually. Some parts were almost compression fit. The previous owner had begun to scribe the flaps, ready to pose them down I suppose. Over the years they have 'sagged' a little, and had begun to look open by themselves. So only a little extra care needed to make sure they were glued back together. Cue more clothes pegs and probably a bit of sanding at a later stage. Sorry for the poor photography. 90% of the build done already. Just have to sort the landing gear, canopy and the prop. Oh yea the prop. The nose cone is missing. Tips on scratch building one? Might look in the spares box, possibly cut the nose of a 1/32 bomb? Anyway, thanks for looking.
  10. I had thought about mixing it with some 'normal' paint for the fixer as you say. The hairspray is under the blue. When reactivated with water it acts like chipping fluid.
  11. Well Bearing in mind I've never done this before. I started way to rough. Then decided to carry on. Interesting to see how the paint reacted when reactivated with water. Lesson learned. Are you ready to see the disaster........ I've already scrubbed everything off, dried it under the hairdryer and sprayed it silver again. I'll have another, more careful go at it tomorrow Thanks for looking, hope you've had a laugh at my expense.
  12. From a patchy greenish colour After eleventy thousand passes with the airbrush we're finally blue. Hoping the hairspray that went on last night will still be effective. No point in using the 'decals' provided with the kit. I suppose I'll have to airbrush them on and hand chip them.
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