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  1. Thanks, and it's not that bad. Just take your time. I find German motteling hard too.
  2. Completed this build a month or two back. I had fallen into the Italian camouflage hole and really fancied giving some a go. This one caught my eye. And for £15 it bought plenty of joy. Airbrushed very carefully and came out pretty good for a first attempt. I might build this bird in 1/48 some day. Thanks again for looking
  3. Hey all. Sorry haven't been very active on here lately. Getting ready to move house. But I've managed a few builds ill just upload to RFI Here's the first. A gift from a friend, rescued from the recycling center he works at. The nose cone was crushed beyond repair and didn't come with any decals. I've used some spares and left off the antenna, which is a shame but it could be added on at a later date. The kit went together with little to no problems, and was quite a quick and enjoyable build. Would definitely do this kit again but detail it more, maybe even with the parasite fighter or the flying bomb version. Painted in a fictional livery. Thanks for looking.
  4. I used revell aqua light grey on the underside, sprayed the upper with tamiya dark earth (though I wish I'd used something lighter) and the green was vallejo olive camo (I think) I did the flashback cr. 42 some time ago, but chickened out on the Italian camo and did is a German machine. I'll be adding a G.50/55 soon. I'm currently working on the italeri S.79 Sparviero Edit: I tried vallejo desert yellow on a scrap bit of plastic, and it looks much better than the tamiya dark earth
  5. Dont hold me in high regard I used bluetac to make the blobs before spraying. I wish I'd have used a lighter earth tone. But thanks for your kind words.
  6. Some of the smer kits are great for the price they can be found on fleabay
  7. Sorry haven't been around much. Personal life been getting in the way. Managed a little SMER kit, I like these as they're cheap, require considerable clean up, have plenty of wiggle room for scratch building. An build to test your skills. Can't always be Tamiya rainbows. I put the tail decals on wrong, the dark earth is too dark and I've over dobe the chipping on the wing. Oh well, lessons learned. Really enjoyed this little kit. Going to do the Italeri S.79 in 1/72 next. I've kind of fallen into an Italian camouflage rabbit hole. Thanks for looking
  8. The kit is from the polish manufacturer Mr hobby kit or something like that. The instructions are dire. I used the smer instructions. The kit was under £10 delivered and came with plenty of decals. I chose the Polish ones. Not the best build, and the greens are wrong. But I enjoyed it never the less.
  9. The decals were taken from spares from another kit. The ones that come with this are just stickers.
  10. Sorry haven't been here for a while. Here's the £4 kit I bought from Wish. The panel lines are really deep and the rivets stood proud like braille. I ended up sanding the whole thing down. Anyway here's the pics. Remeber this was very cheap, but very fun.
  11. Someone's posting your content as their own then
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