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  1. Literally forgot about this kit. It got moved to the top and back of the shelf. Broke it out the other day and decided to get it "finished" My main aim when I build is to try out a new technique with each build. This time around was an aggressor type camo scheme. I think the colours are Venezuelan. I couldn't find any decals that were brown lettering, so I've just added a different tail number I probably won't bother weathering it. Not untill I get bored one day that is The kit is airfix f16 fighting falcon in 1/72 The decals are wrong, the tail number is wrong. I've not added any more load out. But it served its purpose of painting practice. Thanks for looking
  2. Searched through the spare decals and I can't find anything to go with it. I 'could' make some stencils, but I really can't be bothered. I think ill just use a tail number for a different aircraft The purists can look away
  3. I had noticed that, but as it will spend most of its time hanging from my sons bedroom ceiling, it shouldn't be a problem. It is a shame though, as you rightly say, the rest of the cockpit has some lovely detail. Thanks for looking
  4. I had forgotten about this build. So with today's hot weather I sat indoors in the cool and started the next steps. Will paint up the landing gears and wheels tomorrow. Will have to dig around in the decal spares to see if I can find something useful. Should get this build done by tomorrow so it will probably go straight to RFI Thanks for looking
  5. It was just some bits I added. Probably in accurate. I just looked at some pics of after market stuff and took some artistic licences
  6. The little man had his first injections today, so he's a little grumpy. Got him off to sleep and managed a bit of painting. Here's the office Dry fitted it secured with tape. There were so many photos of different cockpit arrangements so I sort of winged it. (ducks from the purists) I'll do front nose gear bay next and seal up the front section ready for filling and sanding.
  7. Tiny drill bits have arrived. £3.50 from ebay. I doubt I'll find much use for the 0.1mm bit though.
  8. I'm actually a pewtersmith by trade, so soldering tiny bits isn't that much of a challenge to me. It's actually designing the mechanism that I'll fall foul on. Would be a shame to scrap his idea totally. But it will only be hanging from the ceiling in my sons room.
  9. I recently saw a good friend who is also an excellent modeler. Whenever I see him he always gifts me old models and things. Amongst the box of stuff he gave me was a partially started kit. He has a habit of using the rudder to open and close things such as bomb bay doors or canopies. This particular kit he told me, he ended up giving up on because of the way the canopy pivots open. So I've no hope in getting it to work. Below is a picture of what he'd already done to the seat I then noticed the air brakes have been modified. Looking closer there is a mechanism inside the fuselage. (I've taped it in place) Turns out this is to control the air brake doors, as can be seen on the under side. I've no idea where to start to get this mechanism to work. But I'll sure have a go. I will have to call him and see if he remembers what he was going to do. In the mean time I've started with the usual stuff. I've put the wings together and filled them Looking at after market cockpit sets I decided just to add some bits to the standard cockpit, just to add a little interest. I also removed the brass work my friend had added. (sorry) I've got another 2 projects on the go at the same time as this. But couldn't resist it since its already been started. I'll get some paint on it tomorrow hopefully.
  10. Forgot a pic of the wing after todays colour test.
  11. Had a bit of a play with this today. I don't have the right tools for the job, so I've ordered some 0.1mm line and a new set of drills from 0.1mm up to 1mm from the bay. I also managed to purchase some sand coloured paint that I put on one the one masked wing earlier. Completely wiped out the 'reversed' decals. But I still have the templates to re instate them at a later date should I wish to do so. I know @Moa suggested that the light source would have to be from underneath, but I quite like the idea of just having the reversed image slightly visable. And a challenge for me to replicate. I will box this build till the drill bits and extra thin line arrive. And carry on with other projects in the side lines. Happy modelling
  12. I wrangled the tamiya frs1 kit into something that resembled a harrier. Im sure you could do something to it and just call it done. At least it gets it off the bench.
  13. I recently used an old revell 1/48 camel to practice rigging on. I did however use fuse wire to make little loops. It really wasn't that bad with a hook to wind them on to. I made about 1 a minute. I just cut lengths of wire then wrapped it around the loop. Twist. Repeat. The results weren't bad. The model isn't great. It's one of my old ones. That's not all the rigging required for this model. But I'd suggest getting everything ready before you put the top wing on. As I couldn't really reach on this completed model.
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