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  1. Thanks. Painting the exhaust was probably my favourite part. I used a few tips from uncle night shift on YouTube
  2. Amazing work. Especially like the machine gun barrel shrouds. The engine looks fantastic too.
  3. To be honest I was dissapointed with this kit. Was very flashy, tooling obviously worn. Some parts were paper thin, the photo etch for the cockpit was overly complex and just not needed really, especially considering you can't see any of it. Vacform for the windscreen doesn't fit without butchering it into something that won't look right so I've abandoned it. I should have chosen the Italian camo scheme too as I'm really not very good at German mottled camo. Anyways, here goes. Might get a maachi 200 next to
  4. Will make an RFI I've had enough and calling it done.
  5. Managed to tease the kit parts into place so far. Will upload a pic when I've got the rest of the struts set.
  6. I might just use plastic rod or even metal. The supplied kit parts are so flimsy, I've broken two already that needed gluing back together
  7. That's an idea. I did the sopwith a few years back and wasn't as hard because the struts are vertical. Theae are angled.
  8. I really should have picked a better camo scheme. One with multicoloured dots on it. I'm terrible at German camo. But too late now. Got colour on, got decals on, all but one had cracked, so that wasn't the easy quick job I thought it would be. Typical. Used chalk pastels for some exhaust smoke. Hopefully it looks 'ok' You can't really see in the images. But I layered up paint on the exhausts by stippling, it gave it some nice rough texture, and there's burnt umber and yellow ochre tones in there. Got to try and get
  9. I'm not going to use the resin engine. So I've blanked it off. Managed to crack the filler too. So had to fill again. Still needs sanding down a little. But the nose is on. Will need a bit of re, re scribing Have to sort the wing struts out next. Going to see how well the kit parts hold up before I make new ones.
  10. It appears I saw the smer box art and have confused the camo types. Still....could be a WIF, most of my builds, sorry, all of my builds are approximations with lashings of artistic licence
  11. I quite fancy getting another so I can try the smoke ring camo. Maybe a macchi 200 instead. This has to be one of the worst kits I've made, next to the tamiya harrier frs1
  12. I've battled on. I'm going to say it. It's not been a 'pleasurable' kit to work with. I've had to do a lot of clean up and since I've recently learned scribing, I've had a bash at reinstating the panel lines. Had to put pins in the wings otherwise no way to get then to sit. The lugs were long gone under flash and torn up mold. I ended up getting a little bored with it, so out some paint on it to pre shade, but sanding isn't quite finished in places yet. This will be the second flashback kit I've built. And it's not at all like the Taube, w
  13. Ditched most the PE. Its overly complex and for very little reward. Quite peeved at myself for continuing, even when I knew it was pointless. Just plopped the seat in and the front dials. That will do.
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