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  1. I've recently purchased the revell Beaufighter I'll be starting mine next week
  2. I had to put the last bit of wire in before I went to bed. Was bugging me I hadn't done it. Although now I've realised I've not put the red decals on the tabs of the rear elevators.
  3. Getting closer to being finished, just a few small details to add tomorrow.
  4. FPDPenguin

    Fw190 pictures

    Ahh just realised I shouldve put this in the resources section. Sorry mods
  5. FPDPenguin

    Fw190 pictures

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I found this page with some decent pictures of the fw190 http://fw190.hobbyvista.com/index.html http://fw190.hobbyvista.com/detail.htm
  6. Hi, pretty much the same story for me
  7. What size decal would I need for the swastikas on the tail? Anyone have a rough measurement so I could maybe spray one on?
  8. Got some decals on this evening. Managed the bottom and one side. They played ball mostly. Will sort the other side tomorrow. I've noticed the one iron cross on the wing surface has silvered slightly. How can I fix this?
  9. Did you paint the background? Looks tre cool
  10. Theres that one, which also isn't in the kit, but another, close to a wing mounted machine gun. Slightly longer than the barrel of the machine gun. Both not in the revel kit, or I've lost them
  11. Cheers. Do you know what the third barrel out of the wing is?
  12. I've got the two guns sorted, but on a lot of models I've seen there's a third barrel sticking out of the wing. What's this part? It's not in the revel kit I've got.
  13. Snapped a gun barrel. So decided to replace them both. Some metal rod and a copper I think bit of tube. Dry fitted barrels. Got to paint some more detail on the engine and inside the wheel bays and engine covers.
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