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  1. Yes I noticed that little valve, haven't had a play with it yet. I've just googled that Mercedes kit and people want big money for it.
  2. Just looked the me109s up. They're from the 60s. Checked inside the box, the decals are obviously no good. The kit looks really nice, if a bit simple in the cockpit area. There's a little monogram booklet in there too with the old prices. 10 cents for some glue. I'll upload some pics tomorrow for anyone interested.
  3. Met up with my mate yesterday for lunch and a look at his VR setup playing elite dangerous and some other games he had. Was fantastic. Makes you feel a bit queezy at times though. Anyway he's also a modeller and we used to work together at a casting company. Every time I see him we exchange gifts. This time he gave me this little lot. He also gave me a new braided hose and a quick release for the airbrush.
  4. Looks great! Even if it's been reassembled. I always give my change in shops to the air ambulance charity pot. Its sickening how they aren't funded by the government. Suppose you will have to do NPAS Birmingham next. Looks great! Even if it's been reassembled. I always give my change in shops to the air ambulance charity pot. Its sickening how they aren't funded by the government. Suppose you will have to do NPAS Birmingham next. Edit: have you sent them the pictures?
  5. I had a look at this the weekend, I gloss varnished the top dome ready for testing the decals. Unfortunately they didn't work. They crumbled when removed from the backing card and the surrounding film was yellowed and turned almost gel like. Only replacement ones I can find are from the USA and have 20 dollar postage attached to them. So onward with electrical instillation. Once the engines are sorted I've got to figure a way of routing the wires through the nacelles into the main body. Cheers
  6. No sadly I don't have the rockets. Something I will try and scratch build I suppose. And with the pilot door open, I don't think the torpedo would fit anyway. But I had guessed it was one or the other.
  7. Take your time. I'm enjoying seeing this amazing work of yours
  8. OK I forgot to turn my work alarm off, so I was up before sunrise today. I could have, and probably should have gone into work for the overtime, but I decided to chill out at home. Within the hour I was bored and decided to have a go at a bit more of this. I recently spilled IPA on a canberra I was working on, and in my haste made a right pigs ear of teying to tidy it up, ended up ruined. Save able, but I slung it in the box, and kicked it under the sofa before it became modern art. I remained angry with myself all week. Anyway. I got to work putting the engine interiors in and flaps etc. I've opted to open both crew doors, for the rearmost door I had to cut the part in half and round the moving part off so it would... Well, move. You can see it curve off into the body, but when it's turned right side upwards it hangs down of its own accord and the curved gap can't be seen. The forward door was simply added in and not glued. The usual tape brace to hold the wings in place to be glued. Theres a nasty gap at the front. I've sanded down the inside and it's actually flush, I've added some bits of shaved sprue and glue to the holes. Will fill them where needed. Should be ready to start on the gaps now. I'll post pics later if I don't get to tired. Cheers
  9. Thanks, I'll give it a go on my next lot.
  10. So errr, how did you figure it out, if you wouldn't mind sharing
  11. Great build can't wait for the final product. You've used nuln oil, which I've recently started using, great little buy. Do you find humbrol decalfix sticky at all?
  12. I'm about to attempt some rigging on one of my next builds. I'll be watching to see how you do yours. I chickened out on a sopwith Camel I did last year.
  13. Picked up this little lot fora bargain of 35 quid. 3 I will gift to my mate who gives me advice and bits and bobs for my builds. I'll be keeping the neuiport and the etrich
  14. I don't know why, but I checked the reg of that Ford focus in the background of one of the pics. Its listed as stolen in 2018. Anyway. Sorry back to the thread. I've got one to build, so have been following this one.
  15. Here's the one I made a few months back. They take time to grow in and they develop of their own accord over time. Here's the one I made today, once I've got bbq dinner out the way I might start on making some small hand tools and a very rusted coal cart. I took the pic just after it had been made, so water droplets and condensation etc will ruin the pic. But some small details will I hope help focus the eye elsewhere.
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