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  1. Breaking radio silence to post this: My own snap of a Mk VIII phenolic resin seat from a flying example at the Temora Aviation Museum near Wagga Wagga in southern NSW. Apologies for the tardiness of said snap, you got the cockpit closed up too quickly, Ced, and caught me on the hop. Nothing unusual there. Hopefully useful from a reference point of view, nonetheless. Back to my self-imposed-inflicted exile now.
  2. Lovely-looking Spitfires and 190 D9 there, CC :). The 190 looks like an Eduard kit judging by the olive green/brown plastic. Nice :). I've got a large number of ICM 1/48 Spits squirrelled away, along with some Ultracast bits and pieces (mostly for Mk IX/VIII/XVIs), and have not been looking forward to the notorious sinkholes. I'd still rather have ten ICM Spitfires than one Hasegawa 'Mk IXc' - or whatever they though it was . Cheers, Alex.
  3. I'm not expecting anyone to read this, but some final musings before I go into permanent mute mode: I seem to be having a severe problem with rather dire attention-seeking, so I'm pulling the plug on my BM involvement, apart from reading threads and liking posts. If I kept going the way I have been recently, I would end up with the vanity-squelching ignominy of being permanently banned, and since I still wish to patronisingly distribute 'likes' and so forth, I would rather not be summarily booted. Here's a 'parting gift' for Mr Tiger: And a more generalised 'Sayonara': Cheers, Alex.
  4. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    As has been said before: you can never have too many clamps Looking great, Nigel - starting to look like an He-280 at last Cheers, Alex. This is likely to be one of my last comments on BM, so it's fitting that it's one in one of my favourite builders' threads. I will still continue to look on, but not giving myself any further opportunity to wedge my foot any further inside my overly long beak.


    In view of some of my recent weird and plain wrong comments (a few moment's thought about the chemistry behind one particularly stupid remark should have held my jabbing right index finger), I have decided that I am going to keep a very low profile on other people's threads and maybe my own for a while - and sit in the Naughty Corner to ponder my poor behaviour. I will still be lurkin' an' likin', however.




    1. AlexN


      Note: should have been moments', not moment's. Unfortunately, staus comments can't be edited post hoc.

    2. modelglue


      Eh Alex, I wasn't around to see them and don't get bothered much... stay cool and don't be too much a stranger.

    3. AlexN


      Thank you, mg :)

  6. Hello Woger, or is it Woderwick - or just plain CC! I trust that your temporary speech impediment is subsiding by now . Very interesting about your son's thesis work. The Boss's main area of interest is in Mediaeval Gregorian Chant in North-western Spain, plus Aquitanian Notation, so it is improbable that their paths would cross - but never say never ;). She has also done some work on Oz composer Percy Grainger and his involvement with the setting-up (I think) of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) as it was then known. Your house sounds very much like our house! We must be related . NOW - here comes one of my pet rants ... What? No like AT ALL for my last post, which took me A WHOLE DAY to craft and has a snap of my CNC MILL in it! I know it's not a very good picture of the mill (the only one in fact that I could actually find, and that's because Imtook in on Friday), but even so! I'm feeling unliked. Boo hoo, poor little me, sob sob. Sniffle snort. Don' t take that diatribe too seriously - only a bit, says Mr NarcissistTM. Our orchestra's and singer-soloists' concert went well last night, with the exception of my oboe and its stand tipping off the edge of the riser that the Woodwind were seated on . Fortunately the damage appears to have been restricted to one bent key which was rapidly(!) tracked down and fixed, but I will be checking the instrument out thoroughly tomorrow. Miraculously, the reed was undamaged. Bit shaken up by that, though, although I settled down by the second half after I had managed to run through a few brief initial check out of sound of the paying public. A valuable - in nore ways than one - lessson learnt there. Hopefully! In view of some of my weird and plain wrong comments (a few moments' thought about the chemistry behind one particularly stupid remark should have held my jabbing right index finger) I have decided that I am going to keep a very low profile on other people's threads and maybe my own - and sit in the Naughty Corner to ponder my poor behaviour. I will, however, be lurkin' an' likin', still. Cheers, The Narcissistic alex. <-- not a narcissist
  7. New Forum Software Update

    I realise that represting it might be a tad difficult (will continue to ponder this sudden thought a bit more), but a 'reactions' counter or some sort of indicatoe for when you're, say, 80 or 90 % through your 'likes' quota could be a useful addition to the forum interface. Don't know how practicable it would be, though... Welcome to the new clear 'reactor'...
  8. Not surprising - very nasty stuff, especially when snorted up. Spelling of formaldehyde very nearly right Yours, Serial Pest
  9. Catching Pictures in the Air

    And, per the instruction leaflet, it can be shaped with a wet tool for a very smooth finish - as also mentioned by others here - and can even be used under water. Very interesting discourse on rivets vs. scale appearance (scale effect is a very specific term related to Reynolds Numbers and not to be confused with 'appearance') there Sir Mr Baron-lordship. Much food for thought there. I shall go away (Hooray! they all cried) and think about that. Excellent filling work on the fuselage, great ad fer Milliput :). Cheers, Alex. <-- not a Reynolds number
  10. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Watch out, chook! You're far too close to that oven!
  11. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Be thankful that they haven't mutated into triffids - yet... I'd keep a very watchful eye on them for mobile tendencies.
  12. Thank you very much for the second lovely Gannet photo, James. I got to it jusy after I'd run out of likes, I'm sorry. Nice Ford tractor, too. Nce ones of the Bulldog, too . As an off-topc and rather bizarre observation, the u/c of the Bulldog lookes almost exactly like the u/c on the General Aircraft 'Skyfarer' a late 30s civil aircraft with twin fins - but no rudders. Designed to be supposedly 'unspinnable', and a cousin to the much more famous 'Ercoupe'. I mention it because I am currently building a 2.15 metre r/c version of the Skyfarer, and am currently tooling up (literally) to make a sprung 'oleo' noseleg. Once - or if - I can work out how to do it. The leg has to steer as well as go up and down, you see... Cheers, the alex.
  13. Ah ha! but you can sharpen them : rotate the end of the lead (in the pencil) on a piece of fine-grade sandpaper kept for the purpose (400 - 600 grit) and there you'll have it. Simple. Easy. Fun! And you could use it for pricking transfers .
  14. Bonjour, tout le monde, comment allez vous? L'idoit du Village ici - encore, malheureusement... Iésu perambulant1 upon a velocipède, but it 'tis hard not being OCD when one finds a nerror. Well, sort-of error. In hindsight, I would have been wiser to have stuck the rubber mat on the bottom of the lathe plate before painting, that hindsight thingy being called '20/20' eh what? Well, sometimes: it completely depends of the quality of one's eyesight, dunnit? The lathe plate got a case of 'hangar rash' (and other such euphemisms for CARELESSNESS AND CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE) upon the addition of the contact cement to the plate2, resulting in but not restricted to crazing and bubbling of the paint. Ahem. It wasn't me, I wasn't there, I was home in bed, honestly, yer 'Onner... The end result is that I'm putting another coat or two of topcoat on the plate to make good - and also to seal the gaps in the contact cement layer created when I trimmed the excess off the mat and peeled the glued mat back off the plate - that could also have saved a bit of angst had I done that afore the painting. Grumble whinge bleat snivel. Here 'tis on the rather gimmicky 'rotating' cutting mat (a good idea in principle, but didn't stand up to the tender mercies of the alex for very long): 1. Plate on the 'rotating' mat, 'rotated'. It is supposed to spin freely on a little turntable underneath, but it is just being dragged around manually with no functioning central pivot at the moment Rotating mat &#x27;rotated&#x27; by Alex1N, on Flickr 2. Close-up of the effect of contact cement solvent on the 'epoxy enamel'. Epoxy is normally very solvent-prooof, so either this isn't a real epoxy, or it hadn't cured sufficiently. Probably the latter Close-up of the effect of contact cement solvent on the 'epoxy enamel' by Alex1N, on Flickr 3. Lathe plate's new rubber mat masked off for painting. 3M 'Scotch' low-tack blue painter's tape used this time - 25 mm wide instead of 15 - not that it matters on the rubber, but it's a good practice to practise. Note the reed-making gear in the background. Not long after this snap was taken I was embroiled in a desperate reed-salvage crisis, which I still haven't recovered from. Neither has one very dead reed. I have a rehearsal tonight, a concert tomorrow and no decent reed... Lathe plate's new rubber mat masked off for painting by Alex1N, on Flickr 4. Lathe plate with topcoat no. 4. Note the painter's pyramid peeking out from underneath the plate. The mat edges have also got a dose o' paint, too. Something weird has happened to the colour balance in this snap - which of course is why it's a snap. Possibly sunlight reflecting off something onto the paint: I'm not really sure Lathe plate with topcoat no. 4 by Alex1N, on Flickr 5. Taig mill with the mechanical conversions to CNC-readiness complete. The electronics are still in abeyance after a misunderstanding on my part with the chap with whom I had started working this with. I am, however, slowly beginning to 'regain ownership' over this project after three years of it out in the cold, but the lathe comes first: it is needed to produce sundry bits and pieces for the mill or its completion! Taig mill with the mechanical conversions to the CNC process complete by Alex1N, on Flickr 1 Stupid Apple 🍏3 dictionary doesn't recernise the wurd, possibly coz I might have made it up... I love bending the mother tongue until it breaks - probably my favourite pastime. I have to admit that I am heavily influenced by the Speverend Rooner, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Hilaire Belloc, Spike Milligan and Monty Python. I really should get on and finish my book. Not that anyone would buy it. Or publish it, even. 2 Luckily, I used masking tape around the edges, or it would have bee much worse; pity that I forgot about the Blue-Tak plugs that I had previously used against the transmigration of water onto naked steel - but maybe not, since I suspect that the contact cement's solvent would have done a number on the Blue-Tak, and an even worse number on the paint... 3 Granny-Smith chosen for that extra, sour, bite
  15. Thank you for the 'like' your Baronshipness, much appreciated . It certainly will be useful when I've finished wi'it. There are some other add-ons like a digital axis meter to solder up and connect, too. Eventually, not immediately, however. I have heard good things about the Huawei (hmm, the Yapple dictionary says it's spelt 'Huawei rather than 'Huwaei') phone as well as your praises of their jab-slab. My 29 and a half years of unswerving loyalty (well, almost unswerving, with a bout of Apple/IBM Taligent-based OS/2 in the middle) is being sorely tested. Sort o' loike the Trials o' Job, but without Ralph Vaughan-Williams's excellent music . <-- should be blinkin' flippin' ': rofl :' not that sentimentalised abomination that has 'pride' of place. What's the world coming to? That's a rhetorical question an' a figure o' speech by the way, he said VERY hurriedly . Water and sugar diet? No vitamins minerals and protein and such? Oh dear . Kids? See below in my response to CC... Yes, pencil, paper and a rubber are not nearly as sexy and MONEY/PROFIT-MAKING . Ah stuff this, forbye and besides. I'll finish this post off on the iAmc, I can't be bovvered wi' this no more, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! When I hung art the washin'... Right, where was I? Oh yes, shift The Baron's quote up the to top...then my reply to him... Done. Oh-so-easy on a proper computer, impossible on the yipad. I did have the bright idea that a BT keyboard would help me a lot where said jab-slab is concerned, although the moving abaht o' the quote boxes on the iMac was done (so easily) wi' the wee squeaky mouse thing. Not applicable to the yipad, o' course. Oh dear, another day, another (series o') rant(s) Can't cut and paste a formatted forum quote from the forum editor into a being-edited post on the yipad, neiver . Or not nearly as easily...but I can on the mouse-driven iMac, hooray! . Stick that in yer eye, you eyepad monstrosity, you! Hah! Take that! And that and that and that! I believe that Percy has recovered sufficiently that he can play simple memory games with Mr Tiger (Pocket Mastermind, I believe). Interesting, my wife is a music historian (musicologist) and she used to travel to Spain, Portugal and London on a regular basis until her administrator role and looking after our not-very well daughter took over. She's due another trip soon, though, even if only to the British Library or to a conference. I think that there is a book chapter coming out soon, at least. Kids. Hmmm. A great responsibility, and one that I feel that I have failed miserably in. I might post a snap or two later on, if the fit takes me. Froth froth, foam foam. Cheers, the alex. <-- not an ipad! Hooray!