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  1. Pre-weathered . By the way, I cribbed one of your markings photos and put it under my snap to indicate the difference in transfer numbers 'twixt the two kits. That's a very tempting hint. Maybe one day...I have already started the Airfix FW-190 A5 (A8?) though. Well, it's had most of the parts cut from the runners and the engine cylinder bank pairs glued up...if that can be called 'starting'.
  2. +1 to this! Great advice, Keith! Heed his advice, Ced! An essential piece o' kit! Get one! Get one last week! (Sorry about all the exclamation marks ). Cheers, Alex.
  3. I've cleaned up F13 after snapping off the flash, including the rather crude U shape that Eduard put in the hold up the distal end up the top F12-F13 bracing strut. Beng the type of resin that it is, it's nice ans strong, but cleans up very easily. I like it a lot. Offering F13 up to a fuselage half shows that it will fit if I chop half its legs orf, since most of F13 is moulded into the resin cockpit sides (and possibly bottom). So 'just a bit of thinning' of the Pavla plastic parts. Minicraft drill (made in the UK!) and stone, I think. After practising with the setup on some kit runners first. Also started work on the head armour plate: drilled out the holes for the supporting bolts, plus drilled out the outer ends of the Sutton harness slot, which latter I'll connect with some gentle slices with a new no. 11 blade to finish the slot. The plasticard that I'm using is the thinnest ABS sheet that I have but still a wee bit too thick, so I'll either sand it a bit thinner, or bevel the edges (as Eduard did with the plastic seat arnour plate part - which was snaffled by that greedy carpet monster or one of its close rellies, a while ago), or just plain not bother. It's coming along nicely, though. Snaps tomorrow. Cheers, Alex.
  4. Nice work, Johnno! Here's the snap of the original transfer sheet - horrido indeed! Very, very basic, no fuselage frame numbers or nuffin' - well, except for a Werke Nummer(?). Horrido indeed - transfer sheet from 1/24 Bf 109 kit by Alex1N, on Flickr Compare and Contrast with Mr Spadgent's photo of the current boxing's markings sheet: Let me know if you want me to wipe this post and your wish will be my command! Cheers, Alex. <-- not a mouldy old sheet of transfers
  5. Results of this morning's fisaco: 1. iPhone 7 Plus LED at full throttle. Quite useful for doing things by the light of at night when there is an extended power blackout. This was meant to go in my previous post wi' snaps, but I forgot it iPhone 7 Plus LED at full throttle by Alex1N, on Flickr 2. Natural morning light - nice for taking snaps in Natural morning light - nice for taking snaps in by Alex1N, on Flickr 3. Spitfire/Seafire 'Frame 13'. Probably. Or 12. This is rather rubbery old Selleys PorcelainFIX. Pinned down with Sellotape, my new favourite clamp Spitfire/Seafire &#x27;Frame 13&#x27; by Alex1N, on Flickr 4. Closer-up view of F13 with 4 and a bit holes drilled. I slipped with the drill on the left hand side, so that was the end of that one... Closer-up view of F13 with 4 and a bit holes drilled by Alex1N, on Flickr 5. Boat epoxy resin glue F13. Two holes drilled Boat epoxy resin glue F13 by Alex1N, on Flickr 6. 4 holes drilled. A bit lop-sided, too. Engineer's scribe used to 'centre-pop' the holes before driliing Epoxy boat glue F13 by Alex1N, on Flickr 7. Epoxy F13, 5 hol-... Oops! Aargh! I inadvertently let got of the pin vice by accident, which subsequently fell over, breaking the top off the frame Epoxy F13, 5 hol- by Alex1N, on Flickr 8. Broken frame arch. Whimper snivel And it was going so well, too... Broken frame arch by Alex1N, on Flickr 9. A case of Humpty Dumpty here: all the King's horses and so forth. Time to make a new one A case of Humpty Dumpty here by Alex1N, on Flickr 10. One of the better F13 moulds, which is why I kept for a rainy day1 (I knew that what was already cast wasn't up to much) One of the better F13 moulds by Alex1N, on Flickr 11. Selleys PorcelainFIX added to one mould half with a cocktail stick - after popping the air bubbles out of the resin mass with it Selleys PorcelainFIX added to one mould half by Alex1N, on Flickr 12. Both mould halves filled. There will be flash - deliberately: don't want a short-shot cast Both mould halves filled by Alex1N, on Flickr 13. Filled mould parts together, waiting for the resin to set; I actually stuck it outside in the 44 ° heat (but not in the full sun) Filled mould parts together by Alex1N, on Flickr 14. Resin set, mould cracked open. Good cast Resin set, mould cracked open by Alex1N, on Flickr 15. Other side of the new F12 cast. Workable: nice and clean and crisp: I'm happy with that . The U-shaped bit (with air bubble) at the top of the arch will be removed Other side of the new F12 cast by Alex1N, on Flickr Follow the following link to my Seafire flickr album... >sigh< Not a lot of progress, but I'm pleased with the latest F13, as said above. That is, of course, until I bungle the hole-drilling yet again and have to cast yet another frame. I have also been pondering how I'm going to open up the fuselage at that point, for the frame. Either a hobby drill with a cylindrical stone, or scraping with a no. 10 or 15 scalpel blade. I won't be doing either activity when I'm tired, though. It will be a laugh - ha ha, I will laugh so much mine head will fall off - if the Eduard frame doesn't fit inside the Pavla fuselage (waddya mean, haven't I test-fitted it yet? Of course I haven't! Waddya take me for - an organised person wot plans fings or summink?). I have a contingency plan for that but it will be more work than I wish to expend. If needs must, however... Cheers, Alex. 1 Actually bright sunshine and 43.9 ℃...
  6. An oldie but a goodie . Coat definitely NOT required . I'm used to a (north-south) grid, too. Sydney is all over the shop in the place whete we last lived: i was always 100+ degrees out of phase, most disconcerting . Things weren't helped by being on the sou-sou-westerly-ish (wrong) side of a deep gully. I'm similar here, I must confess (currently nearing the end of Fritag's excellent 80-page (new forum count!) JP thread - then on to his Hawks). Thank you for your kind patience . All the very best for the root canal tomorrow, will be thinking of you. I think I'll trot off now and investigate some hole-drilling. Cheers, Alex. <-- not a drill
  7. That'll teach me to watch Father Ted with a hot cup o' tea. Thanks, Tony , sez he mopping up... And yet, Charlie's clip worked here in Oz. Very odd. Hope you're back in hot water, Ced.
  8. Out of likes but consider it 'liked' in advance. I remember painting all my Bf 109 (and FW 190) cockpits in RLM 02 until not very long ago... I'm intrigued to see how your McMesserschimtt turns out wi' top coats on, Jont . Speakinf of top coats, markings, etc., you should see the old original one in my kit. I'd post a snap here for your viewing amusement. except that I'm tapping away on the iPad and Flickr and the iPad do not mix. At all. Curse them both . Maybe tomorrow, wot is anuvver day. Fine work! Cheers, Alex.
  9. Fnaar fnaar wibble blip! 1 kg does go a very, very, very long way. I am going to have to think up something outrageously, extravagantly BIG to use some of it up (if it is still usable, that is). Cheers, Alex.
  10. Yes - probably the a/c in the car, which is set on coldest...bit of a thermal shock getting out of the dry cold into the wet heat! Bit cooler last couple of days, back to 42 tomorrow. And not The Great Answer, either. Saw footage of schnee in Europe on the telly news last night, very refreshing . Hello Tony, great to have you back: you and your humorousnesses have been missed! I'm possibly going to have to distinguish between you - TonyT - and TheBaron - TonyTB - though: TonyTB sounds rather awful, TB even worse, cough cough gasp. I dare say that something will occur in my febrile and loopy imagination. Aargh! Ouch! That reads like a perfect description of one of Dante's levels of Hell. And some of the Asian ones, too. I admire your ability to laugh in the face of it, wonderful humour (much of Humour being derived from pain...). I have to confess that I delight in making Siri say "proceed to the route" when I know where I'm going and she doesn't, heh heh ... It's horribly disconcerting when she says that and I don't! Sorry to hear of the house-hunting trauma: I have been observng the increasing social divide since around 1986 - it has got much worse, not better. The exceedingly rich get obscenely richer and the Devil take the hindmost . The lessons of the French Revolution have been either forgotten or ignored. Those who ignore the lessons of history being doomed to repeat them, and so forth . Don't get me going about food security either, I'll be instantly banned. All the best with finding a place: I'm sure that you will . I'm becoming more like Victor Meldrew with each passing year, myself. As for car phone-holders, I acquired something similar but not from 'Super Cheap' >shudder<, and had to make a mod with a large blob of boat epoxy glue to get the cradle that fitted the iphone 5s and its surrounding (excellent) Lifeproof case to fit the window-affixed stand. This worked fine for a bit but now keeps falling off. Or rather, kept: I think it's in the glovebox now. (I love that : rant : emoticon ). +1 to what Ced said about your tooth - look after yourself. I've always been meaning to watch the X-Files: one of those pieces of Kultcha wot I missed out on, Twilight Zone, ditto, only even more so (I caught up with Buffy, etc., after the event). Nothing done today - car registration matters and gardening at father-in-law's in the morning, recovering from that (and yesterday) for the rest of the day on account of doing said stuff under the influence of a cold. Idiot! I couldn't avoid the car stuff, but the rest, well... I have been reviewing my latest snaps above and pondering frame 13. Remembering that we had sticky tape about the place was - for me - a really clever idea for stopping small parts from skating about, or blowing away when breathing out through my nose. I must try to remember to use it more often. Maybe if I keep the roll of Sellotape on the workbench... Cheers, Alex. <-- not a roll of Sellotape
  11. Oh well, at least they were thinking ahead - an unusual activity in Homo sapiens. Especially in my case... I managed to find not one but two copies of frame 13 in my yellow-lidded box, plus the best of the moulds (note spelling, Ced ) for it. I did think about drilling the eight holes in the cross-member but rapidly - nay, hastily - gave up the idea as I don't have a small enough drill - or good enough eyesight or patience. I have been wondering where Mr Tiger is - he has reapeared on the forum and claimed that he was going to visit this thread, but as yet not sign. Perhaps I shall do what I usually do when I want to get people's attention - prod 'em with an '@'. So @TonyTiger66, where is you? Apart from finding the frame 13 parts, nothing further got done on the Seafire today. Gardening in the morning and a rather exhausting RFS training session in the afternoon. Exhausting mostly because... It seems that the virtual planet-tunnel (another also appears in the last season of Joss Whedon's Angel) as constructed by Tony TheBaron has in fact delivered cold but not in the form of a drop in temperature, but - Ced's cold! I woke up with a sniffle, the gardening didn't improve it, and neither did the training. So the rest of the day was spent with my paws up resting (reading BM, snoozing and watching Grand Designs followed by Midsomer Murders, two of my favourite telly shows). In other modelling news, I did manage to acquire a 2-metre length of melamine-coated chipboard and some 1.5 x 3" pine yesterday, to replace my long-defunct (and rather shorter) large-scale fuselage alignment jig, a casualty of its having been MDF ('orrible stuff, won't have a bar of it) and the old Workswamp. I'm hoping to be sble to get back to the Seafire some time later tomorrow. I also need to get an Evergreen plastic order sorted out, too: there are some essential sizes of sheet and square strip not in my stocks. Cheers, Alex. appears to have the cold too, poor thing.
  12. Ouch! . A bit of replanting after the chainsaws and chippers had departed? A belated welcome to my back-water thread, Benedikt (although I have to confess that I lured you here with a Cure video ). Cheers, Alex.
  13. Ailerons fabric, flaps metal in this case, I think. I can't recall fabric-covered flaps in any aircraft, even the Gloster Gladiator. Looking excellent!