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  1. I'm so late that I'm in a different suburb, and not even sure if it's the same city. Better late than never, though - can the teapot be squeezed? A.
  2. Crikey, Johnnt, I can't keep up wiv ya! Yer getting as bad as Ced! Maybe this stringbag will slow you down a bit - but I have my doubts ;). Well done on getting the Windsock books, they are EXCELLENT! Cheers, Alex. <-- has found something nice to munch on
  3. You can never have too much Flanders & Swann :))))))
  4. All the effort on those lines of rivets has REALLY paid off! Superb! Cheers, Alex.
  5. Hello giemme, Mr Tiger informed me of this build - thank you, Tony :). The c.202 and especially c.205 are particular favourites of mine, and have both kits in the collection. Sorry to have missed mosf this build, so back to the beginning to see what I have missed. Looking forward the the squiggles and/or circles :). Cheers, Alex. <-- looking on with interest, too.
  6. 12 months ago, we were in Bonny Scotland - on Skye, in fact. I have been having flashbacks of that holiday recently - sadly, we couldn't go this year on account of various things, but at least I was able to attend a navigation course given the fire-fighting service, so that was useful. In a piece of unashamèd oneupmanship regarding Monsieur le Baron, er, in yet another flagrant example of copying someone else, I finally managed to track down a couple of Archimedean drills. One was out of stock, but I got this nice little one: 1. 'Small' Archimedean drill. The larger Archimedean drill is on backorder... Set of pin vices by Alex1N, on Flickr I also got the following since I thought that they looked useful: 2. Set of (four) pin vices, although from this snap it merely looks like a bit of bubble packaging containing four vague and indeterminable items Set of pin vices by Alex1N, on Flickr Tools sourced from the Orstrilian branch (element14) of the UK-based Premier Farnell electronics component suppilers. I usually get such things from RS Australia (again, UK-based) or the locally-based Jaycar Electronics, but neither RS or Jaycar had any Archimedean drills in their catalogues, which I thought was rather odd. Not to say weird. Anyway. What I might use any of these tools for is anybody's guess, but they can go in the drawers along with all the other tools that I've bought because that they 'looked like a good idea at the time'. Seafire? What's that? What does it do? How does it work? Can you eat it? Cheers, Alex. <-- not an Archimedean drill
  7. What have I got to bring along? Hmmm... lemme fink... a sledge hammer, some cold chisels, and a welding unit. That should take care of The Baron's safe - at least by the time he gets back. As I can no longer drink alcohol, I will have to bring along some ginger beer or orange juice. And potato chips ('crisps', to you lot). Party time!
  8. Much betterer :). approves, too. Of course, he has to, or else ...
  9. I awfrfre2 agree with Mr Tiger, much more like it. Well, much more like the Model Master enamel RAF IG that I have been using 'of late' (for a given time-frame of 'recent'). My idiot's 2p-worth. Cheers, Alex. <-- not an idiot 1 So that's how 'covefe' might have arisen? The above is genuinely what I typed in. I often like to explain strangeness, particularly mine own.
  10. Just got fully up-to-date with this thread, finally (I still have three large threads to tramp through, and there is a hole in my 'like' bucket, Dear Henry, Dear Henry) What can I say that hasn't already been said? So I'll just say "What they all said"+++ Cheers, Alex. <-- cheering from the sidelines
  11. The usual Nigey prize-winning standard :). I'm sorry that I missed the wrap-up. Cheers, Alex.
  12. Works for me, here Perdu - even on Safari... Nice