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  1. Product code: AZM7653 As well as is it any good. Why does the box cover show a 41 squadron a/c, but when I download instructions, there is no 41 sqn a/c painting instructions.
  2. Supposed to start new thread! Where can I obtain a 1/72 Jaguar canopy? For Revell GR1 but willing to adapt.
  3. Hi all Just been surfing the Hannants site for rear fuselrge serials in white. I have in mind 12 Squadron Buccaneers circa Autumn 1970. If you have the Haynes manual, there is a pic on Pg81. Do any suitable decal sheets exist?
  4. When the Matchbox Sabre was release it was improved by replacing the wings with those from the Airfix F-86D according to one of the modelling magazines, Thoughts anyone? F-86A please Mr Airfix!
  5. The FROG Hunter F.1 was praised to be accurate in shape. Even better than the atrocious Matchbox offering. Have the latter, prefer to have the former.
  6. Thank you Giorgio I'll avoid KP Mig-21s in future. Thankfully the type is proving popular given its shape and distribution. Let's boycott kits that require butt gluing for wings/tailplanes. Giorgio, what's the square addition to vertical tail plane in your pic? Noticeable because it's white
  7. Ta Toby http://sandmmodels.co.uk/product-category/decals/
  8. Hi all Is this still available? https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/hn-aircraft-decals-sm-hsgnat Thanks in anticipation
  9. Thanks Simon T the link led to a photo of the Airfix Stug, entering SAINT RAPHAEL, complete with the kits decals though questionable number style.
  10. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/airfix-vintage-sturmgeschutz-iii-ausf-g-75mm-assault-gun-1-76.html Note, Balkenkreutz on top
  11. Thanks Jack https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18693438-a-sound-like-thunder Do any appear on the top of the tank as depicted on the Airfix box art? I'll use the Trafalgar decals then with the black outer border
  12. Hi all Balkenkreuz from kit or from my decal sheet titled "Trafalgar Models Sheet number 2" these are the same size but with a black outer boarder to the white. The Airfix decals have just a white boarder. Thanks in anticipation
  13. Thanks for this pic Radfan. I should be able to replicate a close matching jet provost using Xtradecal X72291. The daygo orange I'll have to airbrush on. Getting the symmetry on the nose looks tricky as shown by the pic.
  14. Have this courtsey of my local lending library. Thanks Radfan Hunters. So you can point me to pages.
  15. Hi all About to start the ICM Ki-27 Nate. Tips for finishing most welcome because kit only gives Model Master paint 2115, all colours: http://www.modellversium.de/kit/artikel.php?id=3722
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