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  1. As a fan of this type, I had hoped to read that it is an easy assembly. Annoyed that it's not The Airfix had misshapen front engine cowlings. Another source of annoyance. Hope to do an 88 Sqn D-Day machine
  2. Looking in: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/BRITISH-FLIGHT-TESTING-MARTLESHAM-HEATH-1920-1939/19792653967/bd I cannot find a picture, but on page 41: "Flt Lt E W Simonds on 22 July....baled out of the first Miles Magister when it failed to recover from a spin. He descended into the water near a ferry which had seen the RAF launch approaching and consequently failed to stop. The crew of the launch assumed that the ferry, being nearer would pick up Simmonds and turned about. As a result of this grievous misunderstanding Simmonds drowned; he is buried in the Ipswich cemetary." And on page 187 is a picture of Parnall T.1/37 that looks remarkably like a Magister to me.
  3. Thanks everyone for your contributions I have a 1970s mould Dakota, not the new tooling. So I have character in the form of rivets! If there was such a gathering as a RAF Northolt GB, then I would be motivated to do a C-117 In the meantime I'll have to check loft insulation for Aviation News ???
  4. Interesting! The C-117 was used by the American transport squadron here in the UK post war Production about 50 machines. Thanks for that. As much as I would like to attempt this conversion, I'm not sure my skills are up to the challenge.
  5. Thanks everyone for your contributions With Airfix retooling the Dakota, had hoped that interest would be raised and conversions abound Cheers M.M.
  6. Thank you 72modeler Have to work out what to do with my Airfix C-47
  7. What chages do I have to make? Wingtips? Engines? I have the 1970s Airfix C-47 Skytrain mould complete with rivet detail!
  8. Hi Roger,


    I sent you an photo and information yesterday morning regarding 92 Sqn and Tony Bartley and was wondering if you received it. I was worried when I sent it that perhaps the photo wouldn't go through and seeing as I hadn't heard from you I'm presuming it never went through.


    Send me a PM with your email and I'll send it to that which might work better.







    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MigModeller


      Your last paragraph explains a lot.  Notably why I could not find one.  So I can stop looking and just find suitable markings for an early spitfire.   I appreciate the effort you've gone to.





      P.S I did have a theme going notably Spitfires stationed in Suffolk!  I can only find two:  A czech squadron IXs at Mendlesham and French Vbs at Ipswich.  The latter I got help from a French modelling site.  

    3. Smithy


      There will be more than that in relation to Suffolk Roger and especially at Martlesham Heath. For example off the top of my head I know that two of the RAF Eagle Squadrons, 71 and 133 were stationed there with Spitfires.

    4. MigModeller


      Hi Tim

      It was rather a satellite airfield for North Weald so 71 and 133 were there not by choice.  Another forum pointed out that the prototye spitfire  K5054 had big shape differences between it and the Airfix 1/72release.


      I might take the easy way out and purchase https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AV D7010 decals for early spitfires.  Choice will not be locality, rather me throwing a dart at the profiles!!


      Thanks again.



  9. Yes, this was how it was done in days gone by. Infact there was an article in How to go Plastic modelling by Chris Ellis. I'll try and find my copy
  10. Mendlesham, Suffolk? If anyone can find out for me I shall be grateful (Facebook and I don't get along) I keep looking at the blister hanger and it looks like the one on the eastern side of Mendlesham airfield. http://tinworm-wings.blogspot.com/2012/03/mendlesham.html

    Yes Please to your kind offer of:Happy to give serials and codes for Bartley if that is what you are after.




    1. Smithy


      Happy to help Roger. 92 is one of my particular interests so I have quite a lot of info and photos of them.


      Give me a day or so to go through it all and I'll send through a few things to help you out.





    2. MigModeller


      Hi Tim


      just thought I'd let you know I have A willingness to Die and Combat Colours  they dont contain any 92 Sqdn aircraft with two blade prop and old style cocpit cover.


      I came across an Xtra decal sheet that has the GR code so it will be nice to replicate an early 92 Sgn Spit

  12. Hi all Did 92 squadron fly the two prop Spitfire MkI around the time of Dunkirk? I've just seen documentary on TV about Dunkirk and in particular pilot Tony Bartley Also have Into The Swarm - stories of RAF Fighter pilots in the second World War, but photos of 92 squadron Spits appear to be rare Cheers M.M.
  13. Hi

    Is this Martlesham Heath?  Squadron?  pilot?



    Thanks in anticipation




    1. Troy Smith

      Troy Smith

      which photo do you mean as there are many in the linked thread.

  14. Great build! But the Bloodhounds at RAF Bawdsey were never that close together
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