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  1. Hi all, I've been looking at the decal sheet on the Italeri web page: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2854 I cannot see the white "XV741" in white for the nose. has anyone got this kit and would like to comment? The canopy, according to the site, is the best I have seen
  2. Tamiya Bf109 g6 Agree with that though they went for maximum number of parts. Sadly Airfix Bf109 g6 among the worst, although sensible parts breakdown but no cockpit just pit and inaccurate machine gun cover, when it should be covers.
  3. There are two small pictures of prototypes in 'British Flight Testing Martlesham Heath 1920 - 1939' K5083 showing a fixture above wing. There is a note about cockpit shape in the plans belonging to #7 L1696 in camouflage colours and streamlined exhaust. There is a description of the trials so not sure it answers any burning questions Was there an article with plans in one of the Airfix Annuals?
  4. In other words, the Frog/Novo underside is smooth. Whereas the modern molding has a box shape. If someone more knowledgeable would like to comment and say which underside the air ambulances had, I shall be grateful.
  5. How accurate are ted decals/painting instructions? Thanks FAAman posts such as yours make a huge difference in knowing we are not making a generic plane There was a feature on this Frog kit in 'Classic Plastic' column of a modelling magazine. though the knowledge behind the build was limited.
  6. Thank you everyone for really helpful info. I now know I have an Erla manufactured 109. Underwing WGr 210 21cm rocket tubes would not be out of place. Maj. Walther Dahl only might have been the pilot. Oh, and delightful season of enforced merriment to you all!
  7. Strange list! The trouble is that the competition has already 'stolen' the sales potential of: Yak-9, P-51B, MirageIII, and Mig-21. Modellers will know who have won these particular kit of choice types and I expect someone at Hornby is aware of the gaps in the market. A new Lysander fit the bill nicely.
  8. Hi all, Do I have an artist's impession or taken from actual photograph? Also, have I got the correct RLM colours? 74 and 76
  9. Alan Hall did a conversion from the Airfix kit in the Conversion Topic of SAM vol 17 number 11 Jan 1996 to create a NF.II. He used the Carpena decal sheet 72.30 to create a 157 squadron Mosquito. Though he still had to hunt down the red serial/code letters Perhaps the most helpful part of the article is the list of 5 books and 2 editions of SAM that he had referred to.
  10. Surely the Lysander is at the top of Airfix's re-tooling list. There being actual a/c to measure and its popularity
  11. Thank you for link to great photoes
  12. Here is Ray Bimells Gladiator. Oil cooler appears to not cover the top completly Ray Rimell also inclues under win machine guns
  13. Thanks for the interesting replies I think I mean the air corrugated oil cooler that when Ray Rimmell reproduced a 87 squadron machine using Modeldecal sheet 31 also painted a darker colour, though the Modeldecal instructions made no such recommendation. Nor did it suggest removing the machine guns from neither wings nor engine cowling, even though it's an aerobatic display a/c. So what colour should the oil cooler be? I'll probably leave the machine guns in place on my Airfix Gladiator for no other reason than it looks impressive!
  14. I cannot imagine Airfix doing a correction or insert prop, or for that matter changing the decals. So is there another manufacturer other than Kora who might produce a replacement prop? Who is susceptible to lobbying!
  15. For those of us still living in the Twentieth Century are these enamels? And at £4.50 a throw, I'll stick with what I know. Thanks alt-92
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