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  1. It will interesting to see how you get on with the Vallejo primer. I used it once and promptly binned it. It just will not cope with sanding.
  2. Ooo I do like a Lightning... a seat at the front too...
  3. I'm here before he's closed up the fuselage, by recent standards that's a result! Nice progress Mr B...
  4. I'm really very impressed with this Mr B... You're raising the bar on this one..
  5. I'm loving what you're doing here, Excellent subject choice and your work is great.
  6. I do like the punch set. I'm sure I need one!
  7. Good to see you too. I reflected upon our conversation and it occurs to me that more time should be put aside to sit back relax and take in the surroundings. So here we enjoying another CedB build... PPP is my weapon of choice for seams...
  8. Nice work. I'll have to put some time aside to catch up and see what you've been up to...
  9. A bit late, in more ways than one. Happy to squeeze in at the back. Where are those old slippers....
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