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  1. Can we see them? Always interesting to see how other people tackle the same kit.
  2. Quick update, coming along nicely at the moment! Pleased to say the decals despite their age are entirely usable. Next step is the spider in front of the engine, needs a lot of tidying up and then get the struts in place for the top wing, holes for rigging are already drilled. Talking of rigging the stripey thing in the background is a Roden Felixstowe which I failed to finish for the Floatplane GB-definitely next on the list!
  3. Silver Wings Siskin 1/48- if you can find one and afford it!
  4. Thanks dogsbody good drawings and different to the ones in the 'Silver Wings' book. Nice tip at the bottom about which way round underwing serial numbers go!
  5. Exactly! doh! As it normally sits on its wheels and you can't see them they will stay that way! thank you, you'll have to share the points with FLCH. Matchbox kits were excellent, clearly Revell thought so to when they reboxed some of them. Thank you for your kind words.
  6. Carrying on with little silver biplanes having just completed Matchbox's Siskin I though I'd give this one a go. Not sure I've built an Aeroclub kit before but have a couple stashed away; what a pity someone is not still producing them! Apologies for missing out a few stages! Suddenly realised at this point that I have two bottom wings and no top wing, fortunately they are the same size so off came the lump and some plasticard gussets inserted. I'll drill the strut locations all the way through and then fill the top surface as the bottom is now the top!
  7. Having failed to complete a Felixstowe for the Floatplane GB I decided on a little break from it and tackled a Siskin instead. These Matchbox kits go together really well and is completed pretty muck OOB. Rigging is stretched sprue, I usually use fishing line but sprue has worked out easier in this case as little of the rigging goes through the bottom wing and is therefore difficult to tension.Extra points for anyone who can spot the howling mistake!
  8. Lucky me! maybe put that one to the bottom of the stash!
  9. Excellent modelling and inspiring as I have a similar kit but it has raised decal markings! I spent some time removing them all and then put it to one side, your build suggests there is real scope with these kits and it should come out again. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the engine, I seem to recall the one supplied is a bit 'blobby' and lacks any real detail.
  10. Not sure if you have found my Vac build, link above. Good luck
  11. That's great looking little model, built the Pegasus version a few years ago, must get my hands on one of these too.
  12. I'm mightily impressed by that! If you fancy going into production I'd be happy to purchase a fuselage from you?
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