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  1. I'm mightily impressed by that! If you fancy going into production I'd be happy to purchase a fuselage from you?
  2. A little more progress on Sunday after a trip to Telford on Saturday. Engines mounted with minimal swearing... My Telford purchases, I was a bit like a kid in a candy shop even though I don't need more kits.. Met a few people from BM @CedB, @Vulcanicity and @rob85 I think. Not much time as I was on the train, next year badges must be compulsory as that's the only way I'll recognise anyone.
  3. Good to meet you briefly on Saturday, was on the train later so not much time for socialising. How about filling the hollow underside with a thin layer of filler and then sanding it to shape, you could add some tapes if you want or wrap sand paper round a dowel to get the slight indentations between ribs. Lot less work than resin casting and no new equipment needed.
  4. Just to show I am still progressing, broken wing now back on! The fella on the horse delayed me too but was fun and a real departure for me, he's currently trotting round the Figure Forum, what a strange land that is! Engines now also together, really fiddly and tricky. the instructions are terrible and most parts don't fit but the overall look is I think good. I shall be attending Telford tomorrow for the first time ever, not sure how I will recognize anybody from BM. If you see me I'm the one looking confused about buying figures or planes.. or maybe a WW1 tank..or...
  5. Ooh good to see this back. If it's anything like my Iris none of the fuselage formers work, all massively oversize. A bit of encouragement there, good luck.. Finished in time for Telford?
  6. Hi Limeypilot, One thing I found quite quickly is the pen ink is not waterproof, so mistakes can simply be wiped away, the downside is the need to seal it before using washes. The pen is 0.9mm far thinner than anything I could mask and takes a fraction of the time compared to masking. I've masked on previous models but find it laborious and not easy to get them straight. The future is a pen for me!
  7. The Dart is fantastic, as a vac supporter it shows what great and unusual models can be made with patience and determination. Would be even better with some rigging!
  8. Looks great in that scheme, will look out for one at Telford.
  9. I confess I make planes and nothing else so this is a radical departure for me! In the early/mid '70's I made a few Waterloo 54mm kits which were still in my mother's house until we cleared it recently, seeing them again and noting how badly made they were made me seek out a few new ones. So here is my first adult built figure some 40 years + after the last one. Painting is acrylics with some oil as washes and shading. I spent quite a while cruising the Planet Figure Forum and some demos before starting and picked up some tips. So here's my first attempt...
  10. Looks really good, I'm a gluten for anything a bit unusual and you don't see many Albermarles! All credit to Valom for providing us with decent kits of more unusual subjects. Love the D day stripes and subtle weathering, tempted to keep a look out for one at Telford!
  11. Time for an update! Wings painted green and underside linen, brush painted. Decided the underside of the wings need something to add interest o looked for a way to add tapes without masking, found a white fine marker and drew them on! Obviously a bit stark so oversprayed lightly with white and added a burnt sienna oil wash, happy with the result. In the process of trying to get the dihedral right and the underside wing struts I managed to break the wing off! Some wire pins should sort it out. More soon!
  12. Thanks Cliff, it looks great but how sad it got wrecked in a house move. The wing droop is a issue, I think Roden in their quest to make the wings as thin as possible went a bit far and made them so thin they even sag under their own weight!
  13. thanks Cliff, but this one is strictly OOB, although I do have some Aeroclub scarf rings that may be used1 Yours looks great, is there a RFI somewhere on BM? Would like to see the rest, Neil
  14. Things have turned stripey, lots of laborious masking but the result is ok, a little bit of bleeding here and there but nothing that can't be fixed. Onto green wings next.
  15. Hi Toby, Those diagonal struts will well and truly be tested! Patience, well did this one for the last FB GB, nearly pushed me over the edge!
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