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  1. As a first vac that’s a cracking result!
  2. bristol boy

    Gloster Gamecock from the Archive.

    Wonderful, thanks for sharing, i have the 1/72 version and a Woodcock, Gauntlet etc . All will be built as part of a silver wings collection one day soon.
  3. Excellent looking Snipe, congratulations on you first successful vacform!
  4. Look forward to seeing how this comes together. Every time one comes up on Ebay it goes for ridiculous money, far more than I’m willing to pay! Wonder where the Contrail moulds for this ended up, it would be worth a new limited run!
  5. Good to see this again, I came across an image of it several years ago on a google search. I have one waiting its turn and a set of printed decals. I said once before it's the sort of plane only a mother could love!
  6. bristol boy

    Frog/Airfix Bristol Beaufort

    Great looking Beaufort, think you’ve got a long wait for a mainstream version. The satisfaction of transforming a sows ear is in my opinion far more rewarding!
  7. Looking good! I agree make life easy and order some wheels. Maybe I should get my Encore version out for the Frog Group Build? Neil
  8. bristol boy

    Blenheim Prototype 1/48 Contrail vac

    Just in case you thought I had succumbed to the darkide and given up in favour of the over detailed Airfix kit here's an update! Spent quite a long time fiddling with the nacelles and just kept the front bit adding new plasticard gills and exhausts from thick strut material (Aeroclub). The engines are Classic airframe spares and a massive improvement on the white metal ones supplied. Here's where I am upto...... Looks kind of Blenheim shape. I have also got from the very kind people at Special Hobby a set of nose canopies! Can't thank them enough, what wonderful people. The fuselage profile has been altered to ensure they fit. Now I need some advice on how to remove unwanted glazing bars without trashing the whole canopy. The prototype has a different pattern particularly on the port side, like this.. And on the other side like this.... Any suggestions welcome, sand off, scrape off, lots of fine sanding, brasso, toothpaste....help!
  9. Simply stunning, having built Sanger vacs in 1/72 I have an idea of the amount of work and skill needed to achieve a model of that standard. Your efforts to add the level of detail needed at 1/48 is humbling, you should be very proud and insufferably smug! The only problem is where do you go next?
  10. Ok someone has to ask, why is one machine gun upright and one on its side? I need to know as i’m contemplating a Contrail 1/48 one soon! Excellent job by the way!
  11. bristol boy

    1/72 Bristol Superfreighter

    Looks great, really neat decals and pin stripes.
  12. bristol boy

    Blenheim Prototype 1/48 Contrail vac

    While I think about how to resolve the nose I have been building wings using a new method. I am either a genius or lost the plot! One irritating issue with vacs is building internal wing structures, it's time consuming and frustrating so what if you could fill the void with something that goes off and stiffens the wing...something like builders foam for instance! As long as there is a way for the excess to escape and you are happy with the profile in the first place it should work. One builders foam gun and an assembled wing, note the cut out for the landing flaps making a good access point to spray the foam in. Allow excess to foam out, leave to set over night and then trim. One foam filled and rigid wing. I suppose one flaw in this approach is that not everyone has a foam gun!
  13. bristol boy

    Blenheim Prototype 1/48 Contrail vac

    And it just so happens i have a Tamiya one in the stash!