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  1. A little more progress, slower than I wanted but can't use the kits gun turrets so have scratched some together using plasticard and paper clip wire. hopefully you have all noticed the DF loop houses kindly cast for me by PeterB, many thanks for that Peter. It fits a treat and just needs a little filler here and there and final painting. So once the turrets are complete and landing gear done I can get on with my Vimy!
  2. Great figures and timing as I have just started looking at figures again after a 40+ year gap and recently bought a Historex figure off eBay. Judging by yours it should look pretty good, I was a bit worried that the quality would not be as good as the old Airfix 54mm range but they look great! to shade or not to shade is my big dilemma at the moment?
  3. Thanks for the reminder Pat but too busy making turret interiors for my Frog Wellington at present, should finish it by the end of the week though and then it's on to the Vimy!
  4. Hi Peter, That's very kind, no other offers so if you are willing I'd be very grateful, will PM you, Neil
  5. Weathered, sealed and starting to look at turrets. The Frog ones are unusable so luckily the Falcon vac ones fit at the front, the rear Falcon one is for a mkX and therefore completely wrong, will make a mould off the front one and heat a bit of clear plastic to make another. The front side glazing is still bugging me as the internal longitudinal frame line isn't horizontal, last chance to replace it or leave it? Oh...just noticed there's a gap at the rear of the cockpit glazing. Does anyone has a spare DF loop housing they don't want mine's missing?
  6. Now with decals, spare from the Airfix kit, went on a treat and unlike older decals there's no transparent bit beyond the printing hence no silvering at all. Weathering next.
  7. Apologies for lack of update, it has been progressing! Nacelles completed with new gills, someone showed a formula a while ago for working out the correct radii to achieve the 'flare' on the gills but frankly I didn't understand it so cut round a saucer rim and a can of tuna, as it was slightly smaller! Scoring the individual gills. Decided to go for R for Robert as the decals will be spare from my Airfix kit which means it's now a 1a rather than 1c, there seems to be no visible difference. Got some paint on over the weekend too. Forgot to say the Falcon canopy doesn't fit as it is intended for the Matchbox kit, luckily Airfix provide three with their new kit and with a bit of persuasion they fit the Frog one! Decals tonight and weathering...then the turrets etc.
  8. Finally the excuse I needed to scratch build a Bristol Braemar!
  9. Interesting, not seen one of these yet, I still have an old vacform awaiting its fate! Your build will be a useful reference should I ever get around to it.
  10. Personally I think it should be all Bristol products that fly regardless of engine numbers or type, so twin or single prop, jets, helicopters, missiles etc . If Bristol made it and it took off it's acceptable?
  11. Put me down for airfix Lancaster with Paragon Lincoln conversion.
  12. I'd be interested but have already build quite a few Bristol aircraft and having it just twin engine aircraft makes it too narrow, perhaps anything by Bristol Aeroplane Company? That would also include cars, buses and prefabs!
  13. I know there's already a Vimy but hopefully there's room for the Alcock and Brown one? Don't expect instant progress, still working on Frogs Wellington which needs to advance a bit more before getting stuck into this one. Looking forward to the rigging!
  14. Decided to keep to the original kit as much as possible so the windows and framing are staying, I have rubbed down and repolished the outer face to remove creases which has helped. The tail fin is undersize so to correct it some extra plastic has been glued on then filled and profiled. The nacelles are pretty poor and the front should look like this. With a sort of domed bin lid with odd shaped holes, sadly Frog thought this on the left was good enough, I beg to differ. I have removed the centre from the exhaust ring on the one on the right as below. Crash moulded some domey buts.. and cut some holes to mimic the real thing Still needs a bit of neatening up but definitely better, may scour the spares box to see if I can find some engines to go behind them but then again they are not really seen. More soon
  15. That's a stunner Moa, not that we expect anything less! The Tourer came in many forms, had a hack at an Airfix Brisfit a while ago to produce a Tourer Seaplane. Good excuse to resurrect it!
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