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  1. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Painting at last! Dark green Humbrol rattle can and brush painted dark earth over the top. Decals have been problematic, despite gloss coating they still silvered and dousing in Klear still hasn't fully resolved the '37' on the fuselage side and there's that annoying ring around the upper wing decal. The cockpit framing will be done with decal strip, tried masking but with a blank vacform canopy it's really difficult to get the mask shapes right. Undercarriage next.
  2. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Bit more Botha. Completed engine improvements and pre-shaded then noticed another small rectangular window behind the glazed nose. So added it to the model. Decided to use the decals supplied which means trainer yellow undersides. Also added the clothes line underneath from trusty bag tie wire. Looking forward to getting some green and dark earth on then i'll really feel like the end is in sight, been looking at this one far too long and it's got in the way of some GB's I planned to do.
  3. Would the Lancaster from the BoB Memorial Flight box be acceptable here? Not sure but I think it predates the new tool Lanc and is therefore the 1960’s tool, can anyone confirm?
  4. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Quite cheap on eBay these days!
  5. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    The Botha has some details in the engine nacelle that I couldn't ignore, the framing and two elliptical air intakes. So having searched endlessly for useful bits, I've ended up with one engine complete and one still to do. The kitchen drawer and recycling always comes up trumps.. thin wire from the centre of a bag tie and tube from the shaft of a cotton bud, much better fixed to a model than polluting the ocean, David Attenborough would be proud.
  6. bristol boy

    Bristol F2B, Italian Front, summer 1918

    Look forward to learning a lot from this, I have a later version waiting its turn. Are you planning using turnbuckles?
  7. What a great result, a skilfully built vacform of an unusual subject, can't fault it.
  8. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Hi Adey, Thanks for the info, i’m Coming round to the idea of yellow underside so I can use the decals from the kit! There’s too much conjecture in other profiles. That turret photo is a cracker will use it to detail mine. it may have been advanced but regularly fell out the sky!
  9. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Thanks Adey that’s more what I had in mind, i’m Sure I saw a profile for one based at Hooton Park, Wirral once but can’t find it now. It’s just up the road from me so has some local interest.
  10. bristol boy

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Getting my Botha project going again after a bit of a gap. Completely re-panelled it and it is now undercoated, will do pre-shade next and then get the glazing attached. Still can't decide on a scheme, not keen on the yellow trainer scheme would prefer an 'in service' finish, any suggestions?
  11. bristol boy

    Frog Blackburn Shark

    I can only apologies for my lack of progress, my excuse is this thing.. It's driving me mad! If you ever see one for sale buy and bin it, you'll be saving someone's sanity. Will be getting my teeth into the Shark soon... do you see what I did there.. shark.. teeth
  12. bristol boy

    Revell 1/72 Avro Shackleton

    Excellent and timely as I have just ordered on from Jadlam Racing, hope it looks as good as yours!
  13. Another vac! Good luck, that canopy framing looks interesting/challenging. I'd be tempted to scrap the undercarriage legs and wheels and look to scratch some replacements with resin wheels. Likewise the exhaust stubs, Neil
  14. now that looks interesting, you're right there is a 1/72 version too, I have one stashed away. I always thought most 1/48 Aeroclub bi-planes were vacs, clearly not!
  15. Hi Adrian, Might be worth trying to get a replacement canopy, the one on my Encore kit is more like a lump of crystal and not at all transparent. The problem is finding one in the UK to avoid postage from Australia, unfortunately I only have one and need it for a future project. Used one before on beaufreighter and it makes a lot of difference. Just noticed there's a framing line missing on top! Hopefully no one will notice.