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  1. These pictures are breathtaking. I only realized there were two half way through! Very nice!
  2. This is going back aways, Would one be able to make the grey bird minus the flashy decals with what's in the box in this one?
  3. How is the gang doing?

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    2. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      I'm pretty good mate, good to hear from you, hope the same goes?





    3. rob85


      Well enough to be fair! But no where near enough modelling 🙁


      Hope you and the family are good?! 



    4. modelglue


      Hey Fellows,


      Yes, I am still walking and breathing! Awhile back I mentioned we were moving to a bigger place and I would have some hobby area to myself. Well, I am finally getting around to working on that area of the house and should be modelling again by late spring. I recently unpacked all my finished and near finished builds and stuck them into a display case in our newly finished rec room. That caused me to want to audit my kit collection and try to compile like subjects into totes. 


      Premove, I had unboxed and bagged 300+ kits and packed them (like tetris) into large totes for element proof storage and transport. The movers were fascinated with how many kits I had and one of them admitted that he would love to get back into the hobby.


      Fast-Forward today, my two toddlers are an absolute handful, and I am a stay-at-home-dad until they both get into school. It's not easy on us both from an energy and financial standpoint, but it's easier than trying to send them to daycare and work my business to pay for the care.


      Thanks for taking the time to say hi, and hopefully I'll see you in a thread sometime soon(ish).





  4. It's been so long since I've been able to pop in and give your work some proper attention.* Great stuff as always!!!
  5. Sigh, now I need one. Very nice Tony! I shall return to read more and look at the pictures again once I free up some minutes. Cheers!
  6. Cheers @Flyboy72nd, Dad has indicated it has landed at his address, a contingency plan based on my move this summer. I ordered mine Sept, 2016.
  7. I was just coming to ask if anyone had received theirs. @Flyboy72nd I see you are also in Canada, that is comforting. My tracking # doesn't work nicely so I am wondering if you had the same experience.
  8. Beautiful finished product. Weirdly, model cars have been stealing my attention away from my typical planes and ships. I think it is down to the stage of my life atm and their relative simplicity. This one certainly piqued my curiosity into what Hasegawa has to offer. Not a common name associated with auto models in my experience and region.
  9. I sorely miss my modelling space. 

    With two kiddos in full toddler load out I am just not able to construct my ideal hobby room in the depths of this abode. I even suggested my wife and I could share the space as designated hobby area, but she has yet to relent and approve of spending any time away from the insanity.



  10. I've only had the creamy yellow casts. Never a white resin. Thanks for the heads up though!
  11. I didn't mean it like that I swear, but now I have to leave it unedited for posterity.
  12. Same email received. VERY excited but also reserving final explosive joy for when it reaches my palms.
  13. Very nice, what scale and brand would I find this in if I had to have it?
  14. G'day all, Is there an accessory out there which converts AMT's 1:25 Chev Monte Carlo from a 1970 model to a 71/72 by way of modification to the headlights?
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