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  1. Thanks Pal! I hadn't considered the Buffalo! I have a few of the Tamiya Corsairs, a Revell one too!
  2. Glad you mentioned it in your reply to me, otherwise I may have missed this build altogether! Glad you're doing well, catching up after 7 or so years can be wonderful.
  3. Yes, I came across NavyBird's build in my recent search. The harsh truth is I have no business buying any model kits let alone aftermarket!
  4. Thank you Sir! I guess I'll have to wait another few years.
  5. Hey guys, the recent release of the 1/72 Dauntless from Flyhawk crossed my line of sight recently and I felt a wave of interest in the hobby resurface. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 1/72 F7F Tigercat since 2014? I understand AZ might have talk about oicking up the Pavla moulds but a quick search of eBay didn't catch anything. Thanks for your interest in my musings. - Jeffer.
  6. Hey dudes,


    How have you all been?



  7. Hi Bill,


    Hope you're well!

    1. Navy Bird

      Navy Bird

      Yup, still hanging in there. I just returned from a week in Florida and I have my immunoglobulin infusion this Tuesday. My back surgery has healed well and I'm now able to walk long distances (when in Florida we went to Disney where you walk all freaking day). Big improvement from before the surgery. Now I need to finish the three models I have going at the moment...




    2. Navy Bird

      Navy Bird

      Just put some matt varnish on the Privateer and removed the masking from the canopy...

  8. Nice work, I had to try a few times to get this model, I found it difficult to source and I am sorry to read that it really isn't up to snuff considering the price and the hassle.
  9. There was a special release a few years back of Canadian Hornets in special paint that I bought two of. I don't plan to use the decal schemes included so if you think you want them please let me know. It was this one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/canuck-model-products-03572-cf-18a-hornet--949308 I can also send the instruction sheet and any additional "Canadian parts" you might need. I think the boxing came with extras but i have to dig it out to be sure.
  10. Jumping back into this topic, I've just seen a post by Jamie Haggo on Facebook concerning a new release of the FM-2: http://www.armahobby.com/70031-fm-2-wildcat-expert-set.html I have no experience with this company, but they have posted renders of the sprues if any expert cares to compare the plans posted in the above link. Happy holidays folks!
  11. Here is a link to a copy I found for sale, I could not find the tote with my copy (I think it may have fallen off the moving truck?) https://www.biblio.com/book/modeling-second-world-war-victory-50th/d/1090058040
  12. I'll try to dig it out soon. Please message me to remind me.
  13. I'll do it for you guys then. Thanks all for your replies so far. Perhaps I'll build the Admiral kits as is, and if I feel motivated I'll add details I like from the Airfix line as @Graham Boak suggests. I hadn't thought of that. If I can live with the two kits side by each, then I'll abandon the idea and if not I'll hack a Hobby Boss FM-2 up to accomodate my desires. Thanks again, and I am happy to continue the conversation and digest any other opinions.
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