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  1. As mostly above. My artificial freedom would go with black blades and yellow tips. Maybe silver spinners. I'm not accurate on these things as they should joy myself. Like on my diecasts, when they had produced a lemon green or Zinoberrot (red orange) interieur for them. Who would have liked to sit in a car with that colour? Cheers Benedikt
  2. Hello Ian. Lovely working on that . I hate masking, but you should be glad someone make maskings for it. Anyway great work and encouragement on that fixing without knowing, if the paint job leads to sucsess as you want it to be. Like me on getting to sports by someone, if not neccessary. Cheers https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=234221585936884
  3. As all above Tony. Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen. 1+ (ninus the too dark photo ) Cheers
  4. Hello Ced, Nice chiseling. Are there some carving tools and some extra wood in this kit too? Would be a nice effort by Fly. Cheers
  5. From what I understand the instruction sheet, they are no little round windows. So, you have not forgot them. You should use clear fix for them. So no need to get frantic. Cheers
  6. Hello, I will look at this one for sure. Always liked that version and built the old Airfix twice in my youth. Cheers Benedikt
  7. Simon, with a bit of luck maybe the tailwheel! Cheers
  8. Like that fixing a lot Tony. Well done. Taking shape now! Cheers
  9. That's spacey music. Like that. Sounds a bit like mixture of Kraftwerk and Rammstein for me. Cheers
  10. Yep, eventually one coat again, but I would drop Erdal Glänzer/Future /Johnsns Clearvax twice on or so. With a cocktail stick, no brush for these little things The macro shows, nothing is wrong on that and it shows everything there. Cheers
  11. Ha, Ian that sounds bit like: "Helga wer? Helga wie? Diesen Namen hört ich nie!..." (EAV_ German NDW music group: "Küss die Hand, schöne Frau") Helga who? Helga what? I never heard about that name before!.... I cannot explain that in another way. Cheers
  12. Something like that? Hopefully not for children then. Cheers Benedikt
  13. Hello, did I miss something here that I don't understand?
  14. Yes indeed. Four different ones together peaceful! You happy guy! Cute ones. By the way nice work on the Annie, esp. on the belly. Nice weekend to you. Cheers
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