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  1. Great looking Heinkel Heather. Like it a lot. Fine work!. Cheers
  2. Hi Ced, I like it. A very dirty one, but I really like it. Yeah! Cheers
  3. Wow Tony!!!!! What a sky. U2's Red rock's cover is nothing against this! I'm so happy to live in these digital high res. days now. What personal/individual prospects now, whenever you like it. For the Vixen I'll have to wait a bit longer, err? But that's always ok in terms of quality. Have a nice weekend. Cheers
  4. Hi Ced! Nice paint job now and great decalling (Don't like this stage at all at any kind till it worked well). Soon for the Rfi I guess. Cheers
  5. As above G. Your paint mixmatch the Rlm 65 really good on the photo. Cheers
  6. Hello Tony, No more repetitions from me here anymore. Please show us your finished and painted model soon! Otherwise you drive us all crazy here and we'll have to go in therapy soon. Cheers
  7. No David, neither nor for me too. Always a great band of my youth till now for me. Great songs, great lyrics and great sound of course. Cheers
  8. As all above John. Great work with a great result. Something you can really be proud of. Cheers
  9. Hello Nicolay, great chopper so far and of course great work!. I like the A model of the Hind most Maybe my flavour for symmetrical appearance. I will read your thread slowly now from the begining. Cheers
  10. Ok Tony, but New Age music didn't sound so bad till now: Cheers Benedikt and not annoyed about "New age" music and some other things, but quite conventional or maybe conservative at some basic things in general.
  11. That looks rather good for your first attempt Tony. But it's allways good to see that you want perfect quality for your builds. It will be worth the next try for sure. Only your own satisfaction will do in the end. Cheers
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