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  1. Hello Ced. Looks very good so far. Being not so up to date so far, as I had some issues with one of my diecasts yesterday ( A deaster with a clear part of a Siku Ford GT. Maybe I wrecked it after a fine polishing with micromesh up to 6000. Just wanted to do a light coat of "Belton spray can" clear smoke, because of some very fine cracks after 50 years to hide, but it was like oil slick after the first coat. Tried to remove it with a kitchen tissue immediately, but it almost dried instanstly. AND the aerosol or the thinner in it made it blind and frosted it like Ca glue. Sanding for an hour was done to keep it looking like a clear one again, but some areas are looking stll milky. And I needed Nitro thinner with a Q-Tip to remove the remains of the paint and of course it worked like plastic glue on it. So ruined again!!!!) Anyway Tamiya Clear smoke or blue or both together with a brush or airbrush will fix it and do in the end. Hope so/ Hopefully. For that: Sorry Ced to hijack you thread again. Cheers and good night to you and all others.
  2. Hello Jaime. First of all: That looks really great. Although I like clean planes more, it has to be washed as you did it, when the original was washed formerly in it's real life. By the way, strangely to see that big swastika on it's fin. They were that big then!! and I knew putting them also onto my models years ago, when they were allowed here (till 1978). But nothing unusual for that batty Germans in the 30th of the 20 century. Cheers
  3. Sorry Ced. Nice work on the Spitfires. I can't judge on any kind of Mk.?, if correct and I really don't bother about it The same for me on a Ju 87-B1 or B2 or a Me109 E1 to E3 or 4 as long as it's not really visible. Cheers
  4. Looking good together Ced. Have a nice weekend all with that nice weather today. Perfect for a barbecue.
  5. Yes. It isn't painted or gold painted. See: https://www.ostufer.net/galerie/kriegsschiffe/admiral-graf-spee-417-462#joomimg By the way. Looking good so far. Cheers
  6. A bit late here. Just mised it somehow. Looking good so far. Cheers
  7. Great Ced!. Like it very much.
  8. Yes, less is more sometimes. Yep the dutch way should be more comfortable here either at least for bikes, but the the dutch people are more relaxed to these kind of things. And german car drivers should fear the dutch punitive mandate system there. Everything is different and much worse for them there, when they think about german punishment. By the way, not forgetting it!! The rotors looks great, apart from your distress with Flickr here now. Cheers
  9. That looks great as said somewhere above. Nothing more to say fom here. Keen on your further progress. Cheers
  10. bbudde

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Looks great Tony, although I really don't now anything about this type.
  11. Ja, we need signs and symbols here. Till we get confused!
  12. Very nice recovery after the first desaster. Good job .Looks fine now.
  13. Haha, Ced. Yep that means the Fragezeichen. German instructions can be cruel.
  14. Hello Ced. I would use a compass or a needle to male a little hole in the middle of each plastic part to create a fix for the drill. Can I say so in english?
  15. Looks great Ced, but always for me like an awful attacking insect from the front. Even if masked perfectly. Cheers