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  1. That really looks grand John. Exquisite work as usual. Cheers
  2. Hi Tony, just outstanding. Really hervorragend!. 2021 is leaving now slowly and I like to wish you and yours einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Hopefully a more relaxing one than this was. Cheers in 2022. Benedikt
  3. As above Giorgio. Great work and progress so far. Now christmas has arrived here and of course also a merry christmas to you and yours from me here. Stay safe and healthy all. Cheers Benedikt
  4. Glad to hear that. Also a merry christmas to you and of course to Ced too, if you see him. Cheers Benedikt
  5. Thank you Bill and yep all a bit confusing and challanging at the moment. We will see how it turns out Stay safe all. Cheers
  6. Thanks CC So I wasn't that hat wrong so far. Cool looking one in that colours and of course the co-driver with a cigarette Cheers
  7. Hi Bill, this is exactly the correct word for that. You could also say "Wunderschön", which expresses the same here. Have a merry christmas too, Cheers Benedikt
  8. Hello CC, Nice work on the Skyraider. I like that car and wondered what type it is, First I thought this a was a Renault 15, then maybe a Simca, or an old Peugot but the Logo doesn't match either way on all three. Have a merry Christmas and stay safe. Cheers Benedikt
  9. Hello Tony,, a bit time on my hands for funny things now. All looks very fine what you have done and do. Hats off. I have to read a bit back over the week now. Btw has anyone heard anything about Ced? Haven't seen anything from him for quite a while. Anyway, I wish you and all others here a merry christmas. Stay safe. Cheers Benedikt
  10. Looks fantastic, Giorgio Sehr schön! Bravissimo! Cheers Benedikt
  11. Marvellous Tony! Worth every visit here, even with not much time on my hands at the moment. Cheers Benedikt
  12. Brave man. Truly amazing what you have build there out of nothing at all!!!!! Cheers Benedikt
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