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  1. This must be the Revell moulding, if it's 1:72. I have one. Matchbox has negative engravings as far as I remember. Could be a former Frog moulding like their '70 He 111, Me 110 G, Arado 234, etc.. Cheers
  2. Hello Ced, that looks fine for a try. The thing is, that you should cooperate with Tony (The Baron) as he uses the same machine, I guess. Cheers
  3. Hello Ced ,sad to hear about these problems with your car and VW. Hope you get your money back for the bad service. As we say here "Auto fängt mit au an" ! (directly: Car begins with ouch!). Cheers
  4. Giorgio That looks fantastic. State of art work! Missed this RFI somehow till now. Cheers Benedikt
  5. Ahh well, maybe as a swimsuit, but thanks for inviting me for this one! Cheers Benedikt
  6. Hello Keith. I can understand your thoughts, but for me it was always a joy to do this tiny little detailing. The thing that stopped me was the question where to put it in th end. I always liked ship modelling more than aircraft modelling. 1:600 full hull was my favourite, but I was always dissappointed for lacking details in the end. No etched, resin and 3D then and the choice was very limited. If I would start again on plastic, then obviously there or on my absolutley favourites iplanes in 1:72 (space problems again). So I think it's the golden middle way of what you like most and drives you. Cheers
  7. Hello Simon, looks great so far. Spraying here today is also difficult and more a pain. To windy and I don't like to paint my bathroom window instead of my diecast. Btw I guess the F-16 intake is always a mess on every kit I 've seen so far, so don't worry. Just more patience and extra work and is depending on how lazy you are (For me a FOD cover would do also ) Cheers
  8. Hello Ced, too late for this party. Crowded as ever I will looks through the window. What I see is nice modelling. So no more bashing anymore? Cheers
  9. Hello Giorgio. Nice work on that. Although iI don't like that type the two seater looks much, much better than the single seater. Still very archaic . The paint scheme will make the difference, I think. Cheers
  10. Hello Ced , that looks wonderfull. Back here in Münster today after the storm on Sunday /Monday (had to take the train) . So I have to looks a while for what I have missed here the last 2 weeks. Nice rfi btw. Cheers Benedikt
  11. Hello Ced. Looks fine.. I must admit you are very fast (again). Cheers
  12. Hello, that looks fine in all aspects and a look now on your old church could always have something inspiring. No matter in what directions.
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