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  1. Shouldn't we by time or chance? Nice work on that. Cheers
  2. Hello Tony,, I guess both : First the Schnitzel attacked him very vastly and surely just before his death he could manage to defend himself in a heroric way for him and his fellows. He defeated it instantly with a hard bite. His fellows followed for sure then. These brave guys!. Cheers Btw: Great interior. Like it that way. Cheers again
  3. Yep, in here for that one Ced. Only seen this one built in my Airfix catalogue from 1989. Cheers
  4. Was there last time on easter at good Friday this year on a very early pre summer day (roundabout 19°C ) at dusk till night. A moonlit night then there and I was quite amazed on that lake: dark, quiet and peaceful, but always slightly rushing sounds of water showing its power. So, a bit strange or odd, I imagined this operation there 75 years and 11 month ago moonlighted as then. Cheers
  5. Yep Giorgio, that seat looks the part as the cockpit does. Cheers
  6. Hello Ced, good to have you back here. Having not heard of you anything for quite a while my first hought was, that you have changed your first residence immediately to Crete saying cheerio to all and us Cheers. Btw: Why no Rfi?. Looking good so far (statement from one ,who doesn't like the BAC Lighning II at all)
  7. Great update Tony and a well deserved little snack after a heavy, but convincing work. A little "Schnitzel Brötchen (bun)" inbetween of the exhausting work? Cheers
  8. Just came across this and I'm also in for this big, old classic. Nice start on the engine. Looks very promising. Some wires here and there and it looks state of art, I think. Cheers
  9. That looks marvelous Tony; like it much more with paint. Kindly spoken through my crystal ball
  10. Yep, nice progress Simon. Looking good so far. Cheers
  11. Hello Tony, Nice pogress so far and I also like to see some paint on it. My old english teacher back in the mid 80' ( 8 or 9 class highschool) stumped me and other fellows also with teaching us some pidgin english calling a "Schraubenmutter" a "mama belong screw" etc. So, no need to be confused. Cheers
  12. You wicked wicked Belgian. Oh CC, then this one is much better for you: A big "Kutze" Cheers
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