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  1. As above G. All very nice. Good to see you have had a slpendid time Cheers
  2. As above Giorgio, that looks fiddly and rather splendid. Nice work! Cheers
  3. Hello, Ced, good to see something from you at the bench. It seems you have had a good time apart from modelling so far. Cheers
  4. Hello Ced . Glad you are back. Good to hear you and yours feel fine And very busy too! Chapeau. In Münster everything is fine. We had hard rain on Wednesday too , but not that devastating and apokalyptic at all. Even the desaster here in 2014 wasn't that bad and it was bad!! I have posted a a bit more at cosaircorp's AH-1 thread on Sunday, if you don't mind to read. So thanks god in this case buisness as usual here. Other things of life came in the way and I also reorient proffessionally now. Hopefully sucsessful . So all in all life could be worse than that. Cheers Ben
  5. Hello CC, everything's ok here so far. Thanks god!. We had massive rain on late Wednesday afternoon here in Münster. Gladly it was only for 3h or so and they have made the canalisation bigger after the heavy rain desaster here in July 2014, which flooded the whole city then. Another main point is that Münster is a very grren city with only the inner city being almost completley sealed and it lies on plain ground. I have no relatives or friends in that particular devastated areas, but I feel very sorry for them. I know the geo structure of the whole area and you are in trouble in a valley with too much water there very fast. Not to mention the disgusting smell of death, rubbish, oil, facalien, dead plants in standing waters etc. for weeks in a fully drowned town and the pest with mosquitos that will follow in the early (warm) autuum. Err and of course many rats and vemin. Bad memories on that, but no houses, infrastructure were destroyed and not that many people were killed in the floods here then of course. I hope you and yours are safe without damage and loss. Stay safe all. Sincerely Benedikt
  6. Hello Ced, any news from you? Mojo still low? Hope you are fine and back at the bench again soon. I wasnn't here for quite a while either. Similar reasons. Life came in the way and twisted dynamically in different ways. Cheers Benedikt
  7. Hello Tony , good to see you back again. Fine work as ever. Looking forward to see more again. Cheers
  8. Hello Giorgio , very nice work to look at. Good job. Cheers
  9. Happy Birthday too, Ced. Have a nice day with good food and relax. Cheers
  10. That looks rather splendid Ced. Cheers.
  11. Hello Giorgio. As the Germans like to put every english phrase or anglicism into their german language so why don't we vice versa. We have the right words for that: 1. Kater (male cat) 2. Dicke Birne 3. Schwerer Kopf 4. Brummschädel Mostly used after night of drinking, but also for everything else that went wrong in the head temporarily. So if that helps, you could say:" After my first vaccination I now have a dicke Birne. () Cheers PS: This works also in italian speech.
  12. Yep Tony, if you need a break, take another ride. Nothing is more worse than thinking "I have to do i't, because I must. Ahh, but it pains me yet again." It won't bring you the result you want to achieve. And other things can be fun and satisfy you till you get the mojo and lust back for modelling. All comes and goes in seasons. I can wait for the next HQ update. Cheers
  13. Yep Ced, you cannot begin to learn early enough! I expect some RFI's later this evening? Cheers
  14. Hello, in the late 70' in my former hometown, which was a small town, we had no real hobby shop. Only two or three household stores that had also model kits. a real one was in the next bigger city, which was 20 km away. Strangely enough as in my town there were only Airfix and Matchbox kits available and in one also Monogram ones. You could get Revell only in the city although the Revell of Germany plant in Bünde near Bielefeld was only 70km away. Airfix were about 900km away, Matchbox 650 km and Monogram 6800 km Cheers
  15. Hello, I'm also in for this one. First saw it with nine in my old Matchbox catalogue, but never built one. Only a B-17, ,a Lanc and the Halifax of the brown series, but that is long ago. The resin also looks very promising. This will be a nice addition to your great looking PB4Y-1. Cheers
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