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  1. Oh Martian Let me explain: If you offering me diamonds and rust; I've already paid ( Joan Baez).......... This back tooth is a diva since easter this year. Well, since that it got its own crown. And it behaves like this even to the surrounding companions and to the lower subvervients. That caused me to do several campaigns against this year like "Antibiotika, several visits to the dentist, a root channel treatment 3 month ago, several gumboils and now Antibiotika again after the last treatment yesterday. Well, I need this tooth for Currywurst, Gyros, Pommes, Stulle/ Butterbrot=Sandwich etc.! So it got its credit for good work over the years since that, but if it behaves like Paris Hilton or Heidi Klum etc. furthermore in the future, it has go and will be replaced by a better and more reliable B-Movie star. Hope, I could explain that to you Martian. Sorry, Ced for the sourrounding banter. Cheers
  2. Good to have you back here, Ced. Glad you had a great time and instantly back on the bench Tomorrow; Well, let me say so: Hopefully for me al less deformed visage after a root end surgery yesterday and a bit more than a well made soup for the weekend Cheers Benedikt
  3. Great work as ever. Not a nitpicker on the handle at all, but if a visible mistake can be avoided. So why not. Really like to see it in the RFI, but tomorrow morning away to the dentist with a really annoyingly tooth since it's got his crown at easter this year (root end surgery now after a root canal treatment 3 month ago). So, no fun for the weekend, but it should be saved for several forthcoming Gyros, Döner or Currywurst, etc ( Pommes, Stulle/Butterbrot = Fresh big sandwich.........). Cheers for tonight till the next week and maybe a nice soup for tomorrow!
  4. Thanks Tony. Sorry for the misplaced cat video. Really great work. Cheers Benedikt
  5. Hello Tony. Excellent work on the Annie. Back again in Münster since last monday. Will watch your paint development closely till christmas.
  6. Very, very nice work!!! Well done so far. Cheers.
  7. Looks fine Simon Nice work. A bit off here as things go off and on at the moment here for me. Cheers
  8. Hello Martian, very nice looking SM. 79. Nice Le--banese style (got new glasses) and it looks really fine in that paint. Good job on that really old one and nostalgic. one. Cheers Benedikt
  9. Errrr, not for me for a day, even not for a minute and "Schnaps" in raw amounts wouldn't help either for sure on that. No way!! Getting out of that would be my first devise very soon! Cheers
  10. As all above Tony. Have a good recovery soon. Btw.: Yes, the picture has something special. When I saw it in the catalogue as a little print, I knew, I wanted one in the big size. Strangely, I never got bored to look at it till now and often thought, how nice it would be to sit there at that little table in the morning sun with a mug of coffee. Very relaxing. Cheers Benedikt
  11. Nice!!!! Very, very nice, Giorgio. Great work and a well done repair on the nose. Cheers
  12. Hello Tony, that looks very promising so far. I'm sure you handle the upcoming work without a problem. Btw I' ve taken a photo of the picture Sorry about the flash in the middle. I try to make better one tomorrow in better daylight. https://s1164.photobucket.com/user/bbudde1/media/DSCN0001a_zpsv5nqujuv.jpg.html Cheers
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