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  1. Nice work on that one with the notorious stuff Seem to go together very painless both. Btw The picture of you with little Otto (your hand seems to be more than 1:72 in scale to his ) has reminded me of a covered song (Bettina Wegner) by the great Joan Beaz in 1978 on her great live album on the european tour then. Haven't heard it for quite a while, but worth every track on every inch of the vinyl. English lyrics hopefully fit the german meaning: Such small hands with tiny fingers there. One may never hit them and then break them Such
  2. Hello Ced. I see a very proud and satisfied granddad. Is that right? Cheers
  3. Nice work Simon. Coming together nicely. Good paintjob. Cheers Benedikt
  4. Nice work on that Giorgio. Will have to read a bit more here. Mojo a bit low here either, but the more you read and you have to translate in your brain, the better it is to stay fit. Cheers.
  5. Hello Simon. Nice progress and a nice start. So some likes from me here. Call me in for that. Mockingbird is a great one from a great live concert of a great band. The" Musikkasette" (Mc) accompanied me through my teenager years very well then. Sadly this was omitted on the CD later. Cheers
  6. Hello Ced. Also congrats from me here too. I was away for a week and have to read a bit now, before I can write something meaningful. Cheers
  7. Ced, they look fine for me. Maybe some touch ups with a brush but under the ceiling it's almost invisible. Cheers
  8. Hello Mark, thanks for your kind words. No, incredible is only the fact, that Ced tollerates all of my banter, nonsense, music videos so far over the years (,which aren't always his favourites). He will be gently with you, while your hijacking his thread. But only of course, if you're gently to him in general. Cheers Btw: Heather will like your work at all on your trains.
  9. Maybe, but no, when you compare the things you just can correct while seeing it in the wrong way Even on my simple diecasts (going back into the nitro thinner again). after messing it up with the paint job or other small issues then. Yep it's always a bit of a nerd, thing, I guess Cheers
  10. Yep as above. Looking very smart and well weathered. All in all simply realistic as the 1:1 ones. Well done. Cheers Benedikt
  11. Nice work on that with all that research and plans. The kit seems pretty accurate, but not perfect to the plans. I guess, you will make the parts accurate for your model to the plans Others may would say "Who cares." (probably including me, till I have my fingers on those plans to compare. It's always the same with modelling) Cheers
  12. Oh, Ced, don't misunderstand me. Not that I'm always in the mood for hard music, especially for the chilling ones. But mostly they are instrumental and very good for a sunny day in spring, summer or autuum with a beer and maybe doing some modelling parallel to that. Something like that: Cheers
  13. Hello John, sorry to hear that. Hope you don't live in that battered area in south France. Very devastating with the alps in the way as a natural front stopping to disperse the heavy rain clouds of the low pressure fronts coming in. So it's only the heavy wind and regular rain here from that ones. Hope you stay well till they have left your area. Cheers
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