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  1. From what I saw , it 'll be 2030 with Beaker in the kitchen. Am I right? Cheers
  2. Oh please Tony, print a Beaker for me. Mimmimmimmmimmi....... Cheers
  3. Hello Ced. Nice start on these. The green looks good to me so far. Cheers
  4. There was a little scary one here then with a full performance. Mammatus at its finest, a big double stocked shelf cloud, a nice wide range bow echo and a strong roll cloud: Shortly after this nice view of all this began here: And this 1 1/2 h earlier in the Ruhr valley. No Tornado, but enough to kill some people. The only time I packed my bag for several neccessary things during a storm here, when it should come to severe damage. Cheers Benedikt
  5. Hello Tony, you should be lucky, that these are no real mammatus clouds hanging over in front of you place. Otherwise you could get a bad surprise at the end of the horizon. Ask me how I know. Cheers
  6. Great looking one. Well done!!! Cheers
  7. I'm not english at all (some may call me a "Kraut" ) but I can honestly and sincerly telll you as a not retired person, that I hate heat over 22° C here at all. Especially, when it gets humid evertime after 2 or 3 days. Btw as much as Sauerkraut. So I'm expecting some heavy storms at the weekend. Cheers
  8. Seconded. That looks very realistic Ced!
  9. Hello For this one I'm always in. A Hampden. So what's more! Cheers
  10. Wow, that looks beauitiful. Great work! I think you could have never achieved such a result with the colour charts of the 70'/80' Good to see technology has made progress till now. Cheers
  11. Hello Martian, I always found, that this a very strange and odd looking plane since my youth in the Airfix and Matchbox catalogues of the 70'/80'. Neither a kit that interested me, nor that I recognised it on the old Revell box scale items in my old catalogues as a Canberra (B-57) then. Anyway, I want to see, how that old Airfix one looks in the end in the "true scale". And for that maybe a little push up: Cheers
  12. Back from the weekend and ahh: More handicapped in your cabinet! Btw: Nice work on the internals so far Ced and yep the bombsight should be saved for another well deserved aircraft. Have to read a bit now. Cheers
  13. What about this Ced? https://www.360cities.net/image/xxxx-1 Cheers
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