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  1. Hurricane Z7059 finally done up as AG291 NB-F of No 1 Sqn Arrakonam Oct 43.
  2. Guys wanted to check with the Soviet aircraft experts here if a Tu 134 can be converted to a Tu 124 by lopping of the rear nacelle engines and high tail (basically use the fuselage of the 134) and add wing root engines and a classict ail at the back of the fuselage??
  3. Thank you Gentlemen!! most obliged!!
  4. Guys can i just check, how different is an Auster Aiglet as compared to an Auster 4/5/6. Can i paint up an Aiglet to look like the AOP ones? isnt the Aiglet just the dual control version of the AOP oes?/ Thanx
  5. So guys just shifted over from this thread. in continuation of my quest to restore Hurricane Mk I P5202/Z7059 depending on which source you believe (although i would be P 5202 which shot down a Me110 on 11.9.40 whilst with 213 Sqn.) I wanted to do a ACSEA marked aircraft but seems not possible?? i want to do it half exposed and unpainted and half covered and painted. I find the main wheel hubs suspiciously like those of the vampire NF 10 parked next to it??
  6. OK great!! gentlemen can i shift this to a new Hurricane Mk I static restoration thread?? Ive been warned by "the one who must be obeyed"
  7. WOW!! Thanx So if i did go for a IIB, can i paint it DG/DE/Sky (early temperate not the grey undersides one) with Blue/India Blue roundels and white 28" wing/tail/fin stripes a-la early 1944??
  8. Actually the aircraft he flew most in the NWFP was AP932 marked as a IIB in his logbook. He took it to Imphal with 1 Sqn but was badly damaged by ground fire on 14 Feb 44 over over Banmauk when attacking a Japanese Staff car. He then took to JS403 In which he was the first to site the Japanese attacking force threatening Kohima on 17 Mar 44 on a TacR to Myuthit-Thaongdut. What was it a Mk IIB with no cannon?/ can i modify the Hurricane below with a Volkes filter and pass it off as a IIB/C??
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