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  1. I hope they bring out the T 77, (or the broad chord fin PF with the single piece canopy!) None available in 72 since the Fujimi kit!!
  2. excellent model of the brute!!
  3. 1/72 "Lift Here" Resin Indian Navy, Shorts SA 6 Sealand, Cochin 1953. The Shorts Sealand has a special place in the heart of Indian Naval Aviation. The type was the first aircraft to be inducted after the establishment of the Directorate of Naval Aviation and training of Indian Naval Aviators. An order for ten of these amphibians was placed in 1952. The first Sealand INS-101 was handed over on 13 Jan 53 . The aircraft arrived in due course of time by February . The last of the Sealands arrived in Oct 53. The FRU, or the Fleet Requirements Unit was commissioned on 11 Mar 53 on the Sealand unde
  4. Oh Bugger!! Yes all these were Cyrillic!!
  5. Yes all the ones built by HAL had english. However, bought out items like the gun sight, radar controls, ADF, R/T, IFF, the Undercarriage and flaps control panel, Ejection seat controls, Oxygen, the Compass. Rxternal stenciling was all english.
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