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  1. Guys wanted to check with the Soviet aircraft experts here if a Tu 134 can be converted to a Tu 124 by lopping of the rear nacelle engines and high tail (basically use the fuselage of the 134) and add wing root engines and a classict ail at the back of the fuselage??
  2. Thank you Gentlemen!! most obliged!!
  3. Guys can i just check, how different is an Auster Aiglet as compared to an Auster 4/5/6. Can i paint up an Aiglet to look like the AOP ones? isnt the Aiglet just the dual control version of the AOP oes?/ Thanx
  4. Stenciling and wheel doors coming up!!
  5. So guys just shifted over from this thread. in continuation of my quest to restore Hurricane Mk I P5202/Z7059 depending on which source you believe (although i would be P 5202 which shot down a Me110 on 11.9.40 whilst with 213 Sqn.) I wanted to do a ACSEA marked aircraft but seems not possible?? i want to do it half exposed and unpainted and half covered and painted. I find the main wheel hubs suspiciously like those of the vampire NF 10 parked next to it??
  6. OK great!! gentlemen can i shift this to a new Hurricane Mk I static restoration thread?? Ive been warned by "the one who must be obeyed"
  7. WOW!! Thanx So if i did go for a IIB, can i paint it DG/DE/Sky (early temperate not the grey undersides one) with Blue/India Blue roundels and white 28" wing/tail/fin stripes a-la early 1944??
  8. Actually the aircraft he flew most in the NWFP was AP932 marked as a IIB in his logbook. He took it to Imphal with 1 Sqn but was badly damaged by ground fire on 14 Feb 44 over over Banmauk when attacking a Japanese Staff car. He then took to JS403 In which he was the first to site the Japanese attacking force threatening Kohima on 17 Mar 44 on a TacR to Myuthit-Thaongdut. What was it a Mk IIB with no cannon?/ can i modify the Hurricane below with a Volkes filter and pass it off as a IIB/C??
  9. So here are the pics of the underbelly signalling lamp just aft of the two F24??vertical cameras, the first looking forward, the second looking aft showing also the tail wheel housing. No idea what the round inspection panel just aft of the lamp is for. Then the two pics of the port and starboard wing under-surfaces, the the port seems not to have a lamp or its accouterments. It must be said the two wings are from different aircraft. .
  10. Yes, dream job, although I get time only after work in the evenings!!
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