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  1. Umm i plan the ubiquitous all silver scheme. Britman, the original plywood was rotted through by rain and termites, have cleared all that out and used a teak wood veneer of different grains to cover the wooden surfaces on the starboard side only. The port shall be all silver.
  2. I hope your'e using a canopy without the rear view periscope?/ the IAF did'nt have those.
  3. Dear all, coming upto the painting stage of our vampire FB 52. Can anybody help me with markings, stenciling pls??
  4. Perhaps this might help?/ BTW the Chocolate was actually Russian brown, more reddish than chocolate.
  5. Yes the saffron is more red than yellow!! And yes it'll be difficult to match the MiG 21 roundels on the Su-7. When the roundel shifted to the nose from the tail, some Ruskie went for Russian proportions!!
  6. Dear Martin, Sorry for the delay, ive been off modelling for a while, writing my book. That's an outstanding model by all accounts. I am sure TACDE would be impressed!!
  7. I hope they bring out the T 77, (or the broad chord fin PF with the single piece canopy!) None available in 72 since the Fujimi kit!!
  8. excellent model of the brute!!
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