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  1. IAF Mi 4s were never grey just olive green and light blue. A VIP version had light blue grey over white with a dark blue cheat line. During the 1971 war they had wet mud wiped over them that dried to a khaki for desert operations. Some of the VIP versions were camouflaged in the 60s.
  2. Yup standard ACSEA markings post 1944. Appears DG/DE as serials are black.
  3. Arjun Singh walks past the Display flight's Hurricanes IICs at walton.
  4. Thanx much Hendie, that is really a magnificent model!! I shall get in touch.
  5. Sorry for my manners!! The model by the way is Magnificent!! A worthy reflection of the massive amount of hard work put in!!
  6. This Wapiti (unidentified) was put together in early 1965 from the scrap yard with original basic structure and cockpit except the instruments. The forward fuselage is dubious in shape and covering which is aluminium plate. The wing roots have cracked and have been plate welded over the years and hence the sag. Impressed by your build we are commencing a year's rebuild to near-original. the scarf ring will be wood and metal while the original Lewis guns are available. The ammunition chute that feeds the side mounted Lewis from inside the cockpit is original. We are desperately sourcing accurate plans while a maintenance manual has been found. May i request for some help in this regard. We intend to use a modified Harvard's nine cylinder R1340 Wasp or fabricate a lighter Jupiter from wood (Oh dear!!). We have quite a detailed model Jupiter from Rolls Royce for reference. Any plans etc would be helpful!!
  7. Actually, 101 Sqn phased out its Su-7s for MiG 21 Ms in 1975. this pic is of a 32 Sqn (Thunderbirds) Su-7 from 1981 at Hindan. Its standard camo of sea grey/dark green and Russian brown. the polka dots were orangish-yellow. The 'Falcon' label comes from the call signs used by the Sqn, Thunderbird, Eagle, Sparrow, Falcon, Bustard, Osprey, etc. Mine was Phoenix. The Sqn exchanged their Sus for MiG-21 Bis in 1982.
  8. Sorry Smudge. Was away. Nope not making a model, but a side view of Chuck Yeager's Queen air in Pakistan that was shot up by IAF Hunters during the 1971 war.
  9. Thanx Michael, have PMed you. Thanx Paul!! much appreciated!!
  10. Any ideas on what would have been the paint scheme of a US Army/USAF Queen Air in 1971 era??
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