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  1. Thanks Stix, the Jeep is small but thankfully Matchbox engineered it really well so it went together not too badly, with minimal clean up and no fettling. There is scope for further detailing but I like to leave Matchbox kits pretty much as they are. It's part of their charm I think. Anyhows I've added most of the transfers over a layer of Kleer to minimise silvering, I'll let dry and then matt them all down with some varnish. There's a little to do to finish off. Before I add the canopy to the Jeep I need to glaze the windscreen. I'm looking for a small piece of clear plastic to glaze it but unsuccessful so far. I thought the surround from some vac form canopy might do but not found one that's big enough yet. There's plenty of stuff in the stash so I'll get there.
  2. A bit more done today with the wheels on and everything touched up. The cover put together. The Jeep is coming along too. It is small as this 20p coin shows. I couldnt resist putting the Matchbox diorama base together. This is about the biggest and the best.
  3. Thanks Stix. There has been progress on these and I hopefully will be some photos tomorrow morning before I go off to help in the vaccination clinic.
  4. Thanks Stix, progress has been stop/start due to a combination of work, rugby and other models on the go. Some further painting and the seats stuck on. And the bonnet area tidied up with some filler. And a start on the Jeep which goes together quite quickly. I prepainted all the parts on the sprue as the mouldings were very clean, so hopefully once assembled there will only be a bit of touching up to do. And some further work work on the Morris to get us to here. There's not much more to go apart from wheels and the canopy before the transfers go on.
  5. Thanks Tony. Work is busy but to be honest I really enjoy it. I work in a clinical role in a hospital and also support vaccination clinics so I know what I'm doing is worthwhile. And your right, a bit of modelling is good for taking ones mind off work. This Baeu is definitely doing a bit of modelling, and despite the early days I can see progress. Thanks Rob. All I've done today on the Beau on my day off, is sand and clean up the engines, the right ones this time. But I attacked a few other builds that were sitting around. A lot of paint has been applied. Tomorrow is a shift in the vaccination clinic in the morning and off to watch some rugby in the afternoon. Probably too many beers to try anything after that so next sit down will be Sunday morning. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Now got some paint on. A ew coats of brick red inside and then some Wood for the truth and interior. I think I'll get most of the paint on before any cutting and glueing. Then touch up.
  7. Here are the sprues. A fair old number but nicely moulded. I think there are parts for a MkI as well as all versions of a MkIV. And a set of clear parts and a nice set of transfers for two versions. Though I'll be using these and producing a Blenheim in the Temperate Sea Scheme of. 771 NAS at RNAS Twatt using this Xtradecal sheet. Usual modern Airfix instructions.
  8. This is a placeholder for the moment until I proceed a little more with my other builds which are a bit more challenging. I got this not longer after it was released and I have an Xtradecal sheet with at least one FAA version on it so I should be able to slip a Navy Blenheim into the GB.
  9. The observer's seat hacked into a reasonable resemblance. It's amazing what one can do with a few bits of plastic card and strip and a a bit of sanding. I've also added a couple of panels from plastic card. I think the card is about 40 years old and I got it in Argyle Models in Glasgow, a shop that is sadly long gone. And finally some paint on. Starting to look like I'm getting somewhere The Pilot's cockpit looks not at all bad when painted. I will add some seat belts before finishing off. And I know the control column has to be added. The observer's seat is mounted on a plinth so that it sits half way up the fuselage. I cut off a bit of runner and sanded a flat on both ends, the shorter one is under the seat and the longer one will lie along the bottom of the fuselage. Not prototypical but should be functional.
  10. The cockpit parts added together and some thinning down commenced. And the beginning of a replacement seat for the observer from plastic card. The instructions say to thin down the inner walls walls of the cockpit area and as Davey @DaveyGair above says a lot of thinning is needed. It isn't that simple as there's a fair old amount of plastic to remove, the walls are a couple of millimetres thick and the curve at the front prevents just hacking away with a sanding stick or file. I used a combination of scraping, filing , sanding and mutttering under my breath and finally got somewhere. I also managed to get a couple of ridges on the outside that needed cleaned up too. Theres no detail at all in the observer's cockpit and with the nice vac form canopy there will be a little something to see. There should be a seat but there was none in my boxing. So that had to be made. I've added some basic detailing. I looked at the instructions for the latest Airfix boxing on Scalemates and some pictures on Google. But there doesn't seem to be anything much in there. I would have expected at least a radio and a radar set. The only thing apart from the ribbing that was obvious was a panel on both sides of the seat. The engines went together not to badly and cleaned up nice. Shame it's the wrong ones which I didn't find out till later.
  11. I fancied T3099 as it has an unusual but attractive look. However, with the amount of work that has to go in I didn't think I'd get a good enough finish for a natural metal or even a high speed silver finish. It'll probably be the TSS option. A few layers of paint will cover a fair amount of 825 bodging.
  12. Thanks @Rabbit Leader @tonyot @rob85 @DaveyGair @Edge @Tweener and @Greg Law for your help and encouragement. I have been working on the Beaufighter over the past few weeks but it's hard work at times and each piece of work takes time. I have done a lot of sanding and cleaning up each time I sit down to do some work on it. It hasn't helped I've been incredibly busy at work and time has been limited. I've generally spent my spare time modelling rather than putting the results up here on BM. I have been photographing it though so here's the work one Beau over the past few weeks in the next few posts. The first thing was to remove the main main parts from the runners and clean them up. The plastic is hard and takes a fair amount of effort with a fairly coarse sanding stick. I also did the engines. Later on you'll see I started on the wrong ones. It took me a couple of weeks in to realise there's two sets. And yes Murphy's Law applied as I started work on the wrong ones. A number of the other smaller parts for the cockpit done too. I also cut out and trimmed the main canopy, a job I usually shy away from until near the end. However the HPM instructions tell you to do a fit test when assembling the fuselage in case the fuselage needs shimming to fit.
  13. Airfix Sea Vampire T22 in 1:72. Kit standard Airfix Vampire trainer kit but finished as XA160, an Admiral's Barge from NAS Lee on Solent in 1963. Painted with Humbrol Emerald on upperworks and Citadel White on the underside. Transfers a combination of ones left over from a CMR build and the Airfix stencils from the kit. Finished with Liquitex Satin varnish.
  14. This one is finished now. I could have added a bit more varnish to finish but I'm quite happy with it as it is.
  15. Fairey Seafox, Matchbox 1:72. Finished as from 765 NAS based at Lee on Solent in 1940. Finished with brush painted Xtracrylix with shadow shading, I used Camouflage Grey in lieu of Sky Grey. Then matted down with Liquitex matt varnish. Completely OOB.
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