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  1. Thanks Cliff, I'll see what it looks like when I've got the paintwork done. Thanks for your kind words Jaime @jrlx and Charlie @Johnson. An overall white scheme is quite challenging but the black and red trim does make it look really good. Ive decided to go down the hairy stick route with Citadel's Ceramite White glossed up with Kleer. Itill take a few coats and here it is after a couple.
  2. Some paint on now. I have cleaned all the joints up, some needed a further smear of PPP, and polished everything up. I decided to start with the white stripes and mask them before adding the Gloss Sea Blue. I'm using Citadel's Ceramite White thinned with Flow Improver which will take about 3 or 4 thin coats. Also some paint on the seams to check. They all look OK but if necessary I'll pop on a smear of PPP or Mr Surfacer.
  3. Seams filled, sanded down and polished. The air intake will need a bit of attention. The wings are butt joined so i have added some plastic rod to give some fixing pins. I suspected that the actual join would probably need some short term strengthening. And wings on Looks like like an aeroplane now. Although there there is a need for sorting out the wing seams underneath. I thought that getting the upper join was a priority. Some filling needed. I prefer plastic strip flooded with cement for gaps. Leave it overnight then careful trim off excess with a sharp scalpel and there's very little sanding to do.
  4. Second wing on. And has got a nice degree of dihedral. Jus about ready for some paint. It will take a fair number of coats of brushed thin paint. I do have a can of Halfords Appliance White but the weather is horrid and damp and I'm not sure that it will spray well even if the domestic authorities will permit indoor use of it. The underside of the aircraft would be awkward to paint with a rattle can as well. Time to ponder.
  5. Windows and windscreen masked. Ive added extensions to the wing struts from laminations of plastic strip, easy to do. Just laminate and flood with cement. Leave over night and then gently sand to shape. One wing added. And please believe me it does have a little dihedral But there is a little bit of filling still needed.
  6. Cockpit completed with some Tamiya Tape seat belts and inserted into the fuselage. Then the fuselage was joined up. It wasn't quite straightforward, the cockpit needed some sanding down for the two sides to go together around the cockpit. I started glueing around the cockpit as I thought it best to get this aligned, then worked along the top rearwards then forwards. Some tape was needed to keep a small seam from appearing. Turning upside down the bottom met up really well. A bit of sanding will be needed but not much. Hopefully! Glued the wings together as well. The wheel well walls needed a little trimming as did the detail in the inside of the upper wing
  7. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Good luck with the build, it really does turn into a lovely model by the end. I have a couple more in my stash and I still want to do the camouflaged version. But after a couple of target tug striped builds in the Trainers GB I'm a little 'striped' out. Look forward to following your build.
  8. Looks like you are having a great time. I would have liked to join you on one of your visits if just to be in the company of such accomplished BMrs. Unfortunately, we were on holiday last week, in the US paradoxically, and I'm working Monday/Tuesday next week. Rugby today so will miss you at Telford today although I'll be there tomorrow. Enjoy the the rest of the trip and SMW today. The Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede is hauntingly beautiful and reminds us of the supreme sacrifice that these young men made for us. It's fittingly appropriate that it is on the Heathrow flight path and you can see the aircraft take off and land from the memorial.
  9. The Maryland, I think they were re-directed from the French order after the fall of France, were used by the FAA for training and reconnaissance use. Remember, it was an FAA Maryland that identified that the Bismarck had sailed from its anchorage in a Norwegian Fjord. Again no British maker but kitted in 1:72 by Special Hobby. Also Airfix reboxed the Heller kit of the DH Rapide.
  10. Paula and Special Hobby both do a range of Skuas. Special Hobby also does a Roc.
  11. Thanks for the heads up @Graeme H I didn't realise about the dihedral so went looking through my photos and sure enough although it's not obvious from the side views, in one shot I have from directly behind there is a clear dihedral. I've tried to find a way of posting it but have not found a way from my phone to my iPad. You don't have idea of how much it is? I think I can manage it with some laminations at the fuselage end of the wing strut and filler in the wing joint but if you know how much an extension would be needed? The extra filler points can be swiftly sanded off.
  12. I've been away for a week's holiday but as now back thought I'd have an hour or so's bash at the Baker. A fair amount of paint on and some light weathering done with dry brushing. Also had a go at filing of some of the excess on the props/spinners. The detail on some parts parts is quite nice but I suspect not much will be seen in the cockpit. Wheel wells assembled, with wrong part numbers on instructions for anyone following with this build. And the cockpit also assembled, awaiting cleaning up, seat and IP.
  13. Two sprues of grey plastic which are well moulded with reasonably crisp detail for a short run kit. There are a fair few ejection pins and a bit of flash, especially on the undercarriage legs and prop/spinner, so a little filling will be in order. The cockpit is nicely detailed though. Small clear sprue with a single canopy as can be seen in the previous post. The instructions are simple simple and clear with easy to use painting instructions. I have now put some paint on and will take a photo later.
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