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  1. 825

    Sopwith Pup

    Now with undercarriage fitted and engine in place, and cowling on. Just the wheels to finish painting and pop on, along with fashioning a tail skid from wire. I broke the plastic one off and knocked it off on multiple occasions before losing it to the carpet monster. I've already drilled a hole to slot it into. Before that the transfers. And despite looking nice, and I've bleached the white back from a discoloured yellow by leaving them on a sunny windowsill for week or so, I've encountered a problem I've never seen before. They won't slide off the backing paper, despite lengthy soaking. I've managed to put one on and it took 15 minutes. The roundel eventually had to be peeled off the backing paper. Then when it got on the wing it slid all over the place on the slightest touch. I've got it where I want and flooded it with Micro Sol and walked away, preferring not to touch it again until tomorrow.
  2. 825

    Avro Anson Mk1

    Got some more paint on, hasn't made much difference so no photos yet. However, I've hit another snag with the he transparencies. The cockpit canopy fits the gap so that's good but it's devoid of any identifiable framing, as well as having a moulding flaw. The flaw is accessible and I could sand and polish it down but the framing has me stumped as both the box illustration and instructions vary, and most pictures on the internet vary again. I think suitable transfer sheets are the way forward as I doubt without the frame as a datum I wouldn't be able to mask it with my usual method of small squares and rectangles of Tamiya tape. The flaw is in the middle of the canopy, inside. The 'hole'at the back is for the aerial and it is part of the framing. Any ideas?
  3. 825

    RAF Emergency Set

    I've found an unopened bottle of Humbrol 103 - Cream in the paint store. It was the previous flip top formulation and despite thinning and adding Flow Improver it dried almost as soon as it hit the plastic. Mind you an initial coat does seem to have been OK. There is a paint blob from a previus coat which will need sanded off but nothing outrageous. It will need another coat anyway.
  4. 825

    RAF Emergency Set

    I love the Eau de Nil colour but browsing through the Internet to check whether the K2 roof was a canvas tarpaulin or something more substantial I found a few images of the interior, mainly restored to be fair. The interior of the back is definitely cream or white in one case. Some examples http://ambulanceheritagesociety.com/?page_id=34 http://aquestionofscale.blogspot.com/2017/09/176-airfix-k2-ambulance-pt2.html http://www.wheelsofvictory.com/austin k2-y heavy ambu.html Back to the drawing board. Or more appropriately the paint stash. Or another visit to Warhammer for some citadel.
  5. 825

    RAF Emergency Set

    A bit more work on the cabs, and the tank, pump motor and pump assembly fitted to the fire engine. Then a couple of coats of paint. I've gone for Eau de Nil as the interior colour for the ambulance. I spent a while looking for a suitable colour and eventually settled on this. Citadel paints are a good range as they have a lot of colours which are graduated in their range. In general they go on really well and I have a few of them.
  6. 825

    Sopwith Pup

    Upper wing on, as well as tailplane and fin/rudder. Took a little time to align and still feels a little fragile.
  7. 825

    Avro Anson Mk1

    Tailplane and engines on. The wing and tailplane joints were really good but the engines needed a bit of trimming to get to fit. Ive also painted the frames on the side windows. I'm dithering between masking and fitting the main canopy now or after painting. However, as the transparency fit has been a little challenging it might be better to do it first rather than have to go back and tidy up the paint job, if the fit is poor. I had to use a fair amount of Krystal Kleer as filler on the other side.
  8. 825

    Avro Anson Mk1

    Wings assembled. And on. The fit, on both the wing joints and to the fuselage is excellent. The former needs nothing and a couple of swipes with sandpaper for the latter is all that is needed.
  9. 825

    Carriers Ahoy! Gallery - Poll Open

    Hawker Osprey, 803 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1933. 1:72 Amodel kit which did present some challenges, some created by me. Out of the box apart from seat belts, brush painted with Tamiya Aluminium and Xtracrylix Light Aircraft Grey for the Cerrux grey.
  10. 825

    Hawker Osprey

    Finished. Into the gallery gallery first thing tomorrow.
  11. 825

    Phantom FG1

    Canopy on, masked and painted. There was a seam which I filled with Krystal Kleer. I've also used Krystal Kleer to glaze the small triangular middle windows as Matchbox never provided anything. Once I get a bit of time there is a marathon transfer fixing session to come, courtesy of the lovely Airfix stencils kindle provided by Brian. Though that's a few days away. It's not perfect but it looks like a Phantom.
  12. 825

    Revell A380 1/144 Lufthansa

    If the windows are just small holes you could glaze them with Krystal Cleer, Clearfix or similar. Simply dip a cocktail stick in the glue, attach a little bit to one side of the window and draw it across to fill the space. It takes a little time to get the technique right but any mess can be wiped off with a damp tissue or cotton bud. It's surprisingly effective. And you can do it at the end once everything is painted and the transfers on. It also saves on masking (certainly in the case of an A380) loads of windows.
  13. Absolutely stunning. Exceptionally fine work.
  14. 825

    Hawker Osprey

    Thanks guys. The only thing left to go on is the gun. And I'll do that in the morning. The step also needs some paint but that's a 10 second job. I'll get it done in time.
  15. 825

    Avro Anson Mk1

    Main undercarriage ready for insertion. Airfix have designed it to be retractable but I'll fix it in position. They went together easily but the main legs needed a bit of sanding down as the seam was really prominent. Some matt varnish on the tyres needed first though.