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  1. 825

    Vultee Vengeance TTIV

    Sit rep as of today. Lot of painting down and the fuselage almost complete. The wings needed a bit of tidying up and there is still a coat of paint on the leading edges needed. Will need to mask the yellow and get the black stripes on before the wings are assembled and fixed to the fuselage. I might fabricate some spars to fix the wings on as they are intended for a butt join. The only problem is there's is a massive resin block as part of the cockpit interior in the way. As well as the cockpit interior. Some small parts cleaned up and bagged.
  2. 825

    Miles Martinet TT1

    Lots of little things done, tidied up and drilled out the exhausts, tidied up the undercarriage parts and removed the resin parts from the blocks. Big job was to assemble the engine, cowling and breather tubes, then attach to the fuselage. Engine isnt isn't perfect but I'll take the advice of someone else d not take photographs from the front. Little bits popped into into a little bag to prevent loss.
  3. Ive also separated some of the smaller parts for the Attacker off the sprue and tidied them up. When gauging up the tail wheel strut I noticed the area for attachment is just a gaping hole. It doesn't take a genius to work out the most likely outcome is the tailwheel assembly will disappear inside. I probably should have done this earlier but I'm using plastic strip to box it in and give a solid foundation.
  4. Canopies masked and on and here we are today.
  5. Thanks Col. I think I'll leave the steps off then as my canopy is closed. I was going to add the remaining transfers today but one of the undercarria Legs gave way so I had to refix that. Here we are at the end of today.
  6. Thanks. Not much more to go now. A couple of transfers, the pilot's step and possibly the cannon. They look a bit awkward to get off the sprue and I'm not sure if they can be seen. It may be better if they are visible to use some plastic rod or tube.
  7. The Seafire is almost done. Resin exhausts and cannon on, and canopy masked. There is a little touching up needed.
  8. It's taken a little while but it's almost done. A little more red, a final polish and a coat of varnish eventually and it should look fine. Now to get the transfers on. There is a couple of challenges, firstly the blue on the roundels is too light and they'll need to be substituted. The second is the underwing serials run across the undercarriage doors so will need cutting and trimming before putting on.
  9. 825

    Fairey Fulmar NFII

    Here we are today, few more bits on and another coat of matt varnish after touching up the paintwork. Needs de-masked, wheels on and finished off.
  10. Thanks Col. I've used Tamiya tape as a background masking and then used the flexible 2mm Tamiya tape to get the curve. Here we are with an intial thin coat of white as an undercoat. It took a little while but wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
  11. 825

    Fairey Fulmar NFII

    Canopy painted, a couple of coats of matt varnish, undercarriage and prop on. Slowly but surely getting there. Although there is a fair amount of etch to be added at the end.
  12. Canopy on, masked and a layer of interior paint on. There's a light seam on one side which I'll tidy up with some Krystal Kleer.
  13. Slowly but surely getting there. For the Seafire tHe prop blades have been masked and have layers of paint on, the canopy needs masking and then the remaining sticky out bits stuck on. Here we are sitting her undercarriage. Im slowly but surely painting the red flash on the front of the Attacker, which is taking a lot longer than expected.
  14. 825

    Miles Martinet TT1

    Next stage while the fuselage, wing joint is being tidied up is the deal with the engine and props. But first the prop blades need a bit of work. The depressions are only on one side and I've already filled them with Putty.