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  1. Transfers on, not too difficult as there were only 5, and the remaining parts stuck on. I used a razor saw to remove the aerial as I was worried it would be a bit fragile. Everything went together well. There's just a little bit of touching up to do and then the tracks on to finish.
  2. PK-174 M19 Tank Transporter, Dodge T tractor and Rodgers trailer. Brush painted with Lifecolour Light Stone, and Akan Tyre Black for the 37 tyres. A vehicle of the RASC in the Western Desert. Thats 7 kits built, and including the trailer here there were 10 pieces finished, so I think it's time to stop an drew look at some other kits. I've enjoyed build these so thanks @Rabbit Leader and @JOCKNEY for hosting.
  3. Painting finished hopefully, I'll add the remaining bits and transfers before pulling it all together with some matt varnish.
  4. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @helios16v for the advice. I got the sand on using a few thin coats and leaving a while between the coats. It went on OK. Before the green and brown I gave it a coat of Kleer and again left to cure. Not had any problems adding the brown and green apart from it's quite painstaking because of the size of the tank and the nature of the camouflage. However, it's coming along and here's where we are this morning. Still a little work to do but getting there.
  5. Just don't leave it too long to clean up. Cyano is about ideal for sanding after it's cured for about 24 hours. However it continues to cure and if you leave it a few days it becomes extremely hard and is very difficult to sand. And also the issue of the differences between the glue and plastic of the kit become magnified. Great work on this challenging kit. It's looking good so far, despite the challenges it's giving you, and it'll look great when finished.
  6. Now pretty much finished and almost ready for the gallery photo shoot. I had to replace one of the door mirrors as the shaft broke when removing it from the sprue. A bit of plastic rod did the trick with the original mirror. a little bit of weathering with some dry brushed sand colour and a matt varnish coat to finish.
  7. A rummage through the paint stash has got me these three. And here's the Chi Ha with a base coat of the Tamiya Dark Yellow. I just hope the three different brands work together. I'm not a fan of Tamiya paint when brushed as it tends to streak and can lift on subsequent coats. But it's the best colour I can find.
  8. It certainly isn't very big. It must have been very cramped with a crew of 4. The moulding is really good. There's almost no flash and everything fitted together really well. So far there's been no filler required. The other side completed. And the hull assembled. And the turret on. Ready for some paint but the options given by Airfix are not easy to get. Hu170 is no longer available, and Hu94 isn't available in acrylic. I'll have a look through the stash and some equivalence tables.
  9. Thanks Chris. The Wessex is finished and in the Gallery. A couple of 'finished' photos.
  10. PK-133 Westland Wessex HU5 of 845 NAS on HMS Bulwark in the 1960s. OOB except for some seat belts from Tamiya tape. Brush painted with Xtracrylix Light Stone and Dark Green.
  11. Arrived late to this. Great to see you back, as usual a stunning build, woven into the always interesting PC life journey. I'm not one for building Mustangs but this has whetted my appetite. I have an Arma Hurricane in the stash and this has stimulated me to go and retrieve it.
  12. Trailer finished and the tractor almost done apart from some easy to knock off parts. Transfers to be added, then some matt varnish, and the last few bits on and the M19 will be ready for the gallery. And the other cab door as well.
  13. I'm not going to even attempt to join in the debate, but I built an AZ 'Sea Baker' a couple of years ago. And to be honest it was a build that I enjoyed. The basic kit was the MB 5, I believe and it turned out ok. I have no idea of the accuracy or whether it was an MB5 or MB6 but it was a good build. It was in a What if GB and for a short run mould it was a decent build. Here is the build. And the plane. To be honest I thought the Martin Baker looked like a seriously clever Fleet defender.
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