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  1. Thanks MM. It was an enjoyable build.
  2. The wheels painted no the final etch added, steps and wipers. And this is now finished. It's been sitting for the last week waiting for me to become less lazy and photograph it, or should it be she/her?
  3. This is now pretty much finished, the radome is affixed and the rotors added. The rotors are not glued in so I can store the airframe easily. There's also been a second coat of matt varnish and I'll check over for any tidying up before setting her up for her photo shoot for the gallery.
  4. Painting complete and an initial coat of matt varnish added. I've varnished it panel by panel with slightly varying amounts on the brush to seeee if I can replicate the streaky look of these machines. The wheels are on and all the aerials, etc.. just the rotors to finish and the intake cover to add. I need to demask the main canopy before that's done. The rotors are painted and I've started on the transfers on the tail rotor. But I've still to mask the metal strip down the front of the blades. It's a job I don't fancy doing so I am procrastinating.
  5. Coming on leaps and bounds. All the aerials on, and all the transfers on. Canopy masked fixed and painted. Wheels on and tail rotor done too. The air intake covers on Lynx's are always a challenge for kit makers, their shape is really complex and although etch would probably give the best look turning a flat sheet into something with all those complex curves would not be easy. Hobbyboss' solution is to use a transparency but on its own it just looks odd. Straight painting it would leave it looking like another panel. I've dry brushed it, quite heavily, with Humbrol 85 - Coal Black which has a satin finish. It's OK but I think next time I would layer some Tamiya Smoke on the inside first. The main rotor blades are painted and just need fixing on. I'll put some varnish on to pull it alll together. I'll probably use a satin finish as this aircraft is a display machine it will be kept clean and in tip top condition.
  6. ive added the 'cat' transfers to both sides and they've settled down really well with Micro Sol. I'll let them dry before progressing further as there's some to go over them. They do look good IMHO.
  7. Thanks, I'll see about ordering some. On the Sea King I've added a few more transfers and all the aerials. Which will now need some painting. I've added the transfers to the air intake filter box and it looks OK but a little flat. Not unsurprisingly. The next job is to sort out the rotor head and blades but first there's a metal strip along the leading edge that will need masked nad painted. Airfix suggest Humbrol 53, Gunmetal, for this but I wonder if a dull steel would be closer. I must admit I'm not looking forward to the masking.
  8. A coat of matt varnish has dulled down the finish somewhat. I've finished painting the radome and will affix it tomorrow. Then another coat of the matt varnish. I think I've got the aerial fit right but will check some of my sources as there was some variation.
  9. Thanks, I'll have a go and see if I can get some. I like the colours of Tamiya paints but they're an absolute nightmare at the end of a brush. I think I only use the clear ones now.
  10. It's Tamiya's Clear Green. It's not easy to use brushing on as it dries almost immediately so you can get streaks if you go over it again. I tend to use a minimally charged brush and work in quick but careful strokes. As it dries quickly another coat can be added about an hour later. The more coats the darker it gets.
  11. Seams all tidied up and the paint restored. The black will need a coat of Gloss before we start putting the transfers on. Although this is a lovely little kit, I've had a few problems the last day or so. First I had to prise off a door as the window had fallen in, then I lost the tail skid to, not the carpet monster, but the lawn monster, an even bigger monster. I'd taken the work sanding and polishing out into the garden. Then an undercarriage strut snapped off. All fixed and as said above the paint all tidied up.
  12. I seem to be doing a lot but not really getting anywhere. The airframe is done but I've still to sort out the air intake, the rotors, wheels and aerials. Finished for the day with the door on.
  13. Thanks, the masking wasn't too bad in the end, I find using small strips quite therapeutic. It was fairing in the canopy to give some semblance of smooth fit that was the nightmare. Thanks The Airfix transfers are really good, well printed and tough enough to work with but eventually pull down on the surface well. Here we are at at the end of today. Almost done rotors on but just dropped in place so I can store it away safely. There will be a coat of matt varnish added before it's done. And the radome still needs to be added. The radome is a solid piece of resin and is a fair old chunk. But it's beautifully moulded. It's Dark Sea Grey but I might dry brush it with a slightly darker or lighter grey to lift the folds.
  14. Now with added transfers.
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