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  1. There’s a thread on the WW2 pages about abovebelow decals with a link to their site. They’re Canadian and appear to have a vast catalogue of decals for just about everything the RCAF have used from WW2 to today (and beyond). Worth checking.
  2. Main painting done and masking off. There’s a little bit of tidying up needed. And I’m not happy about the white bit under the nose. It’s off centre and asymmetrical. A little bit of work needed.
  3. Most of the main transfers on. There’s the Squadron/Ship’s badge but a whole lot of stencils, which will stand out on the Sea Blue finish. One nice thing is a transfer for the arrestor hook which saves fiddly masking.
  4. A few more coats and I think the Skyraider is ready for some transfers. I’m not going to paint on the Suez yellow stripes. it’s the underside here as I’m waiting for it to dry.
  5. A few coats of grey on now. I’ve used Xtracrylix Gunship Gray. It’ll take a few more coats but it’s looking OK.
  6. This is a bit ambitious but I’ve always wanted to build a Sea Prince as it was an important aircraft for the Fleet Air Arm in the 59s, 60s and 70s. There were two distinct versions the C1 and C2 which were communications aircraft while the T1 was a trading aircraft for observers. The impetus for this build was the introduction of a C1 kit from Valom although my preference is for a T1 from Lossiemouth as I recall seeing them when I was a BB camp in Lossiemouth back in 1968. There isn’t a T1 kit, although there was a Magna resin kit from a few years back. I thought I’d one in the stash but a search has not found it. Also although they build into very presentable aircraft, they are hard work and take a lot of time. Therefore, I dug out this Special Hobby Percival, which should be a suitable basis for a Sea Prince as they are effectively variations off the same airframe. I will be using a couple of websites, and already have done a fair bit of it, for research. There are a couple of Sea Princes in museums and at least one undergoing renovations. https://www.ulsteraviationsociety.org/percival-sea-prince-t1 https://www.gamc.org.uk/exhibit?pgid=kk5bt2hm-fad37efa-40e3-4002-a023-3b8b74381aef https://www.solway-aviation-museum.co.uk/?page_id=1434 The Sea Prince had shorter wings than the Percival but the kit has the extended wing tips as separate parts and the short wing tips on the transparency sprue. Although the kit instructions show using either of the ‘glass’ noses, there’s a solid nose included (marked not for use in the instructions). Apart from the wheel hubs I think there’s everything needed in the kit. I do wonder if Special Hobby had contemplated a Sea Prince but never got round to it. Anyway, on to the kit. Four grey plastic sprues, reasonable detail, but a bundle of ejection pins that will need removed. A nice clear sprue, and although I will only be using the cockpit canopy and cabin windows, there will be a bundle of nice spares left over. There’s also a tiny set of resin pieces. The kit has a nice set of transfers for a Belgian and German aircraft which won’t be used, although some of the stencils may be used.
  7. Underside all masked off and a sealing coat of white paint brushed on. Canopy frame painted.
  8. Thanks @Marklo and @LorenSharp, it is certainly getting there. There’s now a first coat of thin Xtracrylix Gloss Sea Blue brushed on. It looks a bit rough but a couple more coats should make it it a lot better. Though I’m not convinced about the canopy, it sits too high and there’s a massive gap behind it. It is also far too big for the opening.
  9. A bit more work on the hull and turret and the turret fit checked. Lower hull and transmission painted, while the tracks are fitted. Unfortunately one has broken and I’ll need to do a repair. The turret now fitted and some upper hull parts added. A bit more paint on as well.
  10. Alistair, you do yourself an injustice that’s the finest rendition of a collector ring I have ever seen. Brilliant job.
  11. Hull went together nice and quickly. There is a fairly detailed interior, although according to plans it’s not quite right. The drivers seat is correct but the commander who was also the gunner had a seat just about across the transmission from the driver and the rear of the cabin was a set of boxes for equipment and ammo. The loader stood on the left hand side and if seated sat on the boxes. The interior was so small that the gun couldn’t really be operated without opening the hatches. I could have built an interior but I’ve just left it as is. The interior has also been painted but could do with some highlighting. I’ve also assembled the turret and gun, or the ‘cannone’. Everything has gone together pretty well.
  12. Underside painting completed and a couple of coats of Klear to help make the paint robust enough for masking as well as a glossy finish for transfers down the line. It does look a bit variable but I think that’s reflection off the light. It’s ok to the eye. Canopy masked up and fitted, I did insert the ejection seat and gunsight before closing up. I’ll leave to firm up and then start masking in the next day or so. I’ve got work tomorrow so I’ll not have any time until Thursday. The Super Etentard was a beautiful aircraft. It’s strange how the French aircraft of the 50s onwards were the complete opposite in their beauty compared to their prewar designs.
  13. Windscreen on and a few other bits added. I had the main canopy on but it extends behind the cockpit opening and whatever’s underneath Will a coat of paint. I have checked and the windscreen is in the correct place. The masking is from Peewit.
  14. For some reason the pictures don’t always show, despite them definitely being on my pages.
  15. Chassis assembled, took a little time due to the number of wheels but straightforward. You can see the ESCI mould quality. Now needs painted as the next step before adding the upper hull is the tracks.
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