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  1. Thanks everyone, this is becoming a really illuminating thread, even though there's not an answer for me as yet. I brush paint and very much prefer acrylics for their lack of smell and ease of cleaning. I've used Xtracrylix Gloss Sea Blue a number of times and it's excellent on post war types but I know ANA623 is different but don't really have a clear picture in my head if what it looks like. And what would be a useful pot of paint to use. I'd prefer not to mix as getting consistency between mixes is really challenging. I use multiple thin coats brushed on so the ability to just open a pot, g
  2. Does anybody have a suggestion for war time US Sea Blue in acrylic? I have Xtracrylix Gloss Sea Blue but I believe it's post war FS15042, which isn't quite the same colour as war time non specular Sea Blue. Any Humbrol equivalents or easily available acrylic wouldn't be OK, taking into account current lock down restrictions. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Matt, but I wouldn't want to get you into trouble. XG775 is on the stocks as well and here's how it looked when I pulled it out of the dust bowl. This one will need a bit a bit more work as the main undercarriage is broken, one snapped off and the other seriously bent. This is one of the problems with the way Airfix have engineered the kit. The main undercarriage legs are fished into place before the booms are fitted. It makes a strong join but they are prone to being knocked off by the clumsy. I have a set of Scale Aircraft Conversions replacements but as they
  4. There were at least two Vampires in Admiral's Barge livery, this one based at Lee on Solent in 1963 and a Blue/White one based at Yeovilton later on in the 60's. I think there's a photograph somewhere with both of them at an Airshow or Open Day. Now sitting on its undercarriage and the canopy masked. A coat of black on as the interior colour, and then the Emerald Green on. This pot of paint is about 20 years old and I painted the Vampire with it at least 5 years ago maybe longer. I was worried it would have dried up but once stirred it was fine. The canop
  5. Thanks GB. Finished the varnishing so it'll be on to assembling the prop and undercarriage when I break out the cyano next. I'll start on the canopy next as it'll take a wee bit of time to cut out of the vac form sheet.
  6. 825

    Beech Traveller MkI

    Lower wings, tail plane and engine on and some filler around the joints. Starting to look like an aeroplane. I'll paint the airframe at this point before putting the upper wings on.
  7. TSS is definitely the best looking Scheme for early Mark Seafires. Thanks, the markings are simple, like most active duty Seafires but they do bring the plane to life. I've got a coat of matt varnish on now but no photos as a couple will probably be needed.
  8. 825

    Beech Traveller MkI

    Thanks Martin Had a busy old week at work so not much time at the modelling bench Paul. But some work done today. Interior completed with the addition of seat belts from Tamiya tape, engine and cowling assembled and clear parts dipped in Kleer. Small windows inserted and then the fuselage closed up. Took a little bit of care but went slowly but surely along the seams and wee bit of tape to close over the cockpit roof. I'll leave overnight to firm up before seeing if some filler is needed.
  9. Underside transfers on and the undercarriage fixed. I'll leave it all to firm up before moving on.
  10. I decided that this year I would start to deal with an area in the stash known as the dust bowl where a number of almost completed kits and those needing some repair lie languishing simply accumulating dust. I've already finished an Aeroclub Fairey Flycatcher which will end up in the RFI section soon once I get the motivation for a photo shoot session. My next choice is this Airfix Vampire trainer which is one of two I started building as FAA Admiral's Barges. The second needs a bit more work as it needs some repairs to the undercarriage. This one has been built OOB apart from the colour schem
  11. Paint tidied up and because putting the transfers on will mean a fair bit of handling and the next set of parts are quite delicate I decided to get the transfers on now. I feel they bring an airframe to life. The CMR transfers handled well despite their age. I did have some problems with a couple of the wing walkway lines breaking up but they were easily sorted out. Now to clean off any adhesive and I'll set about getting a couple of coats of matt varnish on before adding the detail. And the canopy.
  12. All the filling done and the lower surfaces painted Sky, then masked for some paint on the upper surfaces. Brush painted with Xtracrylix thinned with Flow Improver. Masking removed and demarcation on the fuselage is fine but the leading edges will need a bit of work and probably re-done.
  13. Now here's a challenge first a Magna kit, and secondly yellow and black stripes underneath. The Sturgeon started as an anti submarine aircraft but became a sturdy land and carrier based target tug. A fairly substantial machine and served the Navy for a number of years in the 40s and 50s. A little bit about the aircraft later but here's the kit. The main parts are in Magna's familiar cream resin with fairly large chunky mould gates. But fairly well moulded and a basis, like most Magna machines, for a decent looking model. The smaller and detai
  14. All the bits and pieces added an dthe the paint all touched up. So apart from the transfers, of which there are 2, this little armoured car is finished. I've added a coat of Kleer to the areas where the transfers are to go and then after they're dry I'll give the whole car a coat of matt varnish, to pull everything together.
  15. 825

    Beech Traveller MkI

    Started to assemble the cockpit, the plastic is quite hard so produces a fair amount of dust when tidying up. Anyway seats and side in. I'll do some dry brushing to lift the colour of the leather.
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