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  1. More filler and sanding. I've been using Milliput which is great on resin and also acts as a cement reinforcing joints. However, as it really needs 24 hours to cure properly, after an initial smoothing with water the Albacore has to be left aside overnight. Anyway everything seems nice and smooth now and the undercarriage legs have been attached. As the kit is pretty heavy I was worried about a simple butt join between the resin and white metal so I've drilled out the legs and fuselage and pinned the joint before glueing with cyano. And a first coat of paint. The unde
  2. I know it's too late but you can save on masking tape by using small pieces for the edges and filling in the remainder of the space with scrap paper. Or even polythene bag offcuts. Ive built a few Valom kits and the transfers usually behave themselves. Just make sure the surfaces are nice and glossy and carefully work them into place. They are a little fragile but shouldn't disintegrate. Great work on the Bombay.
  3. Actually the struts were the too bad on their own, in fact the fit is fine. The problem is that they're a bit fragile and for some reason when I was doing the final fit of the upper wing everything slipped and the starboard struts flew off into the wide yonder and the two substantial ones broke. Anyway thats been fixed now. I've spent a fair amount of time over the past few days filling and sanding, then painting the resulting area. Then seeing some flaws and repeating. Aluminium paint, even when brushed is a tad unforgiving. I've got to the point when the remaining masking has be
  4. Some more paint on. Will need a couple more coats and then we'll be ready for the transfers.
  5. The fin and rudder on along with the engine and associated air intakes. I've also filled the gaps and cleaned up the joints. Although the upper air intake assembly will need a bit of work once solid.
  6. 825

    Sea Otter

    Thanks Cliff, I also think it's a good looking machine. Wheels on now. And started on the canopy as it will be quite tight to mask once on. The box is starting to look almost empty which is encouraging.
  7. Air graphics website doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment but here's info on their JP233 from Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/air-graphics-models-airac-030-hunting-jp-233-runway-denial-weapon-pods--1196081
  8. 825

    Sea Otter

    Floats painted (and as usual I have a little tidying up to do) and affixed to the lower wing. I replaced the kit supports which are chunky and would be awkward to clean up. Also at least one is short shot. I used some Slater's plastic rod which looks a lot better. There's not much to do and I've started masking and painting the canopy which is the last big job.
  9. I'm still pondering what to do about the interior, most of it's there but it does look bare, mainly due to the folded seats and less than bulky parts. I have made a rear bulkhead and radio receiver from an etched IP from another kit and I'll have a think about what next to do. The lower wings have a hole drilled and a wire spigot to both give strength and help locate the wings. Wings and tailplane on and left to let the glue cure. There's a bit of filler needed, especially around the tail. I also had to straightening the tailplane out by poppi
  10. Moving on, struts repaired/replaced and gaps filled. And a new control column fashioned. The support is an undercarriage leg from an Airfix thats been slimmed down, and left a bit long which will be trimmed down. The wheel is a resin part left over from an Azur Maryland build.
  11. Before putting the lower wing on I checked the struts and one is short shot so I'll have to replace it. Lower wing on and this side looks fine, although a little bit of tidying up needed. However, all three struts on the other side snapped at the same time when fettling the outer strut into position. As well as spoiling my paintwork. I've retrieved enough bits from the carpet monster to reconstruct two but the other will need to be fabricated. And the short shot strut's twin snapped as well. The struts are quite brit
  12. So who spotted the not so deliberate mistake? I can't believe I put the upper wing on back to front. Rectified now after an embarrassing oath.
  13. 825

    Sea Otter

    Thanks Paul, I think the wings are OK but there's a little bit of an angle on the engine but not too obvious unless you go looking for it. I've check the prop and it's very close to the canopy. I don't fancy trimming the blades so I'll probably just turn them away from the canopy. Thanks @JOCKNEY the airframe is substantially done but there's still a bit of work to be done. The struts for the floats are not great and I'm going to have to replace them with plastic rod. I've drilled the holes and painted a sufficient length of rod. The wheels will need a bit of work and the canopy f
  14. Masking off windows and upper wing and empanage on. There will be some tidying up of the wing/fuselage joint but I'll wait till the lower wing is on and everything is stabilised up. The Thunderbird masks are awkward to use as they're not flexible but they do the job.
  15. Adrian, I see your point. Magna provide a piece of wire which threads through the top of the canopy and the upper wings thread onto that. I think with the support from the struts from the lower wing that should be sufficient. I've already drilled out the lower wings and fuselage for reinforcing wires at the wing roots and will do the same for the struts. So hopefully the whole structure should be strong enough. Fingers crossed.
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