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  1. Thanks Col. For some reason at the moment I'm surrounded by FAA biplanes, as well as these two I've a IIIF and a Shorts 184 on the stocks in various stages. And a Parnell Plover and Fairey Campania sitting waiting. Anyway the Nimrod is coming along apace at the moment, the tidying up has been done and a few more bits added and it looks close to completion, although the vacform windshield needs done. I'm hopeful of finishing this weekend.
  2. You might find these hyperscale pages on the Martlet/Wildcat helpful. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/wildcatfaaba_1.htm I've found it an invaluable resource for a number of Martlet builds.
  3. Finally got round to getting the upper wing on. I thought the jig would help but it didn't really. Took a bit of time and my fingers ended up covered in cyano. There's a little bit of tidying up to be done after the glue sets, as well as getting the cabane struts on. I think I'll use some PVA to start with. Being succesful (relatively speaking) getting a resin biplane upper wing on has made me brave so I pulled this Flycatcher off of the Shelf of Doom and had a go at getting the upper wing on. Something I have been trying to do unsuccessfully for about th
  4. Thanks Steve. The masks are off and the aerials on and a final coat of matt varnish (Liquitex). So I'm calling these done. I have a few long days at work coming up so it may be a little while before I photograph them for the gallery.
  5. I've always liked a Dragonfly. I built a Mach2 one a few years ago for a Heli GB and it was a real challenge. I'm not sure wether this one is less challenging, probably different challenges for this build. Apart from the vac form and the loads of etch it looks more straightforward. @Dandie Dinmont I've been vaccinating people since before the New Year and have now done hundreds and nobody has fallen over. In fact from a couple of screamers (there has to be such a reference in a Ced build) everything has been straightforward. I appreciate your apprehension but apart from probably a
  6. A bit more done with the canopies on, masked and painted. The Montex masks have been used once before and although they hold their shape, they've lost a lot of their stickiness. I fear this will be their last outing. And now the cannon on and an initial coat of matt varnish. The upside down Seafire is because one of the undercarriage legs came off. I also had problems with the pitots, one fired off into the air never to be seen again and the other's intake snapped off and disappeared. Fixed after a bit of time and a few choice words with some plastic card and rod. The
  7. A bit more work done.
  8. Thanks Steve, I'm now on the home straight so hopefully no more trials and tribulations. All the stencils on both and the undercarriage on both aircraft. I've also started the props and dipped the canopies in Klear. Not at all much to do now.
  9. There's a couple of Wings and Waves sheets but only Part 2 is easily available from Hannants https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ML72181?result-token=mRU4d And a PrintScale sheet of prewar Swordfishes https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72043?result-token=4pupb but not a lot else unfortuntely. There are a number of resin interwar kits (Karaya and Kora) as well as Kora's Fairey IIIF and all of them do have markings which helps. Anyway first of the fun bits. The undercarriage built and it's not at all bad and the Nimrod looks like
  10. Looks good Pat, tempting me to get mine out of the stash.
  11. You're right FAA markings in the inter war years were attractive and the liveries simple but smart. I've managed to get a few little bits done here and there this week but each of them has taken a fair amount of careful effort, and usually followed by some paint touch up. Sorry about the photo quality but they do show the exhausts, radiator bath, oil cooler and struts all on. I need to sort out the windscreen and gunsight and then its time time for the upper wing and undercarriage to go on.
  12. Sorry to hear this PC, my thoughts are with you and your family. As Heather says it can be difficult to find the right words to say but take heart that many here are with you, albeit virtually. Look after yourself and the family, and keep safe.
  13. Some more paint on and some transfers. Went on well ill and look pretty good. I think the serial on the rudder may be a little on the large side but I'll live with it.
  14. The front ends finished off and the majority of the stencils on. I've also masked off the prop tips in anticipation of getting the yellow painted. There's a little bit of work tidying up the underside roundels and some Sky to go on the Vokes intake.
  15. @Troy Smith my humble apologies. And my thanks for your help. Those photos were great and so, so useful.
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