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  1. Transfers tidied up, a couple of coats of satin varnish and the canopy unmasked. Apart from the pitot to be added this attractive French fancy is done and ready for their photo shoot.
  2. Underside painted now and not looking too bad.
  3. Adrian, a lovely job on the 109. And thanks for the kind words on the Seafox. I use a lot of Xtracrylix, along with a smattering of Revell, Humbrol, Citadel and Akan acrylics. On the up side they brush beautifully with a bit of Flow Improver as thinner, have a lovely gloss finish that transfers go over well, and in general the colours are pretty good. On the downside they are a bit on the fragile side. I'm a lazy painter and don't prime, just paintbstraight onto the plastic but I usually leave about 24 hours after the final coat, I usually build up over three or four thin coats, before masking and rarely get paint lifting. I also run some Kleer along the tape as a first coat to prevent runs and that may help. My final coat for matt and satin finishes is a couple of coats of Liquitex varnish which pull everything together. Hope this is helpful.
  4. The underside parts added on including the arrestor hook. The hook fitted beautifully after careful trimming of the hole for it. Most of the other parts needed a little filler to close little gaps. I also filled the poor wing joint. Empanage on as well. Looks like a Seafire now.
  5. Went for it and glued the upper wings on. Doesn't look too bad for here. I did spend a lot of time sanding the trailing edges down and overall they don't look too bad. Though there's a miss match at the wing tip. I don't know if it's the upper wing that needs trimmed or the lower filled. Time to check the plans in the Warpaint book. And the arrestor hook hole looks better but still needs trimming. And something to stop the resin part falling in.
  6. I had a dig through my stash of part used (or not used) transfers. I picked these out early from an Azur Baltimore which is almost finished as a Royal Navy bird. Lots of French blue to play with as well as red. However the blue was bit darker so a rummage through the box revealed these possible candidates. The set onthe top left are from a Sword Seafire MkIII and made by Techmod so hopefully they'll be a good match. The only issue there's not a lot of blue compared to those with long stripes on the rudders. Judicious use of the scalpel called for.
  7. Thanks Bertie, the late Mark Seafires/Spitfires were particularly elegant. The remainder of the transferrs on, I need to find something to match the French Blue on the rudder flash as it needs touched up. I've got some left over French transfers in the stash so I'll see if I can find some trimmings. Undercarriage on. A little fiddly but surprisingly strong once assembled. Prop on as well. There was a little bit of paint to be cleaned up and tidied up, and that's been done. Once I've sorted out the fin and added the last bits I'll. brush on a couple of coats of satin varnish. I've a busy week coming up so there may be a little break before the next update.
  8. Thanks Martin, I did think about that but decided to use multiple glueing, sheer brute force and tape. It's worked close enough to get something that's reasonably acceptable. This is after the second glueing. Needed a little little bit of plastic strip to fill the gaps but this can be fettled into a decent shape. What's more worrying is the hole for the arrestor hook, there's a beautiful piece of resin but the hole is not even an approximation to it.
  9. It does Martin and what you can't looks even better, and caused all the fit problems. I'd rather Octopus had concentrated the longeron, radio hatch and arrestor detail rather than lots of resin that's both unseen and causes problems. It's more causing fit problems Bertie rather than the detail. A little bit of gentle trimming was necessary before glueing the wing underside on. I also had to physically bend it, to get it to approximately conform to the fuselage shape. As moulded it was dead flat. And loads of tape to get it to mate. The front was fine (actually excellent by Octopus standard) but the rear has a bit of a gap despite loads of tape and being left for 48 hours to firm up. Far too big to get away with a smear of filler. So back to the dreaming board.
  10. It's mainly down to the unnecessary excess of resin. It's all beautifully moulded but too large for the space inside the fuselage. And you can see hardly any of it. Once I've done my usual bodge of the canopy even less will be seen. The fuselage sides went together beautifully with hardly hardly any filler needed. The trailing edges are a bit thick and I have thinned them down somewhat but probably not enough.
  11. I've spent the last week or so fighting the cockpit, the resin looks lovely but it just doesn't fit together well in the space available. I think I've got there in the end, loads of detail has been scraped off, sanded down, glued and glued again. And at the end of the day almost none of it can be seen. And some of the rear of this needs thinned down a lot so the lower wing goes on. However, I'll leave the cyano a good day to cure first.
  12. Thanks Mark. Sword kits have a mixed reputation but their Seafires in general are really good. This one is a treat as everything goes together with little fuss. It's been sitting for a little while as I finish off a couple for the Bristol GB. It's finished now so I'm back to the Seafires. Canopy dipped in Kleer, masked and fixed. Parts for the prop assembly, Sword make it easy as there are positive locations for each blade. And the canopy painted and the exhausts fixed in place.
  13. I think they are on a Model Art sheet somewhere. I'm building one as well and am using leftover transfers from a CMK resin kit. Model Art sheets can be difficult to get a hold of nowadays but someone might have some CMK transfers.
  14. It's a nice kit but there's no real option of not inserting the main undercarriage legs early in the build. I found a canopy mask made a difference at the painting stage. Also needs some weight in the nose so it's not a tail sitter. Good luck with it.
  15. Bristol Beaufighter MkII. High Planes Model kit, mainly injection but with etch, white metal and vac form canopies. Finished as T3137 of 789 NAS a Fleet Requirements Unit based at RNARY Wingfield, HMS Malagas, Cape Town, South Africa in 1945. Upper surfaces brush painted Xtracrylix Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Revell Hellblu in lieu of Sky Blue. All brought together with Liquitex matt varnish. Built OOB apart from Kitsworld Decal seatbelts and some detail in the observer's cockpit. The observer's seat was missing and I had to fabricate one.
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