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AgustaWestland Apache AH Mk.1

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Evening, folks! Just thought I'd share my latest build with you all.

Here is my depiction of AW Apache AH Mk.1 ZJ224, 656 Sqn, 4 Regt. AAC. She is depicted as she was on 15. Jan 2007 during what is perhaps her most famous escapade, during her involvement on Op. Glacier II, near Garmsir, Helmand Province. I'm sure most of us here are well aware of the now-famous Jugroom Fort rescue, so I'll spare the details ;)


The base kit is Hasegawa's fantastic 1/48 AH-64D. This was my first, but I can guarantee it won't be my last!


The conversion to AH.1 spec was done by scrounging the HIDAS fit from the Revell kit. She is depicted with the older 4-point HIDAS fit, with the older TADS housing/ORT fit in the CPG's pit.

The CRV-7 pods are from Heritage, and any remaining lumps and bumps specific to the British Apache were scratchbuilt. Eduard's PE & Masking kits were used, which reaffirmed my hatred for little springy bits of metal.



The 2 little passengers on each of the EFABS are from the Airfix Vehicle Crew, who were convinced to go under the knife in order to get them ready for their ride. On an unrelated note, I've suddenly decided that I hate painting figures...



She was finished in Revell Matt 46 (Nato Olive?) which is still the best match for the Apache that I've found in acrylics (any suggestions are very welcome...)

Pictures taken during the rescue show '224 as rather clean for an Apache in the desert - they can (and do) get really grubby out there! - so I tried to weather her with restraint. Panel lines on Apaches don't show too well, so I opted not to give it a panel wash. Oil stains and leaks were attempted using Tamiya Smoke over the final coat. Tamiya Weathering Master sets were used for sand weathering.



There are a couple of errors/mistakes that I am aware of - some my fault, others not so much. I accidentally placed the footholds that are strangely omitted on the Hase kit over the wrong footwell on the port EFAB. And I was a little too lazy to correct the weighted tyres that come with the kit (mounting was a last minute decision.) The only thing I can fault with the kit is the incorrect shape of the EFABs at the front, as they curve towards the TADS housing. Although not that noticeable, it does bug me a little.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the kit. It was really meant to be a testbed for the kit before I start my other Hase Apache (as a modern spec 5-point HIDAS/M-TADS AH.1) but I guess I got a little carried away.

As always, comments and criticisms are more than welcome. If I've forgotten or overlooked something, please let me know! And, as always, apologies about the quality of the photos. I will get a new camera soon, I swear!

I'm hoping to bring her down to the Helo table at Cosford this Sunday if I can find a safe way to get her there, so if you're about, come and say 'hi' and talk about Apaches for a bit! Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy!


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That's VERY nice. I like that a lot.

As it happens I had one of these fly over the house this morning, though it didn't appear to have two guys clinging on for dear life on the outside.


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A cracker, congratulations, I'm with you on springy PE parts... Read the account of the fort rescuee in Ed Macy's book Apache, a good read.

Thanks for sharing your pics


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Time to start that 5 point HIDAS fit machine now?

Seriously considering it! I've got to start a Danish Lynx for a groupbuild on another site, and I was planning on joining the F-14 STGB on here, but another Apache would look nice next to this one on the shelf!

How is yours coming along? After seeing how nicely your Hawk is going, I'm guessing you haven't had much time for the Apache?

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How is yours coming along? After seeing how nicely your Hawk is going, I'm guessing you haven't had much time for the Apache?

Still in progress, it's in primer but yet to start painting.

Yes the Hawk has diverted my attention, thought I would do any easy all over scheme before starting to paint the worn/battle scarred Apache.

How did you do the canopy seals, they look very neat?


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How did you do the canopy seals, they look very neat?

I used the Eduard masks for the canopy; they do what they do, and they definitely do it well. I got the consistency of the white wrong when spraying so it was a little thin, and there was a little leak under the mask. I think I sorted most of it out though.

I'm tempted to try and shape some wire and place it internally to represent the det cord for my next one, but we'll see how long that idea lasts once I start it :/

Looking forward to seeing yours finished, but to be honest, I'm also enjoying watching your Hawk take shape!

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On 2/19/2022 at 6:46 AM, exdraken said:

Such a great Apache!

No Hellfires though?

All spent or too heavy

Sorry, Werner; I've only just seen your comment! Thanks for the kind words. 


At this point in the operation, the 2 Apaches that were charged with the extraction were pretty much down to their 30mike, they had to call for 2 more to fly top cover during the rescue, and IIRC, they both ended up Winchester! 


One fun point about this build: the chappie depicted strapped to the port side EFAB - he now owns this model! I got to meet him for a few (too many) drinks some years back, and got to gift him the model after he reached out and mentioned seeing it on here. Such a humble chap, who also taught me a valuable life lesson: never try and out drink a Marine! 😅

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