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  1. Love the raised rivit rear fuselarge parts, a real obvious detail of the real A-10. Hopefully the nose profile is better than the Hobby Boss and the terrible Italeri attempt.
  2. Or maybe stayied in a wheelie bin to save hotel costs...I know what you mean.
  3. Wonder why you listed, washed, shaved and clean clothes Enjoy your day..
  4. Shaun

    Airfix 2023

    Wonder when we'll see the 1/48th Hunter FGA.9 or the GA11 as the nose and hook was in the Mk4 kit?
  5. Not got their F-4B but how many sprue gates looked blocked off?..Tamiya have added a handfull of new sprues to many releases and made a new version, 1/48 F-14 kit is a good example. I hope its a new F-4 version...
  6. The Hasegawa kits had PE for the strap detail, maybe they will follow this method
  7. Came back for another look at this, it looks spot on for camo colours and shape. Love the F-111, reminds me of the 80's. How was the fit of the Reskit parts, was the cockpit a drop fit?
  8. Very nice build, great result.. That cockpit set, corrects a major issues with the kit..looks a great solution.
  9. Interesting way they have tooled the rear fuselage to allow for the panel detail and tail fin width between A/B-C/D versions.
  10. Does anyone have the Italeri F-35B kit and the Meng F-35A, if so how do the RAM panels look between the two kits.. Shaun.
  11. Be interesting to see peoples views on the raised details once they get a kit in there hands.. My Meng F-35A has quite pronounced surface detail but the built up model looks good.
  12. Looks like thier saluting with one wing up.. Looks great, i must get one..
  13. Thought that maybe the case..
  14. Does anyone have info on how the Bucanneer carried the WE177. What was more common the long or short versions. Were the aircraft parked with the bomb bay open when sitting QRA in Germany.. Cheers Shaun.
  15. Could build it with an open bomb bay?
  16. So who's going to be the first to measure/offer up the old kits bulged bomb bay into the new kits opening to check the size to make an RAF aircraft.
  17. Far easier to remove than add them. Kudos to Airfix for only supplying colour schemes to late aircraft with these noise reducing fairings.
  18. Not sure but with a little research a white bottom aircraft would not be that hard to produce..There are early roundels in the kit.
  19. Looks excellent.. So by replacing Sprue E, we will get the RAF verson with the bulged bomb door. Wonder what else maybe on the RAF sprue?. I guess an RAF machine could be built with an open bomb bay from this kit with just a change of decals.
  20. The Airfix stand at RIAT Fairford had a built up and a test shot unpainted 1/48th Buccaneer on the stand. It looks amazing and i'll be getting one, panel lines and detail are very crisp and not overdone...and looks like the fit will be good judging by the unpainted model that was built with the wings folded.. I just need the S.2B now.
  21. Always loved the look of this Helicopter. Only ever saw one in real life.. Nice build and finish.
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