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  1. Nice build, love the two seat Hunters..i think this aircraft was the only one to carry any Squadron markings at Brawdy..
  2. There F-16 kits had the same sloggan, i think it just means a 2 seater...2 pilots in one aircraft..
  3. I can't find thread but have a i'll have search later for it..
  4. I am looking for the same, would like some 1/32nd ground crew for a Diorama
  5. PM me for Tips as i've done a gloss black Hawk, and was happy with the finish.. I did have photo's on here but with the photobucket issues a while ago they have disappeared.. I can also help you with pilots if your stuck as i made resin RAF pilots for my build.
  6. All the RAF Hawks got the Tail mod, best way to tell if check the base of the Rudder, early is short, later and current it extends to end of the fuselage. Your kit is looking good.. How are you planing to do the pilots?
  7. In Resin this would be a big lump, i got a pair of JP233 from Eduard this week and they are large and quite heavy...and as long as 1/72 Spitfire. The 1/48th Hobby boss did come with a MW1 and i'd rather hang that under a Tornado due to weight on the models undercarrage.
  8. Prototype JP233, Thats a good idea and would add colour to a model..And you can build a early Tornado to carry it..and paint a white belly and red/orange photography pods for the wings.
  9. Yesterday my pair of Eduard JP233 dispenser pods arrived. I highly recomend these, fantastic detail and well cast. They even come with the attachment points detailed, so would look great on a trolly for a diorama. My only concern is the weight, they are big items and a fully loaded Tornado would be heavy on its landing gear...But my model is on stand, so no issues there for myself.
  10. Anybody now the release dates for the whole range of long nose Phantoms? Maybe time to retire my Hasegawa kits?
  11. The kit will be an IDS, not an ECR unless they provide the fuselarge sensor bulge.
  12. I'm surprised there are no markings for Ramex Delta team in the D/N kit. Thats the scheme i'd want to do...
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