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  1. Stunning build, looks like one of those kits were Revel got the shape spot on.. Very nice build, and result.
  2. This is worth a watch and a giggle...
  3. Yes, i still make them..Sounds like your assembling quite a display.. Send me a PM, and we'll sort you out. Same goes for other folk that may need a DJRP for their Harriers.
  4. I'm sure the angles are wrong in all four corners, shame was expecting better accuracy
  5. The darker scheme, lacked contrast and was little bland for the display circuit. Med gray and dark green looked good.
  6. Any hint to what maybe included in the second release. I'm sure we saw a full bomb load in the CAD drawing. I think the Falklands aircraft are the most famous, except for 558.
  7. The twin stores carrier and the 8x 1000lb Bombs fit was used early in the War, there is a photo in the World air power journal Gulf war debrief book.
  8. Same here, wonder how good this kit will be and what price?
  9. The IDS also carries the Harm, The aircraft featured is a cannon armed IDS but the kit does say IDS/ECR. HARM's are in the kit anyway, hopefully the 1500L tanks will be in the updated parts in this kit. Looks like Italeri has some strange marketing ideas.
  10. Why no armament in the box art?..The ECR's role is a HARM shooter, so would expect them on the box..
  11. I would of hoped for an E, the early phantoms have been done by other companys or can be done from those kits. The E is a far more interesting subject, with a great variety of schemes..
  12. Just seen on a news leter Revel are producing a 1/32nd Hawk T.2 this year. Box art and test shot model looks good with wingtip winders, dropped flaps and underfuselarge pod.
  13. Nice RAF Hercules, nice scheme. Love it. Has anyone ever done a Snoppy conversion for the Weather Hercules in the raspberry ripple colours?
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