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  1. The IDS also carries the Harm, The aircraft featured is a cannon armed IDS but the kit does say IDS/ECR. HARM's are in the kit anyway, hopefully the 1500L tanks will be in the updated parts in this kit. Looks like Italeri has some strange marketing ideas.
  2. Why no armament in the box art?..The ECR's role is a HARM shooter, so would expect them on the box..
  3. I would of hoped for an E, the early phantoms have been done by other companys or can be done from those kits. The E is a far more interesting subject, with a great variety of schemes..
  4. Just seen on a news leter Revel are producing a 1/32nd Hawk T.2 this year. Box art and test shot model looks good with wingtip winders, dropped flaps and underfuselarge pod.
  5. Nice RAF Hercules, nice scheme. Love it. Has anyone ever done a Snoppy conversion for the Weather Hercules in the raspberry ripple colours?
  6. Nice line up of markings, i'm still not sure what my Favourite Typhoon markings are. With all the Squadrons now formed, surprised no one has done a sheet.
  7. Don't forget to add the dark RAM finish to leading edges of the wings and fin.
  8. Why we've not seen a two seat Viper baffles me, the kit/sprue is set up for it. Easy money for little effort, many modellers would scoop them up in there droves.
  9. There is a equipment Blister behind the nose landing gear, and another smaller one alongside the nose gear door. The Krueger flaps on the wing glove area were deleted and sensors installed in the leading nibs. The sensor bar on top of the fin also houses ECR sensors. HARM missiles carried for the mission also. Pm me if your stuck for the main underfuselarge Blister.
  10. The tail sort of looked, just "stuck on" with that 14 Sqd scheme. But that flowing Diamonds tail design looked great.
  11. Same way the 14 Sqn Anniversary tailed jet did not have a the spine painted the same blue as the Tail design. That scheme would of looks great if done that way.
  12. Anyone got thier hands on the kit yet, be interesting to hear first impressions on the surface detail and plastic?
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