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  1. I was lucky enough to meet one of the chaps strapped to the side of one of the Apaches involved a while back (identity withheld for PERSEC reasons.) What was intended to be a brief hello and me presenting him with a model of the same helo that I had built, quickly unfolded into a valuable life lesson that you should never try and outdrink a Marine! It was a very humbling experience to hear his recollection of the event though, and I can vouch that - at least in my experience - those involved were just as genuine and deserving of praise as all accounts of the event portr
  2. I was under the impression it was an ECM pod. I'm not going to lie though, I had no idea what one was until I started looking at TARPS equipped Tomcats a few months ago!
  3. Ooh, I quite like the idea of that. That's certainly one way to get an accurate BDA from your drops.... Just read on another forum that only - A & - B variants carried the AN/ALQ-167, so that's that idea out of the window.
  4. Just a quick question regarding typical weapons load whilst carrying TARPS. I'm just finishing up VF-2's CAG bird (Bullet 100) ~2003; I have it with the TARPS slung underneath, but at present I only have 2 AIM-9 on the pylons... I've only seen a couple of pics of this a/c with TARPS, and only carrying this load, so I'm pretty much basing the load it's carrying just on one or 2 pics for now. Is it within the realms of possibility that they would also have carried AIM-7 on a typical mission too? And what about the AN/ALQ-167 pod? I've seen pics of Tomcats carrying this
  5. Very mixed feelings. Opening the box, it's hard not to be overwhelmed; it has all of the options I think any Tomcat fan could ever want and more. I have mine crouched on the cat with everything hanging down. You can't fault AMK for giving you practically any/every option you could ever want. The ordnance options are vast and comprehensive too... Even the LGB's have the options of having their fins extended. After getting stuck in though, it's hard not to be a little disappointed. Even after exhaustive dry fitting, certain areas just down fit like you'd like. I know I
  6. Fantastic end result! The hard work and attention to detail have really payed off Nice one!
  7. This is the contact I went through when I had parts missing from my UH-1Y. There were no quarrels with regards to getting the spare parts (all they needed were pics of the missing bits on the sprue) but I did feel that having to fork out around £15 for delivery was a bit of a kick in the teeth. If it was a replacement for a part I had lost or damaged, fair enough. But having to pay almost half of the kit price again for their mistake did sting a bit.
  8. Evening, all! Not too much progress to show since my last post I'm afraid. According to the missus, apparently we can do other things whilst in lockdown like wallpaper walls and this thing called housework... that one was lost on me However - after much deliberation - I have decided that I will stick with the Aires cockpit for this build. There are a couple of reasons, such as the IP and nicer sidewalls, but above all I feel like I have gotten the rear bulkhead to a level that I would be happy with. I've made a couple of small adjustments and feel that som
  9. Gorgeous! Always had such a soft spot for the Stringbag.
  10. I always look forward to seeing your builds, Fuad - this one is no exception. The E-7/Trop is my personal favourite of the Emils, and you've finished yours superbly! Fantastic build.
  11. Fantastic pics there, thanks for sharing Gary.
  12. Wow Now that is an eye catcher! Beautiful build, nice one.
  13. Hi all, Just a quick update; I received the CMK cockpit this afternoon. After closer inspection I thought I'd share my findings on here for you all. This is the CMK Cockpit. As I suspected, the rear canted bulkhead is a far more faithful rendition of a GR.7/9, rather than an AV-8B. There's not too much of a difference in the between the side consoles. I do actually prefer the throttle on the CMK kit. These are the Ejection seats from both sets; Aires on the left, CMK on right. Both have pros and cons. It seems where one has detai
  14. I feel the need... Serioisly though, you're gonna love this kit. I built their - D model tail end of last year and loved every minute of it. Can never have too many big Cats. Have you decided on a livery for it yet?
  15. Thanks, Richard. I have the SAM publications booklet on the AV-8B here, and from what I can make of the limited photos of the cockpit, it does seem to be from am AV-8B. As it stands, I have a more faith and slightly higher expectations from the CMK pit now! I've managed to get a lick of paint on my modified Aires bulkhead. Whether I use it or not relies solely on how I feel when the CMK pit arrives, but it doesn't look as bad as I was expecting. The cabin pressurisation valve and corresponding pipework look a little oversized to my eyes, but I'm not
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