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  1. Evening, all! After building on and off since first lockdown(!) I've finally managed to finish my Hasegawa Harrier, built as GR.9 ZG511/82 as she was during her last deployment to Kandahar. This build was a real labour of love. It's still the best big wing Harrier in this scale in my opinion, but she really fights you along the way. The end result is worth it though. I threw lots of aftermarket goodies at this one. I felt that the subject was worth the effort. Aires cockpit (butchered to more resemble a Brit Harrier) Eduard MB Mk.12
  2. Thanks John. I'm pretty proud of those... although it must be said, the resin/PE pieces really do a great job on their own of looking good. I'd fully recommend using both on any build, they're leagues ahead of the kit offerings! Thanks for the kind words! Sorry for the lack of updates... keep on reading for a little something below! Thanks, Chris! They were fiddly buggers, but well worth the hassle. The outriggers are so delicate though... not one to be played with! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Evening, all! I mu
  3. Beautiful! I've never been too interested in Biplanes, save for a big soft spot for the old Stringbag. Yours looks fantastic. Well done for making me realise how much I want a go at this kit! Daryl
  4. Beautiful finish, Werner! I built the IDS kit OOB a few years back and can attest to the fit of thr fuselage. I can say with confidence that yours turned out a lot better than mine! I remember reading through the thread here on the MW-1; it looks fantastic finished. Really completes the look of the model. Daryl
  5. Good evening, all! I've been pottering around for the last few days, trying to get some of the less glamourous jobs done on the Harrier. I'm sure we all have our favourite jobs, and some we resent. Externally, she doesn't look too different since my last update. Some of the smaller details have been painted, such as the Zeus tusks... ... and more towards the rear, such as the MAWS radome on the stinger, Zeus receiver, and Transmitter aerial. All were painted using a cocktail of acrylics that I couldn't tell you if I tried to remember, wi
  6. Watching this with great interest; what you've posted so far makes me feel like this is going to be one of those builds that makes me never want to dig my 1/24 Harrier out of the stash through fear of embarrassing myself in comparison to yours. I can only echo what has already been said about your pilot so far, but that is an absolutely tremendous bit of painting there. Daryl
  7. So good to see it finished, what a fantastic result! Have really enjoyed following your WIP, has really got me excited to start my kinetic GR.3. Nice one, she looks brilliant! Daryl
  8. Absolutely stunning end result, Alan! Having followed your build, I'm in awe how you've coaxed such a great finish out of that old kit. Far more work than I'd trust myself with, I'd be proud to achieve half as good a result. Daryl
  9. I'm glad to be corrected, Mike. Thanks for sharing the link. That set is invaluable for anyone wanting to build a GR.7/9 with an Afghan fit in my opinion (I'm pretty sure the 6-shot LAU-5002 included are also applicable to the Harrier too?), so I'm glad it will still be available in some capacity. You're too kind, Bill! It really means a lot, thanks From the email I received from Ultracast, I wouldn't imagine trade to France would be a concern at all. I ordered with them early last year and the delivery was insanely fast, from my experience it was a very pleasa
  10. Thanks, Werner! No accidents with misplaced decals on this one, I promise! Good to know I'm not the only one, John! With regards to the CRV-7 pods; the only place I've found with the correct pods in this scale is the CF-5 update & weapons set from Belcher Bits. Ultracast do have a couple in at the moment, but (withholding personal sentiment and inadvertently opening a political can of worms) I know they aren't shipping to the UK any more, whether that affects you at all. If you do struggle with them though, let me know and I'll see if I can help i
  11. Thanks for the kind words, Christer! It's always around this point where I do something silly and end up putting myself several steps back... hopefully I've passed that point! (touch wood) By all means, John; the more the merrier! If I can post even one thing on this thread that makes somebody else's build a little more enjoyable, I'll consider it a success. I remember buying my kit during the same show at Cosford where I saw the Harrier fly for the last time... may say something about how long I had this one in the box! Thanks, Alan; really apprec
  12. I've had my eye on one of these for a while - such a beautiful looking helo. Will tag along for the ride if that's okay! Daryl
  13. Cracking build, and a fantastic story to boot! I do enjoy hearing stories of friendly air forces tagging aircraft; I'd never heard this one before. Great job on the kit, I've always fancied a Vulcan but never really had the space. Seeing more of the GWH kits makes me want to do one even more! Daryl
  14. Evening, all! Was on a bit of a roll today; have managed to get most of the base colour down on the Harrier. I'm really impressed with the Hataka paints; I'm using their red line acrylics from the Modern RAF set 1. Considering how many varied reviews I've read on them, I must say I'm pleased with how they go through my H&S Evolution. I tend to stick to Tamiya acrylics if I can, and have recently been using Vallejo Model Air quite frequently... these Hataka paints have definitely found a permanent position in my painting arsenal now though!
  15. I heard a lot of scare stories prior to starting this kit - it's my first Hasegawa Harrier - and although I can see that there is a lot of scope for the build to go very wrong in a lot of places, the patience and perseverance are definitely worth it; it's a lovely kit with a lot of character. I'm very hopeful that it won't be my last! Thanks for the kind words, Freddie. It means a lot, and comments like that genuinely spur me on when stuck with more difficult or tedious parts of building! I must admit, I am rather proud of the seat! I must admit, I'm not as
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