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  1. Ah, thanks for the reply. You've just saved me a bit of cash though, so cheers! Daryl.
  2. Hi folks, just a quick one. Can anybody confirm or refute whether Model Alliance 729025 (Black Squared Codes and Serials for BAC/EE Canberras) include 18" codes/serials? Specifically 2x 18" 'D's? I need to salvage some for a non-Canberra project, but don't want to hit 'buy now' only to be disappointed. Thanks in advance, Daryl.
  3. Ah poop! Yeah, you're totally right on that one. Big thanks for the heads up, though. Appreciated. I think that's what they call 'bad research' on my part! They do look like they are the 18" titles, although the 'O' looks a little less rounded than the 'D' would be. It's definitely at least something to experiment with. This is a massive help, thanks! I don't have either, but it's definitely something I might have to look into putting the feelers out for. At least now I can narrow the search to an 18" letter 'D' It's things like this that make me love this site at times! Daryl.
  4. Gents, once again thankyou so much for the help. The model's future owner won't be too picky if everything isn't absolutely exact, but I will know! Rescue137, thanks for going through the trouble for that pic. I can assure you it will be grubby by the time I've finished weathering it! I've picked up Xtradecal X72157 for the 'D' and 'XZ558' codes, so that's sorted. The best I've found for the 202 sqn crest is on Xtradecal X72156, so I've picked that up... it looks good enough to my eyes, so hopefully that will do the trick! Now to raid the spares box to find some 'volunteers' to stick their feet out of the side door of this model and play Cadets for the day! Thanks all for contributing to the thread, though. I love how this site makes you realize how little you know about aircraft one might claim to have a particular fondness for, and this is certainly the case here! Daryl.
  5. Ah, many thanks, gents! I really appreciate the help. Yeah, I've been looking all evening for any clearer pics, but they seem to be extremely few and far between. You've both saved me a lot of frustration! Daryl.
  6. Evening, all. Just a quick question for any Sea King aficionados on here; I'm in the planning stage of building a 1/72 HAR3 for a friend, and want to depict the cab they got a ride in up in Lossie when they were in Cadets. I've been shown a few very blurry/distant pics, and can only make out that it's a 202 sqn cab, based in Lossie in 2009, and has 'D' on the tail. I can't make out the tail code, though, and my limited googling skills have come up fruitless. This is the cab in question: If anyone can offer any answers, I'd be very grateful! And as a bonus question, does anybody want to hazard a guess as to the easiest way to get decals for this? Xtradecal X72156 contains the 202 sqn crest, but the 'D' and tailcode may be a more troublesome affair. Many thanks in advance for any help that can be offered! Daryl.
  7. Zvezda also do a Ka-50 in 1:72; I've only heard good things about it. As has already been said, the Zvezda Mi-24 is the only way to go. It's amazing. Daryl.
  8. It's weird it not having a HUD. Doesn't look right. I'm guessing having everything on your visor negates the need for a HUD? Daryl.
  9. Simply stunning. I've never seen a Tiffie in desert camo before, it looks amazing. I'll be picking a copy of AMW up for sure, if only for this build! Daryl.
  10. That F-22 pic is absolutely jaw-dropping. Nice one, Radleigh! Daryl.
  11. This was the boxing I had. The paint scheme almost drove me mad, and it still turned out half as good as yours! Mine was straight OOB so I didn't bother with sand filters. I've got the Italeri MH-47, which might satisfy my Chinook needs for now, but after seeing yours, I definitely need to add another Brit Chinook to the collection! Daryl
  12. Just got the Brit boxing in the post today, and although I usually go for 1/48, I must say I'm very impressed. You can build it as a 4 or 5 point HIDAS cab, and you can build it with either the original TADS housing or the newer M-TADS arrowhead housing. You do only get the newer 3rd MPG in the CPG's pit, so no ORT tube option. The only thing I would say to be mindful of; if you are doing a 5 point HIDAS cab, and use the stub wing mounted MAWS, you will need to sand off the detail on the top of the MAWS housings either side of the fuselage, as these were removed and blanked over. Other than that, the only thing I can see that is missing is the fuse board behind the Pilot's seat. Although I haven't found a kit from anyone yet that includes this, so I guess we can forgive Academy. I'm really looking forward to starting this! Daryl.
  13. Now that's a tidy Chinook! Fantastic job there! I had the Echo Victor boxing (the granby Chinook) Airfix released, and would love to get my hands on another one down the line. You've done it far better justice than I did, though! Daryl.
  14. Just a couple of my better pics from Cosford. Not up to the same standard as some of the more regular contributors here, but you've got to have aspirations, right? Apart from the weather towards the end, and the surprising amount of no-shows (Sea Vixen, Puma, Gnat, P-51 etc.) it was another good show. Was nice to see the Scout/Wasp, and it was great seeing the Gazelles doing their thing. If only the BUFF could be trusted to fly a little lower during it's flypast... Anyhow, hope you enjoy! Daryl.
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