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  1. Here are my last two Tomcat builds: Tamiya 1:48 F-14D - Felix 112, VF-31 This had everything I could muster thrown at it - Eduard cockpit, Big 'Ed PE, Brassin GBU-38, Wheeliant Wheels, Master Pitot, Fightertown decals. (Aim-54 was subsequently removed - only after the build did I realise that the Phoenix was retired before VF-31's last cruise) AMK 1:48 F-14D - Bullet 100, VF-2 OOB except VF-2 decals stolen from Tamiya Kit. After building both kits, I had previously said that the only reason I would choose another AMK Tomcat over a Tamiya one was if I wanted a crouched Cat with lowered stabs/flaps. With the recent release of Tamiya's late Block F-14A in take-off pose, I'm not sure I would consider the AMK kit a worthy addition to the stash with Tamiya's offerings now. Cheers, Daryl
  2. Trust me, this kit practically builds itself. I've never had such sheer enjoyment out of a build as I did with my last Tamiya Tomcat. Looking forward to see what you think of the kit! Enjoy
  3. Thanks, John. That is a stunner! Really eye catching. I have the same Tomcat decals in 1:144... The Mig-28 is particularly appealing though, what kits did you work from? Thanks for having me, Col. I was torn between a few liveries, but I figured it'd be a crime to have a Tomcat GB and not see anything from the film. Hope I don't disappoint!
  4. Good evening, all! For my (first ever groupbuild!) entry, I've decided to model my Tamiya F-14a as Maverick & Goose's mount from that certain film that ignited my love of Grumman's big 'cat. I've built Tamiya's superlative Tomcat - albeit in its - D guide) previously, and it has firmly cemented itself as my favourite kit of all time. So I'm very happy to have the opportunity to add another to my shelf. I know quite a few in the STGB are also building the same kit, so I won't go into detail about it. It's a stunner and we'll leave it at that. I have Fightertown's best of the best decal set, which provides a lot of very attractive liveries. I've also got the Eduard Big 'Sin set to enhance the cockpit, burner cans and wheels. Although the OOB offerings from Tamiya are very commendable, Eduard's resin alternatives are unbeaten in my opinion. I also have Quickboost' s chin pod and tail stiffeners to update Tamiya's kit to the correct block for the movie jet. I have the Eduard' external PE set on the way as this adds a lot of fidelity to the look of the kit. And here is the livery I'll be working on depicting. I'm anxiously excited about the weathering that will take place on this build. Those movie jets were rather grubby to say the least! I have the Sabre resin crew kit on order to go with this build, and I'm looking forward to putting the helmet decals that come with the Fightertown sheet to good use! I'm very excited to start this build, and equally looking forward to seeing everybody else's builds and what we all come up with! Gentlemen; I feel the need - the need, for lots of re-runs of my favourite movie! Daryl
  5. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on; some really great livery choices there. I've got the Fightertown Decals lined up to do Maverick & Goose's movie mount for my entry too. I didn't realise until after I bought them how difficult they are to find now! Whatever you decide on, you'll be onto a winner regardless. I do prefer the - D, and VF-31 liveries are always my favourite... Those bomb tallies do add a lot too. Damn, I'm doubting what I want to build now!
  6. Absolute show winner there, fantastic work Always loved that camo scheme. Yours is executed flawlessly. Great work on the tight feathered edges. Daryl
  7. Hi, PeterR, I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable could give a more definitive answer, but I do believe the strengthening plates were a British Harrier modification only. Thanks for the kind words, and the best of luck with your build! Cheers, Daryl
  8. If you're after modern US Helo Drab, Hataka do it, included in their modern British Army Air Corps set. I haven't had chance to use it yet but if its any good, I believe its the first rendition of it in Acrylic (happy to be told otherwise!) Daryl
  9. @trickyrich oh wow, I'm impressed! I won't lie, I've never even considered Etsy before; that's opened my eyes to a while new world of possibilities! Will have to check if they're still around closer to payday - it's a little more than I've typically paid for decals - but it might be a case of get them when you can! Thanks for that, Rich. You should consider starting a business out of sourcing hard to find modelling accessories for a charge: you're obviously good at it! Daryl
  10. Thanks for the reply, Rich. Although I have bought from Ultracast in the past and have been astounded at the speed and efficiency they got my parcel to the UK, since we are currently going through certain ahem, hiccups with trade on an international level... I had seen they had those and tried to purchase from them, only to be reminded that Ultracast aren't shipping to the UK, and although they have an Ebay store to circumvent this, they aren't listed on there. I think I'll have to do a little more digging around, or reassess what this build will be finished as; I have a feeling the microscale decals will be a little more trouble to find than they're worth! The VF-33 build can go on the backburner for now. I feel the need... the need for an easier to source livery to complete my Tomcat in! Cheers, Daryl
  11. Just added another 1/48 Tamiya -A to the stash... Was tempted to build the Hasegawa kit of the same variant and scale that's been in the stash for almost a decade now, but given the time constraints I feel it will have to be a Tamiya kit. Now to decide the livery. I have the Fightertown Top Gun decal sheet with the intention of building Maverick & Goose's mount from the movie... If not that I'm very keen to build a VF-32, 33, or 143 a/c. Does anyone know of a decal sheet that contains lo-viz decals for a vf-33 aircraft with these markings? I've seen the FCM sheet, but I prefer the tail markings for the above a/c. Daryl
  12. Stunning, I usually prefer 1/48 and I like my Tomcats in TPS, but your build has me considering a change in scale and I suddenly feel like there's space in my cabinet for an all - light gull grey scheme F-14... Thoroughly enjoyed your WIP and its so good to see your RFI after all the hard work that has gone into it. Hats off to you! Daryl
  13. Great start to a build I'll be following with great interest. She's constantly flying overhead here, so it'll be good to see a build of something that lives a little closer to home.
  14. Used to love watching these fly over whenever I was in Trondheim, you've done them more than justice with your build! Daryl
  15. Stunning as always. Can only hope mine turns out half as good as this when I get around to starting it. Daryl.
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