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  1. Fantastic example. Great painting and weathering making it look nice and used- just how it should be!
  2. A top notch build. Lovely and colourful. I love vintage US jets!
  3. Good on ya George! It makes my blood boil when folk complain about perceived errors of a kit, probably on the basis of a few photographs on some dodgy modelling forum! (obviously not Britmodeller, cos only fine upstanding fellas and lassies are found here ). I truly reckon if you put photos of the real thing on certain forums, some folks would probably find fault with it! To misquote George Bernard Shaw- "Those who can, build. Those that cannot, complain!" Soapbox away, That's a fine looking model and looks every inch a whirlwind to me. Well done to Trumpeter for producing the thing and well done to Foxfriend for building it.
  4. A proverbial case of better late than never! Smashing build.
  5. Apparently there was a model in this post. But the only model I can see is the rather attractive and well endowed lady in George's profile pic. Ok being serious, that's one seriously cool build. I don't think I would have been brave enough to give that scheme a go!
  6. That's got to be one of the best Ju-52's I've seen. Love the cammo job. Nice one!
  7. OMG this brings back so many memories. Makes me feel like shouting "I feel the need, the need for speed!" Superb idea and builds, especially in such a small scale. Just one question, is your f-14 pilot giving the Mig pilot the "bird"? C'mon, talk to me Goose....
  8. Very nice MIG-21. Good finish especially as it was brush painted. Well done!
  9. Man, as others have said that's way impressive for your second go at a model. I think even most experienced modellers would have just given up trying to straighten out that bend. Nice one and keep 'em coming!!
  10. Great model. Awesome weathering and seascape. Love it! By the way, I was recently busted by the model cops for 'disguised swearing'. I was so annoyed I felt like saying ***** *******!
  11. Stunning Phantom. Can't fault anything about it! Are those after market decals? I've got the FG.1 kit but my decals are all creamy yellow and the lo vis colours are wrong too!
  12. Vinny, 100% perfect! Did you use setting solution for the decals, and if so, what did you use cos they look amazing.
  13. Vinny, that's a seriously top notch job you've done there fella. Just lovin' that there dayglo!
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