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  1. Evening, all! Not too much progress to show since my last post I'm afraid. According to the missus, apparently we can do other things whilst in lockdown like wallpaper walls and this thing called housework... that one was lost on me However - after much deliberation - I have decided that I will stick with the Aires cockpit for this build. There are a couple of reasons, such as the IP and nicer sidewalls, but above all I feel like I have gotten the rear bulkhead to a level that I would be happy with. I've made a couple of small adjustments and feel that some of the detail isn't as oversized as it was. I had a go at the side consoles and although they again don't really share too much in common with the real thing, the CMK didn't offer much better in that respect either. Now to move on to the part I'm looking forward to the most in the Aires cockpit - the main instrument panel! Cheers, Daryl.
  2. Gorgeous! Always had such a soft spot for the Stringbag.
  3. I always look forward to seeing your builds, Fuad - this one is no exception. The E-7/Trop is my personal favourite of the Emils, and you've finished yours superbly! Fantastic build.
  4. Fantastic pics there, thanks for sharing Gary.
  5. Wow Now that is an eye catcher! Beautiful build, nice one.
  6. Hi all, Just a quick update; I received the CMK cockpit this afternoon. After closer inspection I thought I'd share my findings on here for you all. This is the CMK Cockpit. As I suspected, the rear canted bulkhead is a far more faithful rendition of a GR.7/9, rather than an AV-8B. There's not too much of a difference in the between the side consoles. I do actually prefer the throttle on the CMK kit. These are the Ejection seats from both sets; Aires on the left, CMK on right. Both have pros and cons. It seems where one has detail missing, the other has it, and vice versa. The Aires seat gets bonus point for containing a comprehensive PE seatbelt harness, whereas the CMK seat has the harness molded in (albeit very well done.) One area the Aires is lacking is in the general dimension; when compared to both the CMK and Eduard seat, it does come up rather noticeably short. I feel this is the biggest letdown for the Aires seat. It does offer more intricate detail thank the CMK seat, but I find the detail on the CMK seat is cast with better definition. Overall they both have their strong and weak points. I feel that between the two, I would lean slightly towards the CMK kit, purely for the right height once in the pit. However, when placed next to the Eduard seat, I don't feel there is any competition. Here are the main instrument panels offered by both - again, Aires on the left, CMK on the right. Here, I find the Aires offers a little more than CMK. The CMK IP has all detail moulded into one piece - very nicely moulded in fact, with very crisp detail that should look very effective if painted well. The Aires IP however, has a multiple parts breakdown, with the UFC/CDC moulded into a separate unit, and the MFDs supplied on the PE fret. I feel this is particularly useful as they also offer a printed acetate sheet with dial details to place underneath that should look very effective. Overall, I feel that the CMK kit has the upper hand when it comes to faithfulness to the real thing. Some of the detail does seem some somewhat simplified in places, such as the side walls, and it does lack some of the delicate detail that the Aires kit offers. I think the overall impression I have of both of these is that when Aires gets it right, it gets it better. But the CMK kit seems to get it right quite a bit more than Aires. Moving on from this, I think that the best course of action may be to see if I can mate parts of each kit together - perhaps use the main cockpit tub from the CMK kit, along with the IP from the Aires kit and see how that comes on. Saying that, I may still decide to use the Aires cockpit I've worked on and try to improve that a little. Decisions, decisions... Cheers, Daryl
  7. I feel the need... Serioisly though, you're gonna love this kit. I built their - D model tail end of last year and loved every minute of it. Can never have too many big Cats. Have you decided on a livery for it yet?
  8. Thanks, Richard. I have the SAM publications booklet on the AV-8B here, and from what I can make of the limited photos of the cockpit, it does seem to be from am AV-8B. As it stands, I have a more faith and slightly higher expectations from the CMK pit now! I've managed to get a lick of paint on my modified Aires bulkhead. Whether I use it or not relies solely on how I feel when the CMK pit arrives, but it doesn't look as bad as I was expecting. The cabin pressurisation valve and corresponding pipework look a little oversized to my eyes, but I'm not sure how much smaller my greebling can get. I may readdress the plumbing if I can find some thinner gauge craft wire. I'm quite pleased with the home-mixed Dark Admiralty Grey. I used a blend of Hataka MSG, with a couple of drops of DSG in just to darken it ever so slightly. From the two, I still wasn't getting that nice, slightly Blue-Grey tinge, which came courtesy of 2 or 3 drops of Revell 57. I try not to mix different brands if I can help it, but in this case, I think i got lucky! Now I know that wasn't an absolute disaster, I'm a little more inclined to crack on with the side consoles and see how it goes from there! Take care, folks, Daryl.
  9. Morning, all! The other night found the (Dutch) courage to strip the back of the rear Bulkhead of the Aires cockpit in an attempt to get it looking a little more...well, Harrier-ish. I wasn't happy at all with their rendition (I'm going to assume they had based their cockpit off an AV-8B?) This is what the Aires cockpit offers: I won't post pics from the references I'm working from through fear of Copyright infringement, but the pictures I'm working from scarcely resemble what Aires have moulded into theirs. As a contingency in case I muck up my attempt I have ordered the CMK cockpit; partly because I'm interested to see how it stacks up against the Aires cockpit, which seems to be the go-to when building a UK Harrier in this scale. This is what CMK are offering: It's still not perfect, but looks a lot more promising the Aires kit. I'll be sure to offer a more informed opinion when I have the physical object in my hand! Well, all of yesterday was spent trying to rectify the Aires bulkhead. I would like to point out that I am most definitely a self-admitted assembler, rather than a modeller. There's still a lot of tidying up to do, but here is my crude attempt: I feel it's more accurate than what was there before, just a little messy than I would like. Looks like more work today! I'm not too worried about detailing between the seat rails as this won't be seen, but the rest will be quite visible once the seat is installed. Hopefully I'll have more progress to report back later! Daryl
  10. Always liked the look of the Fortress in this scheme. Whichever you decide on I'm sure it'll be a stunner!
  11. Thanks for the kind words, Werner. Although I can't take too much credit; the kit practically builds itself. May be the most enjoyable kit I've ever built!
  12. Evening, all. I hope everybody is managing to make the most of the beautiful weather in a safe manner. I believe this is what they call 'beer garden weather,' whatever that is... I wish I could say I've been sat in the garden with beverage in-hand all afternoon. I guess I'll have to settle for a couple of tinnies at the modelling desk (not that that's anything to complain about.) I have found time to get the ejection seat to a level where I'm happy to call it done, however. I'm sure I'll look at it in a few days and decide there's something I've missed or I'm not happy with, but for now I'm sick of mixing Green with Green to get another Green. Although I must admit, I am quite happy with the outcome. The Fox Two book is worth the cover price for the invaluable pictures of the seats alone. Next is to try and tackle the Aires cockpit and see if there's anything I can do with that to bring it up to a level I'm happy with. I may still order the CMK cockpit just to see how they stack up side by side. Worst case scenario, whichever cockpit I don't use can go in another Harrier build in the future (the horror!) Take care, folks! Daryl
  13. That paint on the AV-8B is looking great. The 2+ has always been my favourite of the septic harriers, you're going a cracking job of it!
  14. I was lucky to pick this up at a model show for relatively cheap (~£30) but you're so right, they fetch silly money when you can find them now. I've always found that bargain models always show up when you least expect them (usually the wrong side of payday!) so never stop looking! I'm glad I'm not the only one! Sadly there are kits in the cupboard that have been there for twice as long as the Harrier... I've found a couple of hours to start this evening; while I 'umm' and 'ahh' about the cockpit, I've started on the bangseat. I've used a few of Eduard's resin seats, and have been impressed at the quality and accuracy every time. No exception here. I'll apologise for my photography skills now; hopefully my macro shots will improve as the WIP goes on! The seat frame was sprayed in Tamiya NATO Black, with smaller details and rails picked out in darker Black, with Aluminium rods here and there. Headrest is German Grey... I may still darken this. The frame was given a light drybrush of dark Grey to accentuate the frame details, then a drybrush of Steel in areas prone to wear. Sealed in with a matt varnish. I was a little unsure how to depict the backpiece, which is a nasty OD carbon fibre colour. To try and replicate this, I sprayed it Tamiya Olive Drab, then gave it a light misting of the same OD, with a few drops of Gunmetal to give it a slight sheen. This was then given a thick ol' coat of Gloss to replicate the smooth finish on the real thing. The rest of the components are drying now, ready for a light wash in the morning, and then I can start adding the PE belts and handles etc. once those are in situ. That's it for tonite; I'll try and get some more done tomorrow and report back! Take care, folks. Daryl
  15. I've had Hasegawa's 1/48 Harrier GR.7 in the stash for a good few years now, just looking at me and wondering when it will get started. For an aircraft that I - as well as a lot of us on here I'm sure - have such an affection for, I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to it sooner. I feel one of the reasons I haven't started this kit sooner is that I had plans to throw lots of goodies at it in an attempt to get it looking as good as I can manage. I've been collecting AM bits and bobs for a while now, and feel that I have everything now that I need to build an a/c that I will be happy with. I saw a picture of ZG511 in-theater with lots of bits hanging off her pylons, and figured that I'd like to do a fully kitted out Harrier. So the plan is to try and depict her as she was during her last det. to Kandahar in 2009 - loaded with EPW IV, LAU-5003/CRV-7, and with TERMA/DJRP/SNIPER pods underneath. I've been collecting reference materials for longer than I've had the kit, so hopefully I will have half a clue as to what it's supposed to look like at the end... Although part of the reasoning behind doing a WIP was to feed off the wealth of knowledge on here and hopefully identify mistakes and issues before they can't be fixed! Any any recommendations for impulse purchases - ahem - vital reference materials are greatly appreciated! I'll be kicking off with the cockpit to start. I have the Aires GR.7 cockpit - one question before I do start though; I know the Aires cockpit has a couple of issues, especially with the bangseat rails and the actual seat being undersized. I plan to use the Eduard Brassin MB Mk.12 which I prefer the look of over the Aires seat. However the rear bulkhead doesn't much resemble pictures of the real thing at all (minimum effort on the visible bits such as the ground power panel/omission of cabin pressurisation valve etc.), and to be honest, compared to other resin cockpits of theirs that I've used, it does leave a lot to be desired. Has anybody used/compared the CMK offering? Is it any better than the Aires kit, or is the Aires cockpit as good as it gets, and a bit of scratchbuilding here and there will get me through? Cheers, Daryl.
  16. Is it 1/72 you're working in? If so I have the Xtradecal set that contains the 6" & 8" serials. I can see if I have what you need if the scale is right.
  17. Not the wanted area & thats closed ATM
  18. They both require a mountain of work to get them where they need to be, but I'd take the Revell offering anyday. The shape is better. The fit is (slightly) better. They both have their issues and are sorely lacking in detail, but the Revell one takes it for me. Luckily they're not toooo difficult to come across at a decent price. Unfortunately if you want a Longbow model, the Kangnam/Hapdong/etc. kit is the only large scale offering. I've been tempted to buy one of Revell's 1/32 -A kit with the intention of scratch building a conversion, but it's a mammoth task. I'd rather not have a 1/32-35 Longbow Apache in my collection than try to make the Kangnam kit look good. Mine didn't make it to painting, it was in the bin.
  19. Cracking build! Can't beat a Nimrod, and yours is a stunner.
  20. Flawless finish, as per! I've only recently been made aware of the BDU splinter camo on some F-16's - I'll definitely be having a go at one myself at some point. Here's to hoping it's half as good as yours! Top job.
  21. Those Alclad paints have really done the trick there, absolutely fantastic end result!
  22. Afternoon, all. I hope everybody is safe and well. I imagine that a lot of Britmodellers will be - like me - using the lockdown as an excuse to thin out the stash a little bit. I picked up Kitty Hawk's UH-1Y at Cosford model show just after it's release, and it's been one of those kits that has stared at me from the stash ever since. I figured that seeing as I have a little extra spare time on my hands of late, I'd pop the box open and have a peek. One thing led to another, and, well here we are! Everything is OOB, a few details added here and there. This was my first KH kit. I have very mixed feelings on the build overall. I feel the kit is very well designed, some clever design work. However, what works in CAD on a screen doesn't always translate well on the modelling desk, and the fit of this kit fought me throughout. Dryfit dryfit dryfit was my mantra throughout the build. The flash was something else entirely. I'm still considering replaying the doormounted M134 with an aftermarket offering because the moulding of the kit supplied one was so warped and flashed over. The plastic was so brittle, most small parts had to be repaired straight from the sprue. And let's not mention having to pay to get replacement parts for the chin mounted optics mailed over because they were strangely not present in the kit. I used Vallejo model air paints to finish it. I like the colour match for the FS numbers in their range. However, be careful if building this kit, as the colour callouts are incorrect, so as well as having to do a little homework, you'll have to live with the kit decals getting lost in the paint scheme, as they are printed in the wrong colours. However, the end result was... just about worth the hardship. I already have my eyes on their UH-1N, and I'm still undecided as to whether I'll add the Venom's stablemate, or if I'll stretch to Academy's 1/35 offering of the AH-1Z. Regardless, if the UH-1Y is a kit you feel you need in your cabinet, I'd definitely recommend it, on the proviso that you may spend more time banging your head against the wall than you'd like! C&C welcome as always, and I hope you enjoy! Take care, and stay safe folks. Daryl
  23. Beautiful. I battled through their HU.5 in the same scale, converted to a HC.2 - it nearly went out the window a couple of times! You've managed to coax more out of the kit than I ever could.
  24. Beautiful result. I love the fade you've achieved on the upper surface camo. Call me old fashioned, but I still don't think you can beat Tamiya acrylic varnishes for a nice smooth finish. Saying that, I have recently tried Windsor & Newton Artist's acrylic varnishes through an airbrush at the recommendation of a friend, and I can't recommend them enough.
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