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  1. Very nice detail pictures, particularly if it is fairly original condition.
  2. I know what you mean but I don't think there is any way around it. We only charge what Australia Post charges us. I assume you are looking for a Catalina upgrade set? If you are still looking around Easter 2023 (and they are in stock) our courier will probably travel from UK-Aus-UK.
  3. Maybe some ruined civilian houses?
  4. If you mean the Hobbyboss one, it's not new - came out in about 2007. If you mean the SH boxing of the Academy kit, it's not new either - early 2021.
  5. There has been a resupply of these items and a newsletter will be out soon with ordering details.
  6. However there were half a dozen or so Meteor pilots who shot down MiGs.. After December 1951 they were mainly used for ground attack. https://www.redroomodels.com/product/mig-killers-part-2/
  7. This is the relatively new kit of the Meteor Mk 8 from Airfix. Built pretty much OOB apart from addition of ADF fairing (which comes in the kit) and rockets (from the spares box) to make a 77 Sqn plane in Korea. Painted with an old tin of Humbrol 11 and a mix of decals - main decals Airfix, stencils Red Roo/ Airfix and personal markings from SH kit. It's a lovely kit with very precise fit. Paint in the wrong place needs removal for parts to fit, espcially the wheels. The markings are those of PO Peter Clemence who went on the have a great career in aviation and was a friend of my father-in-law. It's such a nice kit I will build more of them. I expect it will fit this conversion nicely even though it is not designed for it https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-1-72-meteor-u-mk16-21-conversion-set/
  8. We even have a few left in stock for people who might be inspired to have a go with the new 1/72 Airfix kit. I have built one OOB and I suppose I should check out the fit on another. I can't see any reason it wouldn't work. https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-1-72-meteor-u-mk16-21-conversion-set/
  9. I think you are right - overall Aluminium Dope, later given an upper finish of most likely Olive Drab for camouplage. While it is most probably OD the unit may have beeen operating within the British supply chain and there is a possibility that it is Dark Green. I would probably go with OD.
  10. Given you spelt it this way twice, is this some new company or do you mean Airfix?
  11. Rob, read Post #3. Specifically, the one we are talking about is from the Czech Republic.
  12. No, worse than that - we think he got divorced but it was all a bit confused at the time. He certainly stopped making decals.
  13. If you have a Faecbook account, you might get an answer here https://www.facebook.com/groups/695711033832473/?multi_permalinks=0&notif_id=1668403375186633&notif_t=group_highlights&ref=notif
  14. Indeed @Troy Smith should write a book................
  15. Interesting and informative - if you put the MAP book up against it you could see which one is closest.
  16. (1) Don't believe everything you read on the internet (2) Only if it is considered an exact match to the level of accuracy you desire (3) Only if you are sure of (2) above FS matches can be useful but once you start getting into fine differemces in colour between paints they are not much help. And, yes, all capitals does customarily indicate emphasis (or even anger) although we know that was not your intention.
  17. This thread has a helpful diagram. From the above posts, the FIU did not remove turrets at that stage, so ignore that note. According to my reasoning, the photo of the plane I modelled has Sky undersides.
  18. I can assure you that Tally Ho went out of business in late 2008. It was a complicated exit from the industry. We sold off the last of their decals after that.
  19. All of the kits produced so far look more like Airacobras than Spitfires but there is quite a variation in shapres. It is not easy to find accurate plans. Based on a day spent measuring the one that used to live in Adelaide, the RS is the most accurate here and I believe it is very close to the Arma one. Compare for yourself!
  20. I have used several different examples of them without any problems. Excellent decal performance, and the ones we helped with anyway, high quality research. The ones you are after are pre-2008, when they ceased production, which is probably not really old by decal standards but some care may be required. The Tally Ho guy did work for quite a few other Czech companies. Note there have been two decal makers using that name (the other being in Canada) so interpret reviews accordingly.
  21. Looking at the LF resin and knowing the quality of their research I will wait for the SBS one!
  22. It looks like SBS will do the F.4 and F.5 in 1/72 resin............ eventually. Their kits are quite nice.
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