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  1. Hi all, I am after a set if 1:48 USAF helicopter crew in pre-flight configuration (standing, checking, chatting...) Any ideas please?
  2. Fantastic. I love a B-1. Built one in :48 scale once and it's BIG!
  3. Hi. This looks interesting, however, I believe that it should be in Work In Progress section
  4. Looks g8. Have you got some photos of the black dog resin in place?
  5. I had a Spitfire fly over today. A couple of poor shots from my phone unfortunately...
  6. Wow. They are some excellent images. Looks like a phenomenonal show
  7. Oh, really? That would explain why I've not seen anything all week despite being just a few miles away
  8. Just been to Culdrose and saw the Sea King. Spent some time in the viewing area and saw.... NOTHING
  9. jhutchi


    Hi Ross, You're not in the right place. You need to be in the military by era section
  10. Hi All, Any one know of a downloadable file for the front portion of a 1:48 Pave Low?
  11. NOPE! We should moan, stamp our feet and leave!
  12. He seemed a happy chappy. Open to new ideas and willing to change his mind set. Shame he won't be staying
  13. Love it. I built a MK I once and my friend suggested that I build a MK 47 Seafire to show the first and last. I did and then he suggested that I built every mark in between. "Don't be an idiot" I said; I now have about 30!
  14. I told her that she'd had enough and I wasn't serving her anymore!
  15. So, been a while but we all know how life is. I've got the outdoor kitchen area finished With handy storage for...something And one of the cats seems to like it. She was asking what time the bar opens!
  16. Blimey. You must have more Malta Spitfires than during the war Liking your builds though
  17. @Paul821 I hope you didn't listen to my advice as everything was much further south from mine
  18. I live in Colne Engaine and have previously seen the flypasts from my house across the valley.
  19. Great to see Stow Marie's mentioned. I grew up in Maldon and used to go clay shooting near the old buildings before it was brought and turned into a museum.
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