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  1. I’ve just seen this and very sad to hear. 70 is a young age to go these days, and can’t believe that she was that old. RIP Heather Graham
  2. Definitely a bit odd that movie! Graham
  3. Perhaps a bit ahead of its time given the subject of the clip but I always loved this movie and this scene in particular. Brian Johnson at his best:
  4. I remember that day very well indeed. Not only because of Columbia, but it was also the day I lost my first wife. Graham
  5. Well, I’ve just managed to subscribe to Netflix for the grand sum of 50p a month so can now watch both series without having to wait. I can feel a binge watch coming on.... Graham
  6. I can still remember the photo of the burnt out capsule on the front page of the Daily Mirror. Horrifying. Graham
  7. Oh, bit nice that. Graham
  8. I’ll have you know that’s way past my bed time.... Graham
  9. No, I don’t. But if you’re going to provide a message, at least make it subtle and, as Noelh says, no need to use a sledgehammer. If children are the main audience, why is it on at 7pm? I would have thought, given the time slot, it was aimed at a family audience, including miserable old gits like me. Graham
  10. After the first two episodes, which I quite liked, the latest episode was back to the same old plop from the last series. I’d cottoned onto the Spyfall connection, but, never having played any, the video game link went way above my head. And as for the lecture at the end ..... Graham
  11. I’ve just seen this and came on to share! Brilliant! Graham
  12. I’ll stick with Halfords rattle cans - there’s enough in their range to get close enough for most colours for me! Graham
  13. Just watched episode three - beginning to to like it! I cant believe, though, that after the appearance of Discovery, it took me about 10 minutes to link it with the title - Doh! Graham
  14. Just watched all three episodes. Really enjoyed it, good bit of humour, not overdone in the gore dept and really liked that Dracula chappie. Graham
  15. I thought was better than most previous episodes. Having said that I still don’t like Jody Whittaker (as the Dr). Graham
  16. Or I’ve drunk too much wine, but it made me giggle: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7839653/Elephant-turns-heel-charge-villager-fields-hits-stick.html Graham
  17. Just caught the first couple of episodes - trying to work out when it’s set (I only came across it by accident and missed the first 10 minutes of E1). Graham
  18. Mmmm Sigourney Weaver in leather.... Oops, sorry, wrong site. Nice one, like it a lot. Graham
  19. Oh, that is sad - he always seemed to have a way to engage me as a youngster. Graham
  20. I use live.co.uk and it seems fine. Haven’t noticed any adverts. Graham
  21. Bugger, how’d I miss this? Cracking stuff as usual, John. Graham
  22. Correction - it’s deleted a test post I did and gives me a message saying I don’t have enough post.... Graham
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