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  1. Thanks for all the replies.... OK, so that cleared that up!! AFV...... or Miniart..... or Hobbyboss...... or Dragon...... or Rye Field Models....... or Das Werk...... or Takom..... or Asuka....... or Tamiya...... Let's see if I can refine it and narrow things down a little..... 1/35 scale. More challenging than a 40 year old Tamiya kit. Vietnam, Desert Storm or modern armour (or soft skin). Al
  2. Having returned to modelling after a mere 40 year hiatus and got my eye back in with a few Tamiya, Airfix and Revell cheapo armour kits (stringy glue doesn't come in a squeezy toothpaste tube anymore, paint doesn't take days to dry and mouldings actually match up!! What is this witchcraft? ) Now looking for something more challenging .... half of the current kit manufacturers I'm sure I've not heard of or were out of my budget back then. Recommendations welcome, any era considered. 1/35 scale preferred Thanks in advance Al
  3. Cheers..... This seems to be a good option. Certainly within my tightarsed northerner budget. Has to be an improvement on my current piece of chromed chinesium tat. Al
  4. Having lost the battle of wills with the no-brand, Chinese ASO (airbrush shaped object) that came with my 'Amazon special' compressor and AB set, I am looking at upgrading to something a little better and relegate the current one to primer duties. Main uses will be for block colours on AFVs, may even push my non artistic abilities to some camo on the odd thing with wings. I am using acrylics only, nothing exotic. Not looking to spend the GDP of a small country. What are the collective minds recommendations on a reasonably priced first AB upgrade for use by someone with all the delicacy of a ham-fisted 250lb gorilla? Thanks in advance.
  5. Things I have discovered since restarting this modelling lark: 1. Superglue only sticks to 2 things; skin and anything it's not supposed to. 2. A bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin will only get knocked over if it's: a. Full and b. You leave the top unscrewed. 3. Your finger will unconsciously be drawn to the area of filler you've spent 10 minutes meticulously smoothing. 4. You can find every colour of paint under the sun except the one you're looking for. 5. Cats like 'helping' by knocking bits off the cutting mat or getting sub-assemblies stuck in their fur. 6. The announcement of "dinner is ready" comes just as you have filled the airbrush cup. 7. Trying to place a microscopic piece into an even smaller locating hole will be interrupted by heavy breathing over your shoulder and the "what ya doing?" question, as the aforementioned piece pings out of the tweezers and sails across the room, never to be seen again. 8. The kit you really want is always out of stock. 9. Nightshift youtube videos are addictive 10. You get some funny looks when browsing the makeup department in shops "these makeup brushes and nail sanding sticks are for my model making, honest" "Of course they are sir. Would you like a bag for your, ahem, modelling supplies"
  6. Thanks for both of the above replies. Many many things to add-on..... Wheels Hmmmm..... trailer or Giant Viper? Or both! Ooohh a CET!! Time to crack open a fresh bottle of single malt and engage the drunken one-click purchasing finger of impending poverty.
  7. Picked up one of these and looking for some hints and tips to do it justice as my brother served in one during Op Granby. http://www.amusinghobby.com/goods_98.html I know that the wheels aren't too accurate and there are replacements available. What other add-ons are available? PE grilles, equipment etc Guessing that colour would be light stone for the desert paint scheme. Hints and tips on diorama or base building and any opinions/comments welcome. Thanks. Al
  8. After painting up some small parts yesterday I put them 'somewhere safe' so I wouldn't lose them. Come this morning and couldn't find them Cue tearing the contents of the build table apart, poking around in the jug of brush rinsing water, emptying the storage drawers, boxes, looking in empty coffee cups and scrabbling around on the floor in case the carpet monster paid a visit overnight, accompanied by the usual colourful language. Gave up and convinced myself they weren't that important anyway and went back to painting...... Went to put new part in my 'helping hands' only to discover my missing parts staring at me from the clamps. I must have picked up or moved the damned thing a dozen times On the plus side, I am 25 pence richer found a wing mirror, towing shackle, a 0.5mm drill bit, 4 resistors and an led so we'll call that a win.
  9. Getting back into this modelling lark after a mere 40 year hiatus, hopefully with less glue and paint on me, the cat and the carpet this time round. The models of my youth mostly ended up as air rifle target practice or attached to a firework, yes I was THAT kid. Missus is quite happy, for now, for the 'project room' to be filled with more stuff, alongside the 3d printer, computer, arduinos etc. Looking at the finished projects on here, I'm going to have to up my colouring-in game. At least todays acrylics are water based Al
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