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  1. Thanks Black Knight, but they only have 1/76 ...
  2. Hello there, Does anyone know where I can buy 1/72 Preiser figures in the UK ? Thanks in advance Andrés Alvarado
  3. Hi guys!! I´m still uploading pics of some old builds, this one was build 3 years ago... it´s the revell kit with some scratch parts like the machine gun, lights fenders, a new mantlet was done with milliput and other bits ... Hope you like it: Cheers!!
  4. Hi guys!! Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the kind words!! ohhh so you spotted the barrel!! ajajajja Actually I did put a lot of weight inside the fuselage and the engine nacelles, but it wasn´t enough though.... I was affraid of breaking the landing gear again, I had a bad experience with an airfix Cat in the past. Thanks Rob for the invitation! Yes I´d love to join the GB, I have a AR-95 in Chilean markings in mind Orion, the tractor is the old minicraft/hasegawa one wich comes with the T-34 Mentor boxing.
  5. Hi there!! After introducing myself in the New Members section, this is my first post here. A bit of background...In Chile, the first flight from continental Chile to Easter Island was carried out by a PBY-5A Catalina baptized "Manu-Tara" of the Chilean Air Force. The flight, made on January 20, 1951 was commanded by captain Roberto Parragué Singer and lieutenants Jose Núñez Rousseau and Alfredo Aguilar. The flight departed from La Serena Air Base traveling for about 3,800 kilometers without landing, to land on a track prepared in advance in Mataveri. The ki
  6. Hi there!! I´ve been following the forum for a couple of years and I´ve finally created my account ... My name is Andrés, I´m 36 and I´ve been building scale models for the last 20 years. I´m a slow modeller and I really don´t have much time to dedicate to this hobby, but I still manage to finnish something from time to time. My preferences are 1/72 aircrafts, military vehicles and Macross kits .....but I do have some 1/48 kits that I specially like. Regards and best wishes!! Andrés Alvarado
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