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  1. That flot bag looks really good matey, turned out really well keep it up fella Dan
  2. A quick mask up on the crew stairs and some darker grey added. Enjoy Dan
  3. I thought it was the cover for the Yankee ejection seat rocket motor, the sky raider had a unique rocket motor that wasn’t fitted to the seat bottom but was behind the pilot seat heat rest. It’s an olive green in colour and I think it’s nylon. Some were were not fitted, possibly the early versions though.
  4. Cheers Tim, Hoping to get the fuselage closed up tomorrow and move on with the rest of the other bits n pieces sorted. Dan
  5. Cheers for all the great comments and likes folks. So starting to get the interior together, its going to be closed up I'm afraid, that's what was specified so that's how its going. To open the side door would mean a boat load of work to make it even half accurate but I'll not back off what's already there. Klunk click every trip, lap belts and harnesses going in, jump seat is done. just the pilots and observers seats to get done now and the rear seats Crew seats are painted up, they have had a blast of matt varnish as my orange paint is gloss. Belts going on as we speak. Regards Dan
  6. Mig Ammo is very good it’s my varnish of choice.
  7. A very powerful diorama indeed Kev and so skilfully done, every single small detail is done to a incredible standard. You should be chuffed mate. Regards Dan
  8. You have made a good start, the filters are really the weak point in the kit but can be made better by the Eduard PE set, not perfect but much better. The kit does have the feel that Airfix ran out of cash during the development of it because of the small niggly bits but I think its worth a go and can be turned into something special. Regards Dan
  9. Getting more done Some modulation done with oils on the stowage racking, Oil wash for the hubs Slowly but surely. Dan
  10. Blown away Rob, now that is an awesome build buddy, I can't say anymore bud but stunning
  11. And the undercarriage getting some nice MRP goodness Have I told you that I love this stuff Enjoy Dan
  12. Back to the subject in hand …. Some of the interior fittings getting some paint and weathering. The stowage cupboard. I would imaging that this got pretty beat up so I've added a few chips, I'll pop an oil wash on later once the paint have dried and blend the doors in a bit more, I think they are fabric of some sorts. Regards Dan
  13. That’s the money shot mate nice work on build, it looks fantastic. Regards Dan
  14. Just like when when civies use the phrase “ with military precision “ like it’s going to absolutely run like a well greased machine .... If only they knew
  15. More done tonight, more PE added and more priming More later Dan
  16. Contrary to the Hollywood movies, I've never flow in any cab where you can have a normal conversation with without a headset. the noise is rather loud, my last flight in a HC 4, myself and loadie chatted using a note books and a MK 1 pencils. There was a shortage of headsets that worked on that cab so it was the best way in telling him where I wanted to get dropped off. The same is also true with the Hercules, It make me laugh when you see the actors having a nice chat during flight in a film without a headset or two, they really were a giant alloy tube of noise.
  17. Part of the crew intercom, quick release plugs on the end to fit the crewman's bone domes, there are a few in the back for the other crew members so that they can move around the rear cabin. Regards Dan
  18. That's looking rather sweet mate, like where it's going
  19. Cheers chaps for the likes and comment guys , more later once I’ve had my scran.
  20. Hi Glynn, I’m not aware that anybody makes Brit carrier deck tie downs tbh, they are different to the US version which is a shame but I think they could be scratched with some brass wire and plastic tubing. I’ll have to do a bit more research but I think it’s doable for a small section of deck especially in 72nd scale
  21. Thanks chaps, the seats are indeed devoid of any texture and so far I’ve used 5 shades of the base colour just to break them up a bit, the photo has exaggerated the shadow and highlights somewhat but they look okay in the flesh Regards Dan
  22. I added this on my last build which was fun, lucky this time the customer wants it buttoned up so it saves a bit of time for me.
  23. So here is where we are at with this one tonight, loads more to do yet The IP grey area has had an oil wash to add some shadow, the seats need tidying up yet and the belts adding but we are getting there slowly. more tomorrow folks Dan
  24. Well the Die has been Cast, painting of the interior is now in full swing. Rear cabin seats are getting some colour an d the detail painting has begun, some shadow and highlights on the blues fabric seats, they will get the lap belts and framing painted up before fitting. Enjoy folks Dan
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