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  1. Some of the other bits that need cleaning up or stripping. Looks like I have most of the parts still. Can't quite remember why this got side lined ?
  2. Its been a while since my last update on this build And its getting a bit of a joke really, blimey - 2008 was build start! This was actually my very first build post on BM. So I have decided to get this one finished or closer to finishing - can't promise and I have the right to change my mind. Its been kicking around the workshop slowly getting damaged with bits being knocked off and covered in dust. I've repaired most of the damaged and broken parts now and gien the airframe a wash and some micromesh work to smooth out the primer. As you can see she is in good shape (ish) and probably not far from another new primer coat. I'll finish the F-16 and then get cracking so by the time its done Airfix should have released its gazillion quid new tool but in its RAF guise.
  3. Last few bits glued on now, some inert AIM-120's. Not far now from finishing up, a nice satin varnish and a panel line wash is really all that is left to do.
  4. It does load up on my Ipad, how weird ? Nice picture BTW
  5. i'll go check it on my ipad and report back
  6. I did hear that those gentleman tankers would pop a shed load of compo boiled sweets in the breach of the 120mm Chiefy gun and pop a charge in behind, fire it over the heads of the supporting infantry gentry - just for & giggles, Sugary Napalm pain for brassing up their sleeping bags ! I'm not sure that i believe this as I don't think the gunnery gods would be too pleased that tank gun had been fired without a projectile? It to me sounds a little like a myth passed down to many squaddies that go through Exercise Medman? Any tankies out there that could back up this old Army Myth or did it actually happen ?
  7. Not for me I'm afraid ? Where you posted the Image it just says "Spacer.png "
  8. Everything from a rust colour/red brown/ light pink to a salmon pink, all depanding on how many layers of paint and how long since its last repaint, in my case the wagons were painted often in my unit ,the exhaust tip was black with soot. One thing that they guys used to do to any new person posted in from the factory was to pour a waterbottle down the exhaust pipe and get him to look for "smoke " fairly close to pipe when it was started up. The individual would get covered by black sooty water when the driver hit the gas and the contents were thown out at a rapid rate.
  9. Cheers Chaps So walkway decals on and so far so good, some silvering close to the panel lines on the wings but I think I can sort those. Canopy isn't yet glued on, i might do a touch more yet to the pilot.
  10. BATUS in Canada is one of those nice big training areas where Live fire is carried out, Tanks and infantry using the huge areas to practice together with live ammo so you can see where this might be going now.... one of the common things that some of the infantry units used to do was to "brass up" the tankies personal kit stowed in the chieftain baskets, apparently is quite funny to see the feathers being shot out of 58 pattern sleeping bags that were stowed in the tanks baskets
  11. Thats not rust on the exhaust of the 43, the heat used to change the colour very quickly to an almost pink colour. The closer to the baffle box then the hotter and more pink the paint used to turn, further away it didnt get as hot so some of the original colour used to show towards the end of the pipe. The K60 engined 43's exhaust used to get really hot, hot enough to cook on, after a road move of a few hours we used to place compo tins on the exhaust pipe - dented so they didn't explode, it used to warm them up nicely. A handy little tip if we moved into a location fully tac with no engines running. The BV was of course the main way of cooking but if the 43 wasnt running then they could flatten the vehicle batteries pretty quick if we used the BV's not good in some tight locations where getting another 43 to slave you ( Jump Start) could be very difficult.
  12. Along the lines of..... "it's green and it has tracks so it must be a tank"
  13. The BCF fire extinguishers were replaced in the early 90’s for those versions you have modelled on the 43 so I reckon you are close, pretty sure Chieftain MK 11’s were still kicking about in training units. I seem to remember hearing that characteristic engine sound on CTA (Catterick Training Area) in the early 90’s from some donkey wallopers training sprog crews.
  14. These are counter sunk and with a hole so just a couple of screws to attach. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lesen-10x3mm-Neodymium-Strong-Magnets/dp/B0753C7DVT/ref=sr_1_13?crid=2Y665RPG502Z6&keywords=10mm+button+magnets+15mm&qid=1642670002&sprefix=10+mm+button+mag%2Caps%2C72&sr=8-13
  15. I’m posh, I bought one of the RPToolz handles a few years ago at Telford, They use 10mm rare earth magnets on the handle for 1/35 kits so I’d have a quick look on Amazon for the same. http://www.rptoolz.com/?page_id=170
  16. Just use some strong magnets, that way you don’t need to drill a hole in the underside for a nut and bolt, epoxy the magnets onto the holder and place a couple into the lower hull and you should have a strong bond for building/painting.
  17. Very close now in actually finishing this project. First aircraft built since 2008 by Dads Modelwerks and I'm quite happy so far, A few things worked and some didn't but its all a learning curve, with hindsight I would of changed a few things and those will happen when I build another F-16. Walkway decals on the upper surfaces - (Still procrastinating ) AIM-120's finishing and fitting. Mainplane static wicks. Fit the pilot. Flat varnish and final weathering - panel wash etc. Its not a bad kit considering the first boxing came out in the 1980's, so the question has been asked what is next? I really don't know is the answer but I'm sure something will end up on clean ish desk in the next few days post viper build.
  18. The new cam system was issued in 94 for my unit and it took a good 12 months for the brackets to be welded to the fleet Nick, the kits we had were meant for the Warrior so were bodged on to the 43’s, I can remember the REME Tiffy saying that they were not allowed to just weld them on at the time as there was no official instruction. Our Cages were local manufacture by the REME and were a bit rough and ready, a lot bigger than the cage Takom provide which looks like it’s proper issued CES item.
  19. Not really, the side bin on the 43 is a very late addition, probably added when the fleet were re-engined/Bowmanisation very close to that date. Certainly never seen one in my time 1989 - 2001 so the 43 would of had the hazzard plates on the back bins thats for sure.
  20. This one has really come on Ivan, looks like you captured the back end really well mate. Just need a crushed few compo cans and some cardboard from an old ration box thrown in
  21. Beautiful work Rob, fantastic little build indeed fella.
  22. Coming along nicely Roger, Pack bay is looking busy mate, I can almost smell the burn't OMD 80 mate.
  23. Looking rather smart Nick, I'd leave the wide vehicle reflectors in place they add a touch of colour and it was illegal to drive on the roads with out them fella. Ours were pop riveted onto the back bins so were a permanent feature. i think the only time they would be removed would be in time of conflict.
  24. Much better mate, nice save on the primer and the MK2 is looking ready for a nice finishing coat
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