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  1. Here we are, some paint, not sure on the base colour but once the digi cam goes on I hope it will look okay. Enjoy
  2. Been knocking back some of the imperfections and touching up the primer and paint. The nose is much better now and some of the areas around the seams are better. Airbrake area got some paint and the heat shield is now masked up ready for the top coat of paint. Enjoy
  3. Primer time and a little playing around with the hot areas on the rear fuselage. Nose has been blocked in but needs a bit more sanding, this was the first pass with primer and there are a few areas that need a bit more attention. Enjoy
  4. Been away on leave for a few weeks so back to the build. Airbrakes got some attention on the inside surfaces. More work on the burner cans, mainly the insides Harms get some paint. And the HUD gets the reflector glass fitted, hard to see in the pic but its present and correct. Enjoy
  5. The cross markings are to show that the tank is playing the role of an enemy vehicle on exercise. Usually done with mine tape which is normally used for marking mine fields. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142956696495
  6. Cheers Chaps, More painting up, this time a bit more complex, Alclad hot metals added along with a Tamiya black panel line wash left for a good while to dry before cleaning up with mineral spirts. The detail is amazing and makes the painting a real joy. I picked up these over the weekend, they might come in handy at some point. Enjoy
  7. After a bit clean up its paint time, just a quick going over with a few colours, some hot metal colours to go yet. They will get a dark oil wash after all the tones and colours have been added, these are just blocking in colours really. Enjoy
  8. Finally, after the post office strike, they have arrived. Well worth the wait, the Rekit burner cans are a nice bit of kit. So, a recap - Kit parts first. And then these. In the raw - out of the box And cleaned up, casting bases cut off. A vast improvement over the kit parts.
  9. Cheers Guys. Just sorting out the canopy, removed a bit more material to make it all fit better, Reskit exhausts ordered so should be here this week. Canopy will get a good polishing up with the Tamiya compounds once they get fitted. Panting mask set Enjoy
  10. They are a very early set of Friuls made for the Tamiya Tiger 1 when it was first released. Blimey they must of come out during the mid 1990’s so just tie in when Tamiya released the more modern tooling Tiger 1 kits. I used them when they first came out, they come with a little white metal jig to assemble and align the first couple of links. I still have a few links kicking about somewhere in the stash spares. They also made a set for the Tamiya Stugs and PZIVs using the same crimp method.
  11. One more job that I wasn't looking forward to doing, the PE HUD frame. You need to thin down the base a little on the kit part but it fits well under the forward canopy. Now to fit the glass part - Thanks for all the likes and comments
  12. Some of the smaller details now going on, I think it's an ECM/ESM antenna on the tail, from the Eduard PE set. The Master Pitot fitted along with the fillets, again much fun had in getting these bits attached. Primer soon I think, Still need to sort out the HUD, seat and polish up the canopy. Enjoy
  13. Brassin weapons complete, The AA-11 Archers were a nightmare to get together just so you know, the forward fins are PE and are about the same thickness as a fag paper. One slight bend and they will not fit into the slots on the missile nose. Brassin Pylons are very nice and came with the missiles, they have had some plastic pins added for ease of fit later. Resin aux intakes added to the underside Enjoy
  14. A few more bits done mainly on the HARM installation; a few pictures have come out now showing the integration of the system on the Ukrainian Migs, LAU-118 pylon adapter onto what looks like the wing mounted drop tank pylons. Kit part chopped and modified. We almost have a Mig-29 Wild Weiselski Eduard Brassin AGM-88 built. Adding the bracing for the rear of the CL drop tank, very simplified. Enjoy
  15. Been away for a few days with my Dad so not much work on the Mig, Did manage to get the vert tails in and filled and modified the horizontal tails to show a bit of deflection. Also picked up a couple of goodies No self-respecting Ukrainian Mig 29 would be seen without the 2022 latest fashion - The AGM-88 HARM Enjoy
  16. Hannants had a few in stock for £2:50 per set https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EDSS183?result-token=gQ5ss
  17. Cheers chaps, First bits of Eduard PE going in, these were recessed as not to sit proud on the surface, again the PE set was made for the Italeri kit. Micro chisel used to remove the material, some small filling with Mr dissolved putty. Enjoy
  18. Fits nicely in place. Just a drop of Mr Dissolved Putty to blend it into place. Enjoy
  19. A couple of extras to bring the kit up a little, Open Airbrake - Aires for the Italeri kit, should fit? Closed airbrake has been removed from the fuselage with a Hasegawa PE razor saw. Needs more cleaning up yet so only the first pass at it. And the full stencil decal sheet, just to add a bit more detail. Enjoy
  20. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RSU72-0192?result-token=2hXtz https://reskit-models.com/image/catalog/instruction/RSU72-0192.pdf
  21. Last few days have been a bit light on the modelling front but I've done few more bits. Mainly cleaning up the seams and blending in the nose on to the fuselage. Aux air intakes have been filled with plastic card and the centreline drop tank got the hole for the APU added, I need to add the braces at the rear yet. Burner cans have been cleaned up but I'm thinking of some AM parts for this area, they are somewhat simplified in the kit and are very basic. Reskit are releasing a resin set just for this kit so I might wait for those to come in. Enjoy
  22. Main missile body colour is white for all the supplied missiles Rick, I would check though things like the seeker heads, they would be different.
  23. Beefy is into rocketry now AFV’s next then lad Nice little build fella.
  24. Post it notes are good for ad hoc decal masking, cut the sticky side off and use that but as always test it first.
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