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  1. Tamiya paint retarder is really the best way to cure the problem, it helps a great deal in making them slightly more useable for brush painters, just make sure you get the right retarder as they now do two types, one for the lacquer based and one for the acrylic range. HTH Dan
  2. Cheers buddy, the Wagon in your photo is a British FV432, I didn’t know the Indian Army used them TBH Regards Dan
  3. Its been a while gents, many apologies for the delay but I've not had the time or inclination recently to do much on the build. I've managed to do a bit but not much. The straps in the upper hull are for the .50 cal tripod so I'm making these up out of lead foil. Brackets added for the pioneer tools and a scratch built crowbar, the kit part was not that good and broken, easy build though. Drivers hatch gets more detail Cam net and tarp More later Dan
  4. Dads203

    Where's OzH?

    He’s alive and well, made contact tonight chaps
  5. Dads203

    Where's OzH?

    I'll have to be careful here … Late 40's early 50's I would guess, we served around the same time so as an approximate guess only.
  6. Dads203

    Where's OzH?

    Not sure, he did the 1/48 Wessex full resin kit that Ian put out a few years ago under the Heritage label and the 1/48 Apache British Army detail set, OzH is a talented chap indeed, shame he's not around anymore.
  7. Dads203

    Where's OzH?

    Ian is indeed K4C but he isn't OzH fella. Ian served in the RAF and OzH served in the Army, OzH and I used to chat quite regular a few years back as we both served in the same Corps but he has gone dark, I PM'd him a year or so ago but got no response.
  8. Dads203

    Where's OzH?

    I think you might getting confused , OzH isn’t kits for cash, that will be Ian as mentioned,but I know OzH has done some masters for Ian in the past. OzH hasn’t been seen for a while on the forums so I hope he’s okay.
  9. Cheers chaps, Another small update, I've added the weld around the troop hatch, Archer decals again. I've also added a few more bits of PE around the exterior. More later Dan
  10. Stunning work again Rob, some stunning paint effects and good all round wholesome modelling
  11. Yup ... Nailed it beefy nice work bud, lovely seascape indeed.
  12. That's looking rather good Roger, The AA kits do take a bit more thought but the results are always worth it
  13. Very slow progress I'm afraid chaps, Adding the troop compartment hand holds to the inside of the roof I've also scratched up the second interior light that will get fitted later. Regards Dan
  14. I use Tamiya acrylics for 70 % of my projects and have never had an issue with them, never had to use the retarder with an airbrush but I do use Mr Hobby rapid or self levelling thinners rather than the Tamiya own thinners. I found the retarder great for when you need to brush paint Tamiya acrylics but never needed it for airbrushing. I use an Iwata TR1 0.3 needle for most of my airbrush work, you shouldn’t have an issue with Tamiya’s own thinners btw. I’ve moved onto the the new Tamiya lacquer paints recently and they are one of the best I’ve used, just to throw that into the mix HTH Dan
  15. Just be careful with those tracks Roger, I would look at the Bronco double padded tracks rather than using the AA resin link and length bud, they are not the easiest to fit. A hairdryer or boiling water is a must to get them to conform properly if you have to use them. Dan
  16. Nice one Roger, I'll have to hang around for this one, it's also in my stash Nice haul of AM as well buddy
  17. Cheers chaps, I tested the Hataka lacquer paints last night and happy to report back they are very good, I only sprayed the cupola with green and it goes down well. I then tested a few more colours on some scrap plastic and I can get quite tight demarcation so I’m happy. Regards Dan
  18. I would safely say that you nailed it Rob You should build more AFV's buddy because that's lovely
  19. Cheers All, Last few bits being done to the external areas now, packed out the engine hatch as the gap was quite big, added the carbon fibre antenna to its base. Enjoy Dan
  20. That’s a very nice build, great weathering and finished to a high standard
  21. Looking forward to seeing that Roger
  22. Nice little conversion Roger, nice to see a build where the poster has a connection with the real deal mate So go on.... whats next?
  23. Cheers for all the very kind words they are very much appreciated indeed. So a bit more done, more tie downs this time on the rear for the jerry cans and I've also added the two on the front for the shovel Richard E also pointed out that the rear mud flap on the left had side was wrong in the Tamiya kit so instead of fixing the old kit part I found in my spares box one from the Academy kit. I ripped off the old Tamiya kit part and added the new -old part I reckon I have had the Academy part for 30 odd years kicking around in my spares box. I think the reason for the change in the channel on the fender is that the fuel tank drain plug is probably at the top? Answers on a post card to GeeksRus.com More later Dan
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