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  1. Scab plates going onto the fuselage, some Klu vipers have them where as I have seen photo's with none, I can only presume that the airframes with none are low hour or brand new (ish). Did the MLU upgrade remove these? The Daco book doesnt give much away about them apart from all versions have some but doesnt mention the MLU or later blocks, I presume that the later block 50's onwards were re-enforced during build so they dont require them? Enjoy
  2. Still awaiting the new shallow 131 pod but cracking on, some bits done and I've roughed out the RWR for the tail of the aircraft, these still need blending in and contouring up a bit more. You can see that I've been blending in the resin tail extension a bit more and totally obliterated the panel lines, next will a job with a scriber I think? Also painted up the rear of the cockpit area so I can fix the rear canopy at some point. A tad of overspray but noting too serious but a bit more detail painting and hghlighting yet. Anyone got a late Hasegawa Gun Port? The one I have is an early and incorrect - The one I'm after is the two gill version. I could probably alter the version that I have but I thinking I might screw it up. The wrong one :- Enjoy
  3. Just noticed that asked about the drivers harness, all I have used and seen were a 4 point tan coloured harness, always very dirty though. The two top straps clipped onto the underside of the celling. And the other two points were bolted to seat itself, almost impossible and very dangerous to drive without a harness, a slight bump might cause you to lose your head!
  4. Only one CPU as you only get one commander, the other crew in a chieftain would probably use a clansman pressel box just to give them more lead and room to move. The driver would plug into a CB2 as he once in his seat wouldn’t move. The loader is also the radio op in a chiefy crew as well as the brew maker so he would have ability to use multiple radio nets controlled from the CB2. Link to a photo of the CBFD https://armyradio.com/Clansman-Commanders-Box-Fixed-CBF-Digital.html And the CB2 https://armyradio.com/Clansman-Crew-Box-2-Set-CB2.html CPU https://armyradio.com/Clansman-Commanders-Personal-Unit-CPU.html
  5. That black box is the drivers master switch, the red handle is the main power switch to start the engine, drivers CB2 is fitted to area where the hollow is but angled so the driver could easily plug in ,it looks like an RCU so a little green box and is missing from the kit. It’s an easy scratch build tbh but not that visible from the outside.The CBFD is located in the commanders compartment behind his right hand side in front of the NBC controls, I think it’s in the kit but I’ll have to check later for you. The CPU is the only bit of Intercom kit which has a curly lead but only from the CBFD to the CPU, all the headsets issued were only fitted standard lead non coiled. This layout was to enable a clean disconnect in an emergency and the long coiled lead to the CPU was to allow the commander to move about the top of the vehicle when manoeuvring without worrying about tripping over it. The drivers master switch also houses the two most important electrical connections on the wagon, the BV !
  6. Looks rather good Nick, suitably busy in the rear compartment. Just one tiny pointer, the drivers headset plugged directly into a CB2 (Crew Box 2) box which was located next to the drivers master switch on the underside of the roof rhs. No need for a pressel box and curly lead. The commanders headset plugged into a CPU (Commanders Personal Unit ) which is triangular unit that had a strap and was placed around his neck. This had the large curly lead which in turn plugged into the CBFD ( commanders box fixed digital). From the CPU you could monitor 2 radio nets and switch between them to transmit. Both the drivers headset fittings and the CPU were quick release fittings so if you had to bail out it wouldn’t strangle you !
  7. Some ice details going into this build Roger, love the crates mate.
  8. Pylon is modified to take the deep version.. Oh well - looks like I bought the wrong one Ignore the ECM pod and just use it as a guide chaps on a how too
  9. A bit of further detailing on the pod, noticed that most of the fastners had the paint warn away or the fastners were just bare metal. They were very prominent from the photo's that I have found so I had a crack at getting looking right. Applied Vallejo Natural Steel with... dare I say it a toothpick sharpened up Messed about with the burner can, highlighting with some Mig amo Bluish Titanium. Not applied with a toothpick ! Enjoy
  10. Tonight we tackle the ECM pod from Brassin. The Klu Vipers seem to carry these quite alot, some all grey and some green. We are going for a green one as the jet is grey so I used MRP RAF Green, looked to be a good match. First up after priming is painting the radome band a metallic colour. So again out came the MRP white aluminium over tamiya gloss black laquer. It was then masked up and the green applied. Then more masking And the radome covers were painted in MRP tyre black - masking removed Decals and then a varnish followed by a wash to make the details pop. Enjoy
  11. The Hunter gate guard was still there in 1998 when I was there Rich, I think it was moved - sold for scrap soon after, I left in 2001 and seem to remember that it was gone but no explanation? Nice little project fella, shaping up well
  12. Cheers Guys The pitot tube is not glued in yet so is removable and the static probes go into the radome by about 5-6mm so are really in well, the down side is that they are like two needles poking out the side So tonight, not much movement as the bits done were more time consuming than I thought. Behind the cockpit is a small vent, it had a grill so i tried to make this from plastic card and failed badly. In the end I used one of the empty flare buckets cut down and shaped up to make the grill. Next up were the fuselage protector plates for the arrester hook, I also added what i think is the fuel dump tube? VHF blade antenna got a new base at the same time. And the intake vane got painted and fitted. Thats about it really - Not much to show tonight plus the CnC home front is back home from a 10 day work trip tomorrow my time on build duty will be reduced. Enjoy
  13. Stolen ideas .. @Rich F Take a bow mate and I hope you dont mind me plagerising your build. Archer decals for the rivets, Nice resin rivets printed onto clear decal film. To be added to the rear of the cockpit, still more to add but these will get sealed in with some Kleer before priming as they are fragile. Just adds a bit more interest to the area and its on the real deal. Next is the intake, not as good as i wanted it to be as the plastic is Uber brittle, it just shattered when I fitted the front gear bay but its close enough. masking was a bit tricky but I gth there in the end - Just took time. More tricky masking for the top coat but should be worth it. MRP paints BTW, the Dutch vipers look like the lip is exposed metal of a grey colour so I went with duraluminium The Hasegawa kit of the F-16 is a right mare to get a good intake, it will never be perfect due to the design of the thing. Enjoy
  14. Front end, things are shaping up a bit more, static probes and pitot by Cross Delta added. Also some blister type antenna with the Cross Delta RAM panels - I might replace these with plastic card yet as they are too proud? Enjoy
  15. Cheers Fella The bird slicers come with the Aires F-16 MLU Cockpit set so if you are building a F-16 in the future it might be worth it.
  16. Thrown the kitchen sink at this exhaust, more titavation and painting. more MRP metallics on the turkey feathers. I think I'm close now ? Added some PE Flare buckets as they were better than the kit moldings
  17. Todays effort, the PW back end of the Viper. Colours used were:- Giving this Nose has been fitted, needs some blending in
  18. Done it bit more digging about and 313 Sqn would also be a fit, they were also in Boz in 1995 and they are still active and they were based at Twenthe AB until 2005.
  19. Looks like it could be a 306 sqn jet but much later in its life As for load out I'm looking at ACMI pod, ELGTR practice rounds and two MK76 pracice bombs on the twin stores carrier. I'll pop a couple of AIM-120's on the tips and a single AIM-9 on the last hard point. This however could change !! ELGTR round:- And the practice bomb carrier , Harris MALTs 2 ;- https://www.l3harris.com/sites/default/files/2020-09/l3harris-malts-data-sheet-sas.pdf
  20. Nothing concrete yet chaps I need to do some research on the Squadron that flew recce in Bosnia back in 1995, they overflew our location several times taking photo's and popping flares. My version of the 16 is a much later time frame but I'll pop on the sqn codes and markings as I'm sure the jets would of gone through the modernisation programme at some point.
  21. Cheers chaps, i've done a bit more late last night so will post more pic's later James the foil is self adhesive so really easy to use, the hardest part is removing the clear backing I bought it from Hannats and you get enough probably to last a lifetime. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SXA20023
  22. Resin bird slicer IFF antennas added, nose can be fitted next.
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