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  1. After lot of preparation, I just started to populate the interior of the fuselage. This is the Neomega cockpit and the part that makes ceiling of the air intake. I removed the coaming above the IP which will be replaced by a resin part. This is how it looks once the fuselage will be closed. I am very pleased with the Neomega parts. I definetively would recommend this set to those interested in building this kit. Now, the LG bays need to be finalized, Best regards, Daniele
  2. It looks nice from here. I have a soft spot for these old civilians. Looking forward to see it completed.
  3. Dear all, lot of modifications are involved with my build of the G. 91 and the work is proceeding slow. Slowly but surely, these are my small progress so far. On the interior side, this is the way I have finally arranged the new jet pipe. Clearly, I will have to trim its length before gluing it. The inner walls of the air intake presented the sharp corners of the gun bays that looked ugly when seen through the intake opening. Hence I smoothed the interior with some milliput. This is the fit check of the landing gear bays. I provisionally painted them green, as seen in other models on the web. However, I could not find a single picture that shows this color, on the contrary, the ones that I have found show a gray interior. Therefore, I will remove the green paint and apply some kind of interior grey. Finally, I started painting the Neomega resin cockpit which is very nicely done and detailed and it fits perfectly the ESCI/Italeri plastic. That's all for now, any comment, critique, suggestion are welcome, best regards, Daniele
  4. Great build. Both your Concorde's look awesome.
  5. Consider that anyway, nobody will stick with a picture in front of your model and check it. It will be Ok whatever way you choose to do it. Regards, Daniele
  6. Indeed, this quite odd. From the pictures, the end of the leading edge 'climbs' over a straight edged canopy. I would try what you said, but I would also try to sand off the curved frame. But this is me and this is your model, I know that sanding and polishing clear canopies might look scary. Best regards, Daniele
  7. Great looking Mystere and striking livery. Well done, Daniele
  8. Lovely model! As usual, this is another sharp and clean build of yours. I love airplanes from that era and this is no exception. Best regards, Daniele
  9. Thank you for your words, feedback like yours are very useful to me . I wrote in the answers above which paints I used. Thanks, Mick, glad you liked it. Thank you Joachim for your great feedback! Please, see above about the stacks. Actually, the kit is so nice that I wanted to build it with no modifications, but reading your comment, indeed, I could had the elevator modified with no much efforts. Thanks again. Thanks for your comments! I am happy that you find my work fine. Thank you and best regards to all, Daniele
  10. Thanks for your comment, I tried to replicate the exhausts seen in pictures. I am glad that you liked my build. Thanks for the positive feedback. Thanks for your positive comment. As said I tried to replicate what seen in pictures. I used Vallejo metallic acrylics for that (steel and gold hues) and Tamiya red brown. Thank you for you positive feedback, Gordon. Best regards, Daniele
  11. That is a gorgeous model. How to make a uniform gray livery really stunning. Nice work also on the metallic jet pipes area. Congrats, Daniele
  12. Very sharp work. It looks great. Regards, Daniele
  13. My recently completed Spitfire MK I from the Tamiya 1/48 kit. I used Tamiya acrylic paints and Vallejo for the metallic ones. Aluminium paint on the underside is a mix of Humbrol Aluminium clear and matt. Pictures were taken with a Nikon D3100 camera. Looking at them, I noticed that there are several particles of dust, despite my effort to brush the model before the photo session. The Tamiya kit was a very enjoyable kit to build, actually the best kit that I built so far. I hope you like my finished model. Best regards, Daniele
  14. Nice work on the sawtooth extensions. Cockpit looks also good. I am sure you have already noticed it, but all the trailing edges will benefit of some sharpening, including the jet pipes and their cowlings. You are going to be busy with this old lady, but the result will be rewarding. I also like a lot these old jets from '60s to '80s and the Alpha Jet is still flying. As you saw, I am working (slow) on the ESCI-Italeri G 91, and also with that probably there will not be a single piece not requiring a modification. But this is part of the fun, isn't it? Good modelling, Daniele
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