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  1. Hi chaps, slow progress at the moment, SWMBO had to have an Op and recovery taking quite a while so I have switched to simple indoor stuff to stay close. Started to assemble the figures I plan to incorporate, Masterbox and Mini Art, some nice detail, hope I can keep it! First shot crudely filled (how do you guys manage this so much better?) Not the greatest of shots, light was all wrong after a quick Prime. I have found that shows the flaws and errors to work on best. Perhaps its the Desert Sunset! Thanks for looking in. Derek
  2. First off trying to save my Number 14! I have trimmed around the carbuncle to a degree that I can just about live with and will cover up the bad bits with some pigment. Still far from good but I think this is less risky for me with my skills (or lack of) than trying to repaint at least at this stage. So, not much achieved this weekend cos of other stuff but had an initial go at the first layer on the side panel and a further one on the rear deck. Needless to say kept up my record of breaking / loosing at least two parts per weekend! Cheers Derek
  3. Thanks chaps appreciated in my hour of need! Andrew, the pin wash, before or after a Matt Varnish and general weathering? Dan I used Vallejo Softener and Fix but before that had a devil of a job getting the decal a) off the backing and b) positioning. Did not have the problem on either the Churchill or Tiger decals but they were Tamiya, I am wondering if that made a difference being AFV Club? What do you use to position the decal, my bananas are just too big hence to mess with Verruca! (I expect there were a lot in the desert but not on the truck itself!) Cheers
  4. So first off Andrew I forgot to say I have tried to emulate your great effects on the rear deck. Nothing like as good but a real lesson reinforced again namely you cant do this sort of mod when its all built up and as fragile as a fragile thing but I did have a go and have started to practise a bit with the painting suggestions. I will add some more tomorrow if time allows. Anyway applied some gloss varnish yesterday and added the decals today and I do know they are not going to align with 8th Army insignia but there we are. Found them very tricky and need to try harder especiall
  5. Incredible stuff Kev as always, good job you used a really small toothbrush that day
  6. Just in awe of this work Dan, just incredible! Derek
  7. Ha ha, in my hands everything! Thanks for the encouragement. So after a sort of self imposed sabbatical to sort new kit in the workshop elected to start on the weathering. First step (thanks Kev) get it all together. So these are some of the bits And after a VERY frustrating afternoon something resembling the Mat as I intended Seriously frustrated with some of this, guess the time on other things took its toll, still rolling now, where did I put that airbrush? Cheers Derek
  8. Stunning stuff Kev, in fact quite incredible, I think you must have had a microscope or something for Chrimbo! Derek
  9. Thanks Andrew will see how I can manage that, trouble for me is every time I make a mod like that I break something off and its gone forever!
  10. Brilliant Simmerit, I just love the way you have shaped the Greatcoat and the various limbs etc, really great stuff. How did you do the Tarp? Cheers Derek
  11. Not been too active on the Matador for a while, making changes to the workshop but still slotted in a little time to model! I have had an initial stab at the Cab interior using Humbrol heavily thinned (thanks Kev) so interested in your comments. It has occurred to me that whilst I have just coloured the interior Desert Yellow would that have been the case in reality, would these units have shipped with dark green internals and just had the outside locally camouflaged? What does the team think? I have also started to play with some of the paraphernalia that could be on the flat bed (based on wh
  12. Brilliant work Dan just stunning!
  13. I am speechless Dan, stunning, just stunning. Congratulations on an incredible model. Cheers Derek
  14. So the simple answer .............. not sure! I agree figures will be in just not sure I want to emulate the photo exactly at the moment but maybe. What do you mean by 'mine is on a the modelling forum of THAT site - not the BREXIT one - the site where the language is rich and the banter is raw and where those brave enough to post carry the battle scars', sorry to have to ask! Derek
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