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  1. Hey guys, late to the party, but I figured I would add this bit of detail regarding the kit. For some strange reason, the main gun turret is wrong. On the actual aircraft, the turret is just a wrap around type, not enclosed. Some of you master builders would likely have no issue correcting this problem with precise dremel work or other method, it would be a shame to hide the details of the rotating 20 Mike-Mike! But this change creates another issue. The turret is designed to hold the weight provided, and might explain the mistake, so you would have to find another method of making certain she
  2. I just checked them out, they certainly do look the same, the price is a lot higher than what I have found from the DSPIAE store on aliexpress. I have never used that site and am curious why everyone thinks it's a shady place to buy items? Is there a lot of bad sellers? Some things I buy online in the Philippines, where I live, are COD. This takes all the risk of buying, almost zero. They don't make money unless the item arrives and I pay for it. I would however, trust their shop, since their repution as an honorable dealer is on the line. Anyway, I look forward to buying these nip
  3. I have been trying to buy a pair of these for some time now, having first found them on ebay, along with a bunch of other tools by the same company. I never heard of them either, but the slick color choice, being the bright red that car owners with a similar color can attest (police have an eye for red cars), that makes their tools hard to ignore. Looking over some macro pictures and videos, it's like a masterful culk leader, taking you in, I sprung for their micro drill set. I too was just as impressed with their quality and accuracy. The only downside in my opinion, was the metho
  4. Glad I found this thread, I too have been drawn into their decals, but now that you say they are printed by an ink jet, I am a bit nervous, since I just put in an offer for a set of decals today. Hopefully they reject it, but if they don't, I will have to buy them. I won't be using them anytime soon, but when I do, I will come back with a review. Wish me luck in NOT having my offer accepted. Cheers, Anthony
  5. As soon as I read half of the sentence, my brain kicked in, that's logical now. I guess my brain envisioned a hybrid chainsaw/drill machine made by the gods of some dying star. What you said about the tanks also just clicked, that us why the MH-53E has those giant sponsors, so it doesn't need the extra fuel tanks, another "duh" moment. OK, here is the kicker. In your open, you said this. I am not sure what you meant there, because I have two identical kits. I have been trying to find the CH-53E, but it is gone, no store has them, and the only person on ebay sell
  6. It's a shame they are going to give us grief with these figures, we know that they only add pennies to their cost to manufacture, yet they want to add another 60 dollars to an already expensive kit? Sucks, but poor people like me just can't afford to buy the kits at all, if they charge that much money, when I can buy an Academy kit for $50 elsewhere. I know that these kits have surpassed the Academy offerings by leaps and bounds, mostly in the cabin though, and when you try to justify the huge expense, over the kits that look just as good from a far, the wife knows something is wrong. I guess
  7. Wow, what a great looking build, makes me thirsty to build the two MH-53E I have in my stash! I do have a few questions, if you don't mind, starting with the PE. I have never found a eduard set for the MH-53E, but I thought that most of the BIGSET for the CH-53E would work with this kit. Is that accurate? I have also seen some very nice aftermarket RESKIT rotorhead and tail sets, they seem amazingly precise, did you consider these sets, and if so, what made you reject them for this build? RESKIT also makes seats w/ armor plates, have you seen those? If you b
  8. Been some time since I posted anything on the forum due to personal issues keeping me from my hobby unfortunately. But this month, I was able to purchase this kit, and the KH50004 kit, which also contains figures. I do worry that the figures are pirated, and the real figures are being sold separately for a bigger profit, I hope that is not the case. Anyway, I plan to use these figures with a Blackhawk, and fit the weapons systems on this kit, I do need to procure a second pilot though, as this one will be configured in flight. I love the review, it's in depth enough to
  9. Yes and no. Not sure where/when this was taken, but it does show the typical uniform mismatch with body armor. This style of flak jacket is old old old school, if you wear one to a battle, I pity you. The newer vest that we had circa 2003, had a total coverage front flap, which then held the ceramic plates, the ones that actually stop bullets. At that time, it may have been supply issues, order issues or some other problem in the chain. All the vests we got were the ballistic type, and all of them were in the woodland colors. Whether accidental, or by design, the mismatched armor a
  10. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I keep waiting for blood to shoot out of his arm sockets, and the screaming to start (regarding the last photo of the soldier facing the camera). This is 35th scale, correct? Phenomenal work! I am curious, did you intend for the flak jacket to be different in appearance against the BDU's (battle dress uniform for those who need to know)? This change of color/saturation from the uniform, adds tremendously to the realism. Unlike the uniform, the flak jacket (grrrrr, autospell has been changing flak to flack, annoying) spends most of its life, building
  11. Wow brother, that looks AMAZING! No matter how long it takes to apply, it can't be any longer than painting by freehand to the same results, probably even longer. These decals are extremely accurate, both in color and pattern. They probably even sell cold weather pattern and warm weather. While the pattern is the same on both, the material of the cold always looked darker than the warm. While it was against regulations to mix your uniform, it was never enforced, because half the time, we lacked the inventory to have matching sets, which is embarrassing. During the early 2000's, we
  12. That's an understatement my friend, she looks great! So am I correct, did the kit skip these details (t-locks, commander intercooler box, that awesome pull chain for the troop compartment, all the other details made from white plastic)? Or did you just replace the kit parts because they were inferior? Cheers, Anthony
  13. As a novice model builder, but a professional painter in my time, I recommend you wait on the fix for a few days, just to allow the paints to fully harden. That way, when you sand the area, the new tape won't damage the finish. Plus, it might be a nice look if you find the panel lines where the damage is, and repaint the panels just like a repair on the real aircraft. Then it would not matter if the repaint is different, it would actually add to the realism. That said, the subtle differences do show up in the pictures, just enough to allow everyone to understand what you were going
  14. Reminds me of a guy that makes his own swatches with every new paint he puts on his paint shelf. If memory serves, he sprays one half, and hand paints the other, just so he can see the actual color as painted. Not a bad idea at all. This guy has the ability to build 1:1 scale, flying models. Many of us mere mortals, can't afford to build 1:48 scale plastic models, this site is just a vulgar display of unending wealth! Even though I am green with envy, I will check out their site, no matter how miserable it makes me feel. A true master class that proves this
  15. Looking at how it turns, via those skid steer levers, that's nuts! At least the Bradley has a car style setup, gas, brakes, even a steering wheel. The only abnormal aspect to driving it, is the pivot steer mechanism. If memory serves, it reverses which ever side you want to turn too, so when pivoting right, the right tracks go in reverse, while the left go forward, makes for a fun and nauseating ride. And like driving, the more gas you give it, the faster she spins! Fun fun fun! Anthony
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