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  1. What a great thread, the F-18 has always been in my heart since I was a kid. When the super hornets was revealed, I was proud of it, like a dead beat dad that finds oit his kid just got center position for Manchester United (trying to throw in some British humor, I'm American, don't hate me for it) and brags to his friends about being a sperm donor. Anyway, decades ago, I used to build kits, getting better and better at it, but never to this level. As I go around the site and see the amazing builds of the airframes that are in my build list, I get a hint of , knowing that mine will never look that good. Worst, many builders here make what they do look so easy. Much of it is talent built from over decades, other spects are the endless amount of products that take what was once a high wire act of skill and chemistry, now just a simple pre-made wash done right. I live in the Philippines, very little is available here for modelers, all the aftermarket gear is non-existent, my only real recourse is ebay, but the shipping is usually double the price of the product I want to buy. Anyway, I have two Super Hornets in my stash, one will be built as an E, the other an F. Both kits are the Hasegawa P38. After seeing this beautiful version, and others, I put these near the back of the pack. I am guessing it will take years of practice and destruction of failed attempts, before I will even consider trying those kits. I want them to be right, and just hope that I can learn quickly from the literal centuries of experience on this site. I am humbled and awed, but that is also motivating. One day, I will start a thread that is worthy of sharing, thanks to all for being inspiring to all us mere mortals.
  2. Stalker6Recon

    AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    Ok, this is how much of a neebie I am. What is bluetack? What do you use to polish the canopy? I have not bought this kit as of yet, but I am certainly planning on it. I want to do a display of the Marines fighter/attack aircraft thru the decades. AV-8 is a must, then the F/A-18C or D, I forget which one. and of course the newest, and most ridiculous F-35B. I saw Meng has an offering in 1/48 of the F-35, I have yet to look for reviews, but I have heard good things about the armor class kits, so maybe this is a good option over the more expensive KittyHawk, which I can't seem to find for less that 60 dollars plus shipping. Anyway, thanks for the input and tips, I am still in absorb mode, haven't yet begun my first build. I will be doing the MH-6J with conversion kit from CZ, which will be my first experience with resin and PE........I need to make sure I have everything down before I start the build. I am still collecting the gear that I am going to need, including paints. Thanks in advance, Anthony Stalker6Recon.
  3. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Thanks for the advice, and after having the good feedback, I am definitely cut down on the markers. As I had said previously, I have been out of the game for more than 20 years, a lot has changed. I already have several resin parts either on hand, or on the way, which is why I wanted to buy the saw kit. Plus, I need something that I can control while doing panel lines. These are techniques I have never done before, the tools have changed so much, and everything that I have looked at, I double check on Amazon to read the feedback. This saw set has very good ratings from a lot of people. Once thing I have learned in my years, always use the right tool for the job. I will also cut the number of panel line accents. Really for two reason, one as you stated, and the other, I have watched enough videos to see that you can use very thin paint to achieve the same results. I will revamp my cart and try again. What do you guys think about these prices? They seem very low for the items when compared to Amazon US. Which is what I base them on. The are 2/3s or even half the price that I have found on Amazon.com. The other items you mention, are the decal adhesive, which I was buying based on my previous experience of having the film show and/or silvering. Some of the kits I have bought, have bad decals, old, yellow, can't use them. Others have bad ratings, as either too thick, or too brittle. I have been buying aftermarket decals to get more of what I want as far as designs go. I already have a decal setter in my stash, and from the reviews of the adhesive, it seemed like a good fit. I think I will keep that one, just be safe than sorry. At such a good price, I can't see a real reason not to include that in my list. I was planning to buy Tamiya paints from this site as well, when I figured out what I needed. Any advice on the "weathering sticks"? I do plan to do armor after I finish my current stash of aircraft, and figured while I was making the purchase, I would pick those up as well. They are not available in the Philippines, even if they are, they will be more than double the price, if I am lucky. Usually the prices here are double, triple what they are elsewhere. It sucks, but the Philippines is very protective of their own manufacturers, and even if there is not competition, they still over tax imports at nearly 100%, which creates the extremely high prices. Thanks again guys, you are going to help me put more money into kits and less into materials, which is always what you want in the end.
  4. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Thanks for that feedback. I was specifically looking at the red marker because I read on one of the posts here, how they used that to line the bay doors, same as you. Seemed like a pretty smart thing to do. As you said, it is not clear how well the Tamiya markers fare either. Bit off topic, when I moved to the Philippines, I brought with me (not sure why) a sharpie marker that I had already owned for more than a few years. I guess I figured that they would hard to find here. Anyway, today, TEN YEARS since I moved here, that marker remains in my kitchen drawer and still works perfectly. I hope that the Tamiya markers are the same. I will probably eliminate a few of the markers that I may never use, but I will keep the red/black and maybe silver. I have never done weathering of any kind before, and when I saw all these different panel line accent colors, I went a bit nuts. Are those something you actually need or save time, or is it just as easy to thin out your regular paints to create the desired effects? Again, thanks for letting me pick your brain, you have probably forgotten more skills in modeling than I will be able to learn with the rest of my life ahead of me......Anthony
  5. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    My issue is just availability of any paints in the Philippines. I did send a message directly to LifeColor, and they have been exceptional in their reply to me, asking me to gather a list of colors I need, and offering me some form of discount as yet disclosed, but I was grateful for the offer. I have written down all the kits I have currently, and the ones I have on order/shipping at the moment, so I can try to figure out what colors I will actually need. As a new/old modeler, I will need to rely on getting FS colors for now, until I can become comfortable with mixing my own color to achieve the proper FS shade, which can't be easy. There are lots of problems I foresee, such as my monitor may not be tuned to show colors in their actual hue. How to know that the color I am looking at in a picture, is actually correct in the first place? This is why I desire pre-made FS. They may not be accurate, but I am not going to be extraordinarily picky about this, the models are for my pleasure only, and won't be sold/shown beyond the pictures I post here. With all that said, does this list seem like a good start to having the tools/colors one needs for military modeling? Is there anything in the list that I can ditch, and is there any items that are "must haves" which I did not put into my cart? Thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate all the help you guys are giving me, more of a "moral support" as much as it is advice. Sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon"
  6. Stalker6Recon

    AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    As an American veteran that wrote the same check, I thank you for your service, and the honor and patriotism you display with those words. Each of us come from imperfect countries, but the difference between us, and other nations out there, is we are always striving to make our countries as close to perfect as we can. Serving our nation is the highest honor to our nation we can provide, and YOUR nation is lucky to have you. PS. This is a great review, I am on ebay right now, getting ready to pull the trigger, and this review pushed me over the top. Can't wait to get my hands on this, but I will have to be patient as well, I need to figure out what modifications I plan to use before I build this. It has literally been decades since my last build, and I want to start again, now that I am medically retired from the military. I just hope that I don't get in over my head, and I spend 10 times the amount of time learning from others, before I do one cut from the tree, one coat of paint, one line of glue. Research and learning are my main goals, as I build up the kits and the tools I will need. Thing are very different today, with the awesome tools/paints/resin/PE products, turning my old days of straight out of the box building, into a real craft. Thanks again to Mike for the great review, and thanks again to you, for you honor and service to your country. This is why the American's and the British will always share common bonds of brotherhood.
  7. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Ok guys, here is a "buy" list from the dealer I found that has very good prices. These are the items in my cart. Remember, I am starting from scratch. If you have the time, can you look over my list and tell me if any of these items should be removed, or if I am missing anything. I don't want to get hit by a bunch of shipping charges, so I am trying to get as much as I can in one bulk order. Mr.Hobby MS232 Mr. Mark Setter  US $2.30 US $2.30 × Tamiya 87132 Panel Line Accent Color - Brown US $2.80 US $2.80 × Tamiya 87131 Panel Line Accent Color - Black US $2.80 US $2.80 × Tamiya 87133 Panel Line Accent Color - Gray US $2.80 US $2.80 × Tamiya 87140 Panel Line Accent Color Dark Brown 40ml US $2.80 US $2.80 × Tamiya 87176 Decal Adhesive US $2.30 US $2.30 × Tamiya 87086 Weathering Stick - Sand US $2.30 US $2.30 × Tamiya 87102 Mark Fit Finishing Materials Series 40ml US $2.00 US $6.00 × Tamiya 74094 Photo-Etched Craft Saw US $5.50 US $5.50 × Tamiya 89204 MP-04 Black Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89205 MP-5 Yellow Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89207 MP-07 Silver Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89208 MP-08 Gold Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89209 MP-9 Flu.Red Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89002 X-2 White Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89011 X-11 Chrome Silver Enamel Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89007 X-7 Red Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89012 Marker X-12 Gold Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89301 XF-1 Flat Black Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 89001 Marker X-1 Enamel Black Paint Marker US $2.00 US $2.00 × Tamiya 87095 Putty White Tube for Plastic Models US $2.30 US $4.60 × Tamiya 87139 Model Paints & Finishes CA Cement (Stong) Net 3g US $3.20 US $6.40 × Tamiya 87035 Masking Tape 18mm US $1.90 US $3.80 × Tamiya 87038 Extra Thin Cement 40ml For Plastic Model Kits US $2.80 US $5.60 × Tamiya 87114 Paint Retarder (Acrylic) 40ml US $2.30 US $2.30 × Tamiya 87135 Mark Fit (Strong) US $1.90 US $1.90 × Tamiya 25163 1/48 v-22 oaprey with jp marking US $34 Thanks in advance for you help on this list. Sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon"
  8. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Wow, what an awesome reply, lots of very good information. I did read about somewhere about LifeColor not being so good, but that was more than a decade ago, when I searched more about it, I have found much more positive reviews as the time gets closer to present, which is a good thing. I found one dealer in the Philippines that carries their products, but not in the numbers I would like to see. I had bought 5 bottles the last time I was in their store, more than a year ago. I finally opened one of the bottles to see if they were still ok after such a long time sitting in a box. They were very thin, but the color/pigment at the bottom, but appears to have mixed fully again, which is a good thing. The paint does seem really thin, and it sounds like that is how they are making their paints, at a near "airbrush" ready paint. That is guess is good or bad, depending on your situation. For me, I would rather thin paint, which will extend the life of one of the tiny bottles they come in. I made my own bed, and must sleep in it. I choose to live in the Philippines, and have to make due with what they have. Looking through one of the FS charts that includes LifeColor paints, they seem to have the largest selection of FS paints than any other company I have seen. I am also frustrated by Tamiya paints, which apparently someone has linked one paint color as multiple FS colors at the same time. Not sure how that works, seems weird to me. I have probably 30 bottles of Tamiya paint, also bought from that same store where I got the LifeColor. I just made a list of my kits, and now I will go thru them all, to get as many of the FS numbers as I can find, so I can then find out where to order them online. My other issue is with a few of my kits, having been opened or just so old, the decals are so yellow, probably brittle as well, absolutely useless. So now I am trying to hunt down some decal replacements for the kits that I have. This is another bump in the road before I can start building. Once I get the colors I need for the AH/MH-6 Little bird, and the UH-60L Blackhawk, I am going to start there, doing both as SOAR aircraft, all black, will make things a LOT easier on me, while getting back into the hobby. I of course have a picture in my head, of how I want these kits to look, and only hope that I can get close to that vision. There are so many people on here, with so much skill, I am very envious of their work. I have never used weathering products before, and will be attempting these washes for the first time as well. I ordered a Hasegawa F-18F in 1/48 scale from Japan. They shipped it with very little protection, and a lot of parts broke from their trees, including the canopy. I sent them pictures of how I received it, and they sent a replacement kit. Now I have 2 kits of the same aircraft, not exactly what I wanted, but I won't complain. I am hoping to convert one of the aircraft into either the E model, or the G model, if I can find the right parts/decals. I don't think I will have the same "that is not the right intake/gear/tyre/color" standards as some people have, and I will be happy if the kit looks good, but I do care about accuracy when I know something it NOT the way it should be. I also bought the Hasegawa F-15E, but everything I have read about this kit, is that it does NOT make an F-15E at all, and was apparently based on a mock-up of an F-15C before the E program was approved. I was very disappointed to find out it was not a real E model kit, and I have to work extra hard to figure out which kit it will build, and need to find the right decals for that as well. I guess I kind of dug myself into a bit of a hole, when I started buying these things impulse from a store that I only visit, once a year. I am sure that others have run into this kit, and either built it as designed by Hasegawa, or became upset about the unrealistic kit, and converted it to the proper model it represents. I will do some research when this kit is table ready. I emailed that store, and they gave me a list of the FS colors they have from LifeColor, and I will probably be snapping them up, even though the price is way higher than it would be if I was back home. I know, my fault for living here. The import taxes are ridiculous, and even at the high prices I will pay, they still have a very low profit margin for the retailer, so I can't blame them for the high prices. I only started buying on ebay recently, and so far, I have not lost any kits or tools that I have purchased via ebay, and I will continue to buy that way for now. I did find a dealer in Hong Kong, that sells Tamiya paints in the larger 23ml bottle, for less than what I pay locally for the small 10ml bottle. I was shocked at how low the prices are, and he has thousands of positive reviews, so I can only guess that the products are real. I even started a post about his store, cause the prices seem so good, other might want to order from him as well. I wonder if I should just stock up on the Tamiya paints from the guy in Hong Kong, based on the unbelievable prices, and just learn how to mix them to the FS colors I can't find in LifeColor? I know that was a lot of information to chew on, but I really would love to get more feedback, especially about the Tamiya paints available at such great prices, whether I should stock up on them, while I can? Thanks again for so much input, and if I may, I would like to pick your brain again before I begin actually building my first kit. Thanks again, sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon" D'Agostino
  9. Stalker6Recon

    Acrylic Paints

    I know this is an old thread, but I am new here. I have been out of modeling for more than 20 years, and I am just now trying to get back into it. I have some questions I have posted already, which can be found on my profile I think. Anyway, I too considered the syringes for mixing, but was not sure if I should draw the paint in at a measured amount, then release that into a cup, and use a separate syringe for the thinner. If you do the whole thing in one syringe, do you go to the thinner first? And is that thinner windex as described? I live in the Philippines now, and I am an American veteran, disabled, the weather is much better for all my busted bones. Anyway, I found a few bottles of LifeColor here, but finding any modeling gear is next to impossible, not a lot of hobby shops in this country. I am trying to find a direct way to buy from the company and I am awaiting their reply. Hope I get good news from them. Anyway, glad I found your tip, you confirmed what I was thinking, hope you can tell me the process you use. LifeColor seems to have the largest selection of FS paints, which is important to me, since I am doing mostly modern aircraft for now, and once I complete my "tribute" to the 5 US military branches, I will try my hand at some WWII kits. Hope I hear back from you, sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon"
  10. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Thanks for the fast response guys, I have bookmarked both of those pages. At the moment, they look like sandscript to me, but I am sure that I can figure it out. I did find a paint in a store in Manila, called "Life Color", and they are FS shades in acrylic, I bought a couple of bottle while I was there, but did not know if they were actually colors I will need. They are "light ghost grey" and "medium ghost grey", which if memory serves, is one of the most used colors for Navy/Marine aircraft. Have any of you heard of this brand? It seems to be pretty thin already, and looks like it will spray very well out of the bottle, but I don't want to start spraying a kit until I know that this stuff will work, and I am not sure what the best way to test it would be, I don't have any spare kits to shoot, just for giggles. Any advice? Also, this just popped in my head. I bought a Paasch (sp) airbrush on amazon. Then I bought a compressor/airbrush kit as well. The kit came with a simple compressor that I have seen a thousand times, all look the same, only a different brand plate is attached. The kit included 3 airbrushes as well, two double action and one single action. Here is the kicker, the paasch (arguably the better of the airbrushes) appears to use a propriety size hose couple that does not fit the compressor, and the hoses that match the three airbrushes do not match the size of the paasch airbrush. Is there a quick fix for this? A coupler that I can replace on the airbrush to fit the standard hose in the kit, so I am able to use any/all of the airbrushes without having to change the couple size when ever I want to switch out brushes? I know that I am probably a pain in the bottom, but you guys have probably forgotten more advice, than I will ever be able to learn. I yield to your expertise, and only hope to come close to the kids you guys produce. Thanks again to all, for all the help. Sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon". My screen name was my radio call-sign in the army, they have such clever names, scary too. I just could not let it go. ***EDIT*** Hey guys, I just found a link back to our website with a detailed review/overview of LifeColor, the proper way to write it. It looks REALLY GOOD and appears to have more FS colors than any other brand of paint that I have seen so far. I found a seller online with seemingly decent prices, if they will ship to the Philippines, that is another question. The website that carries the paints, is "BNA model world". I will be emailing them, to see if they ship to the Philippines. If you guys have any experience with these paints, please let me know. One other question I forget to ask above, is what are the pressure ranges I should be shooting Tamiya with? I thought it was 20psi, but then I have heard others say 12psi. Little bit confused on that regard. Thanks again. My research is taking me ALL over the place, but that is ok, more information is ALWAYS better than not enough.
  11. Stalker6Recon

    How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    Thanks for the fast response guys, I did find that "paint4models", and I am right now going thru a chart to see which paints in my stash already match up with FS colors, not that many unfortunately. Most of the Tamiya FS colors are spray type. The buyer that I found in HK has vellajo paints, so I am looking at charts to find out which ones have FS matches. It is pretty frustrating really, most of the FS colors are available, but from a lot of different sources. I would think that one of these bigger companies would just focus on an entire FS line, I am sure that they would be very successful if they did so. Is there a copyright infringement if the call their color FS? With all the military models out there, it seems like an obvious thing to do. I guess I should open all of my kits, and get a list of the paints required, then see what I have, and what I need. This is time consuming, and a pain in the bottom. If I had a store that I could just stop by and grab what I need, it would not be such a big thing, but since all my paints must be shipped, I have to do a lot more work ahead of time, before I can even begin a project. Oh well, I will crack open the kits that I am doing, and get back with your on the proper/close Tamiya color that I can use. Just to let you know a bit of what I have in my stash, I am going to do two versions of the F-15, 2 versions for the F-18 Super Hornet, AH-64 Long Bow, MH-6 with resin upgrade, AH-60L, A-10 from HobbyBoss (olive drab) I might change that too a Grey color scheme, if I can find decals to match. I have the V-22 on order, and I am looking at the F-16 fighting falcon, F-22 and F-35. Here is a good question to ask. What are the "must have in your stock" colors that you never ever allow yourself to run out of? That would be a smart move as well, having all those primary colors that you use on every aircraft, no matter what maker/model that you are building. I remember that older planes has "zinc oxide yellow" in their wheel wells, is that still true, and does that apply to newer aircraft? Thanks again guys, you are really a big help to me. Sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon"
  12. Hello everyone, I am very new here to this site, and a former modeler with a very long time gap to my last build. I live in the Philippines, so finding supplies is a huge pain in the rear end. I have one seller that I have found that has basic stuff, and some of the XF paints by Tamiya, really nothing else in acrylics, so I have been stuck with their paint so far. I don't believe they sell match FS paint, and I was wondering if they are matched, or if I will have to do my own mixing based on some chart that I have yet to find? Does Tamiya have FS colors in their XF line of paint? If so, do they label them as FS, or do you just have to find the conversion when building a NON Tamiya aircraft? I have several kits from other makers, like Hasegawa and Hobby Boss, and I would like to get the correct colors for all these, using the Tamiya paint available to me. The guy that sells the paints, is located far from me, and I have to get the paint shipped, which is another hassle. Is there better, ready made FS acrylics, and if so, which brands do you favor? What are the primary colors that you MUST have all the time? I will be doing kits for all 5 branches of service, before I move into other era/nation kits, so my focus will be modern US aircraft for the foreseeable future, and I need to get the paint right before I can even consider building them. I have a bunch of XF colors already, and will make a list of them, before I order more paints to fill in the gaps. I am on a fixed income, so I need to try to get the most out of every dollar I spend. Also, I have tried to search for FS information on this site, but have had no real luck, just gives me posts to individual projects and nothing really about FS and Tamiya paints. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Sincerely, Anthony "stalker6recon".
  13. Hey guys, I am very very new to this site. I am an American veteran, now living in the Philippines. I have had an extremely hard time finding the paints and tools that I need to reenter model building, after a VERY LONG gap. My last build was in the very early 1990's, and I am hoping to get back into the game, so to speak. As I said, living here is not the best place if you need to find paints, tools and kits. I have resorted to using Ebay for most of my buys so far, and it just so happened that I sent a question to a seller located in Hong Kong, with more than 12,000 feedbacks. I was asking about a 1/48 scale V-22 that I want to add to my kits. He was able to send me to his website, which offers lower shipping costs than ebay. When I went to his store, which is NOT very well constructed for a website, but you can find a lot of items from different brands, at what seems to be extremely good prices. As an example, a Tamiya 87086 weathering stick, which sells for 4.10 dollars on Amazon (US), is only 2.30 cents on his store. Nearly half the price. The same goes for the paints, all of them seem to be at half the prices found on ebay/amazon, and he has different brands, some I know, others I have never heard of. The guys on here that can create military aircraft that just need an engine, and they would fly, probably have experience with the other brands available there. I am making this post, just because I am so happy to find a place that has a lot of what I believe I need, and at MUCH better prices than I have found in the Philippines. I am on a fixed, limited income, so money means a lot. When buying one bottle of paint, a few dollars doesn't mean much. But when you plan to fill up on FS colors or their equivalent, needing to buy a few dozen, every dollar saved, really counts. He also has a lot of tools as well, saws, sand paper etc, and at what appears to be some of the best pricing I have ever seen. Sorry if this post is inappropriate, I don't really know the rules, and I was so excited that I thought I would share this with my new friends and mentors, that have the same passion that I do, but probably a LOT more skill. I am doing reading and watching videos, trying to consume as much information/tips, as I can get. I hope that I too, can create the "it would fly" look that so many of your are able to do, probably with ease. I did post on my profile, a bit of information about myself, and requested and tricks/tips that you have, if you have the time. I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, here are the links that got me to his page, let me know if these is indeed a good price as compared buying locally in your area. I know that it is HUGE savings in my area, which is more than double, even triple the prices that are offered on this site. Anyway, this is where I started on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-25163-1-48-v-22-oaprey-with-jp-marking/271350442464?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D51040936a9cb426480c9d0eb4e9292bd%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D271350442464&_trksid=p2481888.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A99717105-b704-11e7-a283-74dbd1809bac%7Cparentrq%3A433d2e6215f0ab6b48125d9efffcea63%7Ciid%3A1 And this is the link to his store, http://www.wahwahmodelshop.com Anyway, I hope this help others to save a buck or two, or at least to get an idea that there may be deals in your area that can stretch your dollar, peso or pound. Cheers, Stalker6Recon PS. I tried to add a photo of the item/price from a screen grab, but I can not add photos, not sure why.
  14. Stalker6Recon

    Young member, old guy...something like that

    Thanks for the tips, I hope that I can find the patience I once had (which was never much anyway) to enjoy this new adventure. It's not cleaning my M4 and getting my pack ready for a 3 day op, but it should still be fun. I did try out one of my airbrushes that came in the set with the compressor, and besides bubbling in the pot, it ran pretty good. I could not quite figure out what caused it to bubble, and it did run over the sides a few times. I just put less paint in to avoid those spills. I did watch some videos already, just to get a little idea of what to do, and I was shocked at how thin people would go with the paint, mostly running a 50/50 ratio of paint/thinner. I need to learn how to make my own thinner for the waterbased paints, they are hard to come by here in the Philippines, so I need to stretch out how their life if possible. Speaking of life, I am sure that I can find this info if I query it on google, but maybe you can tell me. Is there a way to seal the bottle of paint, so that it doesn't go lumpy or dry out when not used right away or often? Thanks again, I will try to post my first build soon. The AH/MH-6 should be a lot of fun for me. Never rode one of those little birds, but I loved flying in Black Hawks, that is one hell of a ride. Probably like any other helicopter for ordinary flying, but when you get to fly "map of the earth" in combat mode, no roller coaster in the world, comes close!
  15. Hello all, just came across this site while trying to research one of the models that I am about to NOT win on ebay. Anyway, I used to build models a LONG LONG time ago, back when the planet was still young, and Revelle was considered a TOP builder (scary). Maybe they are again, but from the early days, I wandered into better quality makers (again, at that time) and have seen how far the world of modeling has become. I am shocked at all the extra's you can now find, from PE ( I worked with some early model PE, gave me more finger cuts than build satisfaction), decal replacement and resin replacement parts. Things have also become much improved in the paint area as well. So, like the old salty dog that I am, I wanted to get back into it as a good hobby, that I have missed for a long time. I went ahead and bought a new airbrush (4 actually) and a compressor. I have also bought some paints, glue, even wet sanding paper. I ordered a bunch of kits online, and have about a dozen ready to go, but since it has been so long, I wanted to start with something easy. A DAP helicopter seemed perfect. All black, not a lot of parts, nice test bed. I of course have this vision of how I want it to turn out, and I just hope that what I see in my head, is a goal not too high. I envision the model needing only a little electric motor attached the the main rotors, and it will just fly away, shooting bad guys as it leaves the AO. I even went ahead and bought some resin upgrades, and a resin saw set, even though I have no clue how to use either. If you need to learn to swim, just have someone throw you in the deep end, right? I hope that I get as much satisfaction from this endeavor, and not the amount of frustration I am dreading. Anyone with a few quick tips for me, I would much appreciate it. One of the things that I am having concerns over, is how much pressure I should use in my airbrush, using tamiya water based paints? My airbrush is a paasche double action airbrush, if I can find a hose adapter to allow it to connect to my offbrand compressor. I did not know that they had a proprietary connection for these airbrushes, what a pain in the bottom.....