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  1. thanks gentlemen for the encouragement. as soon as I have its toned-down Hasegawa sister ready I will show them side by side!
  2. WoW! thanks for all the nice comments. As a matter of fact I have started to build the Hasegawa model (whose decals I took for this bird) in the toned down version of the same squadron. It is immediately clear that the molds of Hasegawa have quite worn out over the years, so this will be a quicker build and I will try to make that one much more worn too. So follow up on this in hopefully a few weeks!
  3. to all Tomcat fans, here is my take on the F-14D in 1:72, it's a great kit of an epic fighter aircraft. Decals came from Hasegawa, cockpit from Aires, avionics bays from Black Dog: That was fun! Now, where is this Hasegawa kit whose decals I robbed, might as well build it in the toned down version!
  4. Ah, speaking of decals: the green band around each missile should be brown and not green. I hope you have Some brown decal or brown paint to deal with that!
  5. Hi starspell, i like the weathering effect on tour rhino. Good progress with the decalling! Looks like you are having the finish line in sight.
  6. Hi starspell, pls note that the box at the back of the hell hole (between the canopy hinges) might interfere with the inner structure of the canopy, depending whether you open/ close the cockpit. Good progress!
  7. can do that. Not sure how the moderators feel about advertising another website but if that is a problem then pls know that I am doing so with gooed intentions to help your build, else I will drop you a PM. anyway, you can see my step-by-step build report here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/80072-revell-super-hornet-with-lessons-learned/page/10/&tab=comments#comment-1197112 the kit has very good potential!
  8. hi starspell, there is quite some things to watch out for. I made a Rhino of VFA-31 and posted some stuff on the large scale planes site, for what that's worth. the most troublesome will be the 2 mm height that is missing in the fuselage to get all the inner workings squeezed into the outer shell. Even though hit is a challenging built, I had good fun! good luck with your build, I think I will follow how you get along. any idea which decals you will use? hugogo
  9. Hi peter, i think i have seen it before when the salt is not completely removed. It might be the left over salt residue that reacts with the clear coat...problem is now that you can't do a lot about that anymore.
  10. Never mind, just saw a picture where you had already done that. Cheers!
  11. Hey, that is looking Good now! Once you know the oddities then you will make it to the finish line. Oh Yes, pls remember that the turtle deck, i.e. the flat panel behind the Seat, must be flush with the edge where the canopy connects to the fuselage. So trim back the bulkhead behind the seat appx 1 mm. After this you will be ok for now!
  12. hi infofrog, you might also try to fit the HUD now, it might show that you need to take even more off the dash.
  13. hi infofrog, you are certainly making rapid progress on the Rhino! What you might want to check, what is unclear from the photo's whether you did that already or not, is the height of the front and rear bulkhead of that cockpit. With the HUD mounted, there is a conflict with the windshield, the aft bulkhead will conflict with the spine. So make sure to take at least 1 mm off of those bulkheads and also reduce the height of the instrument panel. Depending on whether or not you will have the cockpit open or closed, the glass and the ejection seat will conflict. So also the seat might need t
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