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  1. Never mind, just saw a picture where you had already done that. Cheers!
  2. Hey, that is looking Good now! Once you know the oddities then you will make it to the finish line. Oh Yes, pls remember that the turtle deck, i.e. the flat panel behind the Seat, must be flush with the edge where the canopy connects to the fuselage. So trim back the bulkhead behind the seat appx 1 mm. After this you will be ok for now!
  3. hi infofrog, you might also try to fit the HUD now, it might show that you need to take even more off the dash.
  4. hi infofrog, you are certainly making rapid progress on the Rhino! What you might want to check, what is unclear from the photo's whether you did that already or not, is the height of the front and rear bulkhead of that cockpit. With the HUD mounted, there is a conflict with the windshield, the aft bulkhead will conflict with the spine. So make sure to take at least 1 mm off of those bulkheads and also reduce the height of the instrument panel. Depending on whether or not you will have the cockpit open or closed, the glass and the ejection seat will conflict. So also the seat might need to be made shorter. In my case I replaced the seat with a resin one, solving this issue altogether. good luck!
  5. Hi Rick, you might want to consider leaving them off. If you try to fit the landing gear door then you will notice that the tabs are no Good anyway.
  6. hi Hoosier, this kit will make you realize that skill level 5 is not exactly covering it! I am currently putting the final touches to my super hornet and have posted all issues I encountered on the LSP site, TRF might be referring to that one? Feel free to have a look if you want to see some of the fit issues coming. Look for super hornet with lessons learned and you will find it. By the way I was loving every minute of this build and the end result is very impressive. When the going gets tough, just remember that after this build you will have increased your skills to at least level 5! Now if there was only an after market company that would make an all-metal landing gear for this kit... Will follow your progress! Hugo
  7. thanks for your comments all! Well Dennis, it was big enough to cause me headaches during the painting process. It filled up my painting booth completely with its 60 cm wing spaan: now it is standing on top of a clothing cabinet on the attic. Might hang it to the ceiling one of these days.
  8. hello 1:144 fans! for IPMS the Netherlands I have built a test shot of their incredible AN-225, the largest aircraft in the world. And also the largest aircraft I ever built. Complete build report can be found in MIP #3 of IPMS the Netherlands. Enjoy and have a relaxiing vacation.
  9. after the heat of summer, I was so exited to be able to access the attic again, that I spontaneously started to finish my Hawkeye. It took me like 2 year to finish it, including my moving to another house. So glad it's finally done. And here it is! thanks for looking! p.s. after this 1/144 challenge I am going to take a break from that and do an F-15E Strike Eagle in 1/48, let my eyes rest a bit...
  10. it has been 1.5 year now since my last work on this project and since I moved to a new house. Finally I am getting some time now to work on my hobby! I hope to complete my Hawkeye on short notice. After having unpacked all my hobby stuff I found the parts I was looking for. First, add the white shadow on the numbers. Didn't bother to have white decals printed, just want this over with. ] then I put the home made decals on the tails: and to see what the whole thing is going to look like, I added the largest parts temporarily. It starts to look like a Hawkeye!
  11. after quite some time of vacation, work and other things that kept me from my hobby, there is finally some progress worthy of mentioning. Having now completed the almost biblical task of creating my own decals for the Hawkeye and 3 newly acquired F/A-18C Hornets, I have created a laser print on the right scale, with the right colors: I scanned a decal sheet of VFA-131 Wildcats as they were flying from the G. Washington (thanks mr Twobobs), then changed them here and there to match the scheme when the squadron was flying from the Eisenhower in 2010. Let's see how these behave in water....
  12. here is a short update before the weekend: Using MS paint I almost completed the tail surfaces, I think I managed the right blue color too. Put them on a print and test fitted the parts on the tail surfaces: You can see that my printer shows a bit the individual colors of cyan and magenta to make the right color blue. I hope these colors will mix a bit better when I have them printed by the decal print shop.
  13. Hi 1001KJK, thanks for your compliment, me being the first one that you would post to is an equal honor for me. My view on the hobby is: just have fun with it, make a model to the best of your own abilities and learn from your experience. So no justice to, nor sizing up to anyone else but yourself. It was only until 4 years back that I started to share my work in my Dutch IPMS magazine, until then I was sure that nobody but myself was interested in my creations. I consider work of others purely as a source of inspiration, it comes in very handy when you suffer from a modeling dip. I read it regularly in modeling magazines: Sizing a model up to modelers with almost-professional level can easily result in the advanced modeler's syndrome, where you feel blocked to do any building because you have to high expectations of your end result. So have fun in what you build and you will be surprised how many people will be interested in your work if you post it on a forum! For whatever it's worth!
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