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  1. Hi Rob, looking good and coming along a pace. The more I see of these Stryker variants the more appealing they become, Lloyd (Blackmax) did a couple a little while ago. Atb Darryl
  2. Hi Ivan drill bits set of 10 (0.10 - 1mm), Ebay item number 182126332205 the shanks are quite broad however and I haven't needed to mount them in a chuck as they will work just in the finger tips. (At least that was the number when I bought them). Darryl
  3. Looking good Ivan, as soon as I can clear a couple of "nearly finished" builds off the bench I can get back to it. Experimenting with sprinkling the fine pummice powder onto the wet aerosol primer, the spare bit I tried it on seamed to come out ok. Atb Darryl
  4. Must have missed t'other one. For its age it's a nice kit, I've the Italeri boxing of it stashed away somewhere. I keep toying with the big Airfix one, bought in a moment of weakness when going cheap, just not convinced I could do it justice, or have the patience. Cheers Darryl
  5. Hi Roger, nice choice of project. Great kit just be careful with the inserts around the cockpit. If memory serves, it's been at least 10yrs since I built one, I found it easier to fit them to each fuselage half before joining the two halves together leaving just one one gap to treat on the top. Hope this makes sense! Have a good trip. Darryl
  6. Hi Rob, if being honest I think the first colour combo on the Leo, looks better imo. Or how about similar colours, white, grey, black, in a hard edge splinter scheme?
  7. Good work Rob, nice to see it come together. Imo the black and grey would make an interesting change from shades of green. Have fun! Darryl
  8. That's a beauty, must go and read through the wip. The rigging looks a nightmare to do. Great work Darryl
  9. Well thank you very much! Who needs friends..... Saying that, will need someone to shift the stash before the Mrs finds them or I'll be for it in the after life! (Just in case, garage and loft!)
  10. Lovely job! Not just the Leo but the base as well, to many aspects to list individually but particularly like the stream, the variety of stone in the bed is most affective. The weathering on the Leo is great, always shied away from heavy weathering and mud deposits but yours looks most convincing. Great work, as ever! Darryl
  11. You aren't helping! I've ordeal a 1kg bag of Plaster of Paris, if I end up with no base created, no modelling done and encased in a plaster sarcophagus I'll know who to blame, and I'll have left a note of it, just in case!!!! Darryl
  12. Outstanding. The extra etch detail and decks really makes a difference, rigging looks pretty daunting though. Paintwork and weathering really sets it off nicely. Great work Darryl
  13. Nice work, looks really good. Nice job with the mud btw, not over done but nicely speckled. Imo perhaps could have done with a stronger matt coat, in some pics, turret inparticular looks a little glossy. As I say minor point and just my opinion. Darryl
  14. Does sound a faff, I'll see how yours work out. Boiling water I can manage, even without responsible adult supervision, but liquid cement....now where might I find that? I can do the imagination thing for a base/vignette etc it's just the doing, especially when there is the prospect of starting a new kit on the horizon! Think child in toy shop! Darryl
  15. Should be interesting, looking forward to seeing how it works out. Cheers Darryl
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