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  1. Hi Badder, thanks you, very kind. As for the spare track links, I've seen preserved examples painted black and I can imagine a parade ground situation with them being painted. For me, I decided bare metal (for right or wrong), that has oxidised and weathered a bit. Due to it's composition it doesn't rust and has a goldy-brown hue, admittedly looking at the pics you don't see much gold in it but that was the idea. (Don't think I want to open the can of worms that is track colour and weathering, suspect I can hear hobby-horses being tethered outside that saloon as I type!) If necessary I can always hide under cam net or stowage but your probably right Bullbasket might have the answer! All the best Darryl
  2. Thanks chaps, it's all part of the learning curve and if you've enjoyed it then all the better. Must try and create a small base for them both. Cheers Darryl
  3. Hi Simon, you aren't wrong, it is a little oddball, something only its mother could love... However looking at the V shape of its hull with the wheels and suspension outboard, I assume by design, it's almost quite modern. Puts me in mind of some of the armoured vehicles to come out of the recent Iraq and Afghan conflicts designed to protect the crew from roadside mines and IEDs. I've no idea how good or otherwise this will turn out, it's a trial as much as owt. Cheers Darryl
  4. Jasper dog

    Which paints?

    I've used, and still do, Halfords clear acrylic lacquer as a gloss coat, it takes enamel based washes etc fine. And good old Humbrol matt varnish still works for me, both straight from the aerosol. Good luck Darryl
  5. Thought I'd try something different, doesn't look too awkward just as well or I wouldn't be giving it a go! Really fancy one of the big 6 wheeled Scammels so I thought this might be a good trial of both my ability and the brand, as it was cheap 2nd hand, before spending real money. Nice little photo etch fret inc and three options re decals, two Italy 43/44, (one Light stone camo and the other O/D) and one Normandy 44 O/D. Never even heard of an Otter before now, bet the crew felt secure behind that anti tank rifle! Which due to the reflection can't be seen! Doooooh. Cheers Darryl
  6. Firefly: aftermarket tracks, AFV Club, fitted, thought might have been a touch tight but stretched ok even once painted. (Still a little wary as one of the drive wheels weak since breaking earlier). Coat of black primer, then humbrol rattlecan gunmetal followed by a coat of ak trackwash which has given a slight brownish hue, still need further weathering but ok for mo. Same treatment applies to spare track links on front of hull. Various tools painted and secured on rear deck, also discovered the odd location hole that isn't required which will need to be hidden. Shelf made/cut to go across the transmission casing ready to accept a little stowage once painted etc. Basically its waiting for some stowage, figures and hatches. Stowage will be a combination of whatever's knocking around, boxes, Jerry cans, etc etc. Figures will probably be courtesy of Miniart as there ain't much choice around and I still have half a set somewhere. (Unlike aeroplanes I always think a vehicle needs one or two). Once figures sorted I can affix hatches. Edging closer to the finish line, time to be contemplating the next one (providing the dodgy drive wheel doesn't collapse)... Thanks for looking Darryl
  7. Hi Ant, well that's fairly clear, I think! They didn't believe in making things simple, with or without direct vision, big or little hatches, welded or cast hulls, silly old me thinking, M1A1 after market decals and voila Sherman II Think I'll need to ascertain what is a large hatch and a small hatch, might be an easier bet to find a dedicated Sherman II. (And I'm not needing any more kits to insulate the house with either....) Thanks again though, that's a very handy guide I shall keep to refer back to. Darryl
  8. Slightly off topic but...The British Sherman mk II is this the M4 A1? Just asking as I've seen some decals for a North African based Mk II and foolishly it's got the old grey matter going..... (as if I'm short of kits to build!) If so will the eduard rebox of the tasca M4 do, I have one of those acting as expensive loft insulation. Thanks Darryl
  9. Hi Francis, good start, interested in how the tracks go together. I have a Takom Chieftain hiding in the stash somewhere but always been put off by the tracks, good to know they aren't to bad. Thanks for sharing. Darryl
  10. Superb workmanship going there Simon, envious of your skills and patience!
  11. Brilliant! Interesting subject, superbly painted and weathered, only slight query but the worn areas of the tracks appear very bright and silvery, otherwise outstanding! Really well photographed too. Great work Darryl
  12. Thanks Stix, far to kind, I think luck has an awful lot to do with it, not to mention shamelessly pinching other folks ideas/techniques! (Best not get too carried away, plenty of opportunities to screw up the Firefly yet!) Thanks again Darryl
  13. Well I think I've been convinced, as if I need any excuse to buy extra "goodies" for them! Thanks for the kind comments re the weathering, as I might have said earlier somewhere, if it wasn't for BM and all its contributers I'd still be brush painting them with straight humbrol 30! If I can get around to it might even try a simple base for the RFI.
  14. Another one to look forward to, I'll tag along if I may! Cheers Darryl
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