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  1. Painted! Must say the paintwork is on par with the interior build......outstanding. Superb tonal variations and light weathering so far. The shroud over the mantle is excellent btw. Great work
  2. Paint, and not before time! Lovely tidy work on the pre shading, interested to see how you get on with the Mig US OD. I use the same and can't help think it's a bit dark, I even missed out the dark base 925? and lightened the highlights. (Its what I painted the Meng M4a3 in that will eventually get the whitewash). To my eye at least it just doesn't appear green enough, as I say that just my opinion and I'm no expert. Interesting idea with the turret, at least with the boxes/counter weights you don't need to worry about a visible seam once assembled. Looking forwar
  3. Cant argue with your sentiments over the Jagdpanzer, stylish, as far as afvs go! You should really start a fresh thread for each build, makes it so much easier to keep tabs, is it two or three you have going in this one? Looks good and progress is...brisk, as we've come to expect!
  4. Methinks young Steve could be a martyr to the bottle, the poor tortured soul...
  5. Great idea, looking forward to seeing it.....
  6. Tag along if you don't mind, can't really go wrong with the big "T". Always puts me in mind of Herr Grubers little tank, Hubert! Good luck
  7. Dragon do some nice figures but......Tamiyas latest generation of figures are really good for plastic and not desperately expensive. Great choice of kit btw, quite fancy the new early Marder theyve just released...
  8. Not a bad way to spend a Friday, better than standing in the rain! The present Mrs JD broke the lever off the bathroom tap, sorry it came off in her hand, 1am Tues morning..... toss up between that and "i think the dogs had an accident " my two favourite lines to hear in the wee small hours. I've now't better to do honest.... How did the covid test go?
  9. Don't tell us the authorities have caught up with you and you're being deported! If you need a home for your fledgling stash....
  10. Well daftness aside Panther progress: At a guess it's almost ready for the paint shop.... Turret assembled, inc Aber barrel, had hoped to use the Panzer art resin mantle.... It's a slight improvement over the dragon offering, nice restrained cast texture with cast number, no eyebrow over binocular sight but I can't tell if the actual one had the eyebrow or not. However after opening out the hole for the barrel and getting that to fit.... a large resin pour "thing" obstructs the mantle from sitting on the structure behind it, figured to take enough
  11. Thats mine orderd when's the GB for the field kitchen start?? Well would you look at that a baby lathe....almost takes me back to metal work at school. There was always one lad who'd manage to launch the chuck key at head height across the work shop Surely not possible, you can still type..... Btw good bit of modelling fluid!
  12. not saying a word......... Ehhhhh Andy....
  13. Alternatively the mainstay of the wehrmacht.........Muffin dragging a cart! Or Tamiyas old German fieldkitchen?? Do I win?
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