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  1. Great work Trevor, nice to see some paint. Atb Darryl
  2. Thanks chaps, white and grey it will be! Beginning to think an enclosed armoured car might have been better, if only I had one..... (Did someone say lazy modeller ) Bovington museum shop has a Black Friday sale on, save 20% if spending over a particular amount, (that aspect I might not have mentioned to the current lady wife). And your supporting a good cause, honestly I'm not justifying it to myself.... Speaking of lazy modelling, eduard do some cracking canopy masks. Never will I mask a canopy again if I have that option.
  3. Engine bay painted panzer grey and the engine mounted in situ. A few more bits and bobs to fit in yet, air cleaner, steering box, exhaust etc so should be busy enough. Doubt much will be seen once all buttoned up, pretty dark in there, which is fine with me. I'd forgotten what a build like this would be like, assemble - mount - paint, assemble - mount - paint and so on. Reminds me of doing aircraft.... Anyone any suggestions on interior colour? I've seen various options, restored ones showing grey interior with interior white from the front seats forward, to overall dunklegelb (obviously not applicable here). A period b&w photo showing all over grey. ICM are advocating interior white for the front part which I quite like as it'll make it more interesting but That's all folks! Darryl
  4. Really enjoying watching your build, as always, the attention to detail is superb. Great work Darryl
  5. Coming along treat George, you really appear to be knocking this Bronco kit into submission! As has been said, the hull looks suitably busy and detailed to create real interest, I do like the exhaust shrouds too btw. Great work! Darryl
  6. Brilliant modelling Wayne, superb attention to detail. Absolutely masterclass, both in modelling and history. Atb Darryl
  7. If it looks even better then great cos I reckon it looks pretty good already!
  8. Super work there Ian, really tidy paint job nicely highlighted. For my money plenty of stowage, just brings them to life. Great modelling Darryl
  9. Looking good Bob, nice restrained weathering. Good to have you back, hope you're back to good health! Atb
  10. Well that's novel! The figures look very similar to the one RFM supplied with there 1/35 panzer III. Atb Darryl
  11. Doing well, lost another part, this time I recall cutting the part free and putting it somewhere......if only I could remember where somewhere was. Anyway, engine, bellhousing and radiator assembly painted. The misplaced part was the shield above the fan belt. (Still need a spot of paint on the oil filler cap and radiator bottom hose). Engine bay interior colour grey?? Cheers
  12. Thanks Ed, not sure about brilliant, however if not happy I can always close the bonnet. Thanks Kris, I must have spent a couple of hours looking for the flipping thing so I've decided it's a goner, at least with its position being low down I doubt its absence will be noticed. Thanks Wayne, I'll pass on your best wishes to his Lordship! I heard the part ping so thought I knew which direction it had gone...... I doubt much will be obvious apart from the very top, air filter, rocker cover, exhaust manifold etc so as long as it looks acceptable I'll be happy. If not I'll close the bonnet! Thanks chaps
  13. Not sure how I missed this one and what a great subject! Super start on the chassis and bodywork too. Good luck Darryl
  14. Thanks chaps, I'm sure the elusive pump and filter will appear......once it's all finished. Don't think its absence will be obvious once the engine is fitted in situ. Scoobie used to love the vets, he'd trot in and visit all the vets, nurses and staff until he had an ear infection...now we've a trembling bag of nerves as soon as we get there. (Had the same trembling response even when visiting one whilst on holiday) And unfortunately we visit the vets a lot!!!
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