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  1. Thanks chaps, can't do much in regards mud or whatever until I decide on a base, so I guess that's the next aspect... (Won't be anything involved just a simple base to sit it on). Thanks again Darryl
  2. Save the final weathering elements, mud etc and a little stowage I'll call the basic build done...until I spot something I've forgotten! Tow cables assembled and fitted, perhaps room for a little more weathering on those. Hatches on, aerial on, spare wheels painted and fitted along with the jack block and of course spare track links added. Knew I'd forgotten something....the 3d printed extinguisher! Even assembled the kit supplied figure....really! Not sure his uniform is quite correct for winter 42
  3. A fourth Stug, you'll be assembling these blindfold at this rate! Atb
  4. Really progressing with this, looking good! Good luck. Atb Darryl
  5. Stowage case and Jerry can rack look great! Atb Darryl
  6. True, just more expensive and now both the Mrs and Derek the postie now recognises the size and shape of the boxes.... Do you know what it like to mocked by the postman....
  7. Hi, Vallejo thick mud I've used and applied with an old brush and cocktail stick, used it on the Meng M4. As for the splash mud, I have some don't think I've used it successfully yet, if you look up videos for it on YouTube it'll point you in the right direction. As for tracks, I like a pale grey undercoat with a wash of AK track wash before any pigments or metallic effects on the contact surfaces. Good luck.
  8. Nice work! The dark yellow over the mahogany base look really good. Atb
  9. Wow not half bad at this paintbrush lark! That really is some seriously impressive paintwork the fading to the green and brown looks superb. The way the camouflage colours look field applied and then worn away to reveal the yellow beneath, brilliant! Great work, as ever. Atb
  10. Thanks Andy, taking shape now and starting to come together. Had to put the usual BM shinnaigins aside to push it forwards though but I see you've been holding the side up admirably in the Tiger "Super B" ruckus! Thanks Hewy, I'd like to do a simple little base, they just add a bit of context. It's time as much as anything, plenty if time left in the GB but another batch of loft insulation arrived has arrived this last few weeks and fancy tucking into some of that little lot.... really must stop browsing Jumblies, Jadlam, Ebay etc... Thanks chaps.
  11. More done....keep plugging away. Apologies now, time has been tight so it's been a toss up between keeping up with BM and progressing the build.... Further weathering done on the Pzr III, mostly rust staining around the mild steel brackets, fastenings, exhausts etc. And of course tracks completed and fitted along with wheels. Tracks in all honesty arn't all that bad, one side did break up whilst fitting but worked out ok in the end. Perhaps if I'd been a little more careful in the assembly they would have worked better but they do the job!
  12. Thanks fellas, always appreciate the encouragement!
  13. Looking good, going to have quite the little collection once this finishes!
  14. Nice work Andy! And at speed too, no holding you back! Really get the impression you're enjoying these builds.
  15. Really turning these things out Andy and looking great to boot! Nice chipping too btw. Atb
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