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  1. He was, I remember him now, i was rushing at the time so unfortunately didn't get much chance to have a proper look. Thanks again, I'll try and give it a shot, I've a Firefly in need of a base. Cheers Darryl
  2. Cheers, found it. And you just bought a sheet, cut to size and shape and painted? Airbrushed or "dabbed" on by brush? They have all sorts of stuff dont they! Apologies for all the questions, this groundwork will be a first for me. Thanks.
  3. Hi Ian, Expert, far from, however for interior colour you could use AK Cremeweiss AK 092, by the time its weathered it should look fine. Generally the crew areas would be in white whilst the rest in the dark red. Best wishes Darryl
  4. Hi Francis, you'd be surprised how quick you can blue-tac / mask a JP when needs must. Mask and spray, dry, mask again and spray the rotbraun. All done in one sitting on a Sunday morning. Bizarre what can be achieved when modelling angrily! Cheers Thanks Nick, sure it will come together with a bit of....subtle weathering / throwing as many washes, filters, pigments and mud at it as possible! Cheers Thanks for sparing the time to look in and comment. Darryl
  5. Thanks Francis, the Otter is just waiting for a figure or two the JP is progressing and as I'd been asked by the inlaws if I'd started it yet, thought I'd better force myself to crack on. Life can be hard at times.... Cheers, good of you to look in, appreciated. Hi, yep, shells came with the kit. In fact, apart from the aerials and home made handles everything is oob, as of yet at least. Thanks for commenting. Cheers Darryl
  6. Great dio! Ditch and grass work really well. What did you use for the grass? I've tried looking up Tremendous raw grass but can find now't, alas. Haven't tried any ground work/ base to mount models on before but determined to give it a go, yours looks really good and just the sort of thing I had in mind. Thanks Darryl
  7. Tracks look really good John, you do realise I'll shamelessly pinch your technique! Nice work. Darryl
  8. I'll tag along if I may, bit odd ball but there's now't wrong with that. Cheers
  9. Never built it but being Tamiya I'm sure it'll go together well. You're on the right sight if you need and advice or inspiration. Cheers Darryl Thanks Nick, like the, "so far!" Plenty of time for all to go belly up! Cheers Darryl
  10. Lovely job, not a vehicle I'm familiar with but smart looking little thing isn't it? Part brush painted you say, far better than I can do. Really struggle with the hairy stick these days and I've no idea why... Looks used but clean, nowt wrong there. Great work Darryl
  11. Looking good John, enjoying the build detail.
  12. Must look it up, thanks. Chieftain you say, Tamiya or Takom ? Either way, big fan you must post it. Thanks John, still have the faded green pigment waiting its turn. Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback. Almost feels like cheating, now I've found a formula that appears to work I keep going back to it.... Really must try something different. Gloss coat went on today, didn't see much point in posting pics of a glossy version of the above. Thanks again Darryl
  13. Great project, never been able to have any more than two or three on the go at once but if that works, which clearly it does, then why not! Some nice upgrades there too btw. As usual I'll tag along. It always a pleasure starting a new project ain't it! Good luck.
  14. As has been threatened on the previous update, paint. Halfords rattle can black primer. Basic coat of Ammo Mig SCC15. Then on to the fun bit; Mid way through painting, lightened with a pale wood colour added to the O/D to create a bit of depth and interest. Paintwork done, including highlights (haven't shown up terribly well on the pics). Whilst had the very pale O/D to hand added a few scratches with it. Will need to allow to dry fully before slapping a gloss coat on prior to weathering. What else is there to do whilst it's throwing it down and blowing a gale! Hope everyone is surviving Dennis. Cheers Darryl
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