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  1. Thanks Bob @Retired Bobit'll be nice to see a good'un! At the minute the Sherman is waiting on the magic modelling fairy to creep in and rectify it whilst I'm not looking, or perhaps if I ignore it long enough it'll sort itself? Sometimes you try to rectify something and instead you make the situation worse.... I though I'll do the sensible thing, as suggested, and work with what I have. First I'll tidy up some of the camo edges, instead of having a mix of hard and soft edges I'll freehand them all..... Couldn't match the colour as some bright spark mixes them by eye in the moment, the new mix wasn't covering very well and it just snowballed. Should have just gone with a unifying filter and weathering.
  2. And I thought it was Picasso lending a hand.... Very nicely done Bertie, particularly considering the time scale! I'd tried foil before and it just didn't work for me, whereas here it looks great! Funny how a number of these Achillies crews all had a similar look, must be down to the trained stance! Great work
  3. Good luck Bob, we haven't seen a decent desert Sherman in the GB...
  4. Looks great Goerge, not even considered the end date.....perhaps I should! How many times have I tried these, yet the videos and descriptions do look sooo very easy! The boss-eyed clown look is my current favourite....
  5. I'd agree with @Corsairfoxfouruncle re' the star. It looks like the crew has painted it out, perhaps a few rain streaks or dust just to break it up? Detail painting of the stowage is great, it has paid off doing in it in situ. I like that you've painted and chipped the captured German helmet too, gives it more authenticity. Nice work Darryl
  6. Thanks so very much chaps, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @Ray_W, @edjbartos, @Longbow, @THEscaleSHOW. Decision made, so glad I spent the 5 minutes this morning taking advice rather than rashly re-priming the Sherman. Progress....? Perhaps a predecessor to the Caernarvon, the Bangor!
  7. Just a quick question out to the collective.... Considering options. Rather than trying to strip it, which I feel could earn itself a permanent seat on the shelf of doom, do we think a respray of Mr Mahogany primer over the top of what's been done would work, followed by a repaint the sand etc? I'm not sure just a respray without the primer would work due to the contrast between the sand and green. I also reckon the Mahogany base coat will warm the sand colour, unlike at present as the green has left it looking cold and desaturated. Or, as mentioned earlier, and very kindly endorsed by @PlaStix, @edjbartos, @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Geo1966 just press on and weather the whatsits out of it.... Thanks Darryl
  8. That is so true, just building and having fun without fussing over detail painting is a real joy. Exactly the notion I came away with after doing the Ekranoplan earlier. Always good to try out a new technique or approach, or so I've been told....
  9. Superb work as ever MD, the attention to detail is exemplary. The mark of a skilled craftsman, you make it look easy! Thanks for your insight into 3d printing. The more I learn about this the more interesting it gets, so many applications for both hard and soft surfaces, depending upon the program obviously. Great work Darryl
  10. Moving along a pace! Still not convinced of the sanity of the scheme but I shall live and learn. Just looks really awkward getting in to paint some of the smaller details. Good luck Darryl
  11. Excellent and well worth the wait! The faded grey/green looks wonderful as does the accumulation of dirt and grime. If I didn't have a list of builds to do and finish you'd have inspired me to dig one out of the loft. Superb. Darryl
  12. Thanks fellas, way to kind but appreciated! I'm not one for stripping and repainting so I guess I'll have to see what can be achieved.... Might be a case ofor bust!! Thanks George I used to do wingy-things years ago before finding armour and occasionally it's nice to revisit with a fresh skill set. Or, better still, try something completely different it's surprising what new techniques you can learn and transfer. Darryl
  13. Thanks George, really appreciate your suggestion. White tack and blue tack are great for giving a soft feathered edge which I've used no problem. (The suggested problem with blue tack disappears with a gloss coat btw). Panzer putty gives a hard edge which I was hoping for. Not sure if it was just the heat and the effects of the hairdryer that accelerated its migration. Blue tack masking: Panzer putty masking: The hoped for nice hard edge. Warning the next pic ain't pretty... I have a plan, avoiding the obvious Baldrick classic. Gentle flat down, sand colour filter over everything and ...... Weather the begeebas out of it and cover with stowage, not forgetting to take the RFI photos from 200yds! Another thing looking at it again, green isn't great as a base coat for sand, looks really desaturated in the photo.
  14. And there you go again, the unicorn of the modelling world, Glynns Mossie! Not suggesting that I had reason for pushing the Mossie which was obviously feeling left out!
  15. Are you suggesting rivet counters arn't just mythical beasts! Apparently it manifests itself in many forms, don't mention shades of white in the car genre. Did once myself, think I got away with it!
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