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  1. Great ISU 152, what's not to like about a 152? Tracks look really good as does the general grime and accumulation of dirt without it being ott. I like the wood effect on the tools and Ammo boxes and it has figures too, what's not to like! Could just be the pics but the chap in the blue cover all looks a touch glossy, maybe a splash of matt. Great job, thanks for posting Darryl
  2. Two words.... World class! Outstanding Ed, a real treat to study and inspirational too. I think it's all been said before but excellent work. The way it opens up to reveal the interior, brilliant. I've always used AK and Mig etc for chipping but I guess next build will have to be Tamiya then. (Think I must be the only one that doesn't like Tamiya paints, no idea why sure our Greyhound could paint better with them than I do!) Love it, brilliant. Darryl
  3. Pressure....... Right, fine I'll re-park the Tiger and T34 and dig out the Shot kal..... Folk can be so demanding!!
  4. Your pod looks most impressive Dan!
  5. That'll be fun..... Ultracast do a resin replacement apparently.. https://www.ultracast.ca/Hussar-HSR-35055-Sturmtiger-Gun-Barrel-p/hsr_35055.htm Didn't Simon @Redcoat2966 do a build of this kit earlier this year? Good luck Stef
  6. Superb, you've really cracked the art of worn and weathered OD, that along with the masked and sprayed markings, outstanding! The pattena of dust, dirt and stains along with the build up of mud, in various shades and tones around the wheels and lower hull is great. Really nice wood effect on the tool handles too btw. Struggling to find anything negative but perhaps if doing another the track blocks could do with scuffing up a bit, they look to square and new, imo at least. Brilliant work, looking forward to the next. Cheers Darryl
  7. Bit more plugging away at the old kitty.... Most of the tools mounted, should really have a pickaxe along with the sand shovel but....I won't tell of you don't! Still working on the panzer III links, unfortunately tried a cheap grey primer from Aldi, utter rubbish compared to the Halfords grey, it just wont take the usual track wash treatment! Rest of the wheels mounted on the o/s, no idea why I'd left those off. Still have the main tow cables to paint and mount yet, that's going to be fun, not! Used the plastic ends but with copper cable, might have to mount as per the instructions as opposed to as the photos, yea me bad! Smoke grenade launchers fitted to the mounts, still needs a little paint to finish those and..... Still to do Jerry can rack, stowage, figure, further weathering (earth effects) plus probably another half-dozen things I've forgotten about or misplaced! I will get this flippin thing finished!!! Atb Darryl
  8. Of course he's no good at sweeping, he's the fella, fag in hand, sucking air through his teeth! We've had this conversation before Lee, he doesn't need any encouragement for gods sake!
  9. It most certainly does, avoid if poss painting any mating surfaces like stub axles inparticular. The tolerances can be really tight and paint is enough to cause issues.
  10. If Starfix did a Tiger.... Well I didn't like to say but....you're certainly dragging this oob build out a bit! You haven't worked for the local council at some point have you?? Those new fangled silver rubber band tracks look ok but I'd guess painting them could be a pain. Still joined together with a hot screwdriver blade??
  11. So glad the 20mm was dropped, even if only for aesthetic reasons. Quite fancy one of the amusing hobby AVRE versions and of course the FV4005, purely because it's one of the exhibits from Bovington that sticks in my mind from the very first time I went, late 70s early 80s. Dont think the AH kit is a direct sprue for sprue copy but it has similarities to the AFV club one. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Cheers
  12. Filth...pure filth!! It's all your fault, I used to be happy making models in my own slap dash way, now, now.... I'm using oils, bought a bottle of winsor and newton sansoder, really makes a difference btw, faffing around with pigments, washes, filters, adding bolt detail, and spending the price of the kit in some instances on a set of metal tracks.....must be barking mad!
  13. Great work Stef, each has its merits, glad I don't have to pick one! Love the colour you've achieved on the tracks. Super photography too, is the background one of the blue fade cards? (For want of the correct phrase). Atb Darryl
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