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  1. Adding to the parcel sub thread I've opened the PayPal wallet today and spent..... Not even bought a kit, even though still contemplating Tiki or a Chally II, but 9, yep 9 sets off Fruils.... Its Andy Js fault, his reckless abandon when it comes to spending is rubbing off!! Not desperately exciting to open but nice to have...
  2. As Mad Andy says the more the merrier, feel free to chip in with photos and the odd missive. Very few of us on this unofficial GB thread take it too seriously, you might noticed.. Atb Darryl
  3. Thanks mate, good to hear from you hope alls well. Cheers Well said, almost forgot..... You've heard of the headless horseman? Cheers bud.
  4. I have the book but went for the Vallejo paint set... best I can say..improving but still some way to go!
  5. Yeah, with the disturbing news about Fruil only doing direct sales and the on-going @#$% with importing stuff quite tempted to do similar! It never just rains!
  6. Still cracking the wip.... Endeavoring to keep bases to a minimum I've cut up a sheet of hardboard to make one. Little groundwork created with cheap homebargins filler, even though I "planted " the M4 into the soft filler it still looks as if its sat on it rather than in it but never mind with a little creativity I'm sure it can be overcome.... Royal mail delivered a bunch of figures today so they can potentially accompany the Tamiya chap that will be in the drivers position. Thanks for looking Darryl
  7. Why-o-why would it appear the only Dragon Tiger readily available at a decent price is Tiki, what's the one that doesn't really hold much appeal..... If it had been Wittmans or the Kharkov boxing sure, great,.....I blame the blighter @Retired Bob for mentioning it yesterday after he bought one..... power of suggestion! However a delivery of Alpine and friends finest has arrived today, never in my life would I have imagined spending soooooo much on figures. Anyway its Burns night.....any excuse for a dram or three!
  8. I know but that's exactly the opposite to what I'm trying encourage! You should know by now Andy is on a hair trigger when it comes to things like this...
  9. Very reasonable is great but rather.....subjective.. Jumblies is doing them for £34.95 and have been tempted, and now Tikki at Hannants.. ....get behind me Satan!
  10. You're a loon...an absolute loon! My Mrs would be bouncing off the ceiling by now! How much was the RFM chally II?
  11. Bob you're a very bad man, I had absolutely no interest or intention of getting one, now I'm deep in contemplation....you sir are a bounder and a cad! My name is not Andy I must resist...I must resist...I must..........no. . . . t resist..
  12. And that Gentlemen, and Andy J, is a sentence we must tell ourselves over and over again.... Ps, off topics but Jumblies is doing the new RFM Chally II with nearly £20 off....
  13. Tremendous work Wayne, paintwork and weathering absolutely first rate, spotless build! Great photography too btw! Glad you're back on you're feet and don't have any long term aftereffects. Atb Darryl
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