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  1. A dead cert for anyone ex BAOR having had the opportunity to drive armour on the open road.
  2. Wolfgang is alive and very well, unfortunately he no longer has the blue van.
  3. Re the uniforms, the crew are clearly wearing Coveralls, only a single breast pocket. As previous posters have said RTR were issued black coveralls, the rest of the Army were issued green. Berets colour are subject to the regiment who depict, black for RTR, very dark blue almost black for the rest. Cavalry regiments had a few variations on beret colour e.g. Scots Dragoons was a pale grey colour, 5th Inniskillians was green. The belt is a depiction of a 37 pattern web belt which would be green, the clips would of been brass originally, which is not very tactical so were usually blacked. The coveralls were never issued in DPM (camo) if you want the crews to have DPM they would need to wear combat kit which would require to add breast pockets. The radio equipment the crew are using is Larkspur which would clearly put the crew in the late 60's/70's. The kit is an early Chiefy so it limits your uniform colour choice. Hope that helps.
  4. Unfortunately if you are modelling a BAOR version which is where most of them were deployed it was a requirement for bridging purposes, trust me i was that squaddie. Bridge classification was 15 -16 ton dependant on version. However i agree in post cold wars it appears to have been removed. I minor detail and my intention is not to rubbish your build which is smashing. It was an oversight by Takom imo however it is your choice i would of liked to see a decal in the kit.
  5. Smashing Kris thanks for posting.
  6. I am as excited as you absolutely brilliant, one minor observation Takom has overlooked the bridge classification decal which all needed, a 300mm 'ish circle yellow or grey background with16 in black. Nice to see a finished model i have two on the way. Thanks for the link to your build.
  7. Lovely model well done, i was fortunate to be involved with one of the armoured infantry battalions as they were swopping out so had a few hours on them. Great wagon then but not too sure what the long term consensus is. Smashing model and stunning pictures. Kris fancy doing a thread on your photo setup?
  8. Great story Bonkin and great research, good luck matching the green us Brits made it difficult for modellers, i agree with a deep bronze green to my eye it was darker british racing green. Just to add some confusion Accurate Armour do some Hannants paints or obviously direct from Hannants they are closest i have seen XA1814 British deep bronze green. XA1815 British Mid Bronze green.
  9. Silly question Cambridge what brand of tissue? it takes on a canvas effect very well, prior to painting it looks a bit rough. what is vinyl glue? Looking rough, ready and battle weary carrying the crews comforts, as we used to say anyone can be uncomfortable.
  10. Well getting giddy, the Takom kit appears to be in the country with a few model shops showing stock and an in the box review on modelling news. Other good bit of news is I have had a sale through my shapeways shop with great feedback. I may not be the first to show a 1/35 FV439 radio relay though?
  11. Love a bit of a scratch wish I had the skill. Great build
  12. Nice job, the green paint looks spot on what did you use?
  13. Your such a clean modeller Julian everything is crisp..... if you know what I mean. Just love your attention to detail.
  14. Thanks for the great feedback, i will look into opening a shop on Shapeways then you can look and fill yer boots. I am flattered.
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