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  1. With the first track I gave too much by two links and had to subtract them later. The links had to be cut apart because otherwise it was impossible to move those pins.
  2. Thanks, mates The parts do not need to be cut or any grinding or correcting of the pin holes with any drill. Out of the box everything is immediately ready to assemble completely without glue like bricks from Denmark. The pins sit very firmly - there is no chance for them to fall out and the individual links are very movable and nothing gets blocked. A very solid product - strong competition for Friul and Masterclub metal links.
  3. Hello The time has come to confront one of the legends. RFM model with a few additions: gunbarrel from Aber, PE parts from Voyager and RFM (fenders), headlight from Voyager, tracks from T-Rex and towing cables from Eureka. There will also be decals from Toro. As of today, the entire bottom is assembled. Not everything turned out as I expected but I am 80% satisfied. In the photos there is no lamp yet, because the lens from Voyger does not quite satisfy me. I'm still thinking to make this piece without glass with exposed interior.
  4. I just love black and white photos and your scene against the destroyed city looks like the real thing. Very good model and the rest of the environment - good job.
  5. Thanks Francis. I wanted to use this model to the very end including photography. All in all, it's a very cool activity to invent the right background and blend the model with the stand into it. Well, I also really like black and white photography and couldn't resist. Thank you Bertie. I also never looked around for such additional effects for my models, nor did I ever plan special stands for them, but for my first vehicle on wheels I decided to make an exception. I'm very glad that you think the effect came out well, but nevertheless I regret a little that I decided on it too late. Then I would have adopted the whole build for LED lighting.
  6. You're right - after all, English is modern Latin. There is a mix here from all over the world but yet the forum is dominated by modellers from English speaking countries. Many modellers are limited to only existing on their national scene. You can see for yourself, by the way, that the colleague below only got to know this vehicle because of the war in Ukraine. I have heard a lot about the incredible off-road capabilities of the Ural and Russian off-road vehicles. People who have had contact with them have said that they are capable of going almost anywhere.... If the right amount of fuel is planned for them... I once even wanted to buy an old Lada Niva Wife did not agree I feel honoured that when you saw a picture of this vehicle in real life you somehow associated it with my model. It's a pity you didn't take a screen shot because I would have loved to see it even though due to the build I have seen really a lot of pictures of shooting Grads. The launcher itself may have been modified over the years and may have been mounted on the newer Urals 4320, but I like it best in its original version, as seen here.
  7. Wow! I honestly didn't expect so many comments on a vehicle that is probably little known in the west part of the world. Thank you for your kind feedback. I am very pleased that after six months of work with this model the end result has been appreciated by so many modellers. Once again, thank you very much.
  8. Thank you. I tried not to get the model too dirty. From a distance it looks quite clean and the close-up of the engine hood is just to show that it is a bit dusty. I'm glad you like the effect. Thanks guys. To be honest, I didn't really believe it would work with this flame because I came up with the idea when it was too late to set up the intalation with LED lighting. But I stated at least I would try and somehow it worked out. Thank you for this feedback. I am very pleased that you can see the dynamics in this work, which is after all completely static. But modelling is also such an illusion, so I am very satisfied that you can see here something more than just a model standing still. I made the flame from cotton wool on a wire frame. To stiffen it was lightly sprayed with hairspray and then painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow and Clear Orange. Finally lightened in a few places with white paint. Thank you. I'm really glad you like this model. Patryku, ja nawet u siebie w domu nie rządzę. Ale dzięki
  9. Hello Welcome to the training ground. This is my first model on wheels alone without tracks but another Soviet development in NATO colours in the service of the Polish Army. Of the extras there are DEF weighted wheels, road priority signs and decals from TORO and URAL lettering from a colleague on another forum. I also did some modifications on my own to get closer to the version used in the Polish Army from unused parts from other models. I hope you will like it And two more photos in the atmosphere of the training ground. And if it had taken place for example in the 1960s, it would have looked like this *All photos with the landscape in the background are after graphic processing. The actual condition of the model is best represented by photos with a white background.
  10. Southerners have it in their blood but we (still) don't. But I wonder what they would say in Madrid at -20 in winter. There is some charm in everything but for me 38 degrees is excessive. But it will take some getting used to
  11. Hello My first approach to aircraft, so please be understanding. MIG-15bis produced in Poland under licence as LIM-2. The Hobby 2000 model is basically the same as the Bronco. It will be enhanced with PE parts and a set of wheels from Euard and barrels from Master. To start with, I corrected the air intake baffle - the Mig-15bis had no landing light on the nose and only under the wing. Then I had to mix by eye some colour for the interior of the cabin to blend in with the cockpit colour from Eduard's additions - there was a bit of guesswork. But finally I brewed the magic formula Next, a bit of fun with PE parts. And finally, the cockpit in its complete form. And now I'm waiting for the weather to cool down before continuing work because I'm not used to temperatures of 38oC Warm regards
  12. For vehicles on KV/IS chassis there should always be metallic abrasions of the tracks at contact with the wheels (the wheels are all steel with no rubber). The rust on the exhaust pipes is also debatable - this was a pretty thick piece of metal" and it would be hard for them to corrode that badly. But this is a common treatment on many models, which increases the aesthetic value but is debatable in terms of content. All the rest of the KV is very nicely done and overall it is an attractive model.
  13. An outstanding model in construction as well as painting and weathering. Attention to detail, in every nook and cranny there is something to admire and the flat elements seem so spacious. All this makes that you can watch and watch. One of the best I have ever seen.
  14. Thank you @Bertie Psmith. Indeed, that face came out to me in such a way that this gentleman looks as if he strongly prefers arguments of force to force of arguments Although, as you can see from the photos, he is a man of the world I am very glad that you have appreciated my debut in figures. The manufacturer of the figure is Toro Model (resin).
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