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  1. Something seems to have inspired me with these tracks. I think I'll make mine brand new to. If you agree to the copyright
  2. And this from someone who made the interior in his tank I used DVD only for the driver's periscope. The commander's (test) periscope was made from self-adhesive metallized colored paper. The idea was taken from my daughter's equipment Stickers for one pound
  3. Before you use it on the model, practice on a piece of plastic. I applied it with a sponge because it was hard for me when using a brush. You have to hurry up because the paste dries pretty fast. It is best to remove the excess a few minutes after it dries by scraping it off with a toothpick. Is it a good product? This is the first time I made anti-slip surface and it worked out fine so it is not bad for sure Meanwhile, I started the turret. Anti slip paste again and a few basic elements. A little detail near the Thermal Imaging System. Picture of
  4. All elements of the hull in place. The kit has a very good detail, the only thing I decided to add are the wires for the headlights and the screws on the front which are quite noticeable in the pictures of the real vehicle but the manufacturer forgot about them. Picture of real vehicles for discussion purposes only. Happy Easter!
  5. Didn't you forget to paste the f32 parts to the wheels (step 9 in the manual)? The first and last road wheel will definitely be visible.
  6. I report a small progress - anti-slip surfaces on the hull. This task turned out to be more time consuming than I thought, but it was necessary at this stage to proceed with assembling the rest of the details.
  7. I really like the color of the metal parts of the tracks. They look very natural and fresh and are a nice change from what we have on most models - heavily worn and rusty.
  8. Hello This will be another thread about Challenger 2 from RFM . So I will not write about the model itself, but I will show the progress so far. I have assembled the suspension and wheels, tracks, and elements of the rear plate. I didn't think it would take me so long to glue the rear plate together - there are a lot of elements, but it does not look like it Before I put the top plate on the fuselage, I changed the driver's periscope a bit. I glued a piece of metallic colored paper to the back and a piece of layered DVD behind the glass from the set.
  9. Oops - in some connectors you have swapped the inside and outside side. One connector is also swapped top to bottom. Keep this in mind when placing the tracks on the wheels to hide these spots under the side armor. I'm a bit alert to these tracks because I just finished mine an hour ago in the same model
  10. Thanks. Legend has created a couple of such sets, mainly dedicated for Dragon kits. The Tamiya turret looks completely different here, so be careful when you cut it. You will probably need to put a lot of putty on this spot. Don't worry about the weight of the searchlight. CA glue will hold it in place without any problem.
  11. Thanks guys! I'm very happy you like it
  12. Hello, I present the M48A3 Patton model from Dragon. Added the mantlet and searchlight set from Legend, PE parts from Eduard, AFV Club tracks and machine guns from Aber. Painted Tamiya Olive Green on B&W base. Enjoy watching and I hope you will like it.
  13. Unfortunately, I ruined my work because of too much weathering and I decided to repaint. This time I used the darker color Tamiya Olive Green on a black and white base as before. I did weathering with a mixture of oils and pigments in several steps so as not to overdo it again. Finally the tank is ready and waiting for additional equipment.
  14. Hello, Patton has received wash and some oils and is ready to get dirty.
  15. Absolutely fantastic. With the cloudy background, it looks like a screen from a certain tank game . Is that 1/72 for sure?
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