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  1. For vehicles on KV/IS chassis there should always be metallic abrasions of the tracks at contact with the wheels (the wheels are all steel with no rubber). The rust on the exhaust pipes is also debatable - this was a pretty thick piece of metal" and it would be hard for them to corrode that badly. But this is a common treatment on many models, which increases the aesthetic value but is debatable in terms of content. All the rest of the KV is very nicely done and overall it is an attractive model.
  2. An outstanding model in construction as well as painting and weathering. Attention to detail, in every nook and cranny there is something to admire and the flat elements seem so spacious. All this makes that you can watch and watch. One of the best I have ever seen.
  3. Thank you @Bertie Psmith. Indeed, that face came out to me in such a way that this gentleman looks as if he strongly prefers arguments of force to force of arguments Although, as you can see from the photos, he is a man of the world I am very glad that you have appreciated my debut in figures. The manufacturer of the figure is Toro Model (resin).
  4. Hello I usually hang out on the armoured part of the forum but I decided to try my hand with a figure (in armoured scale of course). For the first attempt I've chosen soldier of the Polish People's Army from the eighties. The figure will be a part of a diorama depicting martial law in Poland (1981-1983). One shot in the background of a photo from my hometown in the 1980s. And if there had been a confrontation between West and East then it would have been like this You probably know this place too So let us rejoice that we are now on the same side.
  5. There is really nothing to apologise for - curiosity is the first step to knowledge. It is very good of you to ask and I am glad to have been able to dispel your doubts. If you have some brown, some green and some black you have everything you need to paint a modern Polish AFV and this gives you a nice opportunity to experiment with colours, but on newer machines like the Leopards, the standards are more respected. I have heard that vehicles repainted in units use paints mixed on site. What colour comes out is what it will be. Usually only the plants where vehicles are renovated use standardised paints. However, there is a move away from standard NATO camouflage in favour of the pattern introduced by the Polish Army as more suitable for the landscape in this part of Europe. It looks like I did on this Leopard.
  6. Thank you. The Polish Army often does not keep to colour standards. It happens that tanks from the same unit are painted in different shades of brown and green maintaining only the appearance of standard NATO camouflage. Of course, there are also standard NATO colours. It is the same when it comes to colours of mantlet covers. A wide selection of different shades of brown, green and even turquoise. I looked through a lot of pictures and I decided to aim for the colour visible on the first tank from the right, because it seemed the most interesting. It is nice that it aroused your curiosity. By the way great name for the colour "Hulk Hogan Green". Some company should introduce it Photo for discussion purposes only.
  7. 41 tons divided by 35 is about 1.2 tons. I haven't weighed it but the weight is unlikely to have been reproduced to scale
  8. Francis, you have made a really impressive model of tank that I really like. On top of that you present your work very nicely in great quality photos. I also wrote this so you can thank me two, maybe three days later for my "kind words" and keep your topic on the front page for another week. But now that I look at it, Ernst, MRMRL, LeeM, Sardaukar and Nenad are still ahead of me, so propably I'll have to wait more than a week. But patience is one of the greatest virtues of a modeller. Anyway, I know I won't have to look far for this topic
  9. Thank you @sardaukar. It is perhaps the greatest praise for a modeller when his work can be recognised without looking at the author. I have always wanted to be myself and have my own style, but I did not know that I would be able to do this in modelling, as I only try to imitate those better than me. But on the other hand "a poor pupil who does not dream of being better than the master" (Leonardo da Vinci). Anyway, you have made me very happy with these words.
  10. Hello mates I would like to present you my newest tank - T-72 M1 in service of Polish Army. I added to the model barrel and clasps from Aber, PE parts from Eduard, tow cables from Eureka, road priority signs and decals from Toro, workable tracks from Trumpeter and antenna from RB model. From my own modifications I made the whole electrical system with wire, sculpted the mantlet cover, extended cargo holders, rear fuel system section, headlamp guards, optics interiors and registration plate. Working with this model gave me a lot of fun that I didn't want to finish, but his time has come. I hope you will like it
  11. Thank you mates I didn't know this tank myself before either, but I searched because I was curious about what the Chinese army drives. Of all the models, this one appealed to me the most, and in addition, on this version of the tank I could make the camouflage, which also interested me very much. It's not their newest/best tank, but I liked it the most best because its shape nicely combines features of western and eastern designs. China is a great power so i thought i had to have a representative from this country in my collection.
  12. Hello everyone A model of a Chinese MBT built from a simple Hobby Boss kit without any extras and with minimal modifications. Tri-colour camouflage painted on a black and white base. I hope you will like it. "When China wakes up, the world will tremble." Napoleon Bonaparte
  13. Most of the weathering has been done. I will add some more dust and earth effects on the lower areas of the hull and the rubber covers on the fenders using an airbrush.
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