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  1. Thank you, mates. I am glad that my model of the British tank was appreciated on the British forum. By the way, you have a beautiful machine. The size and futuristic silhouette makes it look very sinister on the shelf compared to other modern tanks.
  2. Great idea to cut up a section of the tank and show the interior. Execution of the model itself, the figures and the environment is masterful as usual. Once again I am impressed by your skills.
  3. Thanks. Anti-Slip paste is a product ready to use straight from the tube. In my opinion, it is best applied with a sponge, but it is worth practising on a piece of plastic before. As I see there are still many Challengers waiting for us on the forum and I will gladly look into your topics because I already have this fight behind me. It's ready for inspection now so feel invited.
  4. Hello, It is time to show the last completed model - British MBT Chellenger 2 TES. I only bought tow cables from eureka and Anti - Slip from Mig. I didn't do too many modifications as the RFM kit is quite accurate. I hope you will like it. Feel free to rate and comment. Work in progress section here.
  5. Thanks Neil. I will be glad if you find this topic useful in building your model. I look forward to you starting your build report - I will certainly be looking in BTW Chally is already finished and waiting for a photo shoot so if something doesn't fall off it will be in RFI soon
  6. Because it is a monster! Even on a shelf next to other tanks with that side armouring and "tea table" on the turret it impresses with its size. By the way, I painted the rubber caps on the tracks and rusted them a bit with a heavily thinned rotbraun. I think they will look better on a dusty vehicle than new ones.
  7. All the weathering has been done and this is the final look of the model body. I also painted the large lens in the machinegun turret and it reflects the light quite nicely. The model has been protected by matt varnish and all that is left is to finish the tracks, periscopes, tow ropes and some other small details. All in all there is still quite a lot to do...
  8. It is a great art to make a vehicle so dirty that it remains pleasing to the eye. The dirt on your model looks very natural and suits it very well. Beautiful model, a true masterpiece.
  9. Hello Some weathering with oil paints. Maybe a little too much at the commander's hatch but the paint has already dried and cannot be removed. Now I am going to paint the rear using the airbrush and the side armours using the chipping fluid and dust enamel method. But first a matt varnish because it still shines. I had to take photos from different angles because the light reflecting off the still shiny surface does not help to show how it really looks.
  10. Attractive paint job, fine weathering and unique LEO2 lettering on the hooks
  11. It is often happens that good models lose their qualities in close-ups, but this one gains a lot. Great work in every detail.
  12. Hi All, Chally painted to finish, decals in place, spot wash and finally Mr Hobby satin varnish. Now it's ready for oil paints.
  13. Hello, Continued painting - brightening up. A little modulation, a little panel lightning - my favourite mix. At the moment I think I've flattened the colour too much but I'll have to look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes.
  14. Start of painting. At this point primer and base only (Tamiya Nato Green). There was not enough time for brightening up today. After painting, anti-slip surfaces emerged. I was a little afraid that it would be too thick, but it came out quite ok for me. I also painted the metal parts of the tracks. They will be in @ERK style - brand new
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