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  1. It looks better and better... If I can suggest something, paint the edges of the mantlet cover fabric with a lighter color and then apply a heavily diluted wash there. It will look more 3D Or if you prefer a more delicate effect just apply wash only.
  2. Hello, All PE parts in place. Dragon forgot something again. A "small" detail at the fenders. These parts are missing, the manual does not show them either and boxart misleads us... Old Tamiya is not inferior to Dragon, especially considering the price.
  3. Wow, like real... Great model!
  4. Detailed build, very nicely painted - I'm waiting for the next steps but I can see it now it will be a great model.
  5. It looks like real. Absolutely amazing diorama. Could you add some black and white photos from the low shot? They would certainly look like archival photos.
  6. The fenders are in place, so the overall shape is done and the first round of the PE parts is waiting for its turn.
  7. You don't even know how glad I am that you like it. It really motivates me to keep working. Thanks a lot
  8. Hi All, Today I completed the hull with suspension. I made the cast texture in the same way as on the turret. Close up of a sprocket. The Patton tanks had three holes in sprocket for getting rid of the mud. Dragon found this an insignificant detail so I had to drill them. I couldn't resist to try on with the turret
  9. Looks nice. Can't wait it will be painted...
  10. Thanks guys! Dragon made M48A3, M48A3 Mod. B and M48A5. But these are not the kits we know from German WWII vehicles from this manufacturer. Maybe they keep the dimensions better than the old Tamiya, but the detail is not amazing. But it's probably the best choice for the M48 anyway.
  11. Another great model you made and again great atmospheric photos.
  12. They met. After the Soviet Union's aggression against Poland on September 17, the Red Army captured several TKS. They also took over several TKS sold to Estonia.
  13. Hello , Some time ago I started to struggle with this model and today I finished the turret. I started with the turret to have the worst behind me. To mount the resin Legend set, I had to make a huge hole in the turret and cut 5 cm of the barrel. Then I had to fill the gap between the joint of the mantlet cover and the armor. I used so much putty that I had to renew cast texture all over the turret using Mr Surfacer 500. But I think it was worth it because it's a really nice set. I especially like the PE clasps The Legend set also includes a searchligh
  14. Very nice made one of the prettiest Cold War tanks in a classic British camouflage... What more could I want?
  15. I am totally impressed with these details. A really great Sherman is made here so I'll be watching. Of course, I also like the selected markings Trzyniec - I'd like to hear you pronounce it Quite a difficult word even for some Poles
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