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  1. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    go and have a pint
  2. SA80A2AR

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    i'm a but that airfix has put its free delivery price up from £30 to £50 quid but on the other hand i can use it as a excuse to get bigger of more kits
  3. SA80A2AR

    Interesting Spots

    cool. if i'm ever that direction i'll see if i can spot it
  4. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    to the moldy thinners (can thinners go moldy??)
  5. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    that horses get drunk
  6. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    a the telford show
  7. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    that's gonna build walls
  8. spad's done it again. made a model to perfection. (in my not very good eye)
  9. lovely kit of a secretive plane. my first recollection of this plane was it flew about 10 mins after a Chinook flew down the road at about 30 foot. i came over our house at about 500 ft and it is one big plane.
  10. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    'ere, guv do you
  11. SA80A2AR

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    airfix 1/72 jeep and P-51d
  12. SA80A2AR

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    realy? a bit like
  13. SA80A2AR

    What are you reading?

    BM of course couldent resist that one Ben McIntyre. SAS Rouge heroes and operation mincemeat SSgt Kin Hughes, painting the sand and plenty of comandoes.