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  1. SA80A2AR

    airfix 1/35

    are the above mentioned kits new tool or a re-pop??
  2. cool. i like how you've made the face really realistic. did you blend colors?
  3. i think that MB used to operate one if not still
  4. thanks. i'm not bothed about the mark or engine type. i have seen them realy cheep airfix 1/24 spits and last night i hit upon a idea. use spares for RC planes. e.g for the topflite 1/7 spit. (v nice) i don't want the whole kit so its not a waste of a decent model
  5. does anyone know where i can get a resonably priced 1/18 or 1/24 spitfire cowel and spinner for a project? any help would be apreciated.
  6. very nice. are you going to paint and weather the engine?
  7. SA80A2AR

    Old models

    some shelves in my room as well as my brother's room. and shelves downstares
  8. SA80A2AR

    “Battle Damage”

    my first drill got used extensively against a poor 1/72 spit. with a 3mm bit. then i got my dremmal and i had been used to chop up a mossie. i will be changed into a real dio someday
  9. cool. if i may chip in i fond that not very much paint cumming through also helps
  10. just @Bandsaw Stevementioned it in one of his threads a bit ago
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