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  1. can you age a 2 way flow adapter for airbrushes? and would it be possible to run 2 airbrushes off 1 compressor if the above mentioned does exist? (not both at the same time may i add) MT in advance
  2. i use a specific woodwork adhesive called Titebond 1. bloomin' good stuff
  3. been hiding for quite a while.... as a fellow woodworker, out of interest, what glue do you use? a modified PVA, aliphatic resin or Polyurethane? lookin' good tho
  4. she's a bit of a filler queen (not so sure about the gunpowder and gelatin tho) it has potental. when i built one i had no idea about filler and clamps, so one of the wings is at least 5mm out.............. lets just say may toleraces have become much tighter since
  5. SA80A2AR

    airfix 1/35

    are the above mentioned kits new tool or a re-pop??
  6. cool. i like how you've made the face really realistic. did you blend colors?
  7. i think that MB used to operate one if not still
  8. thanks. i'm not bothed about the mark or engine type. i have seen them realy cheep airfix 1/24 spits and last night i hit upon a idea. use spares for RC planes. e.g for the topflite 1/7 spit. (v nice) i don't want the whole kit so its not a waste of a decent model
  9. does anyone know where i can get a resonably priced 1/18 or 1/24 spitfire cowel and spinner for a project? any help would be apreciated.
  10. very nice. are you going to paint and weather the engine?
  11. cool. if i may chip in i fond that not very much paint cumming through also helps
  12. just @Bandsaw Stevementioned it in one of his threads a bit ago
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