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  1. Oi, lads, everyone else is talking about new Buccaneer kits here; eyes on the prize please
  2. Sounds a fine selection there Enzo
  3. 4 1/72 Harriers

    You are well on the way to being first in the gallery Phil.
  4. Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 - Hobby Boss 1/72

    Living a little dangerously poking fun at your doctor's artistic skills I'd say
  5. Irish Hurricane Mk1

    Glad you've chosen to join us Erwin, welcome to the GB, this one is our first in 24th scale.
  6. Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 - Hobby Boss 1/72

    Hope it's all gone smoothly for you Dave.
  7. SHAR - the Harrier at sea

    Had a play with the plastic and resin last night. Some modification to kit parts proved the Pavla 'pit is a bit wider than the space Italeri provide but hopefully a bit of scraping and sanding will encourage all parts to fit together. Need to loose around 1 & 1/2 to 2 mm at the widest point due to the Pavla part curving out down its depth while the Italeri forward fuselage is slab-sided. Being no fan of Airfix's Sea Harrier-ish kit perhaps prejudices me towards its accuracy but checking photos backs up the Italeri shapes and therefore I'd rather modify the Pavla parts to suit. Will try again to get a few photos this evening in the hope my phone doesn't have a tantrum and loose them. In the meantime I have to say the Italeri kit impressed me with its finese after working on Airfix 72nd scale kits for a while. Nice panel lines that are almost too subtle and other than a slight skim off flash on a few parts everything fits without any dramas. Still swithering about a final choice of markings but found some 700A NAS decals that include a far better rendition of the tail art than is in the kit so they are sitting atop the pile right now above the Falklands War birds and I can't find the two Sea Eagle missiles that were left over from the Hasegawa kit I built around 27 years ago to do one of the test aircraft.
  8. HS 1182 Hawk T.1 (Revell 1/72)

    Tidy work Giorgio
  9. Sounds as if you have it all under control there Mark. How's the Beaufighter coming along?
  10. 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4

    Aah now I understand what it is Tidy job on the metal origami so far
  11. HS 1182 Hawk T.1 (Revell 1/72)

    An interesting comparison and one which illustrates the difference very well Giorgio. I'll look forward to seeing how you update the Revell kit.
  12. ...or stop being a dirty tease and just tell us man! Right now I'm thinking Sea Harrier or maybe Seafire.
  13. #22 will do fine for me cheers David. The Oil Crisis always makes me think of the proper Mini (as opposed to that lump of a thing which has stolen it's name lately) and Japanese motorbikes based on the tales my dad told so perhaps there's the base for a different choice from my usual British aviation subjects.
  14. Glad to see this one finished Colin and hope life is being good to you. An unusual subject handled particularly well
  15. 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4

    I still can't guess what it'll be yet