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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback gang. Glad you all enjoyed it. Knowing that makes it all worthwhile. There's a couple things I want to sort out before posting the poll but once done the idea is we all get a chance to vote for our favourite finished model and pick a winner over the next month or so. No prizes other than the priceless and everlasting kudos of our admiration
  2. Was wondering if you'd made a start to this one but clearly you've been busy
  3. A double build of two Red Arrows? Rather surprising to think the team has only used these two types over its 50 year history.
  4. Top job on the camouflage work Steve
  5. This one has taken a big leap forward Pity about the amount of filler required but you seem to have lept that hurdle without any trouble.
  6. Looks to be going together well Alex. Nice touch folding the wings; was looking at the seperated tips and it brought home how small these aircraft were that this was all they required to fit in a carrier deck lift when machines such as the Barracuda and Buccaneer had to be folded up like a posh restaurant napkin.
  7. The decals give a nice burst of colour
  8. The PR. XIX certainly shows the lines of the late-model Spitfire off a treat with its smooth wings and you are doing a great job of capturing that chatacter Hope you enjoyed the East Neuk show. Was on family duties yesterday and couldn't make it but the Aberdeen Modellers Society lads and Duncan at BlackMike Models are all saying it was a good one.
  9. You going with both or one now for the GB and saving the other for later?
  10. A Red Arrow Hawk is certainly British and has to be an icon to many of us both here in the UK and abroad from their busy airshow schedule. Alas this kit needs a little care and attention to get the best of it but does look like a Hawk once done. Although I enjoyed building this kit in-flight at the time I realised too late the rear cockpit is also too long as moulded so that rather spoiled it for me. Nothing that can't be sorted if you care to though.
  11. This has become a masterclass in scratch-building for me
  12. The ratchet strap detail really pops out on those fuel drums and the manner in which you've painted the hatches gives a great measure of authenticity in that area as well
  13. Tidy work on the turret assembly there. Perhaps a good dry-brushing with progressively lighter coats of progressively lighter greys could help bring some of that otherwise hidden detail to light? If it's not too late and everything is closed up that is.
  14. Glad to see someone is having a go at what I've come to consider the definitive British Harrier :thumbsup; Agree with you that this kit is more about missed opportunities than the realisation of its potential by Airfix but then again there really isn't an effective alternative in 72nd scale without some major conversion work to get the basic shape sorted out with an ESCI/Italeri FRS.1 as the basis With that said, however, I'm wishing you the best of luck here. As for that nose landing gear well; I'd just close the doors and ignore it
  15. The sleek lines of a late-mark Spitfire are certainly shown to great effect in the smooth nature of the XIX with its lack of guns and all their associated lumps. The silver scheme only serves to accentuate that. Nice work there Stu, a lovely choice of subject, this one looks to be going together well.