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  1. Even though it put up a fight and you lost interest in the kit for a while the end result is great Simon.
  2. That's got wow factor Matthias. I though your first photo was a reference shot of the real aircraft.
  3. Lovely work on a rare and deserving subject. Your subtle weathering and effects really give this one a great finish. May I ask how easily the kit went together?
  4. I personally don't think we see enough Sea Fury getting modelled and certainly not in this rare scheme. Good job Dora
  5. Tidy work on a tiny but most worthy subject
  6. Sorry to hear the Flagon extras have gone into hiding as I'd have liked to see that one. The MiG-23 or -25 woud both be fine by me as alternatives but alas not the F-102 Delta Dart as it's all front line European theater for this GB please
  7. It is a great kit. Only advice I can think of off-hand is to leave the jet pipe out until after painting but otherwise straight-forward and well detailled as it is. Good idea. I'll get on that now... Edit:- Just had a look. Shermaniac has put dates on his initial post and I've no edit options on his anyway. If anyone is in doubt check the calendar for all the great options we have going on over the year
  8. I'm happy to have the 'plastic wing' Harrier versions such as the T.10 in the GB. While it could be argued these were more a MDD/Boeing design than a Hawker one there's also an argument that US money supported the original project in the first place so rather than get concerned about it let's say a blanket Yes to all Harriers
  9. Hello Jay, Sorry to hear things are taking a different turn for you there. The good thing about this hobby is we can set it aside and dip in or out of it as we get the chance to relax and not provide another source of stress in life. Hope things level out for you soon fella but in the meantime feel free to join in the banter and nonsense whenever you want
  10. Sounds good to me Glynn
  11. Hey gang, got this one done in the nick of time Airfix 72nd scale kit with Bestfong decals (thanks Antoine) to make a Chinese PLAAF P-51D
  12. Having watched your progress on this and many other amazing models it should come as no surprise that this one is stunning as well.
  13. Does that include scale plans PC? More stunning work Simon. If I do ever get my hands on a B.II kit this thread will be the only reference source required. Does that include scale plans PC? More stunning work Simon. If I do ever get my hands on a B.II kit this thread will be the only reference source required.
  14. Think I'll call this one done... Will fire more photoes up in the gallery shortly. In the meantime can I say thanks to our moderators for making this GB happen, everyone who took the time to post some kind comments, and in particular @Antoine for sending me the Bestfong decals to make a PLAAF Pony possible