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  1. Lovely work on both of these Stew. Had to play catch-up from almost the start and it was worth the time taken to read through
  2. Have heard a lot of similar criticism directed toward Kittyhawk stuff. Their reputation for poor accuracy and bad design means I've not bothered with any of the kits regardless of how cool the subjects are
  3. Not sure buddy but if I can find them, which I'll need to if adding one of these to the stash, will share with you.
  4. I'd say keep going with the stencils as they will add a lot to the overall look of this one and it's looking great so far.
  5. The Hornet really was a beautiful aircraft so I'm delighted to see you working on this one
  6. Great work on this one so far Alexey. I hope you are able to solve the shape issues in the rear fuselage to your satisfaction.
  7. Nice start Brian. There certainly looks to be a nice amout of detail within the cockpit.
  8. Nice work on the fuselage. Perhaps a few experiments on how best to represent the wing ribs are required but I'd suggest perhaps forming the sprue into a rough triangular cross-section before stretching it and see how that looks.
  9. How are you getting on with this one? Sounds as if the fuselage will be as much work either way be it scratch-built or mix and match from the various bits.
  10. Please excuse my absense from this one lately but between moderating the 70s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact GB and life in general I've been rather lacking in free time. Sorry gang
  11. Nice work on the pilot moulding experiment Ced. Think we're all learning things from that.
  12. Ouch Hope you are able to get rid of the cobwebs and the old Alclad behaves itself otherwise.
  13. I was thinking we could post links to our specific seperate threads rather than the progress itself in the master thread
  14. Might be worth trying to get a copy of the ICM kit instructions or Bergemot aftermarket decals placement guide to give you an idea of where the major stencils go.