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  1. Took some photos of the Vampire T.22 at Montrose Air Museum and if anyone needs some extra details for their Airfix T.11 I've posted them in a Photobucket album T22?sort=3&page=1
  2. AAaaaaannd we're go!
  3. Not only a good choice of subject but also in support of a great cause Nice touch getting a letter from the VPG as well.
  4. Yikes! I'm too scared to tackle an injection moulded kit of the Dh.2 in 48th scale so have to applaud you for going with a vacformed 72nd scale kit of the .1 This will be a must-see thread.
  5. From reading through your research results I'm in agreement with your final profile and also curious about what's happening with the camera port. As you say this may be indicative of photo-retouching but are we sure every photo is of the same machine? No nothing about the subject other than what you've posted but could there have been other Mosquito which landed in Swiss territory?
  6. Thank you Sgt. To see one getting cat launched must have been a fantastic experience! Although I think what you can hear might be called tinnitus Best I can offer in relation to that was watching them dropping practice bombs on a target buoy up beside the Tain range. Dad got word from a former colleague and took me up to sit on the shore and watch. For a while F-111s took a crack at it and we watched the splashes burst all around at varying proximities to the target including some really close ones. Then a green and grey over LAG RAF Bucc enters stage right rather low and whacks one of his two bombs clean off the buoy with a clang that was clearly audable over the jet noise. Dad laughed and said, "On well, that's b#&&£~ed it, let's go get some ice-cream". That was a good day
  7. Now that is an excellent subject to pick!
  8. Good to see you in this GB as well Tim and with a top choice of subject
  9. Thanks for the kind words and support gang; it does spur me on to keep at this one. I'd say go spray cans to get a nice even coat of white and let's see another Bucc getting finished After a few days away on holiday I got back at this one for a wee while last night. Behold the kit instrument panel adorned with some Eduard etch
  10. Nice work Glynn. Really enjoying watching your progress with this one and you're doing nothing to diminish my desire to get one of these. Best of good luck with the Alclad.
  11. Wins the first battle of the GB and gets straight back into the action; good man Think you'll find plenty of approval for that choice of markings
  12. Well done You've won the first battle of this GB Made a lovely job of it too
  13. Dare say there's always many paths to the same point but some of us take the hard route Added your name to our list. Welcome aboard
  14. Nice work on the cockpit and instrument panel
  15. Good solid progress Hans. Those holes in the wingroot with a red square around them are access ports for a fire extinguisher