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  1. Hi 11bravo, thanks for asking - sadly, there is no update on this build at all so far My time for modelling was reduced to the very ground as we had a baby comming, so i had to work on preparing the house for him Now he is 13months old and i m trying to spend as much time with him and help my wife as much as i can, so still not much time for modelling.. But hopefuly this changes soon
  2. Thanks John, happy new year to you as well Sadly, this build is over 3years old already. I have been very busy in last two years and didnt have much time for modeling. And almost no time at all to post on forums Well, there wasnt much to post though.. i have finished like 4-5 models over the last 2 years only, most of them were built in big time pressure I hope it gets better and i ll have again more time, but it wont happen for half year at least i think.. We got a little baby (he ll be 1 year old in the beginning of february), so thats where all my time is gone..
  3. cheers guys, thanks a lot for all the nice responses Abteilung - thanks for interesting feedback, i ll definitely take these advices when i work on another KT in future cheers
  4. Just wanted to give you a big "Thanks" for documenting how you did the salt weathering on "Shangri-La"! I couldn't figure out how to post on that thread, so I'm telling you here.  :)


    I used that post to salt weather a 1/72 Spitfire and a 1/72 Typhoon (in Ready for Inspection).


    Super job; the paint on Shangri-La was unbelievably real looking.

  5. thats some nice collection Steve, congratz to that wonderful year
  6. wow Stix this is one of the most awesome things i have ever seen, realy O.o totaly awesome and i m so happy for you for such an minblowing result big big cheers , gota read the WIP :))
  7. Thanks guys, again you are way too kind And i hope so Duncan, i hope so.. cheers
  8. Thanks a lot Cookie i m not online very often over the last months, so it is quite easy to miss the very few posts i do, no worries i ll work on it!
  9. nice build just little hint hint, not eastern european kit, but central/middle european kit
  10. Awesome Stix, love the paint work and weathering, once again you made me to look in ave on your model amazing work Just going to read the WIP, the weathered paintwork looks superb , cheers
  11. wow nice quick build Steve looks great cheers
  12. Thanks a lot guys for your amazing comments, i know there are many issues you could find on the model, but i m happy you like it To Tony - damn, i saw this photo (i tried to recreate the "scratched" or removed paint using this photo), but i never noticed the MG padding cut out... little excuse could be, i saw more zoomed out version of the photo but still.. damn.. thanks for the info - i cant change it on the model as it is already away, but i can remember it for next build of this one..
  13. Hey guys, i m so sorry but the busy situation in my life did not allow me to make full WIP thread.. and also sadly i could not finish the base.. But the DR.1 is now finished More shots in RFI section Have a nice day
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