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  1. Truly amazing! I think photo etch can´t compete with this.
  2. Great job! I think you are spot on with the "fades and shades". At least that kind colour comes to my mind having only seen photographs or video clips from the time when the "D"s were put into action.
  3. Brilliant work! Likewise I am impressed that there is a coffee table in the modelling room. Maybe there is an adjacent smoking parlor and a bar as well
  4. Oh yes, I also bought a daylight lamp assuming it would help me to avoid (unpleasant) surpprises when I bring kit outside after the paint job... yet it is still artificial light.
  5. Familiar to me I am still undecided as regards acrylics. Used Vallejo on some test birds, but occasionally the paint seemed a bit thick and even peeled off under hars test conditions (rubbing under water)- I have ordered identical orange line (lacquer) and red line sets (acrylics) from Hataka for comparison. https://www.hataka-hobby.com/ Still waiting for delivery. Best regards Stefan
  6. Valid point! Yet I would imagine that the Luftwaffe would not just pick the Hornets from Boeing`s production line, but that there would be some sort of deal that would allow German aviation industry to have their share in the project - as they did in the past. As regards cost per flying hour, I have no knowledge, but my gut feeling tells me that the Hornets would come cheaper. Wouldn’t they?
  7. Possibly, if radar technology (or other forms of aircraft detection) evolve further, maybe the current stealth concepts won`t work adequately sometimes in the no so distant future.
  8. Oh yeah, spending millions on old hardware just because the MoD is unable to obtain approval from lawmakers to fund the envisaged F/A-18Fs and Gs they wanted to acquire to fill the gap once the Tornados are withdrawn from service. Not so smart in my view…
  9. Very nice build! I like the fuel tank camo variation - was one borrowed from the RN? Stefan
  10. Oh yes! They made also regular visits to West-German skies in the 1980ies. If I remember correctly there were usually some A-10 detachments deployed to FOLs (Forward Operating Locations) in then West-Germany. I recall back then my favorite “task” after coming home from school was getting our dog and walk up a hill some 3 kilometers away from my parents home. There was a high seat at the edge of the woods that allowed an almost 170 degree view on the surrounding hills and valleys where the A-10s would roam. I had binoculars and on some occasions I would see the GAU-8/A Avenger direc
  11. Awesome job! I have a Kinetic F-16I in my stash. I guess you`d recommend extra resin over OOB, since you used it? Regards Stefan
  12. That`s truly remarkable! You don`t offer painting lessons, do you? Cheers Stefan
  13. Indeed, very interesting and providing some info still new to me (or I maybe had forgotten... ). Thanks for sharing TonyOD! Stefan
  14. Wow! That's awesome! The kit decals are Kinetic’s own creation? Cheers Stefan
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