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  1. Exactly; I've heard it said that originally the word meant a pusher.
  2. Maybe not, but we all talk about propellers, too, don't we?
  3. Thanks @Des, that's an option to keep in mind.
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked before, I've tried the search function and drawn a blank. I'm looking for information as to which manufacturers offer a canvas winged Hurricane mk1 in 1/48 as I'd like to build a particular (though fictitious) aircraft that was based in France in 1940. Thanks, JRK
  5. Yes, done with a brush as I don't have an airbrush. More coats will be needed before a definitive answer reveals itself.
  6. Very nice! I'll follow the build as I've got a half-baked idea in the back of my head that I'd like to do at least one of each of the marks of 109 (don't ask about the sub-types!) and this could be the impetus I need to look seriously at an earlier version.
  7. @Marklo and @mark.au, I've done some testing: L-R: no undercoat, thinned white Humbrol 34 undercoat, thinned Humbrol 34 / 60 (mixed to a dull pink) undercoat, thinned Humbrol 62 undercoat. The yellow used was Colourcoats ACLW25, with three representatively thinned coats applied to the undercoat. Not sure which I like best yet.
  8. Lovely! Who doesn't appreciate a dirtied-up 109?
  9. Hi Mark, Thanks for the run-down. I've got two builds on the go at the moment, and have already planned the next one, but the Beer Delivery Spit might well be next on the list after that. I'm not much of a rivet counter yet, but to be aware of any potential pitfalls in terms of glaring inaccuracies or build-killing faults is really helpful.
  10. This is looking great - how are you finding the kit in general? I've got an ICM Beer Delivery in the stash and it doesn't look as tidy as this kit.
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks for the tip - I guess that medium brown and pink both contain a reasonable amount of red, so both could work well. Having thought about this I'm tempted to do an ABC comparison by painting three things white, pink and medium brown before overcoating them in RLM04 to see what they look like - you never know, the results could be surprising.
  12. Thanks Marklo, cracking pictures. The FW190 is one I've seen a colourised photo of and am interested in having a crack at one day in the future. I'm not a big fan of painting in yellow either, it just never seems to come together that well for me. Maybe a pink undercoat is the secret? Unfortunately for me, I like making Luftwaffe models, so yellow is an occupational hazard, especially where YNB's are concerned. There's a lot of yellow on this model, as well as an FW190A-3 that's on the bench, too, so I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again for the tips - they'r
  13. Now you've said it, that does ring a bell. I'll mix some pink up for the underside and see what we get.
  14. Hi Ralph, I'm a bit below you, geographically speaking, being in mid Wales. It's nice to have you here - I've found this to be a very friendly forum and have found the advice and help available here to be invaluable as I began my modelling journey. Cheers, JRK
  15. Thanks for the tip - I'll use that in future. I think for the meantime this will be mounted via epoxy with an acrylic dowel drilled into the fuselage under the wing centre section.
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