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  1. Surely it's whatever is currently attacking you?
  2. I've not had a drink in, oooh, 26 years but that didn't stop me pre-ordering the Eduard mk1 Spitfire pack from Hannants the other day, immediately after finding out about it from you lot. I have no excuse. None.
  3. That's the one positive I'll take from this build - I've learned a lot. I've also decided that when I've got my next projected builds out of the way I'll re-visit the idea behind this one on a better kit. If at first you don't succeed, and all that.
  4. I've as near as makes no difference finished the Spit - and it's a disaster. I think at best I'll look at it as a dummy-run for a better kit. The canopy on this one didn't fit and I managed to sod it up whilst trying to make it work. I'll update the WIP thread but I don't think this one is worthy of an RFI. Grrrr.
  5. Foggy panes or not, that looks lovely to me. I like seeing the Polish aircraft represented - as a kid we used to pass the Polish War Memorial on the way to visit my grandmother and from a very early age the Poles who flew with the RAF during the war have interested me greatly.
  6. No Wellingtons, but I have two different Italeri kits on the go at the moment and I'm beginning to think that amateur self-dentistry might be less painful and traumatic than finishing these.
  7. Sorry to hassle you, Jamie, but what did you use to cut the fuselage? I'm just wondering if it's a saw or scalpel job. Thanks, JRK
  8. Yes, that's the one. I tried that with some Kits World decals and failed. I mean, they were on, but not much more than that.
  9. Those are very nice! Well done for getting the underwing roundels to conform so well - that's a particular Achilles' heel of mine.
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