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  1. Another cracker, Werdna (pretty sure I've said that before once or twice!). Glad the kit went together well, too.
  2. What a result - hard work pays off, eh? Such a great-looking aircraft.
  3. Adam, that's a superb model. Absolutely superb... I approve of the hat; my grandpa played for Leicester just after the war.
  4. Some proper howling lap steel guitar in this. Lovely stuff.
  5. Yes, it's pretty dark, but there's a plan to lighten it up later. I'm learning as I go with this one, and one of the things I've learned so far is that Panzergrau is very dunkel grau indeed! I must confess to being slightly amazed by this myself, if I'm honest.
  6. Quite different songs but both very poignant in their own way. I've also been listening (and humming) Another Man's Cause by the Levellers over the past few days but can't find a decent clip of it to share.
  7. Have managed a bit more airbrushing today, in a sea of Panzergrau. I'll be the first to admit that the picture isn't going to be a well of inspiration for anyone (unless they really like dark grey plastic things against dark grey backgrounds) but I'm making some progress. Some of these doofers need painting on their reverse sides before being affixed but I think we're much nearer to the time when the vehicle will begin to take shape. I still need to do some more research about the colours of things on the inside of the hull, so I'll try and get that underway this afternoon. Any tips in this (or any other area) will be very gratefully received. Cheers, JRK
  8. I'm hoping to be there. It'll be my first one, so be gentle.
  9. Thanks, that's great. Maybe once the flashbacks have subsided and the DT's have calmed down I'll give it a shot. I wouldn't bother with the open cowling after the "fun" I had with those on the Spit.
  10. Whilst I've forsworn twins for the moment, I did the forswearing just after buying a 1/48 Blenheim mk1. I'd have bought a nice new-tooled 1/48 mk. iv in a heartbeat, so forswearing notwithstanding I think this is a great idea. Whilst I've forsworn jets for the moment, I did the forswearing just after starting an Airfix Vampire T.11 (can you see a pattern here?). A 1/48 "Little Rissington UFO Incident" Meteor T.7 would be an interesting build and let's be honest, those post-war jets look pretty amazing in day-glo training schemes. I'd like the following, too, if it's not too much of an ask, Airfix: A 1/48 ragwing Hurricane mk1 A 1/72 Hampden (even though I'm not doing any more twins, honestly) A 1/48 Kittyhawk A 1/48 Bf109T-2 Yeah, that should do it.
  11. She looks great! How was the build? I've got an ICM Friedrich in the stash but after their mk .ix Spitfire left me gibbering I've been avoiding it.
  12. Children who, on the eve of their 22nd birthdays, complain that they weren't bought school uniforms when they were younger. Oh yes you were, pal, oh yes you were. And some of us remember going hungry so that we could afford them....
  13. To go with my mk1 kits in Eduard's "The Few" boxing, this arrived for me today. I ordered it on Sunday from Germany and for the princely sum of £28 plus a tenner's postage and packing. Can't argue with that.
  14. Annoyingly I seem to have forgotten to paint the anti-glare panel a dark grey, so I'd derailed tonight's decalling session before it got under way. All of the decals have gone on really nicely (thanks Xtradecal) except the long ones on the underside of the booms, which have stayed flat and only adhered in the middle. I'm thinking they'll need to be cut width-ways to reduce their rigidity before re-sticking them. Being Xtradecals they're quite thick but I reckon they'll conform nicely with a bit of help. Apart from the stencils there are only a few decals left to get on, so I'm happy with that. Oh, and I love the day-glo orange colour!
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