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  1. Just about, so I'm happy about the save!
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. I've had a very busy summer and now I've got yet another dose of Covid to contend with, so I won't be finishing this build in time. I will keep going, but as I've only spent a couple of hours or so on it in the last two months I think that pulling out now is probably for the best. Turns out entropy really wasn't on my side.... Cheers, JRK
  3. Well, this is going well.... I haven't given up on this build, honest, but I've not had any bench time in ages. I'm deep into my 3rd bout of covid, too, which has put further kinks into getting the build completed. Between work, a lack of mojo and the 'rona, I haven't got anything done. However, I want to get it finished soon. I think I'll be binning off all other GB's for this year, finishing my many started builds and getting my building back on track. Cheers, JRK
  4. Hello there! This is coming on very well indeed.
  5. I dunno what AP Style or Chicago this, that or the other are but it sounds like a right pain in the gentleman's area.
  6. Okay, it will make sense, I promise!: I need some holed / corroded / damaged / completely knackered panels on this one, so this is the first stage of that process. The tube of rolled up aluminium foil is becoming slowly eaten away by the 2M hydrochloric acid in the little bottle as we speak. I hope it works as I need to cut a big chunk out of the starboard wing and replace it with what I hope will be the successful conclusion of this experiment! Cheers, JRK
  7. How have I missed this?! I'll follow this (bound to be) gargantuan thread with anticipation galore!
  8. Cheers Mark, am hoping to get some bench time in next week. This week has been a total washout as far as kit-ruining has been concerned, so hopefully I can at least get the plumage sorted and move onto the decals soon.
  9. I reckon so, James, yes. well, I hope so!
  10. Sigh; it was all going so well.... And then I sprayed Mr Clear Coat gloss all over the model and it reacted badly with the red paint that covers the tail. It now looks like orange peel and will have to come off.
  11. After a week of no progress I managed to get some time at the bench this evening. Not that I'm making excuses but I've been working on the farm this week, which takes a lot of time and when I'm done for the day I'm pretty much knackered. A shower and an early bed is about all I can manage! In addition to that I've been learning new songs for my band's upcoming gig, so that's eaten away a large chunk of the weekend. Anyway, I digress; I sprayed the engine and the RLM02 interior. Why did I paint the interior? Well, this is the Entropy GB, right? There's a good chance you may see more of the inside of the airframe than you usually would! So, as I say, not much progress but progress nonetheless. Cheers, JRK
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