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  1. We saw it last night, and let's just say it delivered on all fronts.
  2. Excellent - I'll put you on the rap-sheet. I think a post-war 262 would be okay provided it was of a variant that first flew before VJ.
  3. I've been meaning to build Dennis Copping's aircraft for a while now, so this could be a good opportunity.
  4. We can call it that.... Or I could come clean and say that no subtlety was harmed in the making of my previous post!
  5. Cough cough cough Pillar Of Fire cough cough cough!
  6. Aye, go on then. I'd probably go for an Operation Granby Tonka or maybe a Blenheim. Possibly a DAF Hurricane or that P-40E I've been planning. Or maybe etc etc etc!
  7. We've just moved house, and tonight is the first night I haven't been running around like a lunatic trying to get things sorted in a few weeks, which is nice. I think therefore it might be a good opportunity to unpack the two 1/48 Airfix kits I got for bargain prices on eBay; an Emil in the Airfix Club series (captured RAE and IJAAF schemes) and a "Desert Storm" - sorry, Operation Granby - boxing of their Tornado GR1/1a kit. Now, all I need to do is find some work space and I can start building again. Exactly - now that's really living on the edge, Steve!
  8. I love this build! The Dragon H is a unicorn for me - I'll add one to my stash one day. Your example is superb, sir.
  9. Oh yes, very smart indeed. I've got a soft spot for this kit despite it's foibles and inaccuracies. In fact, (another example of) the Airfix Club boxing of it has just been delivered and I'm debating how to depict it, assuming I can ever build a kit again! Yours may have given me the push to actually get myself together and find a work space...
  10. Mark, I owe you an apology; I've been moving house and have missed this thread entirely, I'm sorry. I've had my head well and truly up my ar.... um, posterior and have only just had time to look around BM properly. I'm glad I found the thread and will follow it from here on in. I think you've done a hell of a job, much beyond what I could do, and you should be proud of your efforts. As much as we all like to correct mistakes etc it's a daunting task to completely re-engineer a kit, and from where I'm sat that looks very much like a Wessex. I only just remember the Falklands War, being three years old at the time, but the Galahad's destruction is still writ large on the consciousness of the Welsh.
  11. Utmost congratulations to you and your partner, sir. When is the baby due? The MiG is looking cool - I’ve the same kit in my stash and hope it ends up looking as smart as yours.
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