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  1. Same here - have you disabled them somehow?
  2. Having read this thread I'm looking forward to my next encounter with yellow paint, having just done two things: 1 - brushed enamel gloss yellow on a Yellowjacks Gnat; 2 - bought an airbrush so that I never have to undergo such trauma again. Cheers Jamie, JRK
  3. I think that the Dardanelles campaign was one of the most significant events in the formation of modern Europe. Much has been written by some very skilled writers about the precursors to the campaign, the conditions and circumstances of the military operations and the genocides which followed it. De Bernieres' book Birds Without Wings gives a particularly vivid description of these times and their repercussions, some of which have recently flared up again (not that they ever "went away") Armenia recently. The death toll on both sides should give us all pause to reflect and be thankful.
  4. That's a really nice presentation of this kit, which despite it's flaws (skinny airscrew, anyone?) is one of my favourite Emil kits. I like the way you've made it look lived-in but not buried under inches of oil, muck and cordite.
  5. That's top-level house signage, to be fair.
  6. You're not on your own, there.
  7. @Corsairfoxfouruncle Thanks Dennis, that's good to know! It wasn't quite a shot in the dark, but not far off!
  8. Yesterday it showed the new Beaufort as being in stock (this was the date that the old website's back-ordering section predicted that pre-orders would be shipped) but today it states that the kit is out of stock, which is a bummer because I had one on pre-order and there's no sign that one has been sent this way, so I'd like to be able to find out what the score is.
  9. Avatar - my earth-moving equipment. Username - a long story, but the short version is that I was once described as "the sort of scum who would eat roadkill" (guilty; I often pick up pheasants and eat them - much cheaper than paying to shoot the beggars). It was pointed out that Owen Roadkill didn't really have that certain je ne sais quoi, so Jack Roadkill became my nickname in the band I was in at the time. It's been my forum name on every forum I've used since 2005.
  10. Hi all, Please excuse my total lack of knowledge in this area - could those of you who know what you're doing help a newbie out by telling me 1 - Do I need a primer if I want to get a good result using enamels? 2 - If so, what is a decent primer to start with? 3 - Can I use something like Stynylrez or will the enamels eat it? Thanks, Jackroadkill
  11. You can buy yourself a used Jazzmaster with what you didn't spend on the iPad now. Win win!
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