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  1. That's my experience too, although this is my first try with them. This morning they actually looked pretty good, after marinading in Micro Set overnight. Next job is to apply the serial number and stencils before sorting out the matt coat and glazing. I cut away most of the workings of the turret in order to fit it after painting, so that will need putting in place and assembling, too.
  2. Progress, while grindingly slow, is actually happening: The decals are a mix of Airfix's own and Oldsmodels ones. Neither are what you'd call spectacular but they'll do.
  3. Another blinder there, Werdna. A really great result; you've excelled yourself this time.
  4. Just had a weird Groundhog Day moment; scored exactly the same Airfix 109E kit for under ten pounds..... Might make both of them for the GB now.
  5. Same here, but I always seem to end up with them all at the same stage, somehow.
  6. She's looking bonny, Werdna. That finish turned out very well indeed.
  7. My biggest problem is that due to work etc I don't seem to be able to manage my modelling time very efficiently; I always end up doing some painting that takes two minutes and then means I can't touch the model again for 24 hours or somesuch. I've had my Tempest on the bench for weeks now and it's still covered in masking tape, for example. That said, the Beaufort is being built as an entry into the ANZAC GB, which is fast approaching it's conclusion, so one way or another it'll be done soon!
  8. Nice job there, Tony - a grand pair. Now, If I can just make some progress with mine.... I seem to have been stuck at the same stage for ages.
  9. That's very true; it's not one of the usual suspects at all, and the fact that they've obviously done a properly in-depth job of the kit speaks volumes about their commitment to (finally?) getting things right. Okay, there are a few oversights (camera, hand holds etc) but they're all very easily rectified or present on certain versions of the Beaufort. I hope Airfix have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of this kit.
  10. Certainly have; I've read them all bar the latest one before and I love them. Very odd but very funny and tongue-in-cheek. The last one, False Value, is on the way as we speak, so I'm re-reading the series to get properly revved up for its' arrival.
  11. Am on the second volume of Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers Of London series, Moon Over Soho.
  12. Crikey, I must get my finger out and get my entry into the ANZAC GB finished!
  13. Hi, and welcome to BM; you and @Adam Poultney might get on well...!
  14. That's just fantastic; a real demonstration of skill. A great choice of subject, too.
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