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  1. Woah, that's going to be superb! What a fantastic project.
  2. Same here; there are a lot of good ideas competing for those few slots. The tactical voting is going to be savage.
  3. Cooler than cool, punker than punk.
  4. Cool builds, sir. I flew with 6 AEF once; I'll have to check my 3822 and see if it was in that airframe. I can't believe it took Airfix so long to get around to a tidy 1/48 Chippy, but I'm really enjoying the plethora of builds that are showing up on BM. Now, will Airfix make a 1/24 version? I reckon there are enough of us who cut our teeth on Chippies to warrant it!
  5. Little more than a teaser, I'm afraid. I seem to have been stuck doing piddly little bits here and there, even though I thought "Surely the gloss coat will be next" about two weeks ago.... Turns out that real life truly gets in the way of building. Anyway, tonight I put most of the undercarriage and the speed brakes in, so I am at least getting somewhere, if not making giant leaps. I've also got the black paint on the arrestor hook and cut out and painted the transparent sections of the navigation lights. So, there's some progress being made. Hopefully I can get the gloss coat on soon. Cheers, and thanks for keeping the faith! Owen
  6. The build's coming on well, James. Much smarter than mine, I have to say!
  7. Yes, Enzo!! They both look very cool indeed.
  8. Lovely primer job, Robert. I wish I could get it to lay down that nicely.
  9. Cracking job there, Luke! It's been an age since I looked in at this STGB but so nice to see what a great job you've done.
  10. Sorry Marklo, I haven't checked in for ages - it's great to see you've made some excellent progress on these builds.
  11. I've just started another band; it's rock covers that aren't usually played by your standard rock covers bands, and we're going to do this.
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