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HMS Upton 1/350 Resin+P.E.+Figures

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This has been built out of the box,apart from figures and adding more detail to the superstructure.Very enjoyable build,that I have moved straight on to Leander class frigate as "HMS Hero" from the TV series.Enjoy the photo,s and a big thankyou to Peter Hall for bring out these kits.










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That's splendid! The ship is lovely, but I also love the way you have done the water; someone who'd never been to sea would probably have painted / tinted it blue (cos the sea's blue, innit?), but you have done it that authentic shallow North Sea browny-green.

Proper job.

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Living on coast in Fife helps,any photos l take, the sea,is alawys that shade of green or close to it.thanks for all the comments.H.M.S.Hero coming soon

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Absolutely stunning build as ever. Your work is to be envied on cold war vessels. They are all as I remember them. I Used to walk past the Ton's in the basin in Portsmouth when we were on hand message routine on FLJ as a sprog. Obviously this was when we still had a Royal Navy of reasonable size and it comprised of multiple MCM Flotillas not just a couple. If Atlantic Models every did Redpole I would purchase at the drop of a hat, her and Glamorgan were my best drafts then the Leanders before I went out side, re joined and changed cap badges.

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