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    Devon; but a Horden exile.
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  1. Darby

    "Here's Johnny"

    Bluddy 'ell!
  2. We got bored with Silurian although there was a few wanted to go back to Ordovician (some of these can still be encountered on any given day in Moggins, Plymstock branch; myself not included).
  3. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    Ordered a new mug online (1/1 scale and comes in a lid opening box before anyone asks). It has the Devon flag on it with the words 'Cream on First' emblazoned across it. To be used in my workplace in Cornwall-land. I'm not going to open that can of worms again but my work colleagues from the 'rogue nation' will see the funny side to it.
  4. Darby

    Dornier Do17z

    That scrubbed up well. Some of the tolerances in the cockpit can be a bit snug but not insurmountable. BZ on the canopy painting. The canopy is a good one to mask with prominent framing although may seem daunting at first and it fits perfectly.
  5. Try living in Devon and having to work in Cornwall-land.
  6. Darby

    Oh look, a Tempest

    What are the odds nine of them will end up being painted red?
  7. Darby

    Horsefly bites?

    I haven't known anybody else use that word in years. I have to explain what it means to people down in the SW.
  8. Darby

    Has the heat...

  9. Darby

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Just listened to 'Whitesnake; Live in the Heart of the City' whilst driving back down to Cornwall-land. Proper classic 'Snake.
  10. I live on the eastern outskirts and you can smell them before you see them when the wind is in the right direction. There's genuinely a fishy smell with a W'ly wind and with a N'ly; well, the sewage farm at Marsh Mills makes it's presence known
  11. There's plenty of those in Plymouth
  12. Outstanding; yet again. That burn looks nice and 'trouty.
  13. Darby

    I bought a truck

    What scale is it?
  14. Darby

    WW1 Diorama

    Nice job. The only thing I would have done is toned down the bright green on the uniforms and tin hat. Which green did you use for that? Matey boy sat on the starboard sponson is closer to the colour I would have used.
  15. That yellow nearly seared my retinas. Nice build indeed. Metal finish rather well done.