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  1. Darby

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    I would get four of the Fougas just for the variations on offer.
  2. Who did the two belong to at Culdrose last week; any idea?
  3. Darby

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Catching brownies (larger than last time) again earlier this evening up on Dartmoor whilst the only sounds were sheep and cuckoos. Watching swallows skimming the water, a stonechat flitting by and a fox making an early evening foray not 30yds in front of me, and at times; total silence reigned.
  4. Darby

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Lid type boxes! Everyone will want one now
  5. Darby

    Bonus Buys

  6. Darby

    'I told you not to...

    They're the trailing ribbons from their cap tallies. The bloke with the rifle has them streaming behind him. No idea why they have them in their mouth though. It was as per box art/moulding. Probably taste better than Soviet scran though.
  7. ...steal the Wrens nutty; now look what you've unleashed!' Just a bit of irreverence using a simple base and Zvezda's 1/35 Soviet Naval Infantry. Some outdoor and indoor shots. T-shirts and collar stripes were a bit of a 'divil' to paint but had fun along the way. I think one of them looks a bit like Lenin. And some of the hands look huge. Anyway, here they be.
  8. Ruddy marvellous! My favourite Italian aircraft.
  9. Tis a lovely little kit and a great mojo restorer.
  10. Darby

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Various culinary necessities from Moggins earlier on this evening on the way home. However, the experience of what can only be described as a 'bear pit' that is aforementioned outlet is too traumatic to recount.
  11. Darby

    The Weather,

    YLO1 then? Surely OVC010? Both, Whatever the weather you'll enjoy Dorset. I lived there for 9yrs. Bovington on the list by any chance? Try and take in Maiden Castle hill fort near Dorchester and a stroll through Thornicombe Wood next to Hardy's cottage; great for bird life.
  12. Darby

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    I'm more alarmed by what looks like a pair of crocs in the background rather than the presence of said monster; feline or shagpile.
  13. Darby

    Desert Meeting

    Tis an easy and enjoyable dio subject. Google 'Ruddy Sand Nav!' and you'll see how simple mine was with a similar theme.
  14. Darby

    The Weather,

    You just have. I can vouchsafe for that. I am one.