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  1. Fountain or ball point? the latter is simply too incomprehensible to contemplate. Rather nice war canoe
  2. Darby

    30 years ago

    I did think that when watching the clip
  3. Darby

    30 years ago

    There's irony for you. Of all the MBDD's and for it to happen on this occasion. What was the cause of the MBD in the end?
  4. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    For eating.
  5. Darby

    30 years ago

    I wonder how many red openings were closed before the inevitable. A lot more dramatic than my 30yrs ago last week; I was on watch at Culdrose. Fast forward 30 yrs; I was on watch at Culdrose. A lot has happened in between though.
  6. Darby

    Dudley Sutton dies aged 85.

    Recently saw him in an episode of The Sweeney. I remember him as Connie Rosenthal from Shine on Harvey Moon back in the '80's. He could play villain and comedy character with such seamless ease.
  7. Darby

    Winter flu jab???

    I've never wanted flu so have never had it. Much the same way as I've never wanted to wear polyester so I never have. Any virus which does attempt to attack my body will be given short, sharp shrift and sent packing having overdosed on finest Kenyan tea and nicotine.
  8. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    1/16 ICM Chap formerly known as a White Walker.
  9. Darby

    Naval Station Norfolk, VA

    Nice phots. They bring back memories when I was on USS Harry S Truman based there in 2012. USS San Jacinto collided with the Montpelier during an exercise we were on at the time. Haven't seen the Comfort since '91.
  10. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    Just thought I'd bring a little tension into your life.
  11. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    A pair of moleskin trousers, one of those smart phone thingymebobs, some aftershave and a rubber (eraser before our Transatlantic members start tittering).
  12. Darby

    Any entomologists out there?

    What MAD Steve said; stick insect. There's an established population in the southwest of England now; I found two on the outskirts of Truro recently. This pair were green in colour.