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  1. Better off getting it in 1:1 scale. At least you can take the family on holiday in it.
  2. Darby

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Body art in 1/1 scale.
  3. Darby

    1/350 Vanguard Class SSBN

    Nice bomber!
  4. That's rather nice that is; and it would probably sell in a nautical themed gift shop in aforementioned town.
  5. Darby

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    1/16 ICM Viking.
  6. Darby

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Today I bought a dairy based product; cheese to adorn my leavened grain purchase. Anyone for cheese roulette? Same rules apply. Starter for 10; it's a British an English variety....
  7. Darby

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    More bread. bringing a little more tension into your life by not providing evidence. Why not have a game of 'bread roulette?' Rules are simple; go to the bread aisle in any of the more respectable 'supermarkets' (anything less than Sainsbury's is an outrage to humanity). Have a guess which bread I may have bought then PM me your choice. I'll then let you know if you're correct. I'll give a head start by saying all bread I purchase is in 1/1 scale and comes in my favourite end opening packet. No foreign type breads are ever purchased by me so this may help narrow the field, The prize if guessed correctly will be a full size loaf of the winning type (P+P free and will come in a box of your desired type of opening). Oh, and I just ordered some models in 1/16 scale but can't be bothered to pontificate over them.
  8. Darby

    Final Sea King Flypast

    The 4th one stayed here (EGDR) as a 'spares box' if needed. Don't know if it's still here or whether that's now gone
  9. Fountain or ball point? the latter is simply too incomprehensible to contemplate. Rather nice war canoe
  10. Darby

    30 years ago

    I did think that when watching the clip
  11. Darby

    30 years ago

    There's irony for you. Of all the MBDD's and for it to happen on this occasion. What was the cause of the MBD in the end?
  12. Darby

    30 years ago

    I wonder how many red openings were closed before the inevitable. A lot more dramatic than my 30yrs ago last week; I was on watch at Culdrose. Fast forward 30 yrs; I was on watch at Culdrose. A lot has happened in between though.
  13. Darby

    Dudley Sutton dies aged 85.

    Recently saw him in an episode of The Sweeney. I remember him as Connie Rosenthal from Shine on Harvey Moon back in the '80's. He could play villain and comedy character with such seamless ease.