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  1. Wow, absolutely stunning, the finish is wonderful. Great model! Bob
  2. Totally out of my area of interest but looks like a lovely kit and you have my interest now! will follow along diligently, who knows you may tempt me! . great work so far on those seats, really looking forward to the progress. Bob
  3. Great subject, I missed out on these and would love to have one in the stash but in the meantime I will follow along with the next best thing! Great work so far. Bob
  4. Its Back! What a blast from the past! Good to see you are back on this one. I don't know how much the said parts are but I found in our Dollar stores in Canada (The cheap store that sell everything! - Trago Mills in Cornwall!) they sell wedding accessories (bear with me on this) and one of the items are little bags about 6 X 4 inches and they are of a very fine mesh, designed for giving away sugered almonds and the like. Crux of it is they are cheap! (or at least in Canada they are) and the mesh is really fine, a bit overscale for 1:72, better for 1:48 but would be better
  5. Hi mario, Cant comment on the part between the superstructure, I was a flight deck/Hangar rat so never ventured up to that deck. Great work so far, the conversion to the bow area isn't easy, takes a lot of filling and shaping and yours is looking good! Bob
  6. Can't believe i missed this one, put me down for this, a tribute to my adoptive nation. I'm sure i have something suitable somewhere! Bob
  7. An interesting project, I have many ties with Falmouth, walking along the harbour side. My Brother still lives in Falmouth although I havent been down there several years. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Bob
  8. Great work on those engines, love the metallic look, and as for the multicoloured spaghetti, very convincing, job done! Bob
  9. Wow that is fantastic, all that rigging, especially in 1:72, I doff ones hat in awe! Great job. Bob
  10. Great work Serkan, will follow along and also your other builds. I have the Eduard Su-27UB which I have just started, Its basically the Academy kit with extras. I dont know much about this aircraft so look forward to seeing this progress more. Cheers now Bob
  11. Excellent build, did you use any extras on it? Bob
  12. A great blast from the blast, was looking for info for this exact version for my 1:32 Kitty Hawk version. Some great inspiration! Bob
  13. Thanks for the encouragement! Its much appreciated. The perfect accompaniment for the Bucc, Phantom and soon to be released Scimitar* I have just noticed on the pictures that the rudders are all over the place lol. I havent secured them down so I can address that later! * No evidence that this will be a soon to be released but one can hope! Bob
  14. Not much to report on this today, just sanding away Although the initial thoughts on the fit are favourable, I thought I'd be using a shed load of filler but rubbing down the seams seems to do the job! Got a few projects just wrapping up then back onto this, next up will be the intakes () Stay safe all! Bob
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