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  1. Thanks all for chipping in and providing positive feedback, its much appreciated, glad you liked it! Its funny you mention that, I had researched this when I first got the kit several years ago and saw that but in the meantime had totally forgotten about it! With hindsight I should have painted the inside but alas I forgot. I may go back and redo the framing with gloss though. Thanks for reminding me Absolutely, I welcome feedback and I find it interesting learning more about subjects I'm unfamiliar I have gone back and checked the instructions on this release and they are indeed correct! I must have just blindly ignored them and carried on regardless! (I mean who actually looks at instructions! I thought it was just extra padding for the plastic!) I do have an FW190 in the pile so will look out for this when the time comes. Thanks again all and enjoy the weekend! Bob
  2. Good day all! Hope you are all keeping well, or as well as you possibly can. This is my latest completion, Hasegawas AR234 B in 1:48. I got this quite cheap as a second hand from my LHS so I also splashed out on a couple of extras. I used the Aires Cockpit detail set along with the landing gear bay set. Both of these sets are exquisite and beautifully cast. The cockpit set is well worth it as the greenhouse style cockpit canopy really calls out for some extra detailing. The landing gear bay is also beautifully produced but unfortunately the gear well door openings are so small you can really see any of the detail. I wish I had taken a couple of pictures before assembly just to show that area off! But alas no, still at least I know its in there! The kit went together very well as you would expect with a modern Hasegawa kit. I hardly used any filler and by careful test fitting the parts went together nicely. My only problem was for some reason I kept picking it up by the nose canopy area which kept cracking the glued joins and caused me great annoyance - but that was only down to my clumsiness though. Paints were all from the Vallejo Air range and decals were the ones supplied by the kit. I did have a couple of embellishments though, I really liked the set up for the recon cameras in the rear fuselage, I couldn't find any examples of the 'B' variant having these fitted but I installed them anyway with the glass panels. A bit of artistic license if you like. Any how this was a nice kit to build and went together quite quick, definitely recommend the cockpit resin set but don't worry too much about the undercarriage bay. Here are the photos... And just to show off the exquisite detail in the wheel wells! There is some there honest guv! This was as good a shot of the cockpit as I could manage! Thanks for looking in! Bob
  3. Very nice indeed, neatly done. I work with CP140s everyday so get to know the lines very well, you've captured them spot on. Like the dropped flaps, adds more realism to it. Any chance we can see an underside shot Great stuff! Bob
  4. Just spent a good part of the day researching my subject, unfortunately a lot of the research involved a visit to Hannants web site! Hopefully it all arrives in plenty of time! Bob
  5. Just killing time and filling the void until then! Does washing your parts down count as part of the Group Build? Gives me an excuse to dig the kit out again! Bob
  6. Very nice rendition, nice to see how well this builds up, I could well be tempted with one as well now! Bob
  7. Very nice indeed, love the subtle weathering on this, very well done. She is a little beauty! Bob
  8. Very nice indeed, I love the subtle paint tones, very well done!
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