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  1. Nice choice! I have the 'A' to build into a Canadian version. Will be following along intensely! its a difficult shape to emulate "accidently" Bob
  2. Good day everyone once again and welcome along @Head in the clouds., its been a bit of time since I last updated. I have been chipping away at various bits and bobs on this which are time consuming but alas not very interesting if I post an update every day or so! Last update was quilting the port side internal structure. On a similar vein today I will go through the port side external structure. Again this is very different from the Mk3 version, top of the list is blanking off the personnel door and adjacent panel with a bubble window and 2nd window panel (1 in blue in pic below), adding
  3. Good afternoon all, Just wondering if any one can shed light on the catapults and in particular the cradle used for Royal Navy Kingfishers on the Armed Merchant Ships. Would they be of the same kind as for say a Walrus on a Cruiser or would they be like the American version? I have seen alot of US Kingfishers on catapult cradles but not of RN ones. I am not too bothered about the actual catapult but more specifically the cradle it sits in as its shot off into the abyss. Thanks very much all! Bob
  4. Amazing work, that is one stunning model, well done!
  5. Just gonna pull up a seat at the back, now nothing about the subjects but they look interesting projects and I looking forward to learning alot more about the aircraft and pilot.
  6. Hi Bill, yes he is still going, in fact he has just redone his 1:48 Cormorant conversion. This is the set for the CH149 in 1:72 http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd11.htm It is comprehensive and provides the paint scheme for the ramp floor (not even going to attempt to mask that!). I would recommend it but not sure how the price equates to UK pounds. The exchange rate might be favourable now? But he does provide prompt service to the UK. The only problem I found is sourcing kits to use up the remainder of the options Thanks for the complements on the
  7. Good day everyone, just a wee update on progress, a build like this tends to be slow with not much going on over the days but after a week or so there is usually something to report on! I have been looking at the Cabin internal side panels lately and these require a bit of modification as well. This is what we start with and the main corrections. The molded detail along the top looks like stowage pockets for equipment / nutty and mags for the troops. These aren’t present on the CH149 so it all comes off, same for the resin insert which has these molded on as well. Seems a sham
  8. Shocked to hear of your woes, glad to see you beat the grim reaper off, looking forward to seeing you step outside your comfort zone, I have to do the same every now and then just to come back and appreciate proper Naval Aviation! All the best and crack on! Bob
  9. Nice choice, I lost my only completed 1:48 Hellcat earlier due to an unfortunate incident involving a 1:72 Mirage and a fit of madness because the undercarriage wouldn't fit! I like the look of the Eduard kits so will follow along for inspiration for my replacement Hellcat! Bob
  10. Nice to see this unearthed again, youll be blowing the dust off Karel Doorman soon
  11. Shame about the problems with the paint finish but you've recovered well, looks really good and I like the rigging, great effort! Bob
  12. Good day again all and welcome along, in this installment we actually progress to a touch of colour! So after I primed I looked at the rear cabin floor, the intent being to add some subtle shades and colour to the blandness of medium sea grey. This was all experimental, I have done some dark preshading of a single colour which works nicely. I started with some highlights with white primer, this was to try and highlight panels underneath the floor covering that have a subtle effect on the lino and to highlight some areas of wear, I then added some blue and finally very dark blue for the seat ra
  13. Good day all!, Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you like it There is in fact you tube footage of one of their displays. Its only a couple of minutes long but the first few seconds where they do the syncronised wing spread is a sight to behold especially for us old and grey WAFU types! Hope the link works. https://youtu.be/9gDJVNcnXeA
  14. Good day to you all, Happy Thursday! Welcome along to my latest completion. This is my Trumpeter 1:48 Seahawk FGA 6 converted to an FB3 and dressed as a member of the Red Devils. The Red devils were an aerobatic team of 5 aircraft from 738 Naval Air Squadron running for a couple of years in the early 1950s. Their claim to fame was being the first team to (intentionally!) use smoke as part of their display. I have depicted the aircraft folded as the aircraft started their display folded, taxied to the dispersal and then did some synchronized wing spreading just before taking off. Also, it shows
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