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  1. Looking great there Stuart and agree with the above comments the base and boat are looking the Biz beefy
  2. My you do have big fingers Have you tried Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner for removal of the paint I used this when stripping down the tubes on MTB brush on the cleaning fluids and leave steeping for couple of hours but keep checking depending on the size and how fragile the part then wash parts with detergent to get all the cleaning fluids off recommend using rubber gloves when handling the chemicals they can cause a nasty itch Not a word about rubber gloves and Itching you lot beefy
  3. Thanks for the kind words gent's here is this week's work update nearly there now. starting with the Davits add these to the boats first instead of fixing to the deck to start and starting to build up the wave tops and the ships boats fitted on deck beefy
  4. Amazing how much detail you can build in to your models and this gives me so much inspiration to always try and do mine to this high standard one day beefy
  5. Now that is looking great your not far from the end now no rushing it beefy
  6. I see you have your Big Pen out again aren't those little Oerlikons adorable and thanks for the tips on the light box and Nippers looking great so far beefy
  7. Wheelhouse roof looks much better think I had better start taking notes now beefy
  8. So you are going to be doing this one out of the box This is going to be interesting and I might get some tips as to how it goes together I have this one in the stash. beefy
  9. is that your way of trying to hatch an idea and wont that break it Anything interesting and what will you be changing on it beefy
  10. It has been a busy couple of weekends in September 3 shows Driffield, Keithley and Edinburgh(Scale Scotland) so now have some model time to catch up with masts added and rigged. Been getting the ships boats ready and another coat to the base And picked up a few bits at each show Also ordered these last Saturday at Scale Scotland from Name It and they arrived Friday great service in my book and will be ordering more for future builds beefy
  11. The details looked great without paint and now there even better beefy
  12. Hmm recycling is always a good thing and it looks like a lot of fun. beefy
  13. Great progress on the base so far steady away beefy
  14. It seems such a sacrilege too break up a great model but knowing what is to come will be another stunning build beefy
  15. Really great details on the bridge and small slow but steady progression beefy
  16. Oh yes the Coastal Craft experience gives me nightmares just thinking about it mind you at least your decks are fairly straightforward I had to put a bend in to mine now you can just imagine the colourful language that came from my garage looking great Rob beefy
  17. Just to echo the BIG fellas comments about the show thoroughly enjoyed the whole show luckily took my own bait as the catering was just about non existent us modellers need feeding you know A few photos of the ones that caught my eye beefy
  18. This weeks update feels like we are getting somewhere a lot of the small sub assembled armour added and the main deck rails and anchor chains And the main mast dry fit for effect Beefy
  19. Geoff do not put yourself down about the PE it’s looking great really is a big improvement over the original kit keep plugging away at it mate beefy
  20. A very nice tribute to Joe and Zinnia I think you have cracked that water making job. beefy
  21. Another small update more work done on the base beefy
  22. Small update been adding the stowage lockers to the various decks and started building up the ships boats and the two aft masts. beefy
  23. Very nice and very well deserved to they are both stunning little works of art. beefy
  24. Argh come on now Kev @robgizlu @stevehnz And @Martian Hale aren’t that bad Although I suppose you could have four crew in it my vote would be for you to finish your long term project of MTB 658 beefy
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