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  1. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Well calling this one done Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Eskimo with few extras added A few firsts for me on this build using Enamel paints from ColourCoats @ Sovereign Hobbies Thanks to Jamie and his great work with these I am a convert Also adding so many aftermarket bits from Atlantic Models and Peter Hall thanks for the advice and information. And first try at a big north sea bow wave using silicone Any comments and critics welcome hope you enjoy I certainly did beefy
  2. beefy66

    Cove in SW Cornwall.

    Hey Kev did you really take your BOB the builder digger to get the correct type of stones for this build. Cracking job and not just on the crazy pavement. beefy
  3. beefy66

    Le Chebec

    This looks great any chance of more close up shots of her. beefy
  4. This has got it all in bucketloads Great build to follow and learn from. You can get your self that drink now you deserve it Beefy
  5. The new ropes and or cheesing are looking great really nice details coming out of this build now where is that note book of mine beefy
  6. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    Yes me too have you got a better deal somewhere else in the sunshine beefy
  7. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    Hmm yes some people just get carried away but the modelling here is top draw mate as always taking notes for the day when I get my finger out and try a scratch build myself. beefym
  8. beefy66

    Revell 1/700 HMHS Britannic Waterlined

    Looks like your little shipyard worker has been busy. beefy
  9. beefy66

    Roman Liburnia Bireme

    Great job skilled work on show with the wooden hull and rope working. beefy
  10. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    It has to be a dirty Tug but nothing better than a good Tug Oh-Err Matron you can tell it is getting close to the holidays beefy
  11. Cracking display Franco love all the small craft around her beefy
  12. beefy66

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    You might have to get a bigger bulb Derek Shine the light as they say beefy
  13. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    Helm or Wheel one thing is for sure with out it you would be up the Creek with out your Paddle. Never to serious just a little leprechaun at heart beefy
  14. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    OK so time to start my next project and wanting to give my eyes a rest from 1/350 so this will be the Coastal Craft kit of the British Power Boat Company 71ft 6in motor torpedo boat-466 in 1/72 scale which was lost in a fatal accident at Ostend harbour in February 1945 This will be my first resin kit so slow learning curve expected only ever used resin as stowage on my amour builds in the past.I had been thinking of jumping straight in with my new purchase of the Fairmile D but when I had a good look in the box I thought Nah go for the little one first So starting to look at all the parts and making sure I have read all the instructions first which is totally new to me There is a lot of stuff in this little box and it is heavy when you compare to a standard kit Colour scheme this should be a challenge to paint and by the way I will be using the AKAH set from Coastal Craft to paint this Off to read the instructions now this may take a while Beefy
  15. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    You maybe right Steve depending on the speed of the boat I am trying to capture beefy
  16. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Sort of like this
  17. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    With a bit of luck more like no pressure then Double negative it could read as start stopping other builds Anyway I have to have something to keep me busy while the silicone is drying out So with that gentle prod I will get on with this one for now Base coat of colour and starting to build up the wave shapes want to get it something like the photo that Kev posted earlier in this build. keeping the hull clean of excess sealer and paint with the cling film not just used for wrapping your sandwich up And when dry it placed in position now for a coat or two of the Making Waves and to finish off the wave shape and paint beefy
  18. Cracking job there Andy nice and subtle weathering beefy
  19. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    Proper master class. Wheeley great job sorry can’t resist beefy
  20. beefy66

    Perth Scottish nationals 2019

    A big weekender for us South of the wall from Washington Model Club Hopefully we will not be needing to have our passports at the ready. beefy
  21. beefy66

    Graf Spee

    Very nice and well presented beefy
  22. beefy66

    Tamiya 1-350 Bismarck.

    Really coming together now with all the small details beefy
  23. Well making headway with a couple of builds so decided to start on this oldie goldie and will be adding the Atlantic Models PE set something about these type of WW2 destroyers that just makes me want to build them Oh and MTB,s as well You can see from the price tag how old this kit is £1.99 I wish they where that price now. Got this kit given to me by a good friend a few year ago the hull molding is way to deep for the platting and nearly non existent for the raised parts oh well here goes Port holes starting to be drilled out before the plating is toned down And the very full PE sheet from Peter hall and you can see the difference of the hull sides so far no illusion I have two kits and PE to do another version later told you I liked these type of ships beefy
  24. beefy66

    HMS Trafalgar Battle Class

    Well plenty for you to choose from just look at these for comparison Looking at the bridge it will need some re-shaping to much of an angle compared to Scorpion and kelly they both show a much more vertical face to the bridge as do the Atlantic instructions So will have to try my hand at a bit of re-construction of the bridge beefy
  25. Interesting and very Gerry Anderson beefy