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  1. Will be following along with this one Rob Stay Safe beefy
  2. Well Jon I see your not hanging around again mine arrived last month will hope fully pick up some tips for later will have a look on some of my holiday disc's might have a few of her from 2012 when we were in San Fran Might take while for me though as not a lot of time going spare at the minute. looking go so far though. Stay Safe beefy
  3. Great finish on this build mind Rob never thought a submarine could look so interesting. Stay Safe beefy
  4. Another Cracking build there Jon what have you got lined up for your next project. Stay Safe beefy
  5. Looking forward to seeing this progress will you be adding the cage ariels for the rigging. Stay Safe beefy
  6. Well it looks a bit like a patch work quilt on the B decking but will have a go at getting it blended in with a few washes next up some deck fittings BOLLARDS this might slow the build up a bit. Stay Safe beefy
  7. Amazing stuff as usual there Pascal so much to take in from these drawings. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Looking great so far there Kevin great take on the sister ship to one of the most famous in the world. Stay Safe beefy
  9. very nice build Guy I am sure your neighbour will be well chuffed with this tribute. Stay Safe beefy
  10. That looks absolutely stunning with so many great details. beefy
  11. Cracking job very nice weathering and build. Beefy
  12. Wow in the tiny scale cracking job Beefy
  13. Well I could go two ways with this but I will be sensible very good use of an un used household item I say un used because I do not believe that you would not drink the full bottle.( And you probably thought I was going to say something else. ) Excellent work with that camo and very fine PE but don't you just get that sinking feeling when building a submarine. OK I know enough. Stay Safe beefy
  14. Well masking tape off and no issues with the porthole rings pulling away. A few touch ups needed but quite happy with the result And the decking dry fitted for now Stay Safe beefy
  15. Well Gorleston is nearly done just waiting for the base layers to dry out so thought I had better blow the dust and cobwebs from this lady. After figuring out where I was in the build I settled on the hull painting and masking for the camo 507A first then the masking. Stay Safe beefy
  16. Well more rigging and some deck fittings added and more work on the base should be just about done by the end of this week (Famous last Words ). Stay Safe beefy
  17. Nice paint job but why do you need anchor chain for a sub don't they just sink to the bottom. Stay Safe beefy
  18. That PE is looking great Sam just catching up again on the last couple of pages great stuff so far . beefy
  19. Cheers Stuart slowly getting there after daughter settled back home and in new teaching job in stead of being in scruffy London. Dad now settled in the home for his dementia and mam still being a right royal PITA. Things are looking up. So MO and JO have been busy the last couple of shifts. Base painted, Making waves gel added, and the rest of the guns added, and more rigging. and the name plate ready for the base Stay Safe beefy
  20. OK this one has been sitting around for far to long time to get back to it and finish it so to help hold it better I made a start on the base usual method of scrap wood with insulation foam glued on and then wood beading for the edges foam sanded and given a coat of PVA glue to seal it before cutting out the hull shape and testing for size. before anyone says owt about the rat it happens to be a mouse to go with the old Airfix Little Owl I have been restoring to get MO and JO back up to speed. Stay Safe beefy
  21. I just can not look her straight in the eye. Stay Safe beefy
  22. Funny but he looks like most of the teenagers I see hanging around the local shops near us I must be really getting old and miserable just like the missus say's. Stay Safe beefy
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