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  1. Jon thought I recognised that paddle steamer from them she was built on the Tyne and is preserved in San Francisco bay saw her in 2012 while on a visit there so will be ordering that soon Stay Safe beefy
  2. Well this little thing took longer than expected but now ready to hand over to the gentleman who's father served on this ship around Burma in WW2 i hope he likes it. WIP https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235109055-byms-2168-churchills-pirates/ Stay Safe now to get Gorleston finished beefy
  3. Well calling it done just leaves me to hand this little thing over to the gentleman on Thursday night Forgot the link sorry https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235111935-byms-2168-churchills-pirates/ Stay Safe beefy
  4. Looking good there Jon nice to see something with a bit of colour and no guns some interesting stuff on their site. Cheers beefy
  5. Very nice little diorama there Stuart bet it brings back a lot of great memories. Stay Safe beefy
  6. A wonderful build and as Alan say's a great story to back it up another cracker there Jeff. Stay Safe beefy
  7. Hi and yes all well I am just about to complete the BYMS my first commission build but that to has been slow going as real life family matters has taken up a lot of my time the past few month hope to get back to this build when I have finished my Gorleston build which is not far off being completed as well so maybe in August I will re-start York. Thanks for the KUTA on this one. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Always interesting to call in and have a look at what is happening usually say to myself how on earth does he do that. keep at it Kev looking good so far. Stay Safe beefy
  9. Stuart you might want to get a couple of pots I use a mix of blues and greens depending on where the ocean or sea is in the world. looking good so far mind Stay Safe beefy
  10. Rob back to top of the page I am using the Vallejo gel for the main base stippled on using the bakers spatula and then using cotton wool soaked in the Vallejo clear water thinned out using a brush to shape the wave crest. When I get round to planting Gorleston after this i will do a step by step to try and explain the method or at least try and explain it without putting people to sleep. HTH and Stay Safe I take it now you are part of the OAP brigade. Keith
  11. Well another layer of wool and all the deck guns fitted just leaves the Rigging, Railings, anchor chain and ensign nearly there just not that happy with the silvering of the hull decals. Stay Safe beefy
  12. Amazing work there Steve I would be happy with the wood look to be honest without the paint. Stay Safe beefy
  13. While at the SCOTNATS the other week I picked up this kit and started building it during the quiet bits of the show. I know @Silenoz has already started another BLOG but that has stalled while he builds a Harrier. So a quick build for me while waiting for the sea base on my BYMS build to dry between coats of wool and water. Some clean up and a couple of weld seams to add before primer on the Sea Dart i will be going for the red training colour to make it stand out a bit more. Stay Safe beefy
  14. todays update started adding the waves and pennant numbers. Stay Safe beefy
  15. Small up date getting close to the finish line now base has had a coat of paint over the textured water which when dry will get another coat of clear water and then to add the cotton wool bow waves And the Name it nameplates have arrived for my current builds great service again from this company. Stay Safe beefy
  16. Now that my friend looks more like the real thing PE is good but can be a little to flat at times amazing details as always Kev. Stay safe beefy
  17. Now this is showing some really nice skills with those rope Steve amazing stuff more photos please there great. Stay Safe beefy
  18. You and me both Steve. With that in mind I have started on the base and have a dust cover for it when completed usual base of scrap board and thin pine strip for the sides and king span foam recycled from a neighbours skip The cover is a bit taller than I wanted but all the others where to low And back to the shows now 2 in 2 weeks Perth and Tyneside my local one so some photos of our club display quite a diverse mix on the 12 x 6 foot tables we covered Stay Safe beefy
  19. He has all this technology at his fingertips to make these exquisite models and NO colour printer. @robgizlu @Courageous there you go lads there is still hope for us yet. Stay Safe beefy
  20. Just cant help humming along to the Banana Splits tune 1 Banana 2 Banana you get the picture right lug worm it is too. Cracking looking little kit there Rob and finished to your usual high standard. Stay Safe beefy
  21. Great to speak to some of the old faces again and sorry if I missed you very busy catching up with a lot of people after being away from the shows for so long. Fingers crossed for next year. beefy
  22. Bump as a reminder for this Sunday already got my order in with Atlantic Models to pick up Still got some cash leftover from my Perth trip so will be looking for some bargains hopefully Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay Safe beefy
  23. Stunning finish and build another winning piece I would think Stay Safe beefy
  24. Well worth the work that was put in to the research hope that Trumpeter will listen to the experts now when it comes to the correct paint schemes And well done to you Rob for starting it all off with that great build of yours. Stay Safe beefy
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