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  1. That's rather nice that is; and it would probably sell in a nautical themed gift shop in aforementioned town.
  2. The 4th one stayed here (EGDR) as a 'spares box' if needed. Don't know if it's still here or whether that's now gone
  3. Fountain or ball point? the latter is simply too incomprehensible to contemplate. Rather nice war canoe
  4. I did think that when watching the clip
  5. There's irony for you. Of all the MBDD's and for it to happen on this occasion. What was the cause of the MBD in the end?
  6. I wonder how many red openings were closed before the inevitable. A lot more dramatic than my 30yrs ago last week; I was on watch at Culdrose. Fast forward 30 yrs; I was on watch at Culdrose. A lot has happened in between though.
  7. Nice phots. They bring back memories when I was on USS Harry S Truman based there in 2012. USS San Jacinto collided with the Montpelier during an exercise we were on at the time. Haven't seen the Comfort since '91.
  8. I haven't been up that way for over 30yrs. If I remember rightly wasn't there a Vulcan as well?
  9. Welcome aboard shippers! Who said anything about jesting?
  10. Well built and a poignant reminder about another aspect of conflict.
  11. Absolutely bang on! They're still present in 'The Rogue Nation.'
  12. Turned out well. Always seems odd seeing the words Royal Navy on that camo scheme
  13. Magna kits can be a little 'truculent' at times but you've done this one proud. They look so much better than those latest mounts of theirs.
  14. That's different. He probably would have survived if he'd used a higher factor sun cream.
  15. Splendid build and result old bean. The water colour looks spot on for the Tyne as well (on a good day).
  16. Rather nice. Surprising how small it is compared to other machines. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy a big cup of tea in one of these;
  17. Nice pair of 190's in well executed schemes.
  18. That really is a rather nice deviation from the norm. BZ.
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