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  1. Perfect, thankyou, and for the comment
  2. Thank you, they turned out ok. I'm going to do the cages below the rearmost two benches either side as the large ammo box at the front clashes with the first bench (and it's very firmly stuck down!). Cheers Nick
  3. Too late!! They’ve only just gone out on exercise, that’s my excuse
  4. Cheers mate, I like adding bits from feedback and info, but it does get a bit addictive Driver's got his harness and comms cable; Mesh arrived for the cages; With hindsight I'd have used copper wire for the frame; Test fit; Some dust in the back; Cages installed; And finally the roof can go on!! Thanks for the comments and likes and again to @Dads203, @Swiftnbold and @metadyne for the help on the details. (how do you quote a persons user name 'properly'?) Cheers Nick
  5. Can't access the pic I'M afraid
  6. Cheers Beefy, isn't it nice to get constructive info from people who take an interest and want to help?
  7. Thanks again Dan, appreciate the help. At the risk of being a pain...........what would the chieftain crew have had in terms comms leads, pressel switch's or CPU's? I think for the driver I'll just tuck the cable in under the roof in that area and secure it, as you say it'll be difficult to see from the, not to mention connecting it when the roof's on. Cheers Nick
  8. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a go at the harness although with the roof not yet on the fixing will be tricky - one to ponder! Really appreciate the help and take it entirely in the way it's meant, nice to get pointers from people who've got experience of the real thing. I'll have a look at access for a brush to see if I can get to those areas. Thanks Dan, would that be this box, if so where would it plug in? I'll have a go at re-wiring him. Where would the CBFD be fitted? Cheers Nick
  9. This pic shows the gear selector pedal; Thanks for the tip on the harness, didn't know that. Pic on the internet looks like 6 point in black webbing, does that sound right? Cheers mate. Cages will be installed when the bits arrive. SOme body else mentioned an SMG bracket but I couldn't find any references for it so strategicaly placed it - hope it doesn't look too out of place! Thanks Roger. Cheers Nick
  10. Looks great Cheers Nick
  11. Bit of of progress over the weekend as senior management (the wife) is away The crew have finally had their heads and comms cables installed; Kit loaded into the back of the 432 and the drivers area; Driver's had his cable for the radio fitted; And he's finally taken a seat and been connected to the radio (hopefully in the right place)! His feet don't reach the pedals and in the next pic he looks a bit high so I'm assuming Taken have moulded the seat in the fully position (or he has short legs)? Test fit of the hatch over him, carefully observed by the commander; Now he's in I've fitted the glacis plate and a few bits of etch installed while I wait for the mesh for the cages in the back to be delivered; Thanks for looking and the helpful tips and pics along the way. Cheers Nick !
  12. It’s got a small pedal to the left included in the kit but to be honest I don’t know which mark that makes it? Mesh ordered for the cages, thanks for the info. cheers Nick
  13. Fantastic pictures, thanks very much. Am I right in thinking that the kit I've got stowed in the 432 should be behind a mesh cage? All of both side or would the NBC filter equipment be left exposed? Cheers Nick
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