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  1. Hi mate, thank you but this was the last one. The RFI is here Cheers Nick
  2. What on earth are yellow handbags? Cheers Viper. what project are you working on? Added the grass, mix of 4mm and 10mm winter grass with some AK 6mm autumn tufts dotted around. First go at static grass, reasonably happy but it's a bit too bland. Going to mix in some autumn grass for a 'greener' look. Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks for the comments and likes Progress on the base. decided to try AK dry earth for the ground with some sand and grit sprinkled on for texture; Ok texture but too desertry Sprayed with US sand and some grey patches for variation; And a brown oil wash to give more depth; Test fit; Bit of greenery next weekend it'll be done. Cheers Nick
  4. Thanks Ivan, very helpful
  5. Hi Ivan, where did you get/how did you make the cam nets? Thought about putting some on my Chieftain? cheers nick
  6. I do them the same way as Ross, works well. Cheers Nick
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments, much appreciated Last bits done on the vehicles and crew. The loader's hand looked like he was trying to eat a sandwich which he'd dropped somewhere; Surgery carried out, better I think; Some fuel stains around the filler caps added; Soot on the 432 exhaust (the black mark on the exhaust has been fixed but no pic); A bit more dust on the Chieftain turret (and crew) and side skirts; The vehicles are going to be sitting on a dusty track, with grass verges, somewhere in Germany, made a start on the base; Thanks for looking Cheers Nick
  8. Looks great Ivan. Cheers Nick
  9. Got back to these after a work enforced break, final assembly and weathering, still some more to do but getting there; The Chieftain turret needs a bit more dust and then onto the base. Cheers Nick
  10. Not quite finished yet but thank you. Hope the weathering and base won't detract from them! Cheers Ivan Thank you Roger Thanks Dan
  11. Little update today, Side plates installed, not a great fit but I think that more operator error. Turret and gun in place to see how it looks overall; The pair together; Started the weathering on the lower hull; Highlights and a pin wash on the uppers and then some weathering and they'll be there. Cheers Nick
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