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  1. Hi Paul, my wife sufffers with this in her hands.Doc said it was age related shaking and there was nothing to do about it. She has got to the stage where she will not eat out as I have to cut her food up more often than not. Me I have carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritic hands so my modelling days are done.
  2. Digressing slightly for a moment. Is 3rd reich music on YouTube and the like blocked in Germany and is it an offence to play it?Perhaps one of our German members would tell me. As for my feelings I am sorry that the sins of former generations still sit uneaserly on today’s. (speaking as someone who was nearly killed in the womb by a V2 that hit the buildings next door to the hospital while my mother was in labour)
  3. I am so sorry to hear your news as we have been through this many times. It does not get easier to say goodbye but with time the pain will ease. The good memories will outweigh the sad. Love Jenny and Paul
  4. This one is the same as mine except the gold centres of the wheels are black and smaller rear arches. Its a Toyota/Lexus Soarer. Anybody seen one if so grab a pic if possible.
  5. Come on Vince,could you do that then?
  6. Spiny the Toyota bit is right but also badged as something else. Anymore ideas anyone or I will reveal all tomorrow.
  7. Don’t know the answer to that but if you look out of the window you might see the rising sun btw the car is 16 feet long and is known to masquerade under 2 badges
  8. I am waiting until someone spots one of mine. or one like it I believe under a 100are left on the road Teaser 4 ltr v8 of far eastern origin
  9. Pete regarding the Healey could be genuine. I speak as having owned four big Healey’s two 100/6 and two mk two’s in the 1970’s. The handling was diabolical with standard rear tyres when drive enthusiastically so the mod was to fitJag XJ6 ones instead viewed from above you could see tread. That was a no no to plod who had nothing better to do so an enterprising chap made extensions in glass fibre to circumvent this. If the one you saw had gone back to genuine wheels and tyres it would look horrible without binning the mod
  10. I care not for the aircraft it just junk now. My thoughts and feelings are with those who died and those who loved them. My thoughts are also with those who have to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy. If if you really want to know how this happened put pprune up and read what the pilots,wannerbe s and armchair pundits will tell you what went wrong. The dead are hardly mentioned. must people speculate rather than wait for the official enquiry? bye the way one of our illustrious red top papers called it a NAZI aircraft. Sorry but I had to get this off my chest!
  11. Try this http://www.modelrailwayforum.co.uk/index.php
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