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  1. paul178

    The Grumpers Meeting Place

    Why not a closed area that has to be applied for? It works well on other forums why not here?
  2. Digressing slightly for a moment. Is 3rd reich music on YouTube and the like blocked in Germany and is it an offence to play it?Perhaps one of our German members would tell me. As for my feelings I am sorry that the sins of former generations still sit uneaserly on today’s. (speaking as someone who was nearly killed in the womb by a V2 that hit the buildings next door to the hospital while my mother was in labour)
  3. paul178

    RIP Paddy Ashdown

    I for one will miss him and echo julien’ sentiment. Good men are hard to find in Westminster. RIP Paddy
  4. paul178

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Another one from the adds. This guy can outsing Elvis with ballads
  5. paul178

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    You may have noticed this backing a perfume ad.
  6. paul178

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Vice you want Irish music,try this from a Reiment that is no more. YOH!
  7. paul178

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Put the sofa in the garden?
  8. paul178

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Gorby Remember the old sayings Relationship is the worst ship that ever sailed the seas. Visiting relations are like dead fish,after 3days they start to stink!
  9. paul178

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Artie.I could not agree with you more about modern cars. My daily drive is a Toyota Soarer(see spot of the day in vehicles#649) it weighs in at 2 tons and hs a length of 16 feet. The car is galvanised so no rust to weaken the structure.Behind the front and rear bumpers is a full width metal bar 1 foot deep and 3 inches thick. The doors have bars built in thicker than scaffold polls, crumple zones ? What are they? 268bhp 4 ltr I have pulled a Ford Transet out of a ditch with it.Modern instrumentals well I do have a digital dash and something that goes bong and puts a warning up in Japanese when it wants something.Oh I nearly forgot my tape player for my Jan and Dean tracks when I feel like lighting up my rear tyres!
  10. paul178

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    I am so sorry to hear your news as we have been through this many times. It does not get easier to say goodbye but with time the pain will ease. The good memories will outweigh the sad. Love Jenny and Paul
  11. paul178

    How many modellers does it take to unscrew a light bulb?

    The answer is simple. You have the V1 type that stops working and then plummets onto your work surface destroying all and consigning small parts to the jaws of the carpet monster.