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  1. First single was Rumble by Link Wray. Albums were expensive but it was Giant by Buddy Holly as I spent all my money on collecting all his singles in my youth.
  2. What’s a Kaye,some sort of African tribesman?
  3. First do an HP I check on it all you need is the registration number. Then the vin number and check it against the DVLA database. They should have the V5 with the registered keepers name and address on it(note the registered keeper is not always the owner) and ask to speak to them. Any prevarication about any of the above,walk away.
  4. Interesting point there that set me thinking. As some of these protesters have been in court and pleaded not guilty and remanded in custody should they and others that will follow be found guilty they will have a criminal record. If you were thinking about employing one would you do it after a CR B check? Would you be happy to have your child told it’s ok to break the law in an unlawful protest?
  5. Words cannot convey my feelings for you right now.My thoughts are with you Keith and I wish I could offer some comfort. I just feel helpless as what else to say. It’s so sad especially in one so young.
  6. Hi Paul, my wife sufffers with this in her hands.Doc said it was age related shaking and there was nothing to do about it. She has got to the stage where she will not eat out as I have to cut her food up more often than not. Me I have carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritic hands so my modelling days are done.
  7. paul178


    if you drive passenger trains I would like to here your views on guards on trains..
  8. I hope "The Killer" gets over his stroke soon.
  9. I observe the one minutes silence. Think for a minute what freedoms you have. The freedom to post your thoughts here,the right to follow your religion,challenge the authorities and protest your cause peacefully. Would that be possible if WW2 had gone the other way? I have lost relatives in two world war and some injured in Korea and at home. The only flowers they got was at a war memorial and two still lie in Flanders mud. Those who who genuinely wish to show respect and feelings I have no problem with but.selfies with the flowers fills me with disgust . BTW why do half the BBC news team seem to be in New Zealand ?
  10. paul178


    I agree fully but at 74 in just over a week the world,it’s values and technology is passing me by at an alarming rate.
  11. Digressing slightly for a moment. Is 3rd reich music on YouTube and the like blocked in Germany and is it an offence to play it?Perhaps one of our German members would tell me. As for my feelings I am sorry that the sins of former generations still sit uneaserly on today’s. (speaking as someone who was nearly killed in the womb by a V2 that hit the buildings next door to the hospital while my mother was in labour)
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