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  1. Absolutely, if you convert that into how many large coffee's are bought per week (Im a teacher so its about 4 a week to sustain my self on the coal face) That is £12:60 per week. Actually a real bargain when it comes to modelling at as you say about ten pounds per week. Thing is, I am of the opinion that this kit is geared at the global market, if HK Models can sell a 1/32 Lancaster B1/B111 for over £300:00 then the Airfix kit is a real bargain in my opinion. So, I am now off to save up my coffee fund for next year to buy a Hell Cat. Best crack on with that Lanc once the final parts arrive! B
  2. That brought back memories. I joined her after the Falklands war, stayed on board and paid her off. I sewed her decommissioning pennant during our final duty as Cowes Guard ship and Royal Yacht Escort. Thank you, this brought back some memories of good times and good oppos. I still have her final commissioning pennant and sea ensign stored carefully in the loft along with a compartment marking plate from the bridge cross passage below the upper bridge.
  3. Civvies, Brown jobs and crabs. They do not know what they are missing, sigh...
  4. Apologies Steve, we hairy nether region ex matelots (Sailors) have our own unique language and set of acronyms. Jack Speak is an archaic language, Royals or Boot necks (Royal Marines Commandos and Band Service) share some of our language as well. I am fortunate/unfortunate to have had an RN cap badge and an RM one as I changed over to the Green Machine during my service career.. Oh god doing it again. :-) Every other service has their own unique language, we all also have our own common one that crosses all services. Mostly it looks like we speak gibberish, Service acronyms in-dispersed with derogatory reference terms and language of the lower and upper deck Douglas Reeman bless him, wrote the Matelots dit handbooks for a generation. Sadly passed away in January this year. A successful formula for all his own novels and his nom de plume of Alexander Kent. Troubled RN or RM officer, half wit evil colleague, evil nemesis and the damsel in distress. Ever the hero, he always the hero comes through in the end. HUZZAH! Loved his books, I wish I had never given mine away, i am sure I had every Reeman and Kent novel printed, sadly had to get rid of everything in my mums house last year after she passed away. A right ripping read, real boys own stuff! B
  5. Absolutely, ok round the fresh water tanks, engine room spaces and fuel tanks all are double bottomed with crawl spaces. All other compartments are single skinned and the thickness of the ships sides would shock you. Hence why the TA Leanders, 22's and 23's all eventually cracked. the stress on the hull from the tail when its wet is huge, there is so much torsional twist throughout the length of the ship. Simulators, yes at the RN Maritime Ops School HMS Collingwood, full mock ups of weapon systems (Xbox on steroids) also all the ops room for PWO and ops room training for all warfare operators. For Signal Staff (Was going to put men there) there are the fleetwork trainers, these rooms enable you to run simulations for Sector Screening, OOW mans, ras'ing, convoy work, working with RFA and STUFT ships, transiting in formation. Conning the ship, used to have all the kit at HMS Raleigh and Collingwood. The RN puts great store and effort in ship handling from the Skipper down to the second officer of the watch and the whole ships company, evolutions for OST, BOST are intense and it really is pass or fail in relation to operational readiness, think that is why I do not flap now I am a Deputy Head teacher when OFSTED rock up, after FOST staff (The green wreckers) have rinsed the hell out of you for six weeks. OFSTED for 2 days or 4 days if you are gash are a cake walk Its amazing what you remember from your youth! Have to agree with all that has been said re our colonial cousins, their kit is second to none, but be it 80's 90's 2000's or today, there preparedness is out weighed (pun not intended) by their over zealous "Anchors Aweigh Boys" attitude. Nice to have all the whistles and bells but you have to be able to use it. Question re the impact point, yep I would say a mess deck, bloody awful. Would all be racked out, then the oggin would have poured in as the DDG bounced back off the tanker, the crew in their racks would have then been sucked out the hole, would not wish that on anyone. All of us on here must have done the DRIU at Whale Island or if you are elderly like me, the Fire School and Damage Control Unit at Raleigh as a sprog as well. Either way, when the ship is rolling and toppers with Oggin, it is truly scary, pitch black, alarms going no red lighting as the circuit would have been tripped for everything ship dead in the water with no steerage way. Jesus I feel for those kids on the McCain. What has gripped my Gorilla are the You Tube American conspiracy theorists, clueless. I was on Glamorgan in 86, we had just done DTS out in the Windies prior to JMC 866, we were coming back over the pond and RV'd with RFA Fort Grange to ammunition ship as we had used a lot of 4.5, 3", 20mm and 40mm. We took up our RAS course and started to Jack Stay across all the ammunition and stores, we were running down sea as it was roughers, I was in my pit, as I had done the long morning. 3pm the MOTHER of all bangs! woke us all up, as we got out of our pits, all the hatches shut down to 1 Zulu from 3 Yankee, basically we were locked in to put it in civilian speak. Could hear the six short blasts of the siren 3 decks down, and feel the ship heel over to Stbd. The skipper was carrying out Emergency Six and a Corpen November (Emergency breakaway with a wheel of unspecified amount). Broke away, all lines gone and we slowed down. The pipe was to reduce to 3 yankee and check for damage, the Counties were tough ships, Glam proved that in 82. I had both the dogs (4-8pm) got ready to go on watch, being a nosey sod I went up through the AX hatch past the Slug launcher and up on to the flight deck. Where the guard rails should have been next to the flight deck nets... holey moley all gone/bent and nosing over the side where the CBM and the Chief Ship Wright were hanging over the side, a whopping great dent and a split in the ships side. That was just from a bounce off the RFA, what the crew on the McCain had to deal with must have been terrifying. Dit spun, Albert moment over. Nothing to see move along chaps
  6. Paul absolutely, she should have been closed up to their equivalent of 3 Yankee, tiller flat closed up and same with the SSP, if she was in difficulties standard drill must surely be that she was on emergency steering, also if the skipper was worth his salt he would be steering on engines at the time and on the bridge, calling up the Merchant man stating his intentions and that he was in difficulties, my other question is; were their RAMS lights not lit and no shapes hoisted, the Yanks love all that Buntingery vis signalling stuff? I would say it all comes down to poor seamanship, lack of experience and now my opinion of working with them over 25 years on and off, all the kit in the world yet they still seem to struggle to use it effectively. Their ratings are never a patch on ours and cannot for the love of a wet think on their own two feet and act independently. The OOW, and Bridge team must have been supremely gash! Or am I wrong? Flame away! The saddest thing is that this incident needlessly cost the lives of young sailors who were below decks. My heart goes out to the families of those who tragically crossed the bar, time to raise a glass
  7. Dave, an old oppo of mine was on the Southampton Ro1(T) Andy "Scouse" Rice, not on watch when it happened, in his pit (Standard Drills for him, flat back sod) I was on the Glamorgan with him, we met up for a wet in Pompey said it was bloody horrendous (Clean version for our readers)
  8. Ok imagine this, Bridge Plot Bridge Sir, new track, track 1234 bearing 220 range 4 miles speed 10 knots Bridge rgr watch Rgr watch sir... Bridge Plot contact 1234 now bearing 200 range 3 miles closing, Speed 10 knots Bridge Rgr Second officer of the watch CPA? CPA should be 1.5 miles drawing North.. Captain Sir, Officer of the watch. Captain Sir I have a surface contact bearing 200 3 nautical miles, closing OOW Captain OOW Sir? Rgr keep an eye on him, if he closes to 1.5 miles call him on the 1202 and ask his intetions OOW Rgr sir Plot Bridge report again if closing to 1.5 nautical miles report speed Plot Rgr sir, Still bearing 200 range 3 miles speed 10 knots Bridge Plot, Bridge! OOW Sir track 1234 now closing to 1 nautical mile, bearing 210 degrees speed 11 drawing right sir Bridge Rgr Captain Sir, OOW Captain... Sir Track 1234 believed to be large merchant vessel bearing 210, speed 11 is now drawing right OOW Captain OOW sir OOW Captain, set levers 90 for 15 knots alter course to starboard to 020 degrees, Im on my way UP. OOW Rgr QM Ship in hand QM Ship in hand sir OOW set levers 90 for 15 knots altering course to starboard to the true course of 020 degrees QM OOW, set levers 90 for 15 knots altering course to starboard to the true course of 020 degrees QM Sir, set levers 90, for 15 knots course to steer 020 OOW sir, passing North course now 020, 15 knots sir. OOW MIDSHIPS QM Midships sir course 020 CAPTAIN ON THE BRIDGE OOW Whats the contact doing? Ops Bridge what is she doing OOW sir, contact now drawing left course 350 cpa now 2.5 miles, moving away speed 11 knots sir OOW VERY GOOD! Watch Plot Rgr Watch sir OOW, Captain Sir? Im happy, going below. If she closes again let me know, set speed 10 knots resume previous base course and brief the Morning watch of the tanker, keep an eye on. OOW Rgr sir. QM OOW, come left to 350... etc (commences to bring the ship back to her base course and night steaming speed to make good her RV or Box the compass for the night) Thud, Thud Thud.. the old man leaves the bridge. OOW, Bosuns mate, signal man. Keep an eye on... if she closes let me know, see if we can beat the plot! Jointly RGR Sir... Bosuns mate, Wet of tea sir> Now, I remembered that from over 25 years ago, pretty much what should have happened. There is no excuse, the Destroyer should have kept and eye on the PV Track, if she closed take action and call the skipper, Destroyers what is it they say "Greyhounds of the fleet?" My take, poor bridge watch keeping, poor Surface plot, no communication. All in all poor seamanship. There is no way a Destroyer should get bumped by a FBS!! Swords and medals and a court martial for the Bridge team. I would say inexperience. My 50p worth.. Any Ex RN/RM people agree to agree or disagree Elmers.. All the gear no idea
  9. Received invoice, paid for and tomorrow on its way! Excited? Hell yeah people! I have steadily been buying bits and bobs to go with it.. watch this space.
  10. Definitely get the HMS Exeter kit. A Part of family history.
  11. I will just do it If I have time and enough printing credit with them I will go down the teaching resources route. We are covering the War in the Far East and the rise of the Japanese Empire post the Boxer uprising for the students war and conflict units. Topical for them at it is 75 years since Pearl Harbour etc. We start on Assignment 2 in January so will be then
  12. I am there next month with my Students, I am using their classrooms over about two weeks, however I will get some free time. Time to have a look I think at the service manual
  13. Starting the build tomorrow. The seat belts have now arrived from Eduard. Will post up a thread at some point.
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