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I built Italeri's M-24 Chaffee some time ago.

I used metal tracks and other detail sets on the tank.

The figures are from Tamiya and were painted with Humbrol enamels.

The base is from foam board covered with plaster.

the tree is an old root from the garden and the wall is built from fragments of plaster.


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Thanks for looking.

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Very nice - you have done sterling work on that, and your photography is excellent!



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Thanks for the comments everybody! They are greatly appreciated.

I've done a few little extra bits,

I added weapon slings and a few grenades and I am a good little soldier and I always take note of what my Sergeant tells me

Brilliant.....Simple scene perfectly executed. :thumbsup:

My only small criticism would be that the woodwork of the troops personal weapons looks a bit odd, too uniform and a bit 'plasticy'. :nerd:

I dry brushed the woodwork to vary the finish , but it does not appear to show up too well in these pictures:




jpg images


image ru


screen shot windows

Again, thanks for looking.

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Reckon the Chaffee would be long gone if there was a Tiger coming.....I reckon they've spotted a possible MG nest or sniper. ;)

Hope my comment about the woodwork didn't seem nit-picky.....The scene is splendid, the Chaffee beautifully built & painted and the way you've tied the figures and vehicle into the groundwork with your 'dust-coat' is nothing short of masterful! :thumbsup:

For painting woodwork I've taken a tip from the biplane builders (and the incredible wooden propellors they achieve), I start with a pale sand coloured base and progressively stain and streak it with oils to create a grain effect. :nerd:

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Some of the best posed figures I have seen anywhere. I'm useless at figures and faces but I can see when somebody knows what they are doing. All, in all a great atmospheric dio, you can paint my figures anytime!

PS, forgot to say, nice camera work, lighting, backdrop, colour, composition etc, etc, etc......... :winkgrin:

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I decided to have a go at building a better tree for this as I was never 100% happy with the twig I used.

The new tree was made from twisted strands of wire covered in Milliput.

I textured the trunk by using pieces of bark stripped off twigs and the foliage was made using model railway materials.

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100_6456.jpgimage hosting site no sign up

It was my first attempt at making a tree.

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