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  1. Thanks guys so, so much for your help. I've thought & thought & I feel that I have it correct......in my head anyway! I do know that "usually" you spray lightest first then progressively darker, but in this case, you simply can't because of the masks supplied. All the very best to all.......
  2. Wahey! Cracked it!! Step 1 - overall spray light grey Step 2 - mask light grey Step 3 - spray dark blue Step 4 - mask dark blue Step 5 - spray light blue Step 6 - remove all masks Sound about right?
  3. So, I spray the whole upper surface light blue first, then what mask goes on first? Assuming I then spray grey over that first mask......leave that mask on, then apply the next colour. Once all colours have been sprayed, remove ALL masks to reveal full digital camo effect? Sorry to sound thick, but I just don't get it!! Apologies.....could a guide like 1. Do this....2. do this....3. do this......4. do this etc, etc.....
  4. Hi Alexey, Many thanks for the translation, but......the paper (and that's what it is) is simply a die-cut Oramask Masking Film 811 with the camo detailing ready to be peeled off & stuck to the Su-27. Just like any camo/cockpit mask you get on the Tamiya type masking sticky paper. The issue I have is, what (colour) gets sprayed first, then what mask gets laid down first & so on. I've never attempted anything like this, but I just love the Su-27 & love the digital camo effect! Thanks............
  5. Phew.......Photobucket needs money! Tight sods! New image sharing site postimg.......freebie! Thanks again.....
  6. Oh GOD!!! Why doesn't Photobucket copy properly???????
  7. Alexey, please pm email address? Thanks.....
  8. Guys, I really do need help! I have bought the digital camo masks from Foxbot (FM 72-003) & the placement instructions (numbered) seem to be ok, but the rest of the instructions are translated from Russian.....BADLY!! Now, can anyone help in what order to lay the masks down & what colour to spray first (grey, sky blue or light blue). This is the first time I have attempted to do such a scheme, but I'm baffled!! Lol.... Please help......any help!! Thanks all.....
  9. Hi all, This one might sound daft but......does anyone have the deal sheet spare (if you used the sticker version)? I'm missing the shoulder markings (stars)....missing I say......LOST!!! You will be handsomely rewarded of course..... Thanks so much.....
  10. You Sir are a gentleman! And a lovely choice of profile pic if you don't mind me saying! Lol.....
  11. Hi all, Just need a little help & advice...... I'm planning on starting the 1/72 Italeri FRS.1 Sea Harrier 1236......now I want to depict it fully laden with AIM9L's & the drop tanks c/w RBF tags on the ordnance & aircraft......BUT, I cannot find anywhere (Google) the engine intake FOD covers/bungs. Can anyone help out with either ideas OR somewhere/someone who sells in 1/72 for the Harrier or adaptable for the Harrier? Thanks so much all.......
  12. Fantastic Jure.......thanks again......
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