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  1. anyone saw this a battery powered iwata compressor .. https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=22092 thomas
  2. thomastmcc

    1/72 SWAT police decals

    thanks will check them out
  3. thomastmcc

    1/72 SWAT police decals

    anyone seen 1/72 SWAT and police decals ? thomas
  4. thomastmcc

    jordanian UH-60 camo

    thanks ...
  5. thomastmcc

    jordanian UH-60 camo

    hi all got a UH-60J in 1/72 but want to do jordanian air force version anyone got recomendations for paint colours please ? thomas
  6. thomastmcc

    Landing Craft Plans for scale models

    Where did you go for the plans ?
  7. thomastmcc

    A400M R.A.F. colours

    thanks Selwyn
  8. thomastmcc

    A400M R.A.F. colours

    so BS381C: 637 Medium Sea Grey overall ?
  9. thomastmcc

    F-16 Kits/Block questions

  10. thomastmcc

    F-16 Kits/Block questions

    theres a polish f16 with the conformal tanks out the kinetic kit in 1/72 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KINETIC-F-16D-FIGHTING-FALCON-POLISH-HELLENIC-AIR-FORCE-1-72-MODEL-KIT-K72002/171722649589?epid=1643629729&hash=item27fb77aff5:g:~8IAAOSwBLlVB3Fr https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KINETIC-72002-F-16D-Block-52-Polish-AF-Hellenic-AF-in-1-72/312003759546?hash=item48a4df8dba:g:QdsAAOSwSzRZTQII
  11. thomastmcc

    jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    excellent many thanks
  12. thomastmcc

    jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    does anyone make jordanian air force decals in 1/72 ? thomas
  13. thomastmcc

    jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    yeah been looking for one andre contacted a company in the usa who according to website has one
  14. thomastmcc

    jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    hi mate F16s and UH-60s,pumas etc
  15. thomastmcc

    jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    thanks guys after decals for F16s and helicopters .. thomas
  16. thomastmcc

    HobbyBoss 1/72 A-7D Corsair.

    Stunning work
  17. thomastmcc

    nine blade nonsense!

    love it
  18. thomastmcc

    Damn Yankee...or Cold War Gone Hot

    you a wargamer mate ? if anyone is check out the cold war gaming groups on facebook if your a member red storm rising wargamers is one .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1110307275667754/
  19. thomastmcc

    1/48 Tomcat F.1

    wow love it
  20. thomastmcc

    Anytime, Mate!

  21. thomastmcc

    1/72 firefighting aircraft

    Hi all took the wee guy Euan ( 5 ) to see planes fire and rescue today and he wants a firefighting plane now who does them in 1/72 ? .. Thomas
  22. thomastmcc

    Monogram 1/72nd B-52H conversion.

    stunning build
  23. thomastmcc

    Airfix 1/72 CH-53/S-65 Double Build Iran and Israel

    hi mate nice builds is there much difference between the HH53 and CH53G ? other than the refueling probe ,wondering if its possible to make the CH53G from the HH53 kit .. thomas
  24. thomastmcc

    Russian aircraft at Latakia

    what SU 24 are the russians using in syria the M or ?..
  25. thomastmcc

    Is there a 1/72 Chieftan kit? May not be new question but...

    that is true but he is dealing with it and i have ordered recently and no problems paid via paypal.. thomas