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  1. thanks will check them out
  2. anyone seen 1/72 SWAT and police decals ? thomas
  3. hi all got a UH-60J in 1/72 but want to do jordanian air force version anyone got recomendations for paint colours please ? thomas
  4. so BS381C: 637 Medium Sea Grey overall ?
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MISTERCRAFT-041151-F-16CJ-52-Tiger-Demo-Team-Polish-Air-Force-in-1-72/401352080892?hash=item5d7272bdfc:g:n28AAOSw8HBZDZcf
  6. theres a polish f16 with the conformal tanks out the kinetic kit in 1/72 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KINETIC-F-16D-FIGHTING-FALCON-POLISH-HELLENIC-AIR-FORCE-1-72-MODEL-KIT-K72002/171722649589?epid=1643629729&hash=item27fb77aff5:g:~8IAAOSwBLlVB3Fr https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KINETIC-72002-F-16D-Block-52-Polish-AF-Hellenic-AF-in-1-72/312003759546?hash=item48a4df8dba:g:QdsAAOSwSzRZTQII
  7. yeah been looking for one andre contacted a company in the usa who according to website has one
  8. hi mate F16s and UH-60s,pumas etc
  9. thanks guys after decals for F16s and helicopters .. thomas
  10. does anyone make jordanian air force decals in 1/72 ? thomas
  11. you a wargamer mate ? if anyone is check out the cold war gaming groups on facebook if your a member red storm rising wargamers is one .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1110307275667754/
  12. hi mate nice builds is there much difference between the HH53 and CH53G ? other than the refueling probe ,wondering if its possible to make the CH53G from the HH53 kit .. thomas
  13. what SU 24 are the russians using in syria the M or ?..
  14. that is true but he is dealing with it and i have ordered recently and no problems paid via paypal.. thomas
  15. just got message back from gordon at cromwell there is a 1/72 kit of cheiftain due out early new year in 1/72 but 1/76 are available .. thomas
  16. thomastmcc


    stunning ... a friend in italy of mine is building her in 1/72
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