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  1. unbelievably, its been 4 years since i posted here. primarily due to competing in triathlon, followed by a very bad illness. So, my athletic days are over, I thought I might try and resurrect my modelling, such as it is. So here are a few progress pics THINK I MISSED THE GROUP BUILD THOUGH, JK
  2. Hi folks, not strictly a work in progress, although it is impeding my progress. I have an o ring disintegrating and was gonna buy some from Iwata..... till I saw the price. Can i use any o ring from an ironmongers for example. If so, anyone any idea of the size? Iwata Neo. Want to replace all if I can, jk
  3. Good job, and nice use of the Matchbox base, Jk
  4. Awesome. Amazing what you can do with an ACE kit. Very impressive finish
  5. Hi Modeljaeger, they're ranging poles. You would site them forward of the vehicle at a known distance and then the gradations would give you a range grid. Really only used in indirect fire weapons, howitzers and stuff. Don't know how useful they would be for a mobile vehicle. I suppose in a hull down firing position, tank killer style they would work. Jk
  6. That is very good. Love the detail in the paint work, jk
  7. yep good clean build. I know how you feel, first time on here in abouit a year
  8. Jaykay

    WW2 Scenery

    Interesting subject James, what's the scale? And make of the model? Jk
  9. Cracking build jack, and enjoyed the build thread too, Jk
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