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  1. What they ALL said! Stunning result Bill great workmanship followed by superb paintwork and finishing as always! Stay safe Roger
  2. Room for one more? Love the Mosquito and there pin point attacks in various locations Stay safe Roger
  3. Stunning result as we've come to expect from your builds, NO detail to small to be incorporated into your builds. Stay safe Roger
  4. OK another very small update on this project but first thanks to all for your interest in this project especially to @Kiwidave4 for the info: sent via pm. I needed two extra suspension units as I am showing this with a couple of the units being changed so having some well out of date casting resin and silicone moulding rubber on the shelf it was a no brainer to see if it would still be usable! Also having some/all the road wheels removed a hub would have to be fabricated so looking at the back of the inner wheels there is a reasonable representation of the hub so this was also used to make a mould for casting together with the bearing caps for the hubs. The moulds turned out OK and the suspension units and hubs turned out reasonably well and I think will be useable. I have also replaced the rear lifting eyes in the pack bay as the original ones I made were two small and in the wrong place. I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking The battery boxes have been added to the drivers although they won't be visible on the completed model and a cover added to the idler arm housing on the complete side A couple of suspension units didn't mould to well as you can see above but I think I have a couple I can use................. Thanks for stopping by stay safe Roger
  5. The more the merrier Andy, Stay safe Roger
  6. Thanks for taking an interest Darryl I'll do my best to make it interesting for you, take a seat near the bar Stay safe Roger
  7. Glad your tyre markings came out as your high standard demands. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your gloss coat not drying and also the damage to the air intake grill. I know you will win the battle in the end but it is very frustrating to have to redo what was already a superb paint work result Stay safe Roger
  8. Hamden

    'Codger' R I P

    My condolence's to Codger's family and friends a member of this forum who can not be replaced. R.I.P. Codger Roger
  9. A stunning looking Typhoon great workmanship on display here - bar duly raised! Stay safe Roger
  10. Stunning result as we've come to expect from you. Looking forward to the next one now Stay safe Roger
  11. Worked for ABRO/DSG on AS90 and CRARRV, CR2 base overhaul with nearly three year secondment to BATUS for second line servicing and winter repair on CR2 and CRARRV's so have some history with these. Thanks for the interest Stay safe Roger
  12. These are the belly plates for access to the gearbox filters and engine oil drain and will left removed. Stay safe Roger
  13. Don't know if anyone is interested in this one? I acquired this Trumpeter 1/35 Challenger 2 from that well known auction site part started very cheaply and the intention is to display it in the BATUS heavy A workshop during winter repair/servicing c2008. The plan is to show the vehicle with pack and gue removed and track tensioner and hydro gas suspension unit being replaced as well as the front RH fuel bag tank. The time frame allows me to paint it in ether two colour green/sand yellow or desert sand brown as it was around then that the colour scheme was changed. I have made a start on this so will let the pics: do the talking I am aware that this kit has short comings but they will hopefully be negated by the way I'm planning to finish/display the model. If anyone has any photographs of the empty pack compartment they would be willing to share I would be very grateful as I am working mainly by memory. Thanks for looking in Stay safe Roger
  14. Looking really good in colour, the end is in sight now! Stay safe Roger
  15. That has really come together well, the end is definitely in sight and a silk purse is appearing Stay safe Roger
  16. Room for one more? Really enjoyed your last armoured car build so look forward to another masterclass with this build! Stay safe Roger
  17. Great progress, not far to the finish line now! A superb display of workmanship and attention to detail. Stay safe Roger
  18. Totally agree with John @Bullbasket superb workmanship! Stay safe Roger
  19. Almost missed this one! the que for the bar gave it away. I'll take a seat in the corner if I may? I've brought some of the Dorset Piddle Brewery Piddle Rouge Dorset Best bitter with me.( Piddle Brewery is a small local Dorset brewer from the Piddle Valley area just north of the county town) Look forward to watching work your magic on this Stay safe Roger
  20. Simply stunning Tony superb workmanship! Stay safe Roger
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