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  1. Nice save from the shelf of doom Ivan Stay safe Roger
  2. Looks stunning Bill, can't believe you started with 1950's/60's Airfix offering Stay safe Roger
  3. Great work on the model and the base is going to look superb when finished Stay safe Roger
  4. A really stunning F16 you have there Dan you've dramatically raised the bar with this one! Stay safe Roger
  5. What a STUNNING Mustang superb workmanship as always with your projects Stay safe Roger
  6. Turret looks good John very nice work. Stay safe Roger
  7. Very nice progress Simon looking forward to the next update now! Stay safe Roger
  8. Thanks for all the likes and comments they are very much appreciated. I have had a small package arrive from Accurate Armour containing a set of late pattern road wheels (the kit has the early type which is wrong for the time scale I'm portraying) and a set of open fuel tank covers. A small amount of work has been done inside the turret with a rudimentary turret basket has been added together with a representation of the back turret wall. Not a lot done but at least it's progress more soon I hope Thanks for looking stay safe Roger
  9. Glad to see you've overcome the paint problems on the wing but sorry it seems to have moved to the scuttle panel, I'm sure that you will soon have the finish you want though Stay safe Roger
  10. Great start Wayne at this rate it will be finished by Friday! [NOT saying which Friday though!!] Stay safe Roger
  11. @Nick C said "Thanks, but now I have a quandary" All 430's going through base overall at ABRO/DSG when I worked there 1995 to 2011 left with wide vehicle plates fitted. They were of coarse base overhauling them long before I went there to work. Hope this helps Stay safe Roger
  12. Stunning result, great workmanship with outstanding paintwork Andy you have raised the bar with this one! Stay safe Roger
  13. Thanks for your comment Ivan, the drivers compartment has already been fitted out with drivers seat, sticks, batterys and i.p. None of this will be seen as the hatch will be covered by the turret bussell as the LH front fuel bag is going to be shown being changed, I job I really liked doing! (if you believe that you'll believe anything). Stay safe Roger
  14. Very nicely weathered Andy, well worth the revisit of the underside! Stay safe Roger
  15. More really great attention to detail as we've come to expect from you John. Stay safe Roger
  16. Very nice work Ivan that mortar looks right at home in there, and the most important fittings in place - BV's Stay safe Roger
  17. Thanks @PlaStix more madness to follow with the turret! Spent some time today looking at turret pictures trying to work out what I need to add to make it look suitably busy and how I could represent the breech which takes up a lot of turret space. A rummage through some odds and sods turned up this Any idea what it is?......................... if you thought Panther transmission then you would be right, checking the overall size and shape and eyeing it up inside the turret base shows this has possibilities So after showing the transmission some attention with Bill's @perdu SIHRSC tool of choice and a Dremel we have this Think after an application of Miliput followed by sanding sticks I think we have something that will look like a breech block through the turret hatches, I've also started to add some electrical boxes to the turret walls Thanks for looking in and all your likes and comments. Stay safe Roger
  18. Booked in looking forward to April now Stay safe Roger
  19. What a stunning looking Ford! Great workmanship and paintwork as always! What's next then? (someone had to ask!) Stay safe Roger
  20. This has come together very nicely Darryl, looking forward to seeing it in paint now! Stay safe Roger
  21. These are turning into a stunning pair very nice work Stay safe Roger
  22. Thanks Dan @Dads203 I think I've got most of the fittings in less the fire ex: pipes. Stay safe Roger
  23. Right a very quick short update but first a big thank you for all the likes and comments, they really do help! this project has almost headed to the bin on several occasions. Having said previously that I wasn't going to anything inside the turret I am now of the opinion that a small amount of detail will be visible through the open hatches so I have decided to put some detail in the turret just to make it looked lived in. The pics: show the start of planning and work on this area, nothing much just clean up and measurements taken Thanks for looking more soon Stay safe Roger
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