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  1. This is really coming to life now! Really great workmanship on show here, awaiting the next update now Stay safe Roger
  2. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by, likes and comments it is very much appreciated. Just posting this small update to keep things ticking over so won't go into detail but let a couple of pics: do the talking, as you will see there is not to much progress since the last post. Thanks for looking in and I hope your own projects are proceeding as you would wish Stay safe Roger
  3. A stunning Tiger, great workmanship with superb paintwork and attention to detail! What's next? Stay safe Roger
  4. Nice to see you back with this one, it has certainly progressed well with your usual attention to the smallest details Stay safe Roger
  5. Absolutely stunning Hawk looking forward to seeing the TWU Hawk reach the same stage now Stay safe Roger
  6. I'll take a seat for this as well, another to remember being caught out by the arrival of a Lightning from behind the crowd line (Not allowed anymore) with full reheat with it then pulling vertical. The noise and vibration through the ground still remembered to this day - NO ear defenders back then either! Stay safe Roger
  7. Great progress Dan, finishing line in sight now! Stay safe Roger
  8. This coming together nicely, looking more and more like an AVRE. Stay safe Roger
  9. A great result as always John, superb workmanship with outstanding attention to the smallest detail. Looking forward to the next adventure now, beer and popcorn on order! Stay safe Roger
  10. A stunning pair of Hawks well worth ALL the time and your trouble with this splendid duo! Stay safe Roger
  11. Ok its been awhile since I was here last, thanks for the likes your time and trouble is very much appreciated. Not a lot has been done since the last update but some progress has been made but i have managed to add the charge bins to the rear lower hull around the rear crew door and the shell stowage brackets in the same area, the crew drinking water tanks sit on top of the shell stowage and a start has been made on this as well. The picture will hopefully explain better I hope Thanks for stopping by, more soon I hope Stay safe Roger
  12. As always you have produced a stunning replica. Stay safe Roger
  13. Looks good to me Pete, are you planning to put the rear light cluster in the nerf bars? Stay safe Roger
  14. As always with your builds a stunning result, superb workmanship and outstanding paintwork! I always learn from your projects and look forward to more of the same in the future Stay safe Roger
  15. Great looking finishes there Terry, looking forward to seeing them sometime! Stay safe Roger
  16. I'll take a seat and enjoy the ride if I may? Stay safe Roger
  17. Another @perdu masterclass in the making, I'll sit quietly at the back and watch and learn from the master if you don't mind? Stay safe Roger
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