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  1. I'm gutted, having read his thread I rechecked the references and now have to reverse a second propeller, it took me days to do the first one! Great thread though, I never noticed the speaker boxes on cäsar turret!
  2. Hi folks, further to the above, although the wood deck is a perfect fit all over, there are two mystery panels that I just could not place. Trumpeters deck has been produced with a planked section under the two 10.5cm twins in the middle, either side of the funnel. I can find no reference to this on Scharnhorst throughout her life so it gives me some spare bits for when I tackle aft fire control modifications. I will just have to make the 'spoked' steel deck pattern to match the other four gun mounts. Hope this helps.
  3. Pillboxes, not the concrete ones, from chemists and poundshops for organising seven day medications, for tiny bits these organisers usually have five or six individual closeable compartments per day times seven days.
  4. Brachial neuritis, it's a real bugger, cannot do anything when it hits, strong painkillers and the constant movement from driving a forklift were the only thing that would cure me, no models for months at a time. However, I am desicated to the hobby so I only accept it as a holiday! Desicated, all dried up, no need to correct that!
  5. Jockster

    Possible Scam

    Got one about congestion zone charges when I had been nowhere near, no time, no date, no car/bike details. Again, delete delete delete!
  6. Greetings Greg and other Scharny builders. I got mine a couple of months ago now and haven't stopped smiling since. Despite the obvious mistakes such as the anchors, lack of hull detail, single direction props and other bits mentioned above, it's a very decent kit. A few corrections are required but most of the issues that I've found are more related to adding missing detail which is no real hassle due to the excellent Anatomy book. I'm only on at the moment to let you guys know about the detail up set that is on Ebay, you have all probably seen it and have thought about whether or not to take the risk in buying it. From CHUANYU item number CY20013, priced at about 60 GBP. BARGAIN!!!!!!! You get all relevant wooden deck pieces which all fit perfectly, masking sheets to cover all of the horizontal surfaces (steel and wood), blackened anchor chains, rigging wire and gun barrels. The gun barrels seems to be a good match for 28cm, 15cm and 10.5cm, I haven't brought out the micrometer to check them but I'm happy enough with what I see that I'm going to use them anyway without the rivet counting. Here's what you get; 9 aluminium 28cm barrels side drilled to accept the supplied aluminium trunnion as a straight swap for the kit items, all that is missing are the shields. No biggie if you are making up blast bags. 8 brass 15cm barrels to accept the kit trunnion as a straight swap again, also missing the curved shields as you would expect. 4 brass barrels for the 15cm singles that require the kit parts to be cut and drilled just forward of the pivot. 14 brass 10.5cm barrels that, again, require the kit items to be cut off and the kit parts drilled out to accept them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the kit barrels as far as I am concerned, but these are just a little bit sharper so I'm using them. For 60 Quid, money very well spent. Does anyone know whether the Bismarck etch set for the ships boats is compatible with the boats on Scharnhorst? Asking for a "friend". Regards, Jockster
  7. Quite surprised to find a drain cleaner (I think) called'Excocet' in a tall white bottle with a large red nose cone cap.
  8. Jockster

    Mis-heard words

    And from the Stones, "it's only turkey roll but I like it!".
  9. Very sad news indeed Duncan, I was thinking about his Dalek at the weekend. I certainly remember his recipes. I had always hoped to meet him at a show one day. My sincerest sympathies to his family and all who knew him.
  10. Used Veteran models bits on several builds and been impressed by the quality and detail. Expensive but worth it!
  11. That's nowt, I live in the UK and purchased a kit from 1001Hobbies.co.UK and have just been hit with 50 odd quids worth of import charges!!!!????
  12. Been looking forward to this kit for a loooooong time and insanely jealous of you. Looking forward to seeing what's in the box! Enjoy!
  13. Lovely little kit, and as you say, the plastic parts are so nicely produced that the PE on some parts just isn't necessary at all. Enjoy! Looking forward to following this one!
  14. You are a superstar Troy, to think that my grandmother used to by this and others for me when I was so very young, I guess she never actually read one. What a blast from the past. I even had the red arrow gift!
  15. The kit containers are fine but are full stacks, they look like large Lego bricks whereas the resin ones have the variety and appearance of randomness in their stacking. The reality is down to weight distribution and balance! There are also photoetch versions out there too!
  16. I have the England as the England and it's a great little kit, you've done a very nice build here, well done sir!
  17. Aw crap! Don't bring one of those credit card reading devices, you tend to sell a lot of stuff I like to buy!
  18. Once my mojo has returned I will be upping my supplies of Colourcoats, I will still be sending you my pennies no matter where you advertise. I've met you, I like you and you're a decent bloke and that's all that matters to me and my wallet!
  19. I'm on several other sites too and haven't seen any BM bashing on them, I guess I've been lucky enough to choose the decent ones. On another note, Duncan and Jamie are right in what they say, it's not being fair in penalising vendors just because of where they advertise, business is business and advertising can be everything to small businesses like those of Jamie, Duncan, Mike etc..
  20. Very nice Dermot, these Hobbyboss Arleigh Burke models are the business and you've certainly done a nice job on this one. Recommendations for you in 1/700 Cyberhobby/Dragon Type 42 destroyer Trumpeter Slava Class Revell Bismarck
  21. Very nicely done Sir, the subtle shading and weathering have really enhanced all your hard work!
  22. Good for you Harvey, you'll have many hours of frustration but many many more hours of fun. I wish you all the best with your build!
  23. You could go down the route of generic Japanese railings, ladders and steps. Combine that with barrels for the 460mm/155mm/127mm guns and a good wooden deck and that should turn an excellent kit into a jaw dropper! If you really want to go further then replace the radar with etched parts. Everything else in the kit is fine out of the box. Research is definitely the key, her final voyage was Ten-Ichi-go or Ten-go, a suicide run to Okinawa. This was the only time that the white chrysanthemum was painted on the sides of her funnel/stack. With this her aircraft, boats and crane mast were removed. Bear this in mind if you use the decals in the kit.
  24. I wouldn't worry about lighting the hangar Harvey, very, very little of it is visible. The bridge, however, lends itself well to the idea of lighting añd has plenty of room for LEDs and wiring. The Tamiya new tool Yamato is going to take you around 300 to 400 hours build time without adding photoetch. Add a detail set and you can double that. It is a lovely kit though and thoroughly enjoyable to build. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies also sells Colourcoats paints which has the right shade of grey to match. Kure Naval Arsenal grey, you are going to need a couple of tins of that. Just a footnote, the Tamiya kit seems to be a 1/35 model of the 1/10 Scale model in the Yamato museum at Kure, if you haven't already done so then Google some pictures of that one. All the best, Kev.
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