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    We are very interested in making realisitc scale ice and snow effects. Unlike other suppliers, we have pupose built and designed our products for the serious scale modeller from the ground-up.

    We also like Morris dancing and hangliding and drinking Hereford Pale Ale

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  1. Thanks for the mention guys! It might seem expensive but suprisingly a little can go an awful long way.. The trick is to use it sparingly, or build up your landscape a smuch as possible beofre creating drifts and similar effects. Because our material has scale weight, it will settle beneath and between grasses etc. Like in this 1/76th Orchard and with more cover........... Or will settle on top of grasses and foliage........ It all depends on how you use it, but at this level of cover the cost should not be an issue and you could treat countless dio's with one bag
  2. Thanks for that Rob.. Since you posted this we have increased our range of products to include different gardes of snow. Also we now produce Winter Camo paint which can be applied to both Armour and Aircraft to reproduce field applied white paintwork which can be gradually removed to expose paintwork, insignia beneath. Also we have extended and improved our ice sheet products and have added water of various hues to our expanding range of materials. See here! http://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/products.html
  3. Thank you for writing this review and sorry it has taken so long to reply to it. We have limited resources and time seems to be the most precious commodity! Since you wrote this review, we have increased our product range substantially and have improved the blending and manufacture of all of our products. This is an ongoing process. We are proud that 85% of our sales are exported across the world from the UK. We have distributors in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and soon- Canada. Therfore we are always grateful for enthusiastic words about our materials. So thank you Brit
  4. Cheers Paul- thanks for that review of our service and products. We really do try hard to help wherever we can. Sometimes its advice; sometimes we send free materials to see if they might help a tricky or difficult situation. We also will concoct special mixtures and products for custom work. What makes it all worth it, is customer satisfaction and interaction. Today we have been helping a modeller in Finland since 6.00AM this morning to get him additional materials he needs to complete this project for a competition in a few weeks’ time. Cant’ wait to see this with the arctic treatment, c
  5. Yes it is...Here and sorry for the awsomely late reply! http://www.thescenicfactory.com/
  6. Glad you liked our images. Please check out our website for more info. You can imprint our stuff to, either when it has set, or when it is wet. Great fun, but for the serious modeller if you see what I mean
  7. Our Tiger was just a pre-made item just to act as a canvas for our products. With all due respect to the modellers here, we would never knowingly try to pass off our simplistic models as 'the real deal' Unless stated because we are aware of the exemplary standards shown here in Britmodeller. We produce various models for test's, some better, or some worse than each other. Our focus is on our product rather than the model, though that can vary with external contributions. We will seek to improve the quality of our model depictions in the near future.
  8. The rule was simply there to show the scale. We were not measuring snow. Fantastic Diorama, well executed and everything and we are glad you know all about our snow from other threads.
  9. Life is too short to get things wrong! and anyway we were showing the scale not the size of the snowflakes, though we can do that if you want here in 1/35th scale
  10. Yeah, its great stuff. You just change the adhesive to change it for the scale you are using it for. It works for 'N' gauge railways really well. It's not toy stuff!
  11. Why we developed the range of Precision Ice and Snow Products As a modeller I was faced with a problem. How to realistically depict heavy frost and packed Ice onto the hull of an Eastern Front Panther. I’d always modelled and this project was an un-finished Academy 1/24th number which I had started at a previous time. So I sought inspiration and materials to carry out this new direction of finishing. Winter Warfare! There were a number of commercial choices available but none seemed to be able to give a solution that was realistic. One snow effect had a good colour came but unfortunate
  12. Hi, The barbed wire was sprayed directionally at a low angle to represent blizzard. I think I used photo mount which is very fine and clear. So, I sprayed a few coats 2-3 seconds applying the Krycell directionally also between coats, tapping and blowing to remove excess. Then after four coats of photo mount adhesive used snow it looked like this... After all those applications, on the wire I had the seeds and the start of frost deposits. I like frost, and I like frost at this scale on wire. However, after doing the frost test, I wanted to go further and build faster. Hairspray is bril
  13. Thanks, the tank is just a pre-assembled test piece. We use so many that we have to. If I'm lucky I get the chance to actually build something, to test on which is much more satisfying.
  14. The overall look is redolant of in theatre painting. Very nice!
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